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Mr. Cornwell -

I picked up "The Last Kingdom" a couple months back while browsing "thrillers" at the local book store. Ever since picking it up I have fallen completely in love with the story and Uhtred. I had been looking for excellent historical fiction novels ever since reading "Shogun" a few years ago but nothing fit me. I am so happy that I have found your books and I cannot wait to begin reading the Sharpe series and all the other stories you have written. You are a fantastic writer that captures my imagination and makes me truly care about the people I am reading about and makes me feel truly there. Keep up the excellent work sir.

John Vogt


Greetings from Finland!

The first book of yours I read was The Winter King. It was amazing and just mind-blowing. But after I finished the book I was disappointed to find that the sequels were not translated, or ever would be translated. But then another publisher company started to translate the Saxon series and I kept on reading them.

About a year ago I decided to survive through the English versions of Enemy of God and Excalibur, and I did survive! After that I read parts 5 and 6 of the Saxon series in English, too. I was too eager to wait for translated ones.

Now I'm reading Sharpe's Tiger and about a minute or two ago I ordered a bunch of your books from the Internet. I won't be bored during the Christmas holidays! And as a bonus, your books are good practice for learning the language.

Waiting for another Uhtred novel!
All the best,

J. Kuittinen


Mr. Cornwell --

I read audio books and have thoroughly enjoyed your series of the Saxon Stories especially.  I have just finished Death of Kings and look forward to the next in the series.  Again, thank you for these historical novels.   I am also a big fan of all of the series you have written that I have "listened to," including the Sharpe series, thoroughly enjoying the PBS video series as well, along with the Grail Quest series.  Thanks for the enjoyment.



Dear Mr. Cornwell,
I have been reading your books since my uncle introduced me to "The Archer's Tale" in 2005.  Although I got a late start, I can honestly say that I've read every book that you have published (including the few that you co-wrote).  I became engrossed in each novel and series from the Sharpe series to Azincourt and look forward reading your books now as soon as they are published.  In fact, I order them from the UK because I'm too impatient to wait for the U.S. release dates.  I'm sure you routinely hear how fantastic your books are to read (which is entirely true), but I just wanted to compliment you on 1356.  I think it may be my favorite book that you have written thus far.  I never thought that Thomas of Hookton would be back, but I'm so pleased that you decided to revisit the character.  Anyways, thank you so much for all of your work.  I am unable articulate in writing just how much I've enjoyed reading it and look forward to whatever you have in store next.

Benjamin Reed


"Intelligence is a weapon with a sharp edge and a long reach"... Uhtred of Babinburg. I truly appreciate that statement. Thank you for sharing your gift of imagination. I have purchased and listened to all of your Saxon books in two weeks. The only negatives for me has been the lack of sleep and the end of the tale. Thanks again !

Marren Quillen


Have just finished 'Death of Kings'. And greedily consumed all the Sharpe novels over the years.As well as most of your other work. I wanted to thank you for engaging my interest in historical fiction. I have just had my first novel published. Sadly not a lot of history here in Australia, but enough of interest to me and great fodder for  some boys own fun. Anyway, it IS published, so if you are interested in reading it it is available online and no lawyers need be involved. That however is not my reason for emailing. I received a letter this week from someone who had read it and wanted to express how much they had enjoyed it and I realised I have been consuming your work for years without even so much as a thank you. So...err....thank you. And please keep writing!

Grant Hutchinson


Thank you!  Best of luck with your book!


Good morning, I am a researcher for Chatham Dockyard Historical Society.
We own I Trafalgar Medal, I researched it and found the recipient have been on 17 ships,
I thought this may just lend to a story or two. If you think not I am sorry to have wasted your time.
Thank you
Brian Jenkins


Thank you!  Does anything tell you over how many years he served to be on so many ships?


Dear Bernard, if I may,

Thank you! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Saxon series these past few weeks. As a (R.C.) priest of the Brentwood Diocese I loved the newly gained insight into Beamfleot (I was PP near Leigh-on-Sea for 4 years), which I happened to be reading while looking down over the area from a Ryanair flight from Stansted. As for the tongue-in-cheek disrespect that Uhtred has for christianity.... I'm always intrigued as to how much of the author is in his protagonist!

Thank you. I look forward to the sequel. I do hope Uhtred wins back Bebbanburg. Either that or he become Abbott of Lindisfarena.

St Andrew the Aersling


That made me laugh, thank you!  I think it’s a fair bet he won’t be Abbott of Lindisfarena, but right now, in the next book, he’s readying himself to assault Bebbanburg . . .


Mr. Cornwell,

The December, 2012 issue of the American Rifleman (page 116) has an article on the Nock Volley Gun.




Thank you!


Hello Mr. Cornwell,

I just wanted to say thank you for your great "The Saxon Stories". Unfortunately I started it with the sixth book (since I didn't know about the other five) and afterwards I began with the first one. I do read a lot of books (most of them with historic background)  and yours are the best I have read so far! Congrats and please don't stop writing!
With kind regards
Felix Krause

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