Written by: Jack Kilborn (J A Konrath)

Submitted By: Robert Douglas

My ninth read for this year is something different to the genres I normally read: the only horror titles I'm familiar with are by James Herbert. However, although this short novel was by far more disturbing in comparison to Herbert's style, it had a high entertainment value and kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish. The Wisconsin town of Safe Haven is off the beaten track, nestled around a lake and surrounded by a dark, immense forest. But the tranquillity of this quiet, close community is soon shattered when a helicopter crashes on the outskirts. And then a brutal, murderous onslaught begins, gradually depopulating the town in sickening ways that defy the imagination. Who are these deadly hostiles? Why have they chosen peaceful Safe Haven to practise terrible atrocities? And what is their objective? As the story progresses, the reader is steadily drawn into a world of conspiracy and unbridled ambition. Only a handful of redoubtable townsfolk endeavour to survive against the odds - even perhaps learn the answer to their one desperate question: 'Why is this happening to us?' A potent mix of fear and defiance drives them along a nightmarish path of pain and sheer terror to the ultimate truth.... Jack Kilborn (he has also written many titles under his real name J A Konrath) has written an excellent horror conspiracy story with true shock value that, for days after, will haunt a reader's mind!