Your Questions


Dear Bernard (I start by calling you Bernard as we have known each other for so long)

I have just completed the latest part of Uhtred's tale and despite trying to take my time find myself bereft at completing the book in a few days, in the knowledge that I will  have to wait an eternity before taking up his story again.

I know your fans will, as children waiting for Santa to come, be asking you the same question, when will the next book be published?!!!

I the whole Last Kingdom Series on my bookshelf and will be reading them again once the series has come to its inevitable conclusion, when will this black day arrive?  Do you know how many more books there will be in the series?

Thank you very much for sharing your talent of leaving your readers unable to tell the difference between historical fact and fiction.

yours with thanks



I don’t know! I’ll say at least four? But truly that’s a guess.


Congratulations on a new epic installment of Uhtred! Forgive me if this is published elsewhere but are you doing any book signings or appearances in or around Charleston in the near future? I'm an elementary school teacher on Hilton Head Island and I always order your books from the UK and surprise my father when he comes down to visit with an "advance" copy. Many thanks for your time; my father and I thank you for our less than average bonding over Uhtred which never fails to confound the rest of our family.

Caroline Lane


Dear Bernard

After coming across this incredible article about Confederates in Brazil, I thought you might find it interesting and wondered if Starbuck could end up in Brazil after the war ?


P.S The battle of Chickamauga was called the Soldiers battle of the US civil war. Is there a chance you may ever write about it ?


I know the story and it is, as you say, incredible. Will Starbuck end up there? Honestly, as of now I don’t know.



The knowledge you have accumulated researching your books, in the field of military memorabilia ( i.e guns, armour, uniforms, medals, badges etc ), does this benefit in other ways? Have you ever seen something in a lumber room, flea market, auction, friends house etc that was quite valuable and the owner was unaware of the true value of the item?

Regards and thanks,



Never! I wish!


Hi Mr. Cornwell.

I'm your fan!

I want ask to you if there are some plans to write about War of the Roses? You're a genius and Uhtred's Saga is the best novel that I read. I was thinking if have you never thought to write about War of the Roses by vision of a character, like Uhtred or Derfel, who will live during this age, since Henry VI until coronation of Henry VII in the battle of  Battle of Bosworth Field.

Do you have some plans to War of the Roses?




I don't have plans for The War of the Roses.


The Last Kingdom book series is one of the best historical fiction series of Viking/Saxon life that I've found, thank you so much for this gift! I'd love to see it adapted to a graphic novel/comic format. Is that possibly in the works?

Matthew Woolley


I don't think it is...


At the end if your most recent book you elude to the name Uhtred being present in modern day names- albeit derivations from the original form. What names, forename or surname, do you mean by this? I find the whole idea of historical names of people and places adapting and changing over time very interesting. I've spent time looking at how names in my own family have developed and changed over the last few generations and your comment intrigued me. Thank you

Mark Ford


The descendants of Uhtred now spell their name Oughtred


Your writing has been very inspiring to me and I am always impressed at the level of historical detail. I'll also admit to being envious of your linguistic wizardry - the way you seem to know exactly the right flow of archaisms and anachronisms without the language jarring the reader out of their immersion. I am currently laying the foundations for my own historical novel and I was wondering what your research process typically consists of.

Also, will we see more female warrior characters like Brida and Skade in future installments of the Saxon Tales?

Rachel S.


Thank you!  Research is really a lifetime's work....a lifetime of reading histories.  I research a period in some detail, but much of the best material comes by accident, from reading things that are way off the subject.

Oh, I hope so!!


Dear Mr Cornwell,

Thank you for creating so many of my favourite novels of the year...each year!


  1. I ask this question in a philosophical way, not a morbid way, as I wish you a very long and healthy life! If you could only write one more novel in your lifetime, what would be it ? If you could write two, what would the second novel be ?


  1. In a variation on the common "When will the next Sharpe book be?" question - do you have any unreleased Sharpe stories, or short stories? I bought Sharpe's Christmas/Ransom/Skirmish many years ago and wonder if these will be released again, with an unreleased story or two, collected together as a Sharpe's Short Stories novel?


Many thanks for so much literary pleasure sir !



One? The one I’m writing now.  Two? The one I’m writing now and another Sharpe.

The only one you seem to be missing is Sharpe's Story.

No plans for another short story right now, but maybe in the future?


Your novel sharp eagle happened to be the first complete book I read.  I learn to be late (24)  The personal achievement of that well! I'm sure you understand.

I understand that you're getting up there in age, as am I.

Though a bit younger. Lol.  I do thoroughly  enjoy your books in which I own all.

My question to you is; will there be 11th book?

I am sure you are extremely busy and it is not necessary to answer me though I do hope you read this.

Thank you for the entertainment.

My family is also from England though still yet to return.

Joseph. M. Skiba


Hi Bernard,

I am totally addicted to the Last Kingdom Series and read Flame Bearer over three nights. I love your historical  notes and the descriptions of your books... I might as well be watching a movie...I can visualise every page. Will there be a follow up to The Flame Bearer?

Best Regards

Russ Cooper


There will be more books!