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Hi Bernard,

There's a nice little surprise for Sharpe fans in the Starbuck stories - and those who have read both series will understand to what I'm referring! But was it your idea to write in this little nugget, or a suggestion from somebody else?

Robert Douglas


All mine! Thank you.


Hi again, Mr. Cornwell.

Firstly, i would thank you again for the signed plate that you have send to me a long time ago, it is in my room's wall by now. I would like to know if, in some of your books, or future books, you research about psychological disorders (such as the crazy couple on Uthred's series, that at some point entertained the warriors, or some of your female character's hysteria). It would be interesting if you present disorders like esquizophrenia, bipolar, depression, psychosis, or even obssessive-compulsive disorder, of course, in a "medieval" way to see then. Im a psychology student and i think that's would be a great add to the stories. Can you tell me what you think about it? And plus, will we be seeing any stories about the Lionheart in the future? Thank you Sir, have a nice day.



I think I don’t want to spend the next two months reading psychiatric textbooks! You’re right, of course. There are some glancing references in the books (does Nick Hook really hear voices?), but it will probably stay in the background.

No plans for Lionheart


Good Day!

I see that you've begun your next Uhtred book (yay!) but was wondering about the Elizabethan-era tale you had been working on.  Can I assume it's finished, or did you leave it mid-way through to get back to Uhtred?  Any title/release date/synopsis yet?

Thanks for many hours of entertainment!




Not that I'm disappointed we're getting another Uhtred book next, but I thought you were starting a new series. What's happened? Has it run aground?




It’s been put on the long finger because it needed more research.


I greatly enjoy your novels - not least for their historical accuracy and have recommended them to people as a way of picking up historical facts whilst reading a good story. Am currently reading "The Empty Throne" and, (possibly incorrectly), have a suspicion that if Uhtred survives that long you might be going to place the battle of Brunanburh in the Wirral. If you are going to include the battle, before you settle on the location could I ask you to read two articles by the historian Michael Wood; 1st, Chapter 11, "Tinsley Wood" in his book "In Search of England" published in 1999, and 2nd: his article "Searching for Brunanburh: The Yorkshire Context of the Great War of 937", published in Volume 85, (2013), of the Yorkshire Archaeological Journal. I know the location is contentious but I think anyone who actually reads the two articles above would think he has reason on his side, (but then I would say that, because I agree with him)!

Best wishes with the writing; (my only complaint is that I can read your books faster than you can write them).


Richard Hunt


Wherever I decide to put it (and the Wirral is the most likely) I’m going to be in trouble! I’ve read the arguments for other places and, frankly, unless some new and wonderful evidence turns up we’ll probably never know.


Only to repeat what countless others have said, which is the characters of Uhtred, Derfel, Nicholas hook and Thomas of Hookton have provided me with hours of entertainment, historical enrichment and appreciation for historical fiction, I thank you Mr Cornwell I am a huge fan. ( Sean Bean is also stupendous as your Sharpe! ) Just one question, I don't wish to badger you with questions over any new titles in your current series as I believe they will come when they will, ( however your books on the Hundred Years' War are fantastic please return to those and another Uhtred adventure), what other historical eras have you considered maybe starting a new set of stories in?


Thank you

Henry Bishop


Oh I have lots of ideas, but for right now I'm sticking with Uhtred.


Mr Cornwell,

as carnival productions are filming the start of Saxon chronicles for tv.

Will you complete Uhtreds story before anything is televised. ?

Ps absolutely fantastic books ,can't wait for next one. Thank you.



I don't think so...


I love your saxon tales series and I am very excited that the bbc is filming a series about it as it is such a fantastic book series,  congratulations! I am starting your Arthur books now that I am finished with available saxon books. I am looking forward to book 9 of the saxon series so much, is there a scheduled release date for early next year?  I realize that it takes time to write such wonderful stories and I will be patient. I am just curious as to when I can pre-order it. Thank you so much for your amazing talent! Few authors can get me as riveted and obsessed with their stories (only 3 authors including yourself) so please keep up the great work!

Your fan,



I hope it will be ready for publication in the UK in October and next January for the US


Dear Mr Cornwell,

Thank you for your fantastic work, am currently deeply immersed in the warrior chronicles.

You frequently refer to Alfred as the only British monarch to have received the title of great - is the omission of Cnut purposeful given that he is not of English descent?




Luckily there’s no formal committee that awards the honorific. I guess that in the history I learned he was never given the title so I never think of Cnut the Great. It still sounds strange to my ear, but that’s just me. I wish Elizabeth I was called Elizabeth the Great, and I can call her that, but no one else needs to.



Love your books, especially Sharpe and Starbuck. Any chance of a remake of the Sharpe TV series, updated using your actual timeline as well modern digital tech(ie. big CGI battle scenes)? Also a Starbuck series? The History Channel would be a great venue.

Bob Gorski


No plans for either right now.


Dear Mr Cornwell

firstly may I congratulate you on your success as an author. I have been enthralled by the books of yours I have had the privelage to read so far. My question is in the warrior chronicles in which we meet the Ubba and his brothers; am I right in saying he is killed in a battle at Cynuit? I live in Bideford a town on the coast in North Devon. Three miles from me in a village called Northam ios a stretch of road named locally as Bloody Corner. On this corner is a plaque saying it is the place where Ubba the Dane was slain. I was just left a bit confused as to why did should be here in North Devon?


Brian Cutler



Why not? I can’t remember now why I set it there, but . . . . assume it’s a raid? That could happen anywhere. I don’t think you need look for a strategic reason, but the Vikings would land any place that offered plunder, so why not near Bideford?