Written by: Keith Thompson

Submitted By: Fred Ross

Will our democracy survive the 2024 presidential election?  One out of three American voters believe a bloody insurrection, or even civil war, may be in the offing, and the FBI is already game-planning various “election disaster” scenarios.  This is the background to Keith Thompson's new political thriller "2024".

Thompson is becoming one of my favorite authors.  This book is not only a high octane thriller, but a cautionary tale about where our country may be headed due to our toxic politics.  His two main characters are a liberal black FBI woman and a white Republican detective who must forget their political animosity and work together to stop a conspiracy to subvert the 2024 presidential election.  Terrorist bombers, double-agents, sadistic religious fanatics, as well as political pressures, partisan interference, and their own complicated feelings for one another, are just some of the obstacles they face as they race to stop the shadowy conspirators. Thompson succeeds at delivering both an exciting thriller and providing a disturbing look at the political extremism that threatens to tear our nation asunder.

A great read for anybody following today's political battles and is concerned about our country's future.