The Circle of Ceridwen

Written by: Octavia Randolph

Submitted By: Judith Boxer

This book is the first in what is known as the Saga of Ceridwen series and spans the same timeline as much of the Last Kingdom books. I was first reader for the latest publication Sidroc the Dane which came out a few months ago. This can be read as a first novel telling more about his early life but the other six books follow in sequence as does The Last Kingdom series and adore them both. Octavia Randolph has created such wonderful characters and has done enormous research into this historical period. If you like me are waiting for War of the Wolf having devoured every single one of The Last Kingdom series then please look at this author's work. She has her own newsletter as well and if you want some amazing recipes and a free download of the first book then enjoy the mead, honey cakes and browis!