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I have discovered that I have an ancestor who was in Wesley's Army during the Peninsular War.  He was in the Royal Artillery and was among the 25 ish of Gunners killed at the Siege of Badajoz  after surviving most of the earlier battles.  I am trying to study his story, particularly his Army career - ie I am after his Service Docs.or any detail of his death on 6 April 1812 and Masonic burial on 12 April 1812.  I am looking for advice on the approach to achieve this - I have already contacted the Masons and the RA Museum at Woolwich (now closed, I understand) with not much luck.  I live in Australia so a visit to Somerset house or UK not that easy - If you could provide me with advice/guidance/a pointer - I will send more detail. I have enjoyed your Sharpe work and often re watch the material on Utube . -

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You’ve certainly done the right things so far, and I’m sorry you’ve hit a brick wall. The only thing I can suggest is to try the British government’s official records. If your ancestor was an officer then you’ll find the website here: if he was ‘other ranks’ then here:


Hi Mr. Cornwell,

Love your books, as well as the programs based on them!

Q: While searching for programs about the Hundred Years War, I came across a new “project” titled Agincourt, with the following description: “Famous archer Nicholas Hook battles against the French alongside Henry V in 1415.”

Is this based on you novel?


Dave Monk


It is - but I haven't heard anything new on that project....


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

First, I want to say how much I have enjoyed many of your writings, which have been a splendid combination of imagination, scholarship, and putting the right words together.  I seem to be one of the few to highly commend your book, The Fort.  I thought it was a wonderful presentation of unknown U.S. history.  My favorites so far, though, have been the Arthur trilogy and Agincourt.  And thank you for pointing me to Juliet Barker's book, Agincourt: almost as good as your novel!  And perhaps we will see a return of Rider Sandman someday?  Thank you.

Avery Galbraith



Thank you!  I have considered more for Rider Sandman, but I'm not sure I'll ever get to it.....



I’m a huge fan of your Saxon tales (last kingdom) saga. I’m Chilean so it’s kind of hard to reach for the new books and have to wait like a month from the purchase to get it on my hands. I have all the saga on books, half in Spanish and half in English.

I wanted to know if there’s going to be a new book after the war of the wolf one. The story is wither open yet and I really hope there is another story. Thanks for all the work done, it’s amazing how the books have pushed me to writing my own stuff, in my own way. Thanks for everything!!

Jose Tomas


Yes!  It is the book I am writing now.


Hi, I just finished the 3rd season on Netflix. I'm hooked! Which book picks up after season 3?

Kit Malcolm


The show is loosely based on two books per season.  The next two books would be The Pagan Lord and The Empty Throne.


Dear Mr Cornwell,

In your Sharpe books, you often bring up how wounded soldiers were sent home to the poorhouses when crippled. I just wondered - do you know what would have happened to them a few hundred years earlier, in the English Civil War?




It would have been much the same – sent back to their home and if they had no family then their parish had the responsibility of caring for them.




Will Finan ever go back to Ireland for his revenge?

Thank you.



He might, but I very much doubt I’ll tell that story . . .


Dear Mr Cornwell,

Over the last decade I have devoured all of your books, having started with the Sharpe Series. I finally got to the Starbuck Chronicles, though I’d love to hear the rest of that story, you’ve been clear that it’s a big maybe if ever. Your battle descriptions are so enthralling. Would you ever consider a one off novel about the Wild West in America or maybe the Alamo? So grateful for all you’ve contributed to the literary world and my personal library! Can’t wait for your next book.




It's not likely.....sorry!



I have read the majority of your books...fantastic writing !

I just finished the Starbuck series...character development most strong ...

When will the next book in the series be written?

Thank You

You have added my husband as a Facebook friend ...I am an American married to a Welshman living in Wales...I am temporarily in America: however my permanent home is in Wales.

Thank you

Cathy Cooper


Dear Bernard

I have only just finished 're reading the Starbuck Chronicles and like last time I am wondering when the next one will be out?   Having read every book that you have written I am waiting patiently for the next.  I know it won't be Starbuck but as there is still a big chunk of civil war still to be fought I am hoping you will return to him with another four books.

Best wishes

Jàck Campbell


Are you ever going to write more of these. Have been hoping for over 20 yrs. I understood earlier you were busy with the Sharpe series but since that series has been out of production on tv for 9 years I keep hoping for more Starbucks.


Karel Heinz


If I host you in Virginia while you research, would you revisit Starbuck?

Shane Miller


I haven’t entirely dismissed the idea of another book – but it’s not in the near future – call it another ‘maybe’.


Had the Saxons by the late 8th and 9th centuries lost touch with their brethren on the mainland?  It would seem to me that the British Saxons might have requested help to defeat the Danes and Norse, while at the same time offering the mainland Saxons a refuge from the campaigns launched against them by the Franks.

Bruce O'Brien


There was a fair amount of contact between the Anglo-Saxons in what would become Britain and the European mainland, but most of that was with the Franks – including royal marriages. There seems to have been little or no contact with the Saxons ‘left behind’ – or none that I know of.