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Currently rereading all of Sharpe's novels in anticipation for his next adventure.  I'm up to Sharpe's Honour so of course Sweet William has entered the story and he's always been one of my favourites.  I know he ends up in North America after.. well I won't spoil that part for other readers, do ever plan on continue his tale, perhaps a short story?

Hopefully he finds love and happiness in the "New World" at any rate!

Chris Horry


I haven’t given it any serious thought, which doesn’t mean it won’t happen, but I suspect it’s unlikely.



Mr. Cornwell,


I just finished "Warlord" and feel well- satisfied at the conclusion of the Last Kingdom series. When I read the first book, I estimated that Uhtred would have been born in about 857AD and so would be around 80 when the Battle of Brunanburh was fought. Is that right? If so, there was never a more vital octagenarian.


As for the battle itself, I've read that a group calling themselves Wirral Archaelogy has identified the Wirral peninsula as the likely site of the battle. Do you agree with them?

Keith Biesiada



Oh, he is old!  I deliberately kept it vague. I can’t remember how old I am either.


I do agree with them! And had the pleasure of visiting them before the Covid stopped all travel. They’ve discovered thousands of objects and at least one grave-pit, and I’m convinced they’ve discovered the site of Brunanburh.


Dear Mr Cornwell,


I recall reading in one of your Sharpe books that Wellington admonished his Provost Marshal for "killing more of my men than the Frenchies". Does the quote have provenance or were you using your rightful license as a novelist? In the same vein were the French sous minted in London prior to the invasion of France?


My interest in this is as a former military policeman and journalist who would be embarrassed to raise the issue in a discussion on military crimes should the above be just a useful  part of the story.


Thank you for attention and I look forward to hearing from you.


Yours Aye


Steve Connors


I don’t remember that line, and I suspect it’s license (thank you for the ‘rightful’!).  I have never heard of French currency being struck in the UK, though at the end of the Peninsular War, before Toulouse, Wellington gathered all the men in his army who had been convicted of forgery and had them manufacture French coinage. The man was brilliant!



Hi Bernard,

my name is Dan and I’m from Snotingaham. I use the word amateur lightly, it’s a hobby, I’ve never published anything.

When I was 9 I was diagnosed with an Austin spectrum disorder called Asperger’s syndrome. One of the symptoms of this disorder is obsessions. History is my obsession. It so happens that the periods I favour, you’ve written about! Henry V and Agincourt is a favourite of mine, and your book on Agincourt was incredible. However, The Saxon stories remains my all time favourite book series. Warlord was incredible and an amazing way to finish the series! Thank you for so many hours lost in that amazing world..

I’m wondering whether you have any plans to write anything set within the golden age of piracy? It’s another of my favourite periods, but I’m sure you’ve got far better ideas.

Thank you for taking the time to read this if it reaches you, and once again, thank you for creating the Saxon stories, I can never tire of Lord Uhtred and his men.

Dan Smith


I have given it some thought.....


Hi Bernard

I haven't written to you much since the whole Sharpe's father riddle was resolved (much to your relief I imagine). I just heard today that you're working on Sharpe's Assassin and it has made me the happiest I've been for ages. Since the pandemic it has been a struggle for so many people to be positive. Thankfully me and my family are healthy but I have found the mental challenge of lockdown a hard one. Not having anything to look forward to (holidays, gigs, trips to the pub all cancelled) has been very depressing. Now I have something to look forward to so I can't thank you enough. So to my question. The TV shows of your books have been excellent (as have the books themselves of course) but would you be open to the idea, or has there ever been the suggestion of a Sharpe or Last Kingdom computer game? Stay safe and thank you again.

Eddie Taberner


A computer game has been talked about, but nothing's come of it yet....perhaps one day?


I thought I recently saw that you are reviving the Sharpe series with a new book entitled "Shapes Assassin."

Is this true? When would it be published?




It is true and, with any luck, the book will be published in both the US and the UK on 30 September of this year.


Is this the end with War Lord  and Uhtred? Can’t bear it. Totally enjoyed this series and always looked forward to the next chapter. He is still too young and so am I at 83. I am looking forward to your next creation.

Paul R


Is War Lord the final book in the Last Kingdom Series?


Paul G


ps I think I have read everything you have written. With one exception I loved them all




War Lord is the final book of the series.


Will Sharpe's Justice ever become a novel?

Martin Hare


I had nothing to do with the writing of the script for 'Sharpe's Justice' and have no plans to write a novel based on it.


I am currently enjoying War Lord and was wondering where is Devils Valley (as I live in the area). Also check out Cartimandua and Venutius of the Brigantes for an area of history worthy of a novel.





I confess the Devil’s Valley was a fictional invention, but think of it as being very close to Barnard Castle if that helps?



Dear Sir,

During lockdown I picked up the Starbuck Chronicles over 20 years after I had first read them. I wasn’t to be disappointed a second time round and love the adventures of Nate.

After such a long time since The Bloody Ground was published it’s unlikely that there will be any additional books but I would like to know if there will be another one planned for the future.

I do hope that there is another book as it’s a shame to leave the story as it is.

I’m a great lover of all your works and look forward to seeing whatever comes next.

Bob Dixon


I'm afraid Starbuck will be continuing his extended vacation for at least awhile longer.....