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Hello Mister Bernard!

First I would like to thank you for all the books you have written, and have awakened in me a strong desire to always learn more about history and enjoy much more a book than any other form of entertainment.

Second I apologize to be sending this message through Google translator, because despite having a very large vontate to meet England my English is not good enough to send an e-mail.

I wonder if you ever think about doing more stories about Thomas, because of all the characters he was what I liked best and most identified myself though love Uhtred.

And other doubts about Jeanette at the end of the second book we take to understand that she will rescue his son, but then we do not have that certainty, she can recover her son and restore her life?

Thank you very much for everything and giving us emotions every day, I hope you come here to Brazil soon.

Greetings from your big fan Lucas Ferrari


Oh I wrote those books so long ago now I can't quite remember - but I'm fairly certain she does succeed in rescuing her son.


i have not yet finish the Sharpe books but i only have 6 left. i'm filled with dread that i will no longer have Mr. Sharpe's stories to fill my down time. please tell me there will be more!!



I think there's a good chance of it....


Hi Bernard,

In your research for the Uhtred books I am sure you have come across the "Middleton Cross". I went to look at it yesterday and with its curious cultural blend Pagan and Christian symbolism it stuck me it could easily have been commissioned by some real life Uhtred !

Paul Stein


Seems to have been carved by someone making a bet on every runner in the race! I think Uhtred would have stuck to the pagan symbols only.



I have always been a huge fan of sharpe in fact the sharpe stories influenced me so much I joined the army for 7 years! I recently discovered the Starbuck chronicles and am just finishing copperhead. Absolutely loving the story do you plan to revisit the series and write a few more novels?

Also as thank you when I served in Iraq a parcel arrived to my unit in which you kindly sent a number of sharpe novels for us to read whilst deployed. This made the tour a little more bearable and I can never thank you enough for giving me the ability to drift of Into a different world and forget where I was!

Much thanks and look forward to carrying on with Nates adventures!


Dear Mr Cornwell,

Firstly, many thanks for all your writings, most of which have given me such great pleasure over many years. However, one small complaint in which, from the contents of your letters pages, I see I am not alone.

I have just finished reading the Starbuck Chronicles for maybe the fourth or fifth time, my copies really are becoming quite dog-eared now! I read over and over in your responses to enquiries that you hope to re-visit Nate's life sometime but almost 20 years have now past since the last in the first series was published.

I am really not sure how much longer I have left to discover how our hero makes out eventually, so may I respectfully ask you don't keep us all waiting too long please?

Kind regards,



I love your books and am constantly re-reading them.  Will there be a book 5 in the Starbuck series?

David Reed



I would like to start with that I'm a Cpl in the U.S. Marines and I'm a huge fan of yours. I have read most of your series and the Starbuck series is by far my favorite and I was wondering if there is any thought in making any more books for it.

James R Schuster


I have just discovered the Starbuck Chronicles and am on the 3rd installment. I know there are four in the series - do you have plans to write anymore?

Paul Speake


I hope to get back to Starbuck one of these days!



I am reading Waterloo presently and there is something I just cannot get to grips with. If Ney showed such poor judgement at Quatre Bras, how is it that Napoleon continues to rely on him during the campaign? Even to the point that he retires from the battlefield for several hours and leaves Ney in charge, which was more than enough time to monumentally cock up again with those fateful cavalry charges.

I just don't get it.

Is there something I am missing?


Dennis Williams


It is a mystery! Napoleon is on record as thinking that Ney was ‘an idiot’, yet he entrusts him with the command of the army at Waterloo! I think Napoleon was fatalistic that day, which partly explains his curiously lackadaisical performance (though I do not believe he left the battlefield). And he knows that Ney, for all his faults, is a fighter, and a man who can inspire the troops. Perhaps what he wanted on that fateful June day was a man who would attack ferociously in the belief that was enough to win a straightforward frontal assault. For much of the day, from Napoleon’s viewpoint on the southern ridge, it must have looked as if victory was imminent…all he had to do was wait as Ney finished the job. But even worse, I think, was Napoleon’s careless orders to Grouchy! It was indeed a close run thing, but French mistakes made the difference.


