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Please continue or have an ending to the Sharpe series.

Maybe his son investigates his father's murder or Harper's? Sharpe had enemies.

Maybe politics  comes into play?

George Diley


I think there will be another Sharpe....not sure when....


Might be a bit of an odd question, but here goes:

Which is your favorite of the various Sharpe cover design 'types'?

Daniel Sattelberger


I’ve never thought about it!  I do rather like the paperback covers with ‘antique’ lettering . . . .


Dear Mr Conwell,

I love your books. Especially the Saxon stories which is now the Last Kingdom series. I’ve always wanted to be a writer of some description, whether that be a writer for Doctor Who or an Author writing my own books. I’ve always been fascinated by the History of the Royal Family as well as History in general. Before I read the Last Kingdom, I knew next to nothing about King Alfred the Great or the Viking invasions of Britain (I knew specks of knowledge). But now I’m emailing you today just to say thank you for the Last Kingdom series. It’s been a huge inspiration for me, both aspiration wise and seeking more knowledge about the ancient history of my country. I ask you this as a huge fan, how many more books of the Last Kingdom series are you going to write ? And will the BBC follow them up with more Last Kingdom series on TV ?

Oliver Bing


Still not sure how many more books there will be in this series.....

But Netflix and Carnival Films are currently filming Season 3 of the TV programme!


I have read all 10 books in the series. Now that he is home, how soon can we read about Uhtred’s last unfulfilled goal- to unite all of Britain? Also just read Fools and Mortals. As someone who taught Shakespeare for 32 years, I loved your take on his personality and your insight into the living theatre of the day (a concept hard for students to imagine). Thanks

Kevan Exstrum


Do you plan to release Book # 11?  If so when can we expect it?

Tootsie North


When is the next (11th) Utred book coming out?

Al Lenzi


Mr Cornwell

Will you be writing another novel in The Last Kingdom series?

Paul McInnis


I am working on the 11th book of The Last Kingdom series now.  It should be available - in both the UK and the US - on 9 October 2018.


Good evening Sir Cornwell,

my name is Thiago Bierhals, I write from Brazil. I am a big fan of your books, I accompany everything that is released here in Brazil, but my question runs away a little usual that you receive.

My question is about beer, I realize that in the vast majority of his books, he uses "ale" already expected as born in England, I know that the beers of England are different from the American ones, I would like to know your taste of "ales" or beers hehe . I write this by tasting a good pint of the famous ESB. Continue writing great books. Congratulations on your work, I enjoy "wasting" hours traveling through the stories created on the pages and characters so memorable and human. A big hug.

T. Bierhals


Thankfully there’s a resurgence of micro-breweries in the USA which means there are drinkable ales and beers, but my taste is still for a good English bitter.



Hello Bernard,

So I can finally put everyone out of their misery.

Sharpe's father is the fictional character Captain le Harnois from Walladmor who may be based on the famous smuggler Issac Gulliver.


Paul Miller


Alas, we’re still miserable.


Dear Mr Cornwell,

Perhaps you have seen recent articles in the BBC regarding the authenticity of history being taught to UK students. There has certainly been a lot of controversy! I remember you once gave an interview on which British monarch should deserve the title 'the Great'. I believe your reply was Alfred and Elizabeth I. How do you feel towards 'political correctness' in the BBC, where they BBC Teach segments refuse to acknowledge Alfred as 'the Great', and put all emphasis on his daughter Æthelflæd being the driving force in uniting 'Englaland'?

I suppose my real question is does political correctness and the risk of offending people come between an accurate portrayal and representation of our history?

I would like to clarify that I am a postgraduate student studying Ancient History in the UK and feel that this is indeed the case!

With very best wishes,

Mr T


I’m not sure I can answer because I haven’t seen or heard any of the articles you cite.  If it’s true that they make Aethelflaed the ‘driving force’ in the unification of England then they’re doing her brother Edward and nephew Aethelstan an injustice . . . but as I said, I haven’t seen any of it.  They might argue that Aethelflaed’s role has been diminished by historians over the years, and I dare say they’re right . . and I certainly believe she needs more credit (and am delighted that Tamworth, in Staffordshire, is erecting a statue to her this year).  I have a feeling, but only a feeling, that the teaching of history has been very influenced by political correctness, but maybe part of that is correcting biases that need correction? If you’re as old as I am (I suspect you’re not) then you were given a muscular Christian version of history . . . imperial and unapologetic and it took a fair bit of time to knock that nonsense out of my mind. I’m wittering – another fault of the old. Thank you for the question!


I am a transplanted Brit now living in Northern California. I just finished reading your book WATERLOO; The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles and found it most interested. I am descended from the Slades on my mother's side of the family. I have a sword (cavalry, I believe) engraved with the name Lieut Henry Slade and with the battles of the Peninsular Wars on the other side. I am trying to find out if Henry Slade may have fought under Wellington at Waterloo. Can you point me in a direction that I may use to research this? I also have a document appointing Henry Slade as a Gentleman Cadet signed by the Earl of Chatham in 1806.

Jonathan Bird


The best document I know is this one . .

It lists almost 4,000 officers (British army) present at Waterloo . . . if you know your ancestor’s regiment it will make the search  much easier!



Hello Sr. Cornwell...

I’m from Brazil and a big fan and have been reading your books for a while now and it stimulates me to come to England, now I’m studying Loughborough. But I’m sending you an email because, as you have been cover all the parts of the great British history, I would like to read books from your part with the themes Robin Hood( I know that you will do a great job as you with King Arthur), Flawless and the ripper ( I chance for you to críticize the government and do a book less likely and more critical, and yes I can see that you have this side). I hope that I have the opportunity to meet you while in UK, maybe in the tour of the #11 saxons stories ? I hope that you have a great year.

Best regards.

Jonathan Holler


I’ve thought about it, but never got beyond thinking . . . . so I can’t make any promises and think it’s unlikely! Sorry!


I am  so  in  love with the Last Kingdom/Saxon Tales series. I  have read all 10 of them  and am re reading it. PLEASE tell me you are working on book 11.  I am addicted and need more (lLOL)..  Also  I am  glad I was able to see the  video series of it. it is nice to  have  the image  of the actors in mind along with scenery and costume, while reading the books.  I so want the  full collection all in  hardback  and hopefully with the images and characters from  the video series to  grace  the covers..  will you  be releasing the full collection in  hardback? ,  I  have a  couple of  friends along with  myself  that  are in  high  hopes that  you  will.  Thanks so  much for the great writing and creativity. .   Love  your work.


GG Jones.

Oh  I  must add it  is truly  killing  me having to wait so long  for the BBC  and Netflix to release season 3.   I hope they do  complete the entire book  collection into the  video series.


I am working on book #11 - hope to finish it soon!

I have not heard of any plans to republish the series in hardback with new covers.  But you might be happy to learn season 3 of the TV series should be available later this year!

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