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Mr. Cornwell,

I just finished reading War Lord book 13 of the Saxon Chronicles. I read the whole series during the last 3 years. What a ride it was! I just wanted to thanks you for this great story. Looking forward to read more historical fiction from you.

Ugo Labrie

Cheers from Québec city, Canada.


Good evening Sir,


I just wanted to thank you for writing your books. I started reading your Sharpe series when I first joined the USMC infantry. Your books got me through some rough times in garrison and a couple deployments. Now I am a Sergeant and still read your books.





Hi Bernard Cornwell.

My name is Lindsay Dufault & I have read several of your books & I really enjoy reading your books. This past weekend I just started watching a TV show that was based on some of the stuff you wrote about in your books. The show was called The Last Kingdom. There are not many authors that I like the way that they write their books.



Dear Mr Cornwell,

I firstly wanted to thank you for the great pleasure your books (and TV adaptations) have given me over the years, in particular the Arthur/Warlord series and The Last Kingdom, which hold a particular place in my affections.

But I'm also emailing to send you a song recommendation, if that is allowed!  This song is by a band called Show of Hands and it is called Breme Fell at Hastings.  When I listen to this song I think of you and your books, as it contains sections of spoken Saxon (as they imagine it!), and describes the events of the Battle of Hastings. https://open.spotify.com/track/7tlmCmiVB2JrrICrVi6QDI?si=GhdhE4CqSqmaL7RPaq_LTQ&utm_source=copy-link

Maybe you'll like it, who knows?!

Apologies if this email is ridiculous compared to your usual mailbag! Thank you again for your books, and have a lovely evening.

Kind regards

Kath Robertson


Thank you!! The Old English sounds good to me, but I’ve never been sure of my own pronunciation so maybe I’m not the best jdge – but I liked the song!



Hi Bernard,

It's done. I've read 'Sharpe's Assassin'! And I have very much enjoyed it following Richard Sharpe's adventures, ever since I first started in the late 80's. My Dad and I have always been huge fans of military history, although particularly Roman, WW2, and Napoleonic Periods. One day, we found Sharpe's Eagle in an old Reader's Digest tome - the title page had a fantastic picture of British infantry stood and firing their muskets. Sharpe himself was amongst their ranks, staring back at me with a mixture of hard confidence and mild curiosity. I didn't get into (serious) reading until I decided to spend some birthday book tokens at a local WH Smiths - as I recall purchased Rifles, Company, Enemy, and Honour, there and then, on the spot. The young lady who served me couldn't help but remark about how exciting those adventures looked. They were the Fontana paperbacks, each had a distinctive colour (Dark Green, Blue, Verdant Green, Black, respectively to the titles I listed earlier) on the front cover bordering a nice oil painting effecting the story's period, depicting Sharpe in action. Over the years, I picked up others, such as Siege (Purple), Regiment (Maroon), Sword (Light Blue), Revenge (Orange)....I began to wonder if they were going to run out of colours!

Finishing the series, as you mentioned Assassin is the very last Sharpe adventure, I also felt quite sad. But I still have them on the shelf and, rest assured, sometime in the future I shall enjoy marching with Sharpe all over again! Thank you for gifting the character Richard Sharpe to the world :) I have enjoyed all his adventures immensely.

Robert Douglas


I'm glad to know you enjoy the Sharpe books!  And the series is not yet done....I am currently writing another Sharpe book.  It is likely to be called Sharpe's Command.



I have enjoyed your film about the Last Kingdom because I am one of the descendants of Uchtred through a maternal line. Uchtred also married a daughter of Aethelred and Alfgiva (who was the daughter of Porrodr Gunnarsson, Christian Jarl of York; his father fought for Aethelstan at Brunanburh. Gunnar was the Christian Karl of Sth Northumbria Nd was my direct ancestor). You can read about it in two books I have published with Archaeopress - Identifying Brunanburh and Egil's Saga. There you may find some extra information for a future novel. Kind regards.

John R Kirby



Mr. Cornwell (yes, mister--I'm old-fashioned because I'm old!).

I came across some unexpected downtime recently. I could have pissed and moaned about it, but honest to God, my first thought was "Woo hoo! Deep dive into Last Kingdom!" It's working slick. The TV series got me through the first 10 days. I could start reading again after that so I tore through the first three books in a week. The next three books just arrived today.  Yes, I enjoy your books. A lot.  The stories get me thinking about what history means, what it is.  The Fort shook me out of my complacent acceptance of American textbook history. Started reading more history. Stumbled into a awesome Sunday information guide at Fort Knox (ME). Yes, I recommend The Fort to every single person who asks for more history on that part of the State. Well, that's more than I expected to say. Thanks for writing and lighting a bonfire of curiosity in me across so many times and places.

Judy Angsten


I absolutely love your books.  I've listened to them all.  Hate that Last Kingdom is over.  If you have any influence for narrators on your books. Please try to influence those in charge to have Matt Bates perform the first 5 Last Kingdom books.  A few of the narrators are horrible and don't do Uthred and the Last Kingdom what it deserves.   I can listen to the Last Kingdom books that Matt Bates performs over and over.  The writing is incredible and then performed by Matt makes them come alive.  Matt Bates is Uthred.



Mr. Cornwell OBE

Hey, I am a 17 year old from Texas and I want you to know I have fallen in love with your writing and all of your books. In the past three years I have read the warlord chronicles, the Saxon chronicles, the archer tales, and I currently have 2 books left in the Sharpe series. Finding an author as entertaining and interesting as you had been a blessing to me, because I love historical fiction but frequently struggle to find an author  who can write a good story with historical facts woven in, and all of your books have done this. I just want you to know that I will continue to read all of your new books and the few books I have not yet read. Thank you for all of the good times and great tales -Samuel Love



Mr. Cornwell,

I just finished 'Warlord' this evening, and I feel like a season of my life just ended and I lost a friend in Uhtred! Seriously though, I just want to thank you for all of your hard work writing this series--telling great historical tales and developing amazing fictional characters--with so much passion and care for getting the important facts straight. I'll be honest, I was on a plane and sat next to a random guy who was a little tipsy, and he saw I was reading a different historical fiction and he started raving about how you were the best, so I took down your name and went to the library. I started with The Grail Quest series, and loved it, and then started the Last Kingdom Series just before the television show launched. I really enjoy the show, but have just loved the books. I particularly love medieval history so I''m going to check out your Arthur Books next. I'm hopeful you'll tackle another medieval period next though! Anyway, I recognize that so much work and energy and care goes into your craft of telling these stories, and I appreciate it. Thank you!

Cory Huffman