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I am a big fan.  Remembering your efforts and the film's produced with Sean Bean as Sharpe.  I bought on line all of your work I believe to include the Medieval period works as well as your Revolutionary War book "The Fort" .  I have enjoyed them all while in Afghanistan and have decided to read them agin 4 years later.  My question (though you may have no knowledge of this) is will those who produced the Sharpe's Rifles saga ever continue the series?  Bean is a perfect age to play the older Sharpe and I know it would be terrific.

Evenso, I appreciate all you have accomplished and I can say I still enjoy your works.  Thank you for being the talented writer you are.



You're right - I don't know???


Dear Bernard

After browsing through the The Encyclopedia Of Military Biography By Dupuy, Trevor N.; Johnson, I noticed that in regards to Edward 1st it states that the Evesham campaign may be the greatest ever conducted on English soil. Considering all the wars and battles that have been fought in England down the ages, that's a pretty bold statement and  I wondered if you would agree with that ?

Also if you ever write another book on the Hundred Years war, would Nick Hook ever meet face to face Joan of Arc. I ask since Sharpe did meet Napoleon after all.

What do you think he would make of her and the fact that she like him also hears voices ?

Yours sincerely


P.S There was this documentary on Joan and her death by the BBC done earlier this year that you and other people on this site might find interesting



I don’t know nearly enough about it to offer an opinion, but you intrigue me and I shall look it up! Thank you.

Thank you for that. She fascinates me, and I’ve thought about including her in a book. Juliet Barker has some fascinating things to say about her in Conquest, which I recommend.


Hi Bernard,

Here's a question to history fans and yourself. I volunteer at a local museum and we've got an Alice in Wonderland exhibition located in the first chamber. Those familiar with 'Alice through the Looking Glass' know the story and characters are based on the game of chess. However, I've heard that there was a variation in the rules: it could be that the king was once the most powerful albeit important piece, but this probably changed to the queen during Elizabeth I's reign. But I'm also wondering if, during Henry VIII's Dissolution of the Monasteries, the Bishop piece was perhaps relegated to the four corners of the board, thus 'limiting' their movement (influential power) from the beginning?  Any conclusion/feedback from Bernard or fellow history fans welcome!

Robert Douglas


I don’t know! Someone must!


Good day to you Sir.

I´m sure you get questions about a new Sharpe book and when it´s due pouring in everyday so I´ll not ask that but what I will ask is this.Do you have a general idea or plot somewhere in the back of your mind concerning dear old Richard if you do ever find the time to return to him ? or will you just go with the flow if and when you get started.

Thanks as always for reading my questions and most of all thanks for answering them, All the best to you and yours.

Anthony Lambert



The next Sharpe will most likely follow Sharpe's Fury (but it's still a few years away).




Hello, Mr. Cornwell.

Just a simple, and possibly stupid, question. Is there any chance for a book series about William the Conqueror or, maybe, James Wolfe? Would love to read a historical fiction about them.

I love your work. I can't even say how much your books mean to me, so I won't try.

Thanks for your writing.

Thiago d'Evecque


I am tempted by Wolfe, and many other time periods, but whether I'll get to them all or not remains to be seen!




I've read most everything you have written except Sharpe; I'd just like to say that the TV serialization of The Last Kingdom is as good as it could be bearing in mind the limitations of the media.

Is there any likelihood of Azincourt making it to the screen, large or small?

Paul Judd


I think it has been talked about...but whether it will happen?  Sorry, I just don't know?


Hello there, my name is Kathleen, for the past 5 years I have been working on a historically accurate fiction novel based on a Celtic thrall girl in Norway in the 9th century. Obviously I'm a HUGE fan of your work, so thank you!

I'm on the 14th draft of my book, and as I've progressed in my writing and in my novel, I have finally come down to some crucial moments that I don't want to get incorrect, and that I must get answers to =) As I know you know, finding good, factual information on the Viking culture can be difficult. So I'm hoping that you might be able to help answer a question for me in regard to how one brother (the mentor) might acquire a thrall (the protagonist) from another brother (the antagonist)? Were there certain things that could happen in order for one man to gain another man's thrall?

I would love and appreciate any help you can give, direction, or suggestions on where I can find accurate information on this. Thank you so much for your time, truly!

Kindest Regards,

Kathleen Clark


This is where you (we) use your (our) imagination. Is there a debt to be repaid? Are the brothers speaking to each other? So much depends on the context! How about a wager?



A question: one of my favorite parts of the Saxon Tales is "fate is inexorable". Why was it changed for the BBC series? Why - apologies - dumb it down for the masses? It was much more beautiful and poetic as you inserted it originally.

Jim Harvey


I don’t think it was dumbed down, it was just translated differently and maybe more accessibly. I suspect their version is easier to say and so easier on the ear . . . which is good for actors and audience. . . . reading is a different matter. In the books I have time to give the phrase in the original Old English and know that most readers will understand, but that’s an assumption too far for a TV audience.


I admire and love the Saxon Stories. You're authenticity and wording are brilliant. (Don't let this go to your head now.) I waited on the edge of my seat for months for the premiere then missed it. Other tv networks air episodes in following nights or show the previous and new back to back. BBC America doesn't. Please, tell me there is going to be a Last Kingdom DVD.


STARZ gave a lot of press to Outlander. BBC America seems to be keeping you secret. I want this to be so successful it guarantees more season. After all, destiny is everything.

Cheryl Noland


Hopefully.....I imagine sometime next year . . . which isn’t very helpful, sorry.


Starbuck and Stonewall's hand

You wrote about his left hand, others "General Stonewall Jackson walked around with his right hand in the air to balance the blood in his body"  why differs fiction from fact?



My source said his left, yours said his right, it must be one or the other.