Voice of the Stars

Written by: Rowena Whaling

Submitted By: Ted Agens

This is a book about Arthur. However, one may not think it so on engaging it. It is told from an entirely different perspective, from the perspective of the women in the Arthur legend. It is heavily involved in the lore of both the Druids and of an older and native to Britain, nature based belief system. The main character in the story is Morgan, half sister to Arthur. She tells the tale from before the birth of Arthur and the deceptions involved there, up to Arthur's "rest". All along we get vivid details and bright 'word pictures' crafted by the excellent writing. Details of the landscapes, characters, places and peoples. Being written from the female perspective of the tale, it is quite a different take on the legend without getting to involved in magic or the supernatural--just the right amount though. A second book is currently being written