Fate and Existence

Written by: Dale M. Chatwin

Submitted By: Dale M. Chatwin

(This review submitted by the book's author)

Fate & Existence is my most recent publication. It is a sequel to last year's novel Destiny & Death but can be read as a stand-alone novel.


Written and completed during the UK lockdown, Fate & Existence is a novel that blends gothic romance, historical fiction, body horror, mythology, and folklore, all set against the backdrop of a semi-fictional Covid-19 outbreak.


It is also (potentially) the first novel in literary history to come with its own theme song - an original piece of music written and composed specifically for Fate & Existence, which can be accessed within the novel by scanning the QR code on the first page.


Fate & Existence is a novel that takes the reader deep into the heart of isolation, both physical and emotional. It is a tale of love and friendship, of transformation and heroism.


It is a novel that will take you beyond the Membrane.