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I am on book 4 of The Saxon Stories and I am totally enthralled by the characters and the plots. Many thanks for transporting me back in time.
Kind regards,


Dear Mr. Cornwell;

I just finished Death of Kings.  It's the 2nd time I have read all the books in the series.  I am at the present  gathering your other works to read.  You are absolutely fantastic!!!  I can't wait for the next Saxon book to come out.

Terry Blanchard



Just a thought...if you're tired of constantly being harangued by your fans to return to the Starbuck saga, you wouldn't necessarily have to plot out and research a new eight-book series on the American Civil War.

You could have Starbuck die at Gettysburg. Quite a few combatants didn't survive that conflict, I have on good authority.

Of course, that solution didn't turn out all that well for James Caan, but then, I'M your "biggest fan", not Kathy Bates. So no worries.

Just trying to help...

Lawrence Shipp


You need to team up with BBC Time Team and locate and rebury Harald Hardrada rumoured to be buried below a road in Tondheim. Not a fit resting place for the Leader of the Varangran Guard,King of Norway, the man largely responsible for William the Conquerors Victory at Hastings and the last Great Viking!Happy to help.Love the Uhtred series.


Thank you – and King Alfred, it seems, is buried under a car-park!  Oh, how the mighty are fallen.


Many thanks yet again Mr C... 1356 is absolutely superb, right up there with your best works for my money. When you produce tales of this standard, it's very hard for me to remain upset about the lack of closure on Starbuck!
And top marks for "looks like it was painted by a dog with a brush stuck up it's arse", what a wonderful turn of phrase :)
Hope your wife is recovering well.

Phil Dean



I have only just stumbled across your books (very surprising I know), 1356 being the first, and now have moved to previous Grail Quest novels having almost finished Harlequin, and from the nearly 2 books I have read of yours, I must say they are truly the best novels I have ever read, and I really look forward to reading the rest of the series, before moving on to Sharpe. I salute you Sir, and the way you have drawn me into the 14th century and the Hundred Years War. I was always a fan of learning about medieval times, and now I am obsessed with it.


Damon Lovell


I have read many of your series and am thrilled at the results. My T.V. sits lonely
and for this I am happy.Your books are amazing and thrilling. I am reading the Starbuck chronicles and I feel like I'm there.



Mr. Cornwell,

I'll keep it brief so you can use your time to write books instead of reading emails from fans - Your Saxon series may be the most enjoyable series I've ever read! I've devoured each book so obsessively that I have to wait until I'm on vacation before I start a new one so as to not compromise any other part of my life.  I'm looking forward to the next installment.

Many thanks,

Nate Lowe


I do medieval reenactments.  We even built a fort to attack.   During one of our reenactment battles(when I was a bit younger) and the Fort was new, two of my friends threw me over the crenelation. My two friends called me an idiot for doing it.
Years later when I was "King" of our group, I read an excerpt of your book at practice.  Everyone loved it.  As you can guess I read the part about Hook throwing Sir John over the wall at Harfleur, I couldn't stop laughing at  the way John called him a "stupid archer".  I could totally identify with the story and so could everyone else.
Thanks so much and make sure to keep that humor....
ps:  The funniest thing you've ever written was the part when Æthelwold makes a mockery of Uhtred's swearing to the Church...cannot remember which book, but Funniest thing I ever read!

Kurn o'Farrell


I have read all of the Sharpe books since I first found one in 1984. I have thoroughly enjoyed them.

This summer my wife and I spent two weeks in the UK (before the Olympics came to London). My wife was thinking I was mad when I went to various historical sites, including St. Paul's Cathedral in London. The Duke of Wellington and Sir John Moore's memorials were really breathtaking. Not to mention seeing the statue to Sir John Moore in Glascow.  We also went to Edinburgh castle and saw the Eagle that was taken in battle.

I just wanted to thank you for writing the Sharpe books that made seeing those items in person have a deeper impression on me.

Brad Stephens

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