And All Their Glory Past

Written by: Donald E Graves

Submitted By: Geraint

This is a book on the last battles of the War if 1812 in the Northern Theatre which were fought in the Summer and Autumn of 1814. The first of these actions is the 53 day Seige Of Fort Erie that incurred more casualties than the more famous battle of New Orleans.

Then the final action at Cooks Mill which ended the fighting.

It also includes the Plattsburgh campaign in which an outgunned American naval fleet destroyed its British Opponents causing Sir George Prevost Land forces to withdraw which he was never able to live down.

The Author also describes the raid by US General Duncan McArthur who burned and plundered through South Western Ontario.


Graves writes a masterly narrative keeping the reader hooked while being informative at the same time. Any fan of Bernard Cornwell or Military History should give this book a read.