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last year I involved myself in a reading initiative at my children's school with the aim to conceive a desire to read in my kids. Having never been a reader myself ,a lady there recommended your grail quest series to me. Weeks later the transformation was complete ,I'm now a slow but regular reader.At 49 years old it's a bit late but I'm undeterred and am saving your books for the kids as there a little young yet. And the best bit, they now see me reading and it's rubbing off on them. thankyou

Alan Obrien


Better late than never!  Best of luck to you.


Mr. Cornwell,

I write this message as I listen to the audio book recording of Sharpe's Tiger. This is my first foray into the Sharpe's series, and like all of your works that I have read prior, it is outstanding. Having been a fan of your writings since I discovered them while in college some 13 years ago, I just wanted to drop you a note of thanks. I realize that an author of your stature probably receives these types of letters on a daily basis, so I can understand if this solitary note from an unimportant stranger never crosses your desk. Regardless, this is my piece.

As I mentioned, I originally discovered your writings while attending university, lazily browsing the campus book store for something to distract myself from my studies. The large soft cover edition of Excalibur caught my eye. "Arthurian Legend" I remember thinking. "Could be good, probably crap." Little did I know that this book and the ones that were to follow would affect my life forever. Picking up a story from the third act is never advisable, yet still, I found this tale of Derfel (terrible name, I thought) and his struggles to rid Britain of the encroaching barbarian hordes so enthralling that I couldn't tear myself away to start the series proper. Naturally that would come in time, and since then I have made it a point to read the Warlord Chronicles once a year. I usually wait until the leaves start to turn their colors and the weather turns chill. It's a tradition that I often envision myself passing down to my 19 month old son. This year was different though and instead of
starting The Winter King for a 12th or 13th time I decided to give this Sharpe character a go. If the first half of Sharpe's Tiger is any indication, I am in for a hell of a ride.

Your tales of Uhtred and his quest to rid Britain of yet another barbarian invasion are equally as riveting. I must admit that I smile whenever I find myself rooting for the Saxons in your Saxon Stories series. After all, history has shown us that these are the same enemies that Derfel and Arthur ultimately failed to turn back, and yet here I am rooting for their eventual victory against the Nord. Before starting Sharpe's Tiger I had just finished Death of Kings. I thought that the touch you added during the final battle where one of the Jarls called Uhtred an old man which in turn caused Uhtred to take pause and reflect was brilliant (sorry if that's a poor description, but I'm sure you reckon the scenario). I wonder how many more battles are in this man's future (or is it past?).

I'm rambling now and I'm sure whoever reads these messages for you has probably deleted it by now. I just wanted to compliment you on your ability to be so prolific and how you're able to create characters that feel so very unique from one another. Never would I confuse Derfel for Uhtred for Sharpe. Also your ability to be so prolific is absolutely awe inspiring to me. As someone who has toyed with writing since elementary school, the rate at which you are able to produce quality work after quality work is nothing less than astonishing. If only I could finish a single story in the time you write five. I don't know what your true thoughts on a higher power may be, but it seems to me as though it's a god given gift. Perhaps it's just good old fashioned hard work.

Much admiration and respect,



Thank you!


The Pagan Lord - In the words of Andy Gray " take a bow son " , best yet , brilliant read , left wanting more, living in Northumberland need to see him marching North at the head of an army , please let him finish the job,



Dear Mr Bernard,
I am a huge fan from Poland. I just want to say thank you for your Writing. I have always been interested in history; read a lot of historic-fiction books. I am 30 now, but when I read your novels, I fell I am 15 again reading Dumas' books.
Thank you again!
We have a saying in Poland - "(Live) a hundred years!"


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I know that your time is valuable, so I wrote some few, but sincere, words.
I have all your books (but I have not read the Sharpe's Adventures yet) and all that I can humbly say is "thank you".
Please, continue with the good work. I am eager to read the 7th book of The Saxon Stories. (I'll buy it in english because there's no release date confirmed in Brazil).

You do not need to answer me, just keep in mind that many people admire your work.

Best Regards,
Lucas Tadeu


Read the Warrior series - just finished The Pagan Lord - Grail Quest, Starbuck, Warlord (series), some modern ones with boats in them, found your website, discovered you're doing  a non-fiction Waterloo (great, just finished the Simon Scarrow series of Napoleon/Wellington), there'll be more Uhtred, Sharpe  sometime ......

My question is .... when do you sleep?????
D J Murphy


Mr. Cornwell

I strongly recommend that you do not take Eric and Jan Eek and other Norwegians too seriously, they are fundamentally unsound. Spoken as a true Dane.

Preben Chritensen


Dear Mr. Cornwell,
I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your novels on Arthur. I am almost finished with the Enemy of God. They are just fabulous although I do wish that there was some positive reference to us born-again Christians instead of the pathetic religious Christians that are referred to in the story. I would say Galahad's sweet and loyal spirit would be a good model of us followers of Jesus. I look forward to reading more of your works when I am done with Arthur.
Thank You~

Rebecca Winter


No question from myself, just wanted to say your answer about Uhtred ("There will be more to Uhtred's story!")
has made me really happy, but slow his aging down please....if at all possible of course! Although if his son does take on Serpent Breath I am sure the journey will be just as enjoyable!
Greg Nickson


Almost finished reading The Pagan Lord. Thank you Bernard for this awesome book. If anyone else won´t make a screenplay of your books, I will :) For the non-readers, pity on their souls -  don´t know what they´re missing out on.
Rikhard Tolonen