Blood of Eagles: A Story of Ancient Rome

Written by: Charles Scott Curtis

Submitted By: Charles Scott Curtis

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An Undefeated Empire... A Disunited Land... A Clash of Civilizations... 9 B.C.-The Roman Empire circles the Mediterranean and stretches north to the forests of central Europe. Beyond the Rhine River live a disparate group of warring Germanic tribes, out of which Rome is determined to craft a province in her image. On the orders of Emperor Augustus, ten-year-old Arminius is taken to Rome as a hostage to ensure his father's loyalty and be trained as a future vassal of the empire. Forming an unlikely friendship with Cassius Severus, the son of Augustus' imperial secretary, Arminius excels in his training and proves his worth in battle, but he cannot ignore the call of home that burns deep in his heart. As Rome makes its final push to incorporate Germania into the empire, Arminius embarks on a path that will forever alter the fate of two peoples. Blood of Eagles is an epic story of war and political intrigue, and a cautionary tale for our own time.