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Mr. Cornwell,

you are a genius and such an inspiration to me. I have wanted to write novels ever since I started back reading for fun again years ago. Sir I have never read any series as great as your Saxon Tales. I wish I had started from the beginning but I first bought The Burning Land and then The Pagan Lord. After reading those two I bought 1-4 collection. They were all great and I truly believe you are the greatest author. Now I will read Death of Kings and The Empty Throne when it comes out. I will also read you other series after I finish the Saxon Tales. I love history and historical fiction is the type of novels I would like to write once I finish with college in the spring. You are amazing sir, a true genius and I'm sorry for such a long message. Thank you for your time.

David Timmerman


G'day Bernard,

I can't get enough of your books. I have read the Sharpe series twice so far. I've read most of your others and have just finished The Empty Throne. It's just unfortunate that you can't write them as quickly as I can read them. I hope you continue writing for many more years to come.

David (Australia)


Dear Bernard..

Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed the most recent installment in the Uhtred Saga!!... Brilliant as usual and I'm hoping that there's more to come...

Also hoping that the BBC seies will be all we are hoping it will be...

All the best!!....

Del Palmer


I have just finished your book Waterloo and I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it.  In the introduction you said how you have read many books on Waterloo but always have to hurry to the end to see the conclusion even though you know what happened, I feel the same way.  I feel the same way when I read accounts of the battle of Gettysburg.

I particularly enjoyed how you made the effort to show that individual events were not distinct but were happening at the same time as other important events.  Also thank you for making it clear how important the Prussians were to the battle.  I am sure that you, like myself, have read accounts where the Guards defeat the Old Guard  and then miraculously the Prussians suddenly appear on the scene to pursue the French.

Again thank you for entertaining and informative book.

John Barton


Just wanted to say thank you.

Adrian McGuire


I just wanted to say how enormously I am enjoying your writings.  Living just a few miles south of Bebbanburg I think of it in a new light having read all of Uthred's adventures so far.  At the war memorial at the castle there is an inscription of a soldier called Nicholas Hinson who died in WW1 - perhaps that means I also have some old Uthred blood coursing around in a left toe or something - I can always dream! By the way, I also love the humour you inject - it is exactly the type that appeals to me.  In The Burning Land,p35, there is a classic piece of your wit as a painting is described which features a young girl being treated by a lascivious looking priest who is trying to restore her virginity - you said he had a look on his face as if the spell might need repeating - I thought that was brilliant! Even my wife chuckled.


I started off with the first three Sharpe books which fascinated me.  You are to be revered for creating the lamentably despicable Obadiah Hakeswill who always had a grim ending only to reappear in the next novel!  I also loved the Fort and I love the fact that 'usually' the British/English win in your books - it always makes for a better ending!  Great characters, great stories, great writer!


Sharpe's Trafalgar has just arrived through my door from Amazon so I will resume with Sharpie but alas, must also put some proper work in as well - it says so in the Scriptures!  Anyway, thanks again for filling my life with great entertainment and please don't stop!

John Hinson


Just to say thank you. Your books are awesome. I like your style and love english history. You are my favourite writer. As many people we are having difficult times right now and your books are a great help. One more thanks and best regards from Belgium.

Francine Schalckens-Maes


Dear Mr. Cornwell.

I just finished reading your latest book of Lord Uhtred and the story about the future of England. I loved it, I've read most of your books except The Sharpe series, Starbuck and The Fort. I think it's a lovely way to learn of the history of forging a united England. Your books are a teasure in my bookcase. I live in the Netherlands in The Hague. I am fortunate that our bookstores sell English books. I have therefore the opportunity to improve my English. It's wonderful your books give me an important helping hand. I am looking forward to your new book about England, or maybe another exciting story.... With kind regards,

yours sincerely,

Vera Vos, The Netherlands



I appreciated your straight-forward writing advice. I did not like the first book I wrote and writing it was agony. It is now dumped in my desk drawer.  Friends who have read it profess to like it. (That's why they're friends?)   But I don't like the book.

So, I'm starting over with a different kind of book.  I'm enjoying writing it, I like the plot, and while some of the characters are skunks, I think it will be worth the effort.  I may even kill off a few characters!  Thank you, Mr. Cornwell.

Deborah Oakley