Men of Terror: A Comprehensive Analysis of Viking Combat

Written by: William R. Short and Reynir A. Óskarson

Submitted By: Bruce Franklin

Hello, I was invited to recommend our recent book to your reading club. A finished copy was sent to Mr. Cornwell.

The book is a complete investigation into both the martial mindset of the Vikings and the construction, training, and use of their weapons. The authors—an MIT-trained scientist and an Icelandic traditional wrestling instructor—consulted all available sources in their decades long work, including literary, artistic, and archaeological evidence. By carefully reviewing and scientifically testing hypotheses, and consulting many experts around the world, their research dispels myths and assumptions about Viking combat and confidently presents our best reconstruction of just how Vikings approached raids, battles, and internal feuds. All along, the authors never lose their sense of the excitement of discovery. The book has 300 b/w illustrations.

Thank you!