Your Questions


Mr Cornwell.

I love your books, I think I've read/listened most of them; we've  watched/read Sharpe avidly and also the Uhtred saga.   However, my very best favourite is Thomas..

I've just finished listening to 1365 which has left me hungry for more!  (Read The Trilogy before 1365 some time ago...  I think they were the first audio books I ever listened to!)  Surely there's, another book in "the works "?

Thank you very much for your books and for choosing the right narrator!  Looking forward to hearing some good news?

Lucy Swanton


I do not have plans for more books with Thomas of Hookton .....but never say never!


Dear Bernard

I saw this question debates as a great what if of history and wondered what your own thoughts were if who was the greater General The Iron Duke or the Iron Marshal ?. Wellington victories are well known but Davout victory at Auerstedt was pretty incredible as was his victory against Archdule Charles at Eckmuhl.

So who would be your pick ?


P.S  You said you were often tempted to get Sharpe to Austerlitz  how about Auerstedt instead ?


It’s one of those impossible questions . . . I’ll vote for the Duke, who else?



Are you an asatru? Do your books have meaning for an asatru?

Thank you.



I had to Google ‘Asatru’ and I’m grateful that you introduced me to the word – followers of the old Germanic religion. No, I’m not. I’m an unbeliever in any god or goddess. I can’t think that an Asatru would find any spiritual comfort from my books – or maybe they would? I have no idea . . .



Dear Mr. Cornwall,

I read out (edited) the books to my ten year old son - he loves the books as much as I do.

We are wondering why it is you (we think) have chosen the "west" location of Brunanburh on the Wirrall, favoured by Max Adams, and more recent historians rather than the "east" location near Doncaster as favoured by Michael Wood?

Still think Uhtred should have buried a hoard just outside Lichfield on his way to the battle of Tettenhall, but hey, it was your book.  We are partisan, living in Hednesford, not far from Lichfield, Penkridge and Hammerwich.

Are you going to branch into another area of history when Uhtred's story is finished?  I still could see a generational gap and maybe a grandson carrying on post Brunanburh - there's the whole drama of Erik Haraldson (who may or may not have been Eirik Bloodaxe) and the morally bankrupt Wulfstan yet.

By the way, we are wondering what Stiorra's son is called - you told us she called her daughter Gisela, and that they both sadly died at the end of the most recent book.   Or did they? Because the are both niece and nephew of Olaf Guthfrithson, who is going to be opposite Aethelstan next to Constantine over the matter of York.

Rory (my son) likes how you write the landscapes so well. He has aspirations of being an author when he's older.

Best regards,

Lucy and Rory


Good luck to Rory! As for Brunanburh – I was originally convinced by Michael Livingston who edited (and contributed much to) ‘The Battle of Brunanburh, a Casebook’ published by Liverpool University Press. Since that book was published there have been extraordinary finds in the Wirral – broken swords, arrowheads, spearheads, and in such concentration that almost certainly the archaeologists have discovered the battle site – more or less at Exit 4 of the M53. I visited the site last summer and saw some of the more than 2000 artefacts, and that convinces me that the Wirral is indeed the battle site.


I really haven’t thought that far! I doubt I’ll stop writing – but what about? I have some ideas – but no decisions yet.


I can’t remember what his name was! I’m sure I mentioned it somewhere and I’ve looked . . but come up empty. Maybe a helpful reader can tell me?



Hi Bernard,

I know you are considering a post Waterloo novel for Sharpe, but reading through the series again (currently on Rifles) do you think there is scope for one in between Trafalgar and Peril. Richard went through some tough times with Grace.



PS looking forward to War Lord


Some very good times too . . . it’s a possibility?? No promises.


Can you please describe how Uhtred and Aethelred are cousins?


Michele Fernandez


Uhtred’s mother, Æthelgifu, was sister to Æthelred’s father.


Hello Bernard,

I've been watching "SAS: Who Dares Wins" on Channel 4 in the UK, which is about putting civilians through the SAS selection process. It's a fun watch!

All the trainers ("staff") have books published about their time in various special forces. There seem to be a plethora of books and autobiographies from ex-special forces soldiers giving accounts of their soldiering experiences. I was wondering if you have read any contemporary soldiering biogs that have impressed or that you would recommend?



Nothing springs to mind – though I’ve been reading a good deal of history lately, but very few biographies. The one book I would unreservedly recommend is Quartered Safe Out Here by the late, great George MacDonald Fraser which describes his experience as a very young private in the Burma campaign of WW2. It’s an astonishing and wonderful read!



I like illustrating characters from series I enjoy. Though you do mildly describe Thomas and Guy Vexille in the books I'm still having a hard time imagining them. Did you think of anyone in particular while writing their dialogue?



I rarely think of anyone in particular – and I don’t remember how I described them in the books (and sorry, too lazy to look!). But my faint memory is that Vexille was swarthy? Thin? And Thomas whatever I said. Oddly I sometimes don’t describe the hero too closely, letting the reader fill in the gaps.



Dear Mr Cornwell,

In some years you’ve written two books in one year.

Aside from the Waterloo book, that hasn’t happened since 2006, so I wonder what inspires you to decide to write two books in one year sometimes?

In this year of self-isolation, might you find yourself writing two books?

If the next book is a Sharpe book, what might the second book of the year be?

More Sharpe “short stories” would be very welcome too!

Many thanks,



I stopped writing two books a year when I got entangled in a theatre here on Cape Cod. Sadly we lost the theatre when the building was sold out from underneath us, but will I go back to two books a year? I very much doubt it . . .  I have a splendid sailboat called Seraph (anagram?) and given a choice and a good wind I’d rather be at sea!


Hello Mr.Cornwell

I just want to say I’ve a fan of your Last Kingdom series. I have all the books so far and I can’t wait for the next installment. My 1st question for you is will the other like Uthred Uthredson and other characters of his generation will have a role in the future?

And my 2nd question is there a ancient period in history you would have liked to write a series on for example ancient China or Japan during their respective warring states periods.



It's likely the next book of the series - War Lord - will be the final book of The Last Kingdom series.


OMG, just think of the research! And I’d need to know at least a smattering of the language. And I doubt very much I’d understand the nuances of those ancient cultures. No, I was never tempted!