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Hi Bernard

I'm very excited to hear of your plans for another Sharpe book, especially with the idea of setting it just after Waterloo.

As someone has already commented I would love for Sharpe and Fredrikson to reconnect (and possibly patch up their differences).  I also wonder if Captain Charles Morris might make an appearance. Considering he was a officer of the 33rd foot's light division in India and that the 33rd foot were at Waterloo. Maybe he was recalled from the garrison of Dublin Castle?

Whatever you decide to do with another Sharpe book, if you decide to do it (but you know you want to, go on Bernard please!) I look forward to reading it.

All the best

Eddie T


I look forward to writing it and, yes, I think Morris needs to be there.



Dear Bernard

Will your Sharpe's War Documentary that you did in 04 ever be released on YouTube etc as I never got the chance to see it when it originally came out and I would like you?

Also regards future Sharpe Novels, if you left out or ignored Albuera that would be a crime of literally proportions, please please say you will be writing about Albuera at some point ?



P.S Have you read Fix Bayonnets and Charge Donald Graves Biography on Thomas Pearson, he seems very Sharpe like to say the least


Hi Mr. Cornwell.

Would you please someday write the story of Sharpe at Albuera?

Alan Kempner



I am not aware of any plans for the release of  Sharpe's War documentary, sorry!


Possibly?  I won’t say no – it was an horrific battle so Sharpe ought to be there.


Flame Bearer -

Congratulations on another enthralling read.

I live in Berwick upon Tweed,have done for 55 years give or take a few years working down south or abroad.

I can see Bamburgh and Holy Island from my bedroom window.

I love Northumberland and the Borders area,steeped in history and,in my opinion,the most beautiful countryside in the U.K.

Thank you for bringing the past of old Northumbria to life in my imagination.I have always had a fascination about the old cup and ring stone markings found locally as well as the standing stones and stone circles that we have in N.Northumberland.

Any chance of working my home town into one of your books in the future ?

Thanks again for the great read and good luck in the future.



Every chance!  You’re so lucky – I love that coast!


Sharpe's lousy father....

So he was simply a Smuggler then?

Fintan Spode


No one is ‘simply’ a smuggler!  But yes, he was a smuggler, but that’s not all.



Ok, back to try again!


Could it be Captain Jean-Benoit Aubery, French pirate and general rogue from du Maurier's novel Frenchman's Creek?


Or even Le Rescateur from the Angelique historical novel series?


Well then surely it must be Captain Contagious from the Raggedy Ann & Andy musical?


Yes, I'm now working on the shoot enough arrows and one of them must hit the mark approach....

Phil Dean


Miss, miss, miss.  Move the target nearer!


Hi, I did tweet you but I thought I’d message you here too. I just wanted to say I love your books but especially Sharpe. I always have done!

I know it has been a long time but I really hope you think about writing a new Sharpe novel :) I’m sure there are a few gaps in the timeline that a nice new story can fit in!


Keep up the amazing work




It's in my thoughts!


Hi Bernard,


I'll keep this short and sweet as I'm sure you are getting sick of these. In reference to your keep it simple clue. I will simply submit the Prince of smugglers. If correct I will happily explain how this was deduced.





Almost there, just missing one crucial detail.


Sharpe's father -

Jim Hawkins?

Please return to Sharpe soon.




Not him.


I feel slightly cheeky asking for clues whilst not actually making a guess but here goes nothing.

You've said Sharpe's father is fictional / legendary but doesn't appear in any of the Sharpe books.  Does he appear in a work of fiction other than your own?

Thanks as always.

Eddie T


No!  He’s in my head.



Mr Cornwell

- i've just finished Sharpe's Havoc - excellent as ever - and as we are travelling to Portugal in September, I thought it would be interesting to find the Saltador Bridge. In the historical note, you mention that both the Ponte Nova and Saltador are now underwater - however there is a bridge showing on Google Maps called the Ponte de Misarela that looks like it fits the bill - though that is over the Rabagäo (is that the current name for the Misarela?) Would be grateful for any thoughts or comments regarding the location of the Saltador - and hugely appreciative of your time.


Kind regards,



I believe the Saltador bridge is now underwater – a reservoir – still, it’s well worth visiting the Miserela because it’s spectacular and does offer a graphic illustration of the problems of moving armies through that terrain.


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