Vagabond (Reviews)

Fri 15 Nov 2002
Library Journal Review

In this sequel to The Archer’s Tale, gifted archer Thomas of Hookton continues his quest to avenge his father’s murder and to find the Holy Grail, which King Edward III believes will help England defeat the French. Thomas finds himself embroiled in a series of events beginning with the Battle of Neville’s Cross (October 1346) and ending with the English victory at La Roche-Derrien (Spring 1347). Accomplished historical novelist Cornwell, creator of the “Richard Sharpe” and “Nathaniel Starbuck” series, delivers plenty of action. From English and French battlefields to the high seas and the Inquisitor’s torture chamber, we follow Thomas as he defends his king, pursues his enemies, and seeks the truth of the Grail. With its wealth of likeable characters and historical detail, this enjoyable, fast-paced novel will probably generate renewed interest in the Grail and the Hundred Years’ War. Highly recommended.