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Just finished Waterloo . Absolutely wonderful . Have read all of your novels and am rereading Sharpe from stem to stern encouraged by the detail in Waterloo .

Have read all of Patrick O'Brians books for the Naval flavor of the period which further argues for the reread .

In light of some of the silly historical mistakes written about the Crusades , wish you would bring Uhtred's great(x?) grandson to the Mideast and tell the world the truth about that period .Thanks for writing !!

Len Ingram    MAJ/USMC(RET)


I don't have plans to write about the Crusades.


Mr Cornwell,

Just to say watched SHARPE for many years, loved  the historical era, Sean Bean is excellent in the role.was anyone else suggested in the early days?.Just got the box set cant wait to watch them (in order ).Thankyou for your wonderful stories.

A R Hammond.


Paul McGann was originally set to play the role but had to drop out due to an accident.


Good evening,

I am a massive fan of your books. When I finished reading the Sharpe series, I started reading your books about Uthred (A complete oaf and never fails to make me laugh). I just wondered if you have any future books in the pipeline for the Sharpe series or Uhtred?

Many thanks for your time and I wish you all the best all in your future work.



Yes for Uhtred (soon!).  Sharpe is still a few years away.


Dear Mr. Cornwell

After reading the excellent Uhtred books .We had to make the ( 800mile) round trip to Bamburgh castle . The views were stunning , then we  invaded Lindesfarne ( a must) . It really brought the books to life . Little wonder why they were fought so hard to keep .

When will the next installment going to hit the bookshelves ?


Dane Clarke



I've just finished reading "The Empty Throne" and thoroughly enjoyed it, as I have enjoyed all your other books.

What lies ahead for Uhtred? Will there be another book? And when, if known?

Best wishes,




When is the book out in the UK.  very excited for next episode in the series

Peter Murrie


The next book of the Warrior Chronicles/Saxon stories will be Warriors of the Storm.  We hope it will be available in October!



I'm contacting from sunny Kos, I can't believe the power of the web as I'm only here for a fortnight and usually send from less than sunny Newcastle.

I brought several books old favorites and new after rereading sharpes tiger[ heart in mouth and devoured in a couple of days). I've launched into Flashman, on you recommendation, I've not read them for 30-35 years and I had forgotten how breathtakingly brilliant they are. I've been shocked by some of thr words used, as intended, and I've been genuinely moved by the resonance with the recent campaigns in Afghanistan.

It's amazing how people make the same military mistakes again and again.

Anyway here's the question, surely Sharpe and Flashman must be related, they look alike, Fashman's dad and grandad were less than faithful?

Mike Davidson


It’s a nice thought! It would certainly be on the wrong side of the blanket!



Don't usually read historical fiction, haven't much time to read anyway.  Came at your books when I was doing lots of long journeys and lost patience with listening to the radio, so I trawled the charity shops for spoken word/books on tape.  Got 'Gallows thief' and it was one of the best books I've ever listened to or read.  Some memorable moments there - his explanation of Waterloo will forever stick in my mind, the narrator did the book full justice.  My question is are there any more novels featuring Rider Sandman?

Jeremy Turner

Kind Regards



There is not another Rider Sandman novel.  I've considered a sequel, but I'm not sure I'll ever get to it!


I noticed the option to contact on your site and thought I would drop you a mail.

I particularly enjoy the Sharpe series. Which period is your favourite of all you've written about? Also, I write short stories and was wondering if you had any hints or tips.

Regards, Chris


My favourite?  Hard to say....usually whichever one I'm currently writing!

Here is a link to the webpage containing some writing advice - hope you find it useful!


Dear Mr Cornwell,

Have you ever considered writing a fictional piece of work set in the period of history where the Armanda took place?

Kindest regards

Martyn Barrow


It's not in my plans at the moment.



I'm from Qubec city, in Canada. I wonder if books 5-8 Saxon stories will be translated in french soon... I've read the first 4 and I really loved it!

Thank you very much !

Natalie Gagnon


Sorry, the French publisher doesn't seem to have plans to continue translating the series...


Dear Mr Cornwell.

Having recently re-read Sharpe's Devil and owning the entire Sharpe series on DVD I am wondering if anyone is planning to make the movie ( With Sean Bean of course.)?

Apologies if this has already been asked and kindest regards for many hours of happy reading.

Mark Gibbens


Haven't heard of any plans for it!