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Mr. Cornwell,

I have learned tonight that the 13th novel in the Saxon series will be the last, though I am looking forward to the co-authored version being published in May of this year. The Saxon series has been near and dear to me since first reading it in 2012. After my first exposure I was inexorably hooked. Your amazing characters, described through talented writing helped me out through the tricky times of growing up. Having read nearly all of your Sharpe, Grail Quest, and Starbuck novels, I have secured the title of fan to some extent. My favorites were the Warlord of Britain series however, having been a piece of inspiration to move to Wales and check out some of the amazing settings described in your novels. I have no true point to this correspondence aside from a massive thanks from someone growing up through some tough times to have always found both joy and solace in your novels. Your characters always gave an archetype of someone to aspire to and a bit of the heroic good so lost in our world. So no matter from the sands of Camlan to the swards or Mercia and across the fields or Portugal and Spain, I've deeply appreciated you bringing me along on some of the most amazing journeys. I don't know if you personally will ever read this, but I would at least have a stab at expressing how your works and words have really meant to at least one wayward Canadian stepping out to find an adventure.


Sincerely, and ever a fan,

Jack Nodwell


Thanks for writing "Uhtred's Feast." I was saddened after reading what you then claimed was the final book of The Last Kingdom series.  It wasn't the wrap up book I was expecting from your most excellent series. I haven't received your Uhtred's Feast novel yet but thanks so much for writing it!  You're the best!

Eric D. Hauptman


Dear Mr Cornwell,

I have always considered muself as an expert reader (I am 55 years old and have read thousands of books in different languages) and thought nothing could surprise me so mightly in the area of literature. But first it was J.K Rowling with Harry Potter's series and then you happened. Accidently, here in Latvia I came across (in the second hand clothes shop) your book - The Pagan Lord, immediately ordered in Amazon the 1st book - The Last Kingdom and understood that no better historical books have ever been written. The Games Of Thrones are good but unfinished and not to be compared with your talent. I have read almost all of your works and at this moment I am feeling quite miserable because I am at the brink of finishing Sharpe's 19th book. In short, I wanted to express my utmost and unspeakable respect to you and your talent.

Yours sincerely

Egons Kirsakmens


Dear Mr Cornwell,

Thank you. As an English literature student from Cardiff University and a lover of history, I appreciate what you have done for both. Thank you for sharing your incredible talent with the world, and for inspiring generations of readers to fall in love with history and the power of storytelling. Your work has enriched my life, and I am so grateful for it.

I was recently discussing your work with my husband, he’s a consultant respiratory doctor in Wales and I told him how much my Dad loved your books and how your name lined our book shelves. My husband replied ‘well, I’ve read every Sharpe book too.” - like a claim to fame. Wishing you all the luck in the world for your many years to come. I hope you are well.

Kindest regards,

Annabella King


What can I say beside amazing talent you have with words. Reminds me of Tallson the bard in the Warlord Trilogy. I have listened to this series and The Last Kingdom series too many times to count. I feel like you have set a perfect idea for a 4th book in The Warlord Trilogy series just like your need book for The last Kingdom. Tallson’s songs & stories  of old Briton & Dervil deserves a lemint. Well done again!




I am working my way through Fantasy Hike, a step tracking app that follows Frodo's path from Bag End to Mount Doom.  I think that something like that for Sharpe's trip through Spain to Brussels would be very well received.  Just seeding the idea.

Thanks for the many hours of pleasure your books have brought me.

Stephon Bagne



Mr. Cornwell

I'm writing this just as a simple thank you and show of appreciate towards your work. You've been a huge source of inspiration, and your writing has been a massive source of inspiration in my own coming to as a young author. I could go on for days nitpicking all the details which I found so amazing while reading, but ultimately I just want to say that writing has given me not just new purpose in life, but also is such a powerful coping mechanism. So, all that said, after finishing the Saxon Chronicles and  Warlord series and about to dive into the Sharpe series, I am just such a fan of your work, and hopefully, one day, you might find yourself picking up one of my books and read all about the adventures of Oederic the Vandal (inspired heavily from Uhtred)

You're the man Bernard. Thank you so much

Jesse Fairburn


Mr Cornwell...

Big fan of yours..if you recommend another author, I take it to heart. I started reading the Last Kingdom when a new book was published..starting with the self titled in 2005. The only mistake I made was I found a signed copy if Pale Horseman in a little bookshop in Arkansas that I did not buy...again my mistake. As well, my Sharpe adventure started around the same time and in large prart prompted a trip to Portugal and Spain a few years ago..seeing the country from the eyes of your books was/is fascinating. I'm goin back this year. While the Last Kingdom TV series was very entertaining (the characters fit the bill well) I was disappointed in some of the "creative licensing on the final movie installment. If only "they" had kept the script to the book. Thank you for what you do look forward to the next adventure.



Reading your books has given me immense pleasure for many years. I have especially enjoyed the Uhtred series and want to congratulate you on the success of the television adaptation of that series. Please know that you have not only entertained me but have also inspired me in my own writing career. Best wishes for good health and continued success.

Joseph Badal


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I wish I could adequately describe how thankful I am for your books. I've stumbled across them (later in life than I should have) through The Last Kingdom series on Netflix, and since, I've read that entire series, as well as The Warlord Chronicles. Love them all. Finally found myself in England last summer, and told the group I travel with that venturing into Northumbria was a must. I've always wanted to visit Newcastle, and from there, wanted to go to Bamburgh to see the castle. Which, thankfully, we did.. Highlight of my life.

Since finding your books, I've had a bit of a struggle. Only because yours are so well written, with a depth and attention to detail that's so spectacular...I can't help but be green with envy. Or, so I thought. I'm an aspiring writer myself. Having read yours...I know I shall never come close to what you've put on paper. As much as that pains me... I've realized that it's not envy that I'm experiencing. Okay, well... perhaps a little. Mostly, it's an extreme admiration. I love everything about your stories. Thank you so very much for them. I hope this finds you well, and hope to read the rest of your works in time.

Again, thank you.



Mike Trask