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Please can you tell me when to expect #10 in the saxon stories l.  I have just finished #9, I can't live without Uhtred and Finan! Thanks!



The last tantalizing bit in Warriors of the Storm says," I had business in the north". I am looking forward to what I suspect is Uhtreds' last quest as he is long in the tooth as you said. Any dates?

Jerry MIthen


When is book 10 due out?

Thx. Great stories





I love the way you mix history with fiction in these books and I live in Somerset and was surprised how much of the books were set in this area My question, when is the next last kingdom book planned?


Martyn James


I have just finished reading all of your fictional books and have very much enjoyed each of them. However, I would like to know if you plan one more and possibly final book to The Last Kingdom series in which Uhtred regains his rightful claim to Beddanburg, or perhaps meets his demise when he attempts to do so?

Bill Kran



Could you tell me when the 10th book in the series will be released.

Kind regards



Mr. Cornwell:

First, GREAT series of books with Uhtred (whatever name the series is given). This is the first series of books I have read entirely on the Kindle. I do miss the separate solidity of a print book, and regret not being able to line them up on my shelf next to the Sharpe books. I got the print version of Waterloo, and it too was fantastic.

Second, why, why, why does your publisher release each new Uhtred book just AFTER Christmas?  That is a terrible marketing idea, especially when the release in UK BEFORE Christmas is so heavily marketed on the social media which knows no geographic boundaries.  Very frustrating.

Third, I'm a lawyer.  Don't stop reading, haha. But seriously, we are not all bad.  And, lawyers don't go looking for copyright issues.  Blame the author who thinks he's been violated, not the lawyer who guides him through the legal process.


Mike Roundy


The good news is the tenth book of The Last Kingdom series will be published in the US before Christmas this year!  Still no title yet, but the book is available for pre-order on both (publication date is 6 October 2016) -

and (publication date 29 November 2016) -


Hi Bernard,

Each and every one of your books is a read I can never stop! On another topic, You mentioned in another answer you had another series in mind to write. Care you share?



I'm never sure until I actually start to write it!  And right now I'm only thinking of finishing the tenth book of Uhtred's story!


Finished Warriors and understand Uhtred is continuing to recall his adventures from the perspective of old age. Is he doing so in Bebbanburg as the Lord of Bebbanburg?

Mike O'Connell


Keep reading....


Hi Mr. Cornwell,

I know that the Arthur Trilogy is complete, and the Saxon Stories will have another few books in it (my guess is 2-3? Feel free to address that if you wish); but my question for you is - how many more Grail Quest (or rather, Hookton) book will there be? I haven't read any of the Grail Quest, so I'm not sure if "1356" is the final one in that regard.

Keep up the great work - I look forward to the future (and final?) adventures of Uhtred, and reading about Thomas Hookton and the Grail Quest.

All the best,

~ Jeffrey


I don't plan to add to the Grail Quest series - that series is done!  And I don't have any future plans for Thomas of Hookton at this time.



-Please bring back starbuck. It has been so long ,I have a void in my life .but still hang on with a hope.




Greetings Mister Cornwell,

Have been a long time fan for many years and nowhere is there more true than in my adoration of the starbuck novels. I have two questions that I have relating to this one is is the fact a TV series now in production making you think more about further books and will they be available in the UK. I'm not sure how it works with independent films. Hope you are excited as me to see how it turns out.




Just finished your Starbucks series. Loved reading about the Civil War battles. Do you plan to do any other Starbuck books in the future?

Ron Karas


For the many hours of reading pleasure you have given me over the years.

Best wishes for the future.

Is Starbuck going to continue his story any time in the future?

Stephen Bassett



I hope to return to Starbuck one of these days....and I think it's too early to know what might happen with the TV films.


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I've enjoyed all your Saxon Tales and Warlord Chronicles and I want to read Sharpe's and Starbucks series as well.

I want to be brief, so I'll ask if you would want to/could write about Anglo-Saxon invasions because as you said in one of the answers to your fans, that English people think that England has existed forever (or they might not ask themselves about that). I have research and I remember that part is very summarized in teaching.

