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Hi Bernard,

I just thought that I should let you know how much I am enjoying reading 1356 and the welcome return of Thomas of Hookton. It's one of those books that you want to go on and on and on. Thomas is a wonderful character, I haven't finished the book yet so do not know what becomes of him but I do hope that you will write another book about him.
Also can't wait for the next book in the Saxon series
Regards and many thanks for the pleasure that you writing gives us.
Bob Warburton


Mr. Cornwell,

I am actually a little lost as to what to say. Mainly because, I can honestly say, that your work is my favourite, as far as literature goes. You are my favourite author. I have read the majority of your books and have enjoyed them thoroughly...

See, I told you I didn't really know what to say. I think you kick ass in your writing. I love learning from each series as well as being enthralled by your use of fictional characters. I feel involved when I follow your stories, every heart ache, moments of despair and situations where I feel like killing the enemy myself. The elation I feel, the relief and joy, also, whenever your characters prevail and wreak that revenge, that is so justified through the character, gives me an immense satisfaction.

I'm currently reading through 1356 and am loving it. I am on my own quest to read everything you have published, and am very close to completing it.

I'm sure you get a shit load of messages from people and find it hard to answer everyone, so I'm not sure if you will even read this, but I hope you do and if so, I would be very happy to even know so.

Mr Cornwell, thank you for your literary geniuse, keep er lit.

Your fan

Decky Pill


Thank you - I did read it and I appreciate your message!


Dear Bernard
I have been doing a lot of factual research/reading about the 20th of Foot and also The Royal Engineers recently, which then put me in mind of Sharpe.
As a Mum of two children, I have finally reached the point of reading grown up books again!  To my delight, my eight year old son is very happy watching the Sharpe Dvd's that I treated myself to, hey fantastic, a little break from the usual childrens films. He absolutely hates reading the normal kids books that we/school have tried to get him to read, so I'm now going to try some Sharpe with him. He can read, just finds most kids fiction books a bit boring. Oh dear he sounds like a real thug, but he really isn't!
Anyway I just wanted to thank you for such gripping, terrific stories, and I'm looking forward to hearing you on Radio 2.
Many thanks
Tracey (Maidstone, Kent)


Hi there Bernard,

What a lovely surprise there I was thinking when will Uhtred regain his land, when will there be a new book coming out?  and all of a sudden I clock 1356 and still better I  note the hero is Thomas of Hookton.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think there was another story there after reading the trilogy .
The saxon stories were excellent.  UYu read and you are suddenly in the shield wall. It's unbelieveable how your description of the battles takes me over and suddenly  I'm not lying in bed reading but I'm back decades in old England along with Alfred's right hand man .
Many many thanks for 1356 but I have one hell of a dilemma, I want it to last for ever, don't want to put it down ,try to read slowly savouring every word, but then I'm wanting to know what's coming next ,talk about catch 22.
Any way you have made my retirement a very happy event.  I browse old book shops ,market stalls looking for some of your early stuff that I can't lay hands on in any library or up to date book store.
Best wishes and lang may yer lum reek as we say here in Scotland.
Neil Maclean


Dear Bernard,

Bloody well done.

Kind regards,



Hi Bernard--

I have to the best of my knowledge purchased and read every book you have written and have the Sharpe series on DVD. I am currently reading 1356  Thomas of Hookton --What now ??--is there a happy ending for Uhtred  now that Alfred has gone ?--does Nate Starbuck survive his wound and  survive the South's defeat ?--Seriously, I can't tell you how much pleasure you have given me through reading your books--It has taken me back to my youth when reading historical novels and fiction was the norm instead of Television ads and internet spam--Please don't leave my heroes gathering dust in a back room of my memory--

A very grateful fan

Gary Phillips


My maternal family surname is Washburn (Washborne/Washborn) from the Gleawecestre area where the family history begins 1066. I found your Grail Quest series while on vacation and have equally enjoyed the Saxon Tales and Warlord Chronicles. My children, nieces and nephews have picked up your historical novels and I'm looking forward to discussing your work with my two grandsons. You have provided great enjoyment while blending the lost art of reading with your historical interpretations. Please continue to provide us with exceptional entertainment.

John Ulrich


Hello Mr Cornwell.

Thank you very much for your books. I really enjoy your stories and I wonder if one day I will be able to visit Bamburg Castle. Who Knows ? I am far from you and I am far from England, although sometimes I think that I am there, with you and Lord Uhtred, fighting for our lives and for our believes. I can not wait for your seventh book about Saxon Stories. Maybe, this time, Uhtred will finally find a way to achieve his goals instead of keep making oaths to other lords and kings.

Best Regards,

Maurizio S. Angeletti


Mr. Cornwell,

I've not previously been much of a fan of historical fiction, but a church book club that was going to read The Last Kingdom, so I gave it a try.  I've enjoyed the Saxon Chronicles so well that I made it a point to purchase a copy of each of them.  You probably don't make a big cut from an Amazon purchase of a paperback edition of your books, but I wanted you to know that I thought highly enough of your writing that I wanted to add a vote to your continued success.  So thanks for writing great stories.  You've picked up new fan.

Keep up the good work!

Devin Hansen


Dear  Sir,
I enjoyed  so much reading your novels, that  I just  wanted  to let you  know.  It is amusing that  with  the   production  of so many books you can still find such memorable plots!  My  favourite  books  are  the Saxon  ones so I hope  to  read , in the near  future,  something more  about  Uthred. Thank you  very much  for the enjoyable  hours I spent reading your  stories!

Cristina  Cesaratto

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