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I do not write of the books i have read over the years. I picked up your book 1356 on holiday in August 2014. Since then i have read The Pagan Lord. I live in Northumberlandia, and my area command includes Bebbanburg.Both books need to be made into films. When i read of Uthred the character i read throughout this through the voice of Jim Carter. Butler of Downton Abbey.The voice was his throughout the book, his courseness his facial expressions etc. The only part i did not believe was one word that uthred would not say. That was the word bottom or backside, something like that. I read all the sharpe books and never realised it was written by you. The book 1356, i could not fault the content or how the characters delivered their sense of presence and how they all came together, to fight on the field of honour.

keep it up and always ask for how the public react to your books and how you deliver the books that they buy.  Research is the key to good and well written books. I have never written a book, but read many.

your books are well written and i will keep reading them.

i do not expect a reply as you are busy writing other books, so enjoy and write well.

Kind Regards




Dear Mr. Cornwell,


My name is John Rutkowski and I am a 13 year old boy who simply loves your books!

Before I wasn't a much of a reader but after purchasing one of your books at a local book shop I wouldn't stop reading. My point is that you are truly the world's greatest Author, well at least in my opinion. When I read ''1356'' I felt as if you were there and you witnessed every little detail. PLEASE never stop writing books.


Thank you



Hi Bernard,


I'm an avid historical fiction reader, and I just recently found your Saxon Tales book through goodreads. What a joy! I finished it in two days. It's such a breath of fresh air to read something like this; I can't tell you how happy I am to have found your work! I already downloaded the second in the series to my kindle. Thanks for doing what you do. Your work is classic and will stand the test of time.


I'm an author as well, but in a different genre. I'm a psychologist and have written two self help books. I'd love to venture into writing fiction, but I would need classes or training to really get started. In my opinion, writing good fiction is the most difficult thing to do.  So for now, I will leave the fiction writing to the expert. Thank you again for your great work, and know that you have made my life better by having written your books. :)





I have read nearly all your books.  My husband and I made internet friends with a family who have lived in Badajoz for generations. I brought the Sharpe book along when we visited them this year and was ecstatic to see all the sites from the siege. I was sitting with the book near the Moorish fort and was introduced to a flamenco guitarist  and  family friend who pointed to the book and said " my house is in that book". Later we walked to the Gothic cathedral and into the narrow street just to its left. We entered a two story 16th Century house with an interior gallery and tiny rooms. One room had two windows looking down at a patio with a citrus tree. The patio wall was only a few feet from the Cathedral. He insisted his house was Casa Moreno although you had never visited the house.  It certainly fit the description in the book. He showed us a Spanish language version of your book and then we spent the evening listening to him play.

I agree with you that the people in Badajoz are very warm and friendly but I find the walled part of the City and the Guadiana River to be beautiful.  Also when you ask most people there about the siege of Badajoz, they recall the invasion by Franco when 4,000 people were rounded up and murdered in the local bull fighting ring.

Jennifer Soloway


Sounds like a wonderful visit!


I am a retired US Army Officer (Field Artillery). I have enjoyed your books in many assignments including Kuwait and Iraq.

I am active in the Boy Scouts of America now, and one of books goes with me on camping trips, often read by a head lamp in my tent. Thank you for helping many long nights pass faster.

James Finkle


Dear Mr. Cornwell,


After reading through the 'contact guidlines' firstly, I just want to say that I'm not going to ask you for a copy of a book, send you a manuscript, or suggest a plot line for Uhtred.


In reality, I just wanted to express my appreciation for your work. I have seldom (actually never) felt the inclination to contact an author, but having just whizzed through Excalibur in two days, I decided I would write.


Although I had seen some T.V. episodes of Sharpe, I had never actually read any of your work until my wife came across a book called 'The Last Kingdom' when it first hit the shelves a few years back (I guess a good few years now).


Being a (casual) reader of mainly Fantasy (LOTR etc), and historical novels, seeing one followed the story of a protagonist from Bamburgh (some four miles from the village of my birth) sounded like it might be of interest, and so I snapped it up. It instantly grabbed my attention, and a few days later I was ruing the fact that I would now have to wait until the next in the series. I read those first three books of the series (and others to fill the long voids between them) before a change in my work, and later the arrival of my first child meant that books were dutifully bought, but left on the shelf unread, and my habit of reading on the way to work all but ended completely.


It wasn't until earlier this year (mid June), when I came across an article about a book, Edwin: High King of Britain by Edoardo Albert (a very good read, although perhaps lacking in your refined ability for pacing), which I duly purchased, that I once again got into the habit of reading. After finishing that book, I was in the mood for more, and (after quickly refreshing my memory of the first three), I picked up Sword Song and continued with the trials and tribulations of Uhtred.  The following four books were consumed with vigor, until once more I found myself in the unfortunate situation of having to wait (until 23rd October I believe), to find out how our hero recovers from his wounds.


Not knowing what to read next, I remembered a had purchased a copy of The Winter King, some years before, but had never gotten around to even opening the first page, so I gave it a go (early August), and, in testament to your skills, here I am writing a 'fan email' less than month later, and a few hours after bidding farewell to Arthur and with Sansum beckoning poor Derfel .  I was utterly unable to put them down, and, in both cases, had to purchase the following book before finishing the one I was reading..  And they say reading is a 'cheap' hobby...


Your ability to bring so many characters into a story and provide each one with so much back story and life that they are not simply 2D page fillers is truly remarkable, and whereas some authors would have me flicking back to remember who was who, this simply wasn't the case with these memorable personalities. Equally, your skill in describing battles (while dropping us slap bang in the middle so we can smell the mead, sweat, and leather), means they are gripping from start to finish without becoming over complicated and tedious.


I guess, in summary, I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent reads! Although, at the beginning of this email, I promised not to ask for anything or make any suggestions, should you ever feel inclined, a series about the years between the Warlord and Saxon Chronicles, or  the withdrawing of the Romans from Britain, would certainly get my preorder.


Thank you once again (and thank you for taking the time to read this rather rambling email).






Dear Mr. Cornwell:

I'm from brasil .Ii've already read  pagan lord..it's fantastic as all...please make the next book..we are waiting for..




Have been reading your books for years and always enjoyed every one I read.My opinion you are the best historical fiction writer out there and I have read just about all of them.But enough ego stroking what I am excited about is my wife now sharing an interest in your books with me.She just went through the Archer books and Agincourt in less then 2 months and is now starting on the Arthur books,this is a big deal for her she has never been much of a reader now she is becoming one of your biggest fans.She reads on break and lunch at work and in the evenings instead of watching the tube.She when not reading is talking about the stories and characters fun to watch her being excited about something I have enjoyed for years.   Thanks and keep the stories coming.

Larry and Debbie Veasel


Dear Mr Cornwell,


I just finished Archer and started on Vagabond.  Great stories and extremely fun.  I didn't even know you were the Sharpe author until just now.  Although I enjoyed the Sean Bean shows on cable in America my memory isn't what it used to be so I didn't connect the name.


Thank you for the time well spent (at least well content and eager for more) I suppose my wife might have a different opinion.  You interrupted our normal lunch conversation that hasn't happened in thirty years.


Thanks again,



I saw your Waterloo book in the stores today - Perth, Australia. Looking forward to receiving Waterloo for fathers day. I have read and enjoyed all your books for over the last 25 years. Sharpe is a longtime favorite, and most recently enjoyed reading the Saxon books. I wonder if one day Uthred will encounter the Earls of Orkney. Please keep the stories coming.

Andrew Seator