As I read in a book that I purchased on Amazon, England existed before as Angeln in todays' Northern Germany border with Denmark.

I just want to hear you opinion on this matter.

Thank you.

Thank you very much.


Juan Gallardo


I doubt that Angeln is the same thing as England, though of course it’s a forerunner. I know nothing about Angeln, but assume it’s the territory of the Angles? It’s odd that so many territorial names derive from the Saxons (Essex is the land of the East Saxons and Wessex of the West Saxons) but the language and country were named for the Angles! Strange!



Hello Sir.

I'm one of your French readers. I have finished " The warriors of the storms ". I'm little bit lost either timeline. Can you tell me, how old are this characters at the end of The Warriors of The storm :


- Uthred (the hero)

- Uthred Uthredson (his son)

- Uthred Æelfricson (his cousin)

- Uthred Uthredson (his little cousin)

- Finan, Stiorra, Osbert , Osfserth, Aethelstan, Aethelfled, Shitric (Kjartan son).

Simon Toffaletti


I deliberately don’t give exact ages, but roughly! Uhtred is in his late 50’s, his son about 30, his cousin in his 40’s, the cousin’s son (doomed) is a teenager, Stiorra is late 20’s Osbert probably in his 40’s, Athelstan just over 20, Aethelflaed in her 40’s and Sihtric is probably around 30. Vague, but it works!



Dear Bernard,

LOVE your Uhtred books! In the Warriors of the Storm, the sub-story of Bishop Leofstan and his wife, Gomer, and her lifestyle, are quite analogous to the marriage relationship described in the Old Testament Book of Hosea. This was also a dark time in biblical history, Hosea’s wife was also named Gomer, she was also a whore, and Hosea also loved her nevertheless.Two queries: (1) was the parallel to Hosea’s marriage a coincidence?, and (2) can you write any faster? I LOVE your Uhtred books!

Phil Eisenhaur


It was deliberate and I think I say that in the Historical note!


1) I just read your Breitbart interview (congratulations on your US citizenship -- what did you think of the civics test and the Oath? I've had something to do with both), and I wonder if you've read Russell Shorto's Island at the Center of the World?   It is certainly true that America is a nation based on a creed, not unlike Alfred's ambition, albeit secular and thus very different. I suppose you could even argue Alfred and the Danes shared a particular, literally marginal set of values -- Britain is an island, of course, and the Danes, et al, came from coasts where all kinds of things (commerce, piracy, etc) flourished that weren't as important in big river heart land countries. But -- to this lifelong student of what becoming American means -- Shorto makes a good case that the essential American dynamic started in the business environment of New Amsterdam, particularly the fight between the Company and Adrien van der Donck.  I'd recommend it.

2) But what I'm really curious about is your view of Marshall Ney and the legend (what else?) that he escaped to Charleston (where you live sometimes, no?) and eventually taught school in North Carolina.

I'm fascinated by the Denmark Vesey story (and may write about it, although I've never sold any fiction at all: feel no need to comment, it's a business I haven't mastered), and -- well, let's face it, even the remote possibility of some redhead with a notable accent  on the scene at the time is kinda irresistable.

I saw you dismissed it (with visible reluctance) in your excellent Waterloo, so I know what you think of the tale as an historical question.  I'm asking more what you think about it, as a story. One anecdote about the alleged Ney in NC has him striking a black kid who just happened to witness him being thrown, drunk, on a horse -- so it's not obvious where his sympathies might have been, if he HAD been in Charleston in the spring of 1822.

And yet....

Paul Donnelly


My chief memory of taking the citizenship test was being told ‘now we will test your command of the English language,’ she then added, ‘I have to tell you that if your native language is Tagalog you’re allowed an interpreter.’ I said ‘what?!?’ but received no answer. Amazing! Still, I passed!  Thank you for the recommendation.

It’s a lovely story, a romantic tale. Wishful thinking. It isn’t true, alas!



hello Mr. Cornwell,

I'd like to know which historical era is your favourite, and if you were able to "enter" one of your books to temporarily live among your characters which one would you choose?

good evening,



Waterloo – so many unanswered questions!