Written by: S. Pitt

Submitted By: S. Pitt

(This review submitted by the book's author)

The novel begins in the spring of 1066 when Hereward, son of Eorl Leofric of Mercia, returns to England after nine years fighting as a mercenary in Scaldemariland. But peace does not last and when Norman invaders murder his foster-brother, Hereward turns from thegn to outlaw. As the Normans tighten their grip and uprisings fail, rebels flock to join his band at Ely, the Camp of Refuge. Soon the whole Norman army is on its way to destroy Hereward and, with him, the last centre of English resistance.

Narrated as if by Hereward himself, Fen-wolf is an intimate portrait of this most enigmatic and uncompromising of heroes, a man prepared to lose everything rather than submit.

(This book is a 'Discovered Diamond' and the review by J.G. Harlond: 'magnificent . . . a tour de force' can be seen on the BlogSpot highlighted in this website's News).