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Hello Mr Cornwell,


My question is about the tv series base around Nate Starbucks     Have you any idea when that will be airing?


Also are you planning to come visit me in Australia any time soon?


I love your well written books and alway look forward to your next.


Live long, stay strong



Although I would love a visit to Australia - It's not in my plans at the moment.

I haven't heard any news about the TV airing of Starbuck's story - sorry!


Fools and Mortals -

Somehow I missed the meaning of the "sharers" as distinct from the others.  What's the distinction?

Robert Frankeberger


The Sharers were the owners of the company. They paid all the bills and shared all the profits. In Shakespeare’s company they were all actors, except for James Burbage who owned The Theatre (though not the land, which was leased), and Sharers were expected to play major roles in every play.




Hello Mr. Conrwell!


I once wrote you about your Grail Quest books and you were gracious to respond! My second question to you now is of a different nature. My wife and I are taking a trip (from Wisconsin, U.S.) to northern England, Scotland, and Ireland this June. Do you have any recommended way to experience seeing Bambaurgh Castle and the Island of Lindisfarne? I was planning on taking an early train from York to Alnmouth earlier in the day (it will be a Saturday) and then perhaps searching for a professional tour in the area, and then doing a late night check in to our next accommodations by train in Edinburgh. I wanted to check with the man himself to see if you recommended a certain guide, or none at all and think it's perfectly navigable on its own (we were hoping not to have to rent a car).

Kind regards,

Sean Malone


I fear you may need a car – and Lindisfarne is only accessible when the tide isn’t too high. I’m afraid I don’t know of any guides, but Google might help? There’s a ton of other places to see there; Alnwick Castle is only a short drive. I believe there are guided tours of Bamburgh and I know there are at Alnwick (which is the largest privately owned castle in Europe and where they filmed much of Harry Potter). But getting around? It’s either bicycle or car, I suspect!



Dear Mr Cornwell,

I just bought two book box sets of the last kingdom and will be reading them in due course. I am very excited!

Will you be writing any more in the future?

Kind Regards

Daniel Sowerby


I am writing the next book of the series right now!


Dear Mr. Cornwell


Since I first read "The last Kingdom", I am a big fan of your work, especially of the Saxon stories and the Sharpe books.

I am working on maps and chronologies of anglo-saxon history and therefore I was very glad, how historical well researched your books are. This is also the reason, why I wanted to locate your novels in my timeline of anglo-saxon history. But, especially in the last novels, I had some trouble locating the novels exactly.

Here is my actual chronology of your books:

The Last Kingdom 866-876 AD

The Pale Horseman 876-878 AD

The Lords of the North 878-881 AD

Sword Song 886 AD

The Burning Land 892-? AD

Death of Kings 899-902 (?) AD

The Pagan Lord ?911? AD

The Empty Throne 911-? AD

Warriors of Storm ?-? AD

The Flame Bearer ?-917? AD

Would it be possible to help me locate your novels exactly and complete this list? Especially with the last three books I had some trouble in locating them exactly, because they have also fictional events in them.

What are the exact birth years of the three children of Uhtred?

Thank you very much for answering my questions. I hope my English wasn't to bad, as I am from Switzerland.

I would also like to thank you for writing this wonderful books and enriching my Bookshelf with great works. I am looking forward for the 11th book of the Saxon stories in October.


Yours sincerly

Michael H.


I wish you hadn’t asked those questions, because I don’t have a clue what dates Uhtred’s children were born, and I deliberately keep the dates of some of the books a little misty (like the one I’m writing now, which is probably set in 922, but certainly before 924 AD). Your dates look right to me, but I’d need to reread all of them to find whatever clues I dropped and, forgive me, I’d rather write the new book!


Hi again Mr. Cornwell.

Is it at all likely that we'll get another Sharpe novel before you've finished the last of Uhtred's saga?

Alan Kempner


I think it’s likely you’ll get another Sharpe novel, but before the end of Uhtred? I can’t promise that. Maybe just after?