Hello do you know when the Last Kingdom will be aired in the UK yet? I am really looking forward to it.


Helen Powell


I would just like to start by saying how much joy your books have brought me whilst away in Afghan with the British Army and many other places over the world. I have just found out whilst looking for the next Uhtred novel that "The Last Kingdom" will be aired on BBC America this October. Do you know if this will eventually be shown on the BBC in the UK?



Have read everything you've published!  Enjoyed the lot!  Thanks - just found out that BBC America have made a film of the Last Kingdom - do you have any info on when it will be shown on UK TV?

Mike Claridge


I have read that The Last Kingdom has been made into  TV series by BBC America --  are we likely to see this on British TV any time soon ?

Alan Thompson


Hi, I'm a long term fan who has recently got back into reading your novels.  I'm reading the Saxon tales at the moment as I had only read the 1st 3 in the past.  I love them and am now looking forward to the TV show. It's a real shame I can't find a release date for the show in the UK though.  I'm going to be gutted if my American friends get to see it first, especially after I raved about how good it should be!



I was greatly interested to learn that The Last Kingdom is to hit the screen soon. As a UK resident I would like to know if and when the BBC will be showing the series as I cannot find any trace yet on iPlayer? My entire family is working its way through your Warrior Chronicles and some day soon I will go to Bamburgh which looks delightful. Thank you for taking such an interesting slant on Anglo Saxon history; I find it much easier to learn it now I can imagine your likeable but brutal hero dissing the Christian obsession with saints' bones and relics......Sometimes I wish he would have fought for the Danes instead!

Michaela Davies


Although we do know the start date for the showing of the TV series The Last Kingdom in American (10 October on BBC America), we do not yet have a confirmed date for the UK.  However, there are some new videos available for viewing here:

We will post the UK date as soon as we learn it!


Will the Sharpe  books ever be published by one publisher and perhaps released in box sets!!

Jared Elliott Minor



I think that is possible, but no plans for it at the moment.


After reading Stonehenge,  I saw a reference to the huge burial mound in Ireland when the character camaban went there by boat via the western sea...I was wondering your thoughts about skara brae, the neolithic settlement in the orkneys...who were they? Was the climate more habitable than Orkney in modern times? It will be hard enough living there today, let alone before electricity and modern comforts... It is so far north I didn't think human habitation reach that far away from the mainland Europe so far back in time... Were they from remanents of a lost civilization? Or where the Orkneys, mainland of Britain, Ireland, all connected to the mainland Europe at the time? (Doggerland?)

Jorge Irwin



I’m afraid I don’t know whether the Orkneys, or any other of the Scottish islands, were connected by a land bridge to the mainland. I’m sure it would be possible to find out? I doubt it myself, the geology seems all wrong. Skara Brae was settled circa 5000 years ago! Humans have managed to live in the cold north for all that time and longer . . . fire, furs and the availability of prey made it attractive.


Hi Bernard,

Is Richard Sharpe's father Chauvelin, the villain from the scarlet pimpernel? If take out "u" and "in" and there is an anagram of "cheval".

Mike Dey


Has anyone solved it yet? I reckon his name is Laurence. Take you (u) out and put (me) in and a horse appears (La Mer) in this happy person ('as happy as Larry').

Rosemary Olds



Good try! Wrong, though.

Absolutely brilliant, and wrong too!


I simply can't understand why the TV and film world are so hell bent on remakes, when so many of your books are better than 99% of the garbage that appears on the big and little screens. I suppose as an author, you are happy to see your work in print. Is/are there a book/s that you have written you would like to see on the big screen and surely you must have some influence it seeing it happen. Which one/s and why? Love your work, please keep writing.

Terry McConnell


I have no influence at all! It’s a capricious process and depends entirely on whatever a producer decides. That said I’d love to see Gallow’s Thief . . . . .