The Heart of the Run

Written by: Craig Pennington

Submitted By: Craig Pennington

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An Epic Story of Scotland and Ireland in the 17th and 18th Centuries


Fulfilling a once-forgotten dream, young Alexander Moorhead and his mother risk their lives on a perilous voyage to America in 1764. Among the desperate immigrants, Alex befriends Mary Morrow, a free-spirited girl who will forever change him.


During the long months at sea, Mary convinces Alex to record the 100-year family saga of the soldiers, smugglers, journalists, and whisky makers who came before him. Then, as the crew fights to save the ship in a deadly hurricane and the passengers are ravaged by disease, Alexander's own tragic story emerges.


Based on the family history published by the author's great-great-grandfather in 1901, The Heart of the Run is an epic tale of love and war, heartbreak, and survival as five generations seek a better life for their families amidst a century of turmoil.