Dear Mr Cornwell,

I am an avid reader of your books and absolutely love the character Uhtred of Bebbanburg but I am also a big lover of the total war games, with the incoming release of Total War Saga: Kings of Britannia I wonder if Uhtred might have either a game of his own at some point or have a cameo in this new game that takes place during the rule of Alfred?


John Clapp


I don't object to video games - but I know nothing of developing them so it's up to someone else to do it!


Hi Bernard,

as an avid reader of your books, I particularly like the Sharpe series, as I have always had a great interest in Wellington's military career and you have done a fantastic job describing the events. I really enjoyed reading Waterloo and it was my interest in the battle that caused my recent consternation at a local quiz. A question came out 'Which Nationality made up 73% of the Duke of Wellingtons army?' Well the mathematics is wrong as of the 68,000 men Wellington had, 25,000 were British and 17,000 were Dutch. Thinking he was looking for an answer that was non British, I replied Dutch. The answer he accepted was actually Prussian! At one point he was going to accept Russian! Who I believe were many miles away heading for France with the Austrians. My argument that Wellington was not commander of the Prussians was met with deaf ears, even when I said that Blucher was in command of the Prussian army. I was quite annoyed at the question and the answer! What would have been your reaction to such a question and the answer Bernard? I would like some expert testimony to advise one particular individual, who told me it was the right answer as Holland came under the banner of Germany! I'm sure an answer from you would settle this debate once and for all.


I have just read Stormchild and Crackdown, not sure what to expect but thoroughly enjoyed them both. Looking forward to any new books you have in the pipe-line as you are by far my favourite author.

Terry Coulton


You had every right to be annoyed . . . there we no Prussians under Wellington’s command at Waterloo; they were, of course, under the command of Blucher. The confusion probably arises from the presence of Hanoverians in the Duke’s army . . . and yes, Hanoverians are Germans, but not Prussians. 16,000 men came from Hanover to fight at Waterloo, to which can be added the 6,000 of the King’ German Legion which had originally been raised in Hanover but had, of course, fought as an integral part (and a very good part) of the British army through the Peninsular. The Dutch did NOT come under the banner of Germany; Holland was an independent kingdom and donated 40,000 troops to the Duke’s army. He had around 30,000 British soldiers and wished he had more! So your answer was right, and someone owes you a very large drink.



Hello Mr Cornwell!


I've had a love-hate relationship with your books for a while now, on account of the virulent anti-Christianity in your medieval novels contrasting with your fascinating ideas and take on events, but I've just started the Grail Quest series and I'm loving it. It's refreshing to read one of your books where none of the priests are rapists, pedophiles, cowards, worse hypocrites than the rest of the characters, some combination of the above, and entirely unsympathetic to boot (except for the token priest who is an ally of the protagonist and pays only lip service to Christian ideals). I hope that's a sign of things to come with any future novels set in the Middle Ages, and I'm really looking forward to the rest of the Grail Quest novels.


(I'm an atheist, but the "dirty, fanatical, cowardly, evil Christian vs brave, virile, noble pagan" aspect of the Warlord Chronicles really wore thing after a while and probably spoiled me for Azincourt and the Saxon Stories (which I barely started before stopping in annoyance)).


Have you got any plans for writing more books set in the HYW or High/Late Middle Ages? I'm surprised you haven't written anything about Sir Thomas Gray!



Not at the moment! Maybe? Never say never . . .



Dear Bernard

I found this article I thought you might find interesting by Donald Graves on which British units camd from Wellingtons Army and where they were deployed in the War of 1812.

And after reading Peter Snows book on when Britain Burnt the WhiteHouse I wondered if you ever thought about writing about Blandensberg/Washington and North Point.

I know you said you won’t send Sharpe there but what about Fredrickson - he’s not bound by the same promise and he deserves his own spin off book anyway




Thank you for that . . . . I’ve collected a lot of fascinating material about Bladensburg (and visited the battlefield) and about the burning of Washington, but will I write the book? I don’t know. Maybe?


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