The Belgariad (Boxset)

Written by: David Eddings

Submitted By: Robert Douglas

I've had these books since the early 90's, it's far easier to recommend them as an epic boxset - and yes, from May to mid-September of this year, I've finally got round to completing all five titles: 'Pawn of Prophecy', 'Queen of Sorcery', 'Magician's Gambit', 'Castle of Wizardry', and 'Enchanter's Endgame'. As one of many fantasy worlds inspired by Tolkien's Lord of the Rings, The Belgariad by David Eddings is a quest to fulfil an ancient prophecy in restoring order to a world blighted by the evil god Torak. After sleeping for thousands of years after his famous defeat at Vo Mimbre, he is soon to awake and lead the Angarak hordes against the Alorns who are loyal to the Rivan King, guardian of the powerful Orb. Beginning with Pawn of Prophecy, farm lad Garion is soon caught up in events beyond his reckoning.... But then he isn't alone: the sorcery of wise Old Wolf, trusted Aunt Pol a woman of fearsome stature, the great fearless warrior Barak, the confident Silk who is a man of many talents, Mandorallen the gallant knight of Mimbrates, Hettar the horse-kin and deadly swordsman, and even spoilt Ce'Nedra has hidden strengths and qualities of her own - all prove most worthy companions to protect and train him on the long, dangerous journey ahead. This is a breath-taking adventure of epic proportions, excellently written with wonderful characters of true depth, an easy, enjoyable dialogue with some room for humour. Although there are other books on my shelf listed for future reading, I'm hoping one day to get my teeth into The Mallorean, a series that follows on from the Belgariad and thus continue the adventures of Garion and his friends. I can't wait - and they'll likely be a future recommendation for the Reading Club!