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I'm an avid reader of historical fiction and can honestly say the Warrior Chronicles and Sharpe are among the best - however I'm a bit anxious about the forthcoming TV series of your Chronicles books. You know what its like  you paint your own picture of the fascinating characters you place in history and then when television decides to portray them you worry they just wont live up to your standard!! I hope you've had plenty of say in the development of the series- I know quite often this isnt the case! Are you happy with what the BBC have done with your books? I've noticed you're not happy with comparisons with Game of Thrones - quite rightly too! Just about to start Warriors of the Storm -I hope it's as good as the the rest of the series, you've got a lot to live up to!!  Keep 'em coming (though Uhtred must be 90 by now!) Cheers

Steve Jones


I’d be delighted to be compared to Game of Thrones, it’s just that I don’t think the two series are comparable, other than both have alpha males wielding edged weapons. Game of Thrones is a superbly intricate and elaborate fantasy that creates a whole new world, while The Last Kingdom is far less elaborate and rooted in reality. I admire and enjoy Game of Thrones, but I don’t think anyone, least of all me, was ever trying to emulate it!


It seems that in your Saxon stories, Uhtred and most everyone else refers to the Roman Empire as a thing of the past.

Do they not know the empire is still around during their time? I wonder if even Alfred would have been ignorant of the enduring Roman empire.



No, they don’t know. They’re aware of Rome and the Pope (Alfred visited Rome), but beyond that? It’s a mystery


Again yet another great story, just afraid that we seem to be getting towards the end and since the magic of ice spittle Uhtred is in top form. Please, please tell me there is more than a book or two left. I know the story must have an end since at the start it has been clear it is about the making of England, and yes we all want Uhtred back in Bebbenburg clutching his sword as he takes his last breath, there is though a long time before that needs to occur. This storey felt like he had been refreshed the magic might have worked wonders, who says that it has not had further effects than anybody first thought possible? Pleas keep the stories rolling they only last a few days at most but i always re-read the full catalog before the new one is published, so at least a month is taken up in anticipation.

Ohh when can we expect the next installement (just please don't tell me it s the last!) March 16????



I do hope we are going to see Uhtred recapture Bebbanburg. Will there be number 10 In the series??

Terry Bridle


Dear Mr Cornwell,

I don't know if you realise this, but I was 61 years old last week !  Although my sword arm is still good and my new hip re-surfacing has made taking my place in a shield wall much more comfortable, I am a bit worried; that should your next novel be a long time in the making. I may not be able to help Uhtred re-take Bebbanberg.   Bearing in mind that I have accompanied Uhtred right from the start, (even though I'm a Welshman) I think it only right that I am there to take my place in the shield wall beside him, when we finally re-take his rightful inheritance. So please, spare no time and get cracking with the next novel.

Your humble servant

Gwyn Mowll


I am working on the next book of the series now!


Dear Sir,

Long time reader first time commenter.

I believe the Father to be Guy Loup of Sharpe's Battle here is my reasoning...

1- Take out the you (U) replace it with an me (I) and the French for Guy is pronounced Giy but spelt Guy.

2- A bit of a play on words here Gallop and Giloup tying in the horse reference

3- Bout the same age to be his father

4- Guy Loup could have raped his mother as his character encourages this behaviour  in his men.

P.S when/is there going to be a Sharp's Devil Film???

Jarvis Davison


Ingenious, but wrong. Sorry.

I'm not aware of any plans for a film of Sharpe's Devil


Dear Mr. Cornwell

1) i just want to ask if you may will return to the starbuck series, because for me its like an unfinished business

2) reading all your Sharpe books and always see the KGL appears sometimes, i just want to ask if you may consider a book- story about these part of the army.

3) i saw the first episodes of "the Last Kingdom",...  and i choose to keep on reading your books and just use the movies as an .... "nice to have" i´m sorry , but i prefer the book.

thank you for the opportunity to send you comments

kind regards



It's possible....

If I ever do go back to the Napoleonic Wars then I’m sure it will be another tale of Sharpe . . . .



Dear Mr Cornwell

I have loved all of your novels, but mostly the 'Warrior Chronicles'. I can see that you, of all authors, have the dedication to history, not just European, to produce a wonderful set of pirate based books which could explain to the world that piracy (especially in 'The Golden Age of Piracy') was more than just thievery on the high seas, but a political statement that brought world banking to the fore. it is a shame to world history that this age is so much misunderstood.

Paul Smart


I've given it some thought.....


Dear Mr Cornwell,

first of all I would like to express my gratitude for your work - especially the Saxon Chronicles which I adore. Uhtred is my hero and I love him. He is so complex and charismatic that he made millions of people crazy about him all over the world ;) I have a question regarding him being played by Alexander Dreymon. In the tv series Uhtred has dark hair. In your books you underlined many times that he has norse looks - fair, long hair which made him look like Dane. You actually make it very clear how Uhtred looks like.  I wonder why the TV series Last Kingdom make up artist made Uthred have dark hair? Also the mustache looks like from a different epoch - to me quite a 18-th stylization.  Did they consult you on the way characters look like? Or didn't you have any influence over it? Thank you for your answer.



I am really enjoying the Saxon Series of novels. Thank you for them. I love historical novels and who better to write them than Mr Cornwell?

Having recently become aware of the "The Last Kingdom" series by the BBC and have had a look at a couple of trailers. The one thing that concerns me is that Uhtred on television has dark hair while Uhtred in your books has long blond hair and, as such is easily mistaken for a Dane.

This surprises (bothers) me as I thought they would stick more closely to the images of the character you painted in your stories.

Interested in your feedback.



No they did not consult me - but many Danes have dark hair!


In the past you've expressed the view that you are a story-teller and not an historian.  With the release of your first non-fiction historical account I was wondering whether your sentiment has shifted?

Alternatively, what is your view that historians are at a fundamental level story-tellers?  That their examination of the past is essentially a re-telling of bygone events, all filled with their own heroes and villains.  Would you consider your historical-fiction approach is an extension of the 'story-teller historian' more toward the 'story-teller' than the 'historian'.

When writing Waterloo, how different was the process compared to everything you have done previously?  Did you find that your day-to-day approach was different?




It hasn’t shifted at all! It’s true that Waterloo is essentially history, but the impulse to write it came from the wish to tell the story again . . . it’s such a magnificent tale! So it was still story-telling, though without the fiction!

It was very different! The most time-consuming part of writing a novel is to discover the story in the first place, and that takes up 90% of the work, but with Waterloo that whole process was given to me by history. The hardest part of writing Waterloo was discovering the voices of the men (and women) who could tell their story.


Dear Mr cornwell,

I have read your warrior chronicles and I have to say it is in fact my favourite series of books. Of which the last Kingdom is my favourite book of all time. I have read these books as I have grown up, my father gave me the last Kingdom to read. The main reason of my contact is of the series created based on the books. I have recently seen the first episode, I feel it paced itself to quickly and skipped to many moments that developed Uthred as a character and drives him. I also feel It also focused to greatly on the politics of Saxon court while Uthred is not their. As the story is about Uthred and from his perspective is it not? I guess I just wish to know how you feel about the series? And I would sleep easier watching it knowing it has your stamp of approval or knowing that it's not everything you where expecting. I do not expect a reply. I understand you are a busy man and I only wished to express my gratitude for your work and opinion on the TV show. However to get your point of view would be fantastic.

Your work has inspired me to write short stories for personal enjoyment.

Many thanks,

Harry Newman


It totally has my seal of approval! I just watched Episode 3 and can’t wait to see the rest!