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keep up your good work --- I have enjoyed all of your books and am reading The Empty Throne now and am pleased to read that they are making the movie of the first in the series    so thank you for the enjoyment you have given me




Have been reading and in some cases rereading the Uhtred series. Just love these books and that character. Just two more to go after the one started today. Have read them all out of order this year starting with the latest, but that did not affect my enjoyment. Thank you!

Daniel Troublefield


I wanted to send another message to my favorite author Mr, Cornwell to request that another story with Rider Sandman might please be considered.  At the risk of appearing a bit over-the-top I have read the Sharpe series at least 3 times, Saxon series at least 4 times (due the length of time - in the beginning - for the next book to 'come out', I just had to re-live the adventure from the beginning) and the Grail Quest series 2 times.

Mr. Cornwell, forgive me where words fail me, but for me your writing style is quite unique and it seems I am in the company of many who obviously agree.  Thank you for so many hours of literary enjoyment,

J. Tony Medina


Dear Bernard,

I hope this finds you in good fettle. Just wanted to thank you for reminding me of the English countryside!  Sounds like a weird thanks, but (as an expatriate living in the Gulf for the last 30 years), the one thing I really miss is a fresh wind  that brings a stringing rain to the face.  Ahhhh...I miss it so.  And I most often get to experience / remember it thru your superb writings.  Yes, it always seems to be drizzling in your books...and thank the Gods for that :)

Thank you so much.

Julian Boyce


Dear Sir,


I don't usually write to Authors, but then: I don't usually read so many books by the same Author! Having read 75% of the Sharpe stories (which brought that Age alive so wonderfully), I turned my attention to Uhtred... What absolutely fascinating stories!!!


Then with all of the Uhtred stories completed, I moved on to Thomas Of Hookton, and like the Sharpe and Uhtred stories, I couldn't put t"The Grail Quest" books down, often reading for a couple of hours between 2am and 4am (by torchlight so that I didn't awaken me wife!).


Now I'm about to move on to the "Starbuck Chronicles"; I have no doubt whatsoever that they will be excellent stories, and whilst I will not be setting my alarm clock in order to wake up at 2am tomorrow morning, the chances of waking are quite high, and I therefore look forward to getting to know the good Captain!


So, Sir: this is just a small Note to say "Thank you"! Thank you for the hours of research that obviously goes into each book. Thank you for using your Imagination so creatively. Thank you for bringing to life segments of History that many of us have - until now - pushed into the dark dusty recesses of our Minds! Thank you for writing such wonderful stories!


I believe there are some new Sharpe stories coming soon; wonderful! However, I hope we haven't heard the last of Uhtred (There has to be at least one more story which sees Uhtred successful win back his heritage!), but I also hope we haven't heard the last of Sir Thomas.


One other matter: one of the "sub-themes" threaded into both Uhtred and Thomas's stories (I've noticed) is the story of the development of The Church in England. I assume you've at least carried out some basic research in order to weave this into your stories, but if you haven't well: you certainly make it sound plausible! I wont necessarily quote you when I next write a thesis on the Church's development in England, but such a sub-theme certainly adds character and 'colour' to the main plot! Thank you for doing that!


As for Captain Starbuck, well: the local bookshop in Upper Hutt only had books Two and Four; I will encourage them to get books One and Three onto their shelves as soon as possible...


Thank you again for your wonderful stories, and I wish you all the very best for the future!


Kind regards,


(Rev'd) Lance Kevey


New Zealand


FOOTNOTE: In due course, I plan to get back to Sharpe, and to finish reading the whole Series!



Reading a biography of Edward III. During the section on Edward's invasion and trek across France, I felt I had been there before. It was in The Archer's Tale.

I was thinking about what seem to be parallels in the victorious battles of Crecy & Agincourt. It seems that both kings used the same approach.

Woods on the flanks and longbows, longbows, and more longbows.

Ed Zingone


My father recently introduced me to your work. He has been a big fan for years now and has most if not all of your works. I have fallen in love myself. The way you write projects the movies yet to be made into my minds eye. I just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying your books. The Sharpe series drew me in and now I am absolutely hooked.

Barry Morris


When I was a preteen / teen I was an avid reader. The Hardy Boys,  A.C. Clark,  R.A. Heinlein and others all prompted long walks to the library. The author whose books I purchased with great anticipation was Edgar Rice Burroughs. Tarzan, John Carter of Mars, Pellucidar, I loved them all, and still have them all. Admittedly the cover work by Frank Frazetta may have influenced me somewhat. I would read his books in cars, at camp and under the covers with a flashlight. Between now and then I have read 1000's of books. In due course I came across Azincourt, then Archer's Tale (being an archer myself). From there to your Sharpe's series. I am presently on "Battle". Not since Burroughs has a storyline taken command of my imagination, I didn't know it was still possible, and I would like to offer my thanks for your story telling skills for making me feel a young man on the edge of adventure again.

John deVries



Thankyou Mr Cornwell,

I have read all the Warrior Chronicles books and am now awaiting the next Uhtred  story which I hear will probably be published next year. I was so enthralled by them that I will read them again. I am now reading the Grail Quest series and am really enjoying them.   I read quite a few of the Sharpe books many years ago when I was working in a bookshop here in Australia. Thankyou again and will continue reading your books.

Barbara Odgers

Sydney Australia


Please please please write a novel about Robin Hood !!!