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Dear Mr.Cornwell,

I would like to thank you for writing the Saxton Series of books.

I'am currently down to reading the last 3 books of the series, and I have found each one spell Bounding, and made me eager to begin the next book. I love all the charchters, but my. all time charchter is Finan.

So thank you again.

A new fan of a great series of books,

Kim Dubois


I just wanted to express my appreciation for Mr. Cornwell’s writing. Having watched the show The Last Kingdom I decided to embark on the journey through his books and although I am only 100 pages into the book my journey will be sad when it concludes. Thank you sir. There are many artist I wish  I had let know my appreciation. You’re the first.

Take care.

Velven York


Hi there Mr Cornwell,

I’m a huge Sharpe fan (well, not huge, just a bit chubby) and I’m sorry to hear the latest novel is postponed, but, in common with a lot of other fans, just wanted to say, ‘no worries’ and please get better soon. Dental work is horrid, and expensive, unless you’re Patrick Harper, then it’s just part of an ambush (Sharpe’s Siege). Glad your summer has been successful. Please look after yourself, we want more Sharpe!

Ali H


Dear Bernard

You are right there was an Invasion in 1810 but there was also another Invasion in August 1815 after Waterloo. It was not just Naval but Army too under the Command of James Leith who'd commanded a Division under Wellington in the Peninsular War. It was the last combat of the Hundred Days Campaign




Uhtred and Derfel.....

You must get this all the time. Distant relatives?  Time travellers?  They’re the same guy. Keep the novels coming.


Murray Scheinman MD


I wanted to thank you for writing the Saxon Series and then creating the Netflix series, The Last Kingdom.  I am a 4th grade ELA teacher, and our second unit is about the Middle Ages.  Because of your series (which I love), I can now expand on the information in our reader.  I have watched the series so many times that I can recite some of the lines, and now I’m reading the novels.  Thank you very much. I wanted to share that piece of praise with you from the states!


Claudette LeBlanc.

4th grade Lockport Upper Elementary


I have just re read the sailing series for the umpteenth time and it inspired me years ago I now live on my own yacht in Australia aboard the Blithe Spirit, a 46foot Formosa Your books have been an inspiration

Stuart Mackley


Hi Bernard

Just had a weeks holiday in stormy Tenerife good job I took all 5 of your nautical thrillers what a great read they were , loved the character of Harry Abbot who appeared in 2 of the books .

I met you in Northumbria University and had the honour of getting you gowned up for your honorary doctorship and we talked about my favourite character of all time Thomas of Hookton and was hoping you would revive him .

I can’t wait to read Sharpe's command which I have on order .

Keep well and keep the books coming .

Thank you so much Colin Mead


Mr. Cornwell,

Just a note, probably a long one, expressing my gratitude for your books.  I particularly enjoy military and historical fiction and you, Sir, are a master of the genre.

I first discovered your work when browsing the used book section in a ‘warehouse’ bookseller back in the 90s and came across a dog eared hardcover edition of Copperhead.  I had never heard of you but the book looked interesting so I purchased it for under $2.  When I finally read it, I had picked up a copy of the Silmarillion as well and that had to be read first, I was totally surprised and enjoyed it enough to track down the rest of the Starbuck Chronicles after I finished it.

I’ve now read all of your series and several of your one off books.

Keep up the good work!

A grateful fan,

Thomas Alderson


Hi Bernard,

Really sorry to hear you've been through the wars so to speak. Looking forward to reading Sharpe's Command next year but in the meantime, take care and mind yourself.