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I'm reading the second book in the last kingdom series.  I absolutely love your writings.  I'm reading the Pale Horseman and I'm at the part where Uhtred and Leofric are standing before Alfred being accused of killing and pillaging by the monk Asser and that ass Odder the younger.  I love the characters and Leofric and Uhtred's friendship I thoroughly enjoy.  I burst out laughing when Leofric thought things were looking up then Uhtred accepted the offer to let his sword decide.  I just wanted you to know how much I'm enjoying this character and all of his exploits.  Of course the historical portions are very interesting as well.  Thank you.

Pamela Gibson


Loved the Saxon Tales!!! Just curious when book 13 is coming.  Read the 12 twice so far which I have not done since I read Lord of the Rings in High School.   LOL. You're writing is excellent and I love the way you paint the stories around the actual history.  Greatly looking forward to the next one!

Roger Hagen


Bought  all your books and read them three times - and looking forward to the next. But if you get stuck for a new subject might I suggest the life and times of David I of Scotland. Fascinating - albeit invariably misreported in 'popular' history books. He led the de facto Norman Conquest of Scotland and seized the Scottish crown. And an odd life both before and after.

Best wishes,

Steve Ainsworth.


Good evening Mr Cornwell,


I’ve come close to writing to you on many occasions throughout the years, always ending with the feeling you probably have enough questions to answer already and later finding my own amongst the previously asked.


This time, this year was to be different. I have gotten into somewhat of a routine checking to see if a new Uthred book will be out later that year and pre ordering it. The twelve books all in hardcover sit on the bookshelf as I write, alongside Gemmell’s Rigante series as a note of interest.


So I hope you will forgive me if I talk about Uthred more of a mutual friend of ours rather than a character in a book. Which I think can be put in perspective by the fact I have been reading his story throughout more years than my own son has been alive. Reading one while nursing him to sleep in the early hours, so I thank you.


I had considered the end of the series a few years ago but since then the regularity of new books maybe caught me more off guard than it should. So now I find myself again? writing to you, with no actual questions or maybe not wanting to know the answers.


I have seen calls for Uthred to go out with a warriors death, maybe that would be fitting. It would certainly be the big blockbuster and an abrupt end to his story. Like a warrior should? Having weighed this question since it was stated to be the last book I found myself going back and forth. I can’t help think however like me you have become somewhat fond and attached to Uthred. Leading me to think he may just live to see out his old days just a little bit longer.


If Uthred is set to die like a God of War and mourned by both sides respectfully.  If he is to grow old and become as Ravn. I as always look forward to finding out if a little apprehensive - Wyrd biõ ful ãræd


I do have one maybe selfish request however.


You will consider writing one more book further down the line from the perspective of maybe a much older Uthred or one of his son’s or relatives, maybe.


Again, Thank you for the many enjoyable hours spent with our “mutual friend”.




Dear Mr Cornwell,

What an absolutely dreadful year 2020 has turned into! Thousands of people sadly losing their lives to this dreadful virus and with the very real prospect of a second wave in the winter months. I sincerely hope that you and your family have remained safe and well during this extraordinary difficult period of time?

I was one of the 2.2 million people in the UK deemed to be “extremely vulnerable” and was therefore required to stay at home and shield for what turned out to be five months of self confinement! Looking on the bright side I decided to reach for a novel that I had not read for some time with which to help pass the hours and days that I suddenly found myself with. Looking at the bookshelf I was immediately drawn to my complete collection  of the Sharpe books. Perfect! What better way to pass the time then by immersing myself in the entire Sharpe story once again from start to finish!

I therefore pulled my copy of Sharpe’s Tiger from the shelf, made myself comfortable in my favourite armchair and began to read. I was surprised and delighted when I realised that I could not recall every small detail of the story as it unfolded on the pages and that this was almost as good as reading them for the first time. Wonderful! I read voraciously every day and I am delighted to say that I loved every single plot twist and turn all over again! Sharpe & Harper completely consumed every spare minute of every day in lockdown. Sharpe’s Escape stood out as I could vividly recall reading it the first time while on a trip to Buenos Aries and this evoked several fond memories of reading the novel in the warm South American sunshine.

Five months later I have just closed the cover of Sharpe’s Christmas which was the very last book that I read in the series. I wanted to thank you for such an engaging “hero” in Richard Sharpe and his partner in crime, often literally, in Patrick Harper. These two loveable rogues have eased me through a difficult and often frightening period of my life and your storytelling prowess and skill has made me laugh, cry and smile every day. Thank you.

I was even more delighted when I see that you are planning at least one more adventure for Sharpe & Harper! Fantastic news and I for one cannot wait to read it!

For me Sharpe & Harper will be forever engrained in my memory and when I look back on this dreadful year I will recall these two and their epic journey and a sardonic, slightly mocking smile may well appear on my face at the memory of how these two rogues helped to get me through lockdown.

Once again, thank you.

Kind Regards

Jerry Gates


I've just received confirmation from an Icelandic genealogical website of an ancient legend in our family: we are descended from Egil Skallagrimsson -- he is my 25x great grandfather.  So my ancestor was a 'treasured companion' of Uhtred's!  Love your books, and am looking forward eagerly to War Lord.  Finally, I hope you and your family are well in these awful times.

Best regards,



Dear Bernard or Mr Cornwell - or Lord...

I've never written fan mail before, and I never thought a story of a war lord would be the reason why I, just about reaching 41 years, begin to. The reason why I need to express my gratitude over your penmanship and my joy over the stories told in the Last Kingdom is that, in some way, it's saving my life. I have a chronic illness and live in chronic pain, I'm a single mom, and faith has it that just before my illness showed its ugly face, I moved from Alaska back to Denmark, leaving my network behind. One of the very wonderful people I met in Alaska, whom I'm proud to call one of my closest friends - maybe we're like Uhtred and Finnan - introduced me to the series, and as we both share life experiences of childhoods not providing what they ought but a whole heap of what should've never happen, as we both struggle with motherhood and chronic pain, we find so much joy in Uhtred's character. One might think, that two moms in the middle of life would have very little in common with him, but in fact we share a lot of his character traits. “Wyrd bið ful āræd. Fate is inexorable.” We laugh at this. We laugh that the Gods must love us dearly to test our limits daily. We laugh at the many observations about religion. We laugh and cry, and it keeps us alive. It's makes us forget the pain, soldier on, cook the dinner, do the laundry, soldier on, and we're listening or reading as if we were just two normal woman with a great interest in historic novels.

Thank you!



hello, just wanted to say I have been reading your books for about 15 years now and they have got me through a lot in life, just wanted to say thank you!!

Looking forward to the final last kingdom book.



On the website of the Smithsonian Institute is information about a recent excavation of Roman ruins underneath the extant fortress at Bamburg, home of blah blah. I am hoping that a) you might mention it in the next Utred book (since he often ponders the Romans and their architecture versus that of the smelly Saxons), and b) that poor Utred will get to retire from whacking interfering Danes and Norsemen and venal Saxons. The poor bastard's got to be 100 by now, and if you don't let him go to Valhallah, he's eventually going up against Knut (and losing). Let his son take a turn as batsman (or "step up to the plate," now that you live in America). Thanks for all the history, it helped get me through Iraq and especially after. Cheers! Over the Hills and Far Away...

Frederick E Berg


The Empty Thorne


Big fan - Wirral resident;


NB The Wirral is in Merseyside not Cheshire.




How right you are!  But I’m horribly old-fashioned and prefer the old county boundaries.