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hi there

I bought all the warrior chronicles in one go and read them in one go, I could not put them down.  When I heard they were going to be made into a tv series I had to find out more but could not find the uk release dates.  If you could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.





BBC America has announced the date for the US debut of the TV series (10 October 2015 at 10pm ET/9 C) but BBC Two has yet to announce the UK date and time.  We will post it to the homepage of this website as soon as we learn it!



love your stories. Will there be a book 9 in the Saxon chronicles ? If so, when? Thank you for your wonderful books! Can't get enough.

Terry Baca




The next book (ninth) of the Warrior Chronicles/Saxon Stories will be Warriors of the Storm.  It will be published in the UK and Canada on 8 October and in the US in January.   To read an excerpt of the upcoming book, click here:





Hello Bernard,

I very much enjoy your books, mostly for the historical detail which must take a great deal of research. So I need to query the appearance of sunflowers in abandoned gardens in SW France in 1356. It sounds picky (mostly because it is) but I think sunflowers as we know them today are American natives and it just stuck out at me as an anachronism. I wondered if you meant something else as the food references always seem so careful to be accurate.

Still enjoyed the book though ;-)

Best wishes



I think you're right!


Dear Bernard,

I have in front of me a copy of The Daily Mail's Weekend magazine, dated 11th July '15, in which they assert that you have revealed your are to write a new Sharpe book based on the Battle of Sorauren in 1813. Having searched your site and found no mention of this, can you confirm, or deny, the veracity of this report.

Having read all your historical books, everyone brilliant, Sharpe remains my favourite character, so it would be good news indeed if you were returning to The Peninsular.


John Hill



Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I have just finished re-reading all the Sharpe books, which I greatly enjoyed [again]!  Will there be any new Sharpe books?

Best regards,

Bruce Kincaid


Hi Bernard,

I'm a great fan of your books. I've almost worn out my box set of Sharpe DVD's. I noted with interest that you are writing a new Sharpe story. Please keep me posted about when I can buy a copy.

Many thanks

Colin Burrell


I hope to write that book . . . . one day!


I just finished Scoundrel and loved every page. I read on your site that you'll be sticking to the historical stories. I hope you reconsider. Unfortunately for everyone Scoundrel  was prophetic regarding Iraq and the "war on terror". Since 1992 a lot has happened. This is not a story idea, rather a request that one day we'll find out if Paul ever settles  with il Hayaween, and if he ever gets the girl.

Thank you for making it possible to contact you.

By the way, a bookstore owner here in the Seattle area met you a few years back at a panel of some sort and said you were a gracious gentleman. She owns Park Place Books in Kirkland, WA.

Its always nice to hear what people think.

Dark Blackwell


I’ll think about it!


Hello Mr Cornwell.

I was just wondering if you managed to attend the Waterloo 200 celebrations and reenactment in Belgium a couple of weeks ago.I travelled over to Waterloo from Germany (where I now live) and enjoyed the whole weekend.I was delighted to discover that my viewing place at the reenactment was almost directly next to the 95th Rifles position on the battlefield.

Their officer was the spitting image of Sean Bean and chatting to the guys after the battle they told me that he get´s told that a lot and he really plays on it (getting the hair right and the swagger correct) So Sharpe really does march again !

Anthony Lambert


I’m delighted to hear Sharpe is marching again! No, I chose to go to the commemorative service at St Paul’s Cathedral instead, so wasn’t in Belgium on that day.


Hello Bernard,

Time and again, I see questions to you sort of repeated, whereby people ask you whether or not you've been thinking about writing anything new in a different time period - i.e. Roman times, War of the Roses etc... you always reply that you're not thinking about writing books on it. Are you planning to write anything new in a different time period? If you are, what IS that time period?



You’ll know when it appears, and I’ll know when I make the decision! I so have a half written novel set in the late 16th Century, and that I’d like to finish one day.



Have you ever given any thought to writing about the Plantagenet family, the Count of Anjou, whose family ruled England for 245 years??  I am your fan, and have read every book.  I am so interested in this history, because my family also came from Staffordshire England, and immigrated to the U.S.  We are the same age, but I was born here, second generation.  Love to read all you write, thank you...



Not really . . . I won’t say never, but I have so many other things I’d like to write first!


Hello Mr Cornwell -

Hope you are well and look forward (hopefully) to another enjoyable event when you next visit the UK.

Just a thought that struck me when reading Nate's adventures - Is the Billy Blythe character based upon your own feelings towards a certain U.S President who was christened William Jefferson Blythe?

Best regards

Andy Green


No! He was named (sort of) after a friend I grew up with! I changed his name from Bob to Billy and only later became aware of the other BB!


I enjoy your work tremendously, and also appreciate your care in adding historical notes at the end. (The only book of yours that did not work for me was your work about Stone Henge). I trust you to write a good tale, especially one with historical roots.

Therefore what I'm about to say may sound strange, as I know history has limited applicability. But you've done such a wonderful with the Grail series, etc, that I'd like to suggest, not a story, not a plot, but a subject: Robin Hood. That should avoid any of your mentioned problems with lawyers, I dare hope. It is a subject I dearly loved growing up, and to judge by that truly bad and inaccurate 2010 film with Russell Crowe, the topic still has commercial appeal. I realize you're probably not struggling desperately for writing ideas/topics, but as a fan, I would be interested in seeing what life you can breathe into such an incredibly rich character (and his companions, of course). Other than Arthur, what greater figure of British folklore is there?

Just a wish, hoping I strike a cord, or bowstring, as the case may be.





I've considered Robin Hood....who knows???....maybe one day if I live long enough!