Firefox Down

Written by: Craig Thomas

Submitted By: Robert Douglas

I bought this novel way back in the 1990's, at a time when there was no internet and therefore very little information regarding the excellent works by prominent authors. As such, I was familiar with Firefox from the film starring Clint Eastwood, yet a sequel in novel-form greeted my delighted surprise. So, I had to purchase it. However, for some odd reason, it gathered dust on my bookshelf only to be read very recently. 'Firefox Down' describes how the novel's protagonist - Mitchell Gant, Vietnam veteran pilot - has succeeded in stealing the prototype MIG 31, codenamed 'Firefox' by NATO. Such an aircraft certainly revolutionizes warfare and tips the strategic balance in favour of the Soviet Union. However, following complications from a hair-raising dog-fight with the second proto-type, Gant is forced to crash land in the icy terrain of neutral Finland. Before long, he is running from the KGB and Russian border patrols, eager to reach allied Norway. The Kremlin is determined to track him down and recover the Firefox - now lying hidden, somewhere.... Yet behind the scenes NATO command also authorises a feverish operation to RECOVER THE FIREFOX, at all costs!

I'm not normally one for modern-day spy and espionage thrillers; it takes a fine, thoroughly-researched yarn to pull me into a riveting world of conspiracy, ambition, and danger. I'm glad to say that 'Firefox Down' is all of those things - and more. I'm so glad to have finally read it after my shameful twenty year hiatus!