The Roman Empire in 100 Haikus

Written by: Stuart Laycock

Submitted By: Stuart Laycock

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Great historical fiction, like Bernard Cornwell's, gives a new and fresh angle on the past. Now I'm attempting the same by reinventing the art of historical poetry. I am a historian and this books tells the story of the Roman Empire from start to finish through 100 key subjects, analysing each through historical explanation, a specially drawn illustration and a haiku poem. It's a journey packed with plenty of fascinating characters and lurid action, with victory and defeat, with hope and tragedy. The haiku, with its brevity is ideal for identifying the key element that makes each of these 100, sometimes little-known, subjects so important. So take a look, read the history, enjoy the illustration, savour the haiku and join in this attempt to make historical poetry, in the 21st century, once again a force in how we explore the past.