Your Questions


Dear Mr Cornwell,

In your Sharpe books, you often bring up how wounded soldiers were sent home to the poorhouses when crippled. I just wondered - do you know what would have happened to them a few hundred years earlier, in the English Civil War?




It would have been much the same – sent back to their home and if they had no family then their parish had the responsibility of caring for them.




Will Finan ever go back to Ireland for his revenge?

Thank you.



He might, but I very much doubt I’ll tell that story . . .


Dear Mr Cornwell,

Over the last decade I have devoured all of your books, having started with the Sharpe Series. I finally got to the Starbuck Chronicles, though I’d love to hear the rest of that story, you’ve been clear that it’s a big maybe if ever. Your battle descriptions are so enthralling. Would you ever consider a one off novel about the Wild West in America or maybe the Alamo? So grateful for all you’ve contributed to the literary world and my personal library! Can’t wait for your next book.




It's not likely.....sorry!



I have read the majority of your books...fantastic writing !

I just finished the Starbuck series...character development most strong ...

When will the next book in the series be written?

Thank You

You have added my husband as a Facebook friend ...I am an American married to a Welshman living in Wales...I am temporarily in America: however my permanent home is in Wales.

Thank you

Cathy Cooper


Dear Bernard

I have only just finished 're reading the Starbuck Chronicles and like last time I am wondering when the next one will be out?   Having read every book that you have written I am waiting patiently for the next.  I know it won't be Starbuck but as there is still a big chunk of civil war still to be fought I am hoping you will return to him with another four books.

Best wishes

Jàck Campbell


Are you ever going to write more of these. Have been hoping for over 20 yrs. I understood earlier you were busy with the Sharpe series but since that series has been out of production on tv for 9 years I keep hoping for more Starbucks.


Karel Heinz


If I host you in Virginia while you research, would you revisit Starbuck?

Shane Miller


I haven’t entirely dismissed the idea of another book – but it’s not in the near future – call it another ‘maybe’.


Had the Saxons by the late 8th and 9th centuries lost touch with their brethren on the mainland?  It would seem to me that the British Saxons might have requested help to defeat the Danes and Norse, while at the same time offering the mainland Saxons a refuge from the campaigns launched against them by the Franks.

Bruce O'Brien


There was a fair amount of contact between the Anglo-Saxons in what would become Britain and the European mainland, but most of that was with the Franks – including royal marriages. There seems to have been little or no contact with the Saxons ‘left behind’ – or none that I know of.


I truly love the Sharpe’s Series very exciting and enjoyable. My question is whatever happened to Lt. Lawford’s Bible?

He only had one page from the Revelations when he and Sharpe were thrown into the Tipoo’s dungeon.

Everett Burr


Only one page? I’ll let you guess what he did with the rest.


Hello again Mr.Cornwell,

Just did a search of your catalogue of books and am very surprised as to many I have actually read.  I think you and Sharon Penman must be my favourite authors.  As I have said before, I love the last Kingdom and am eagerly awaiting the next book.  The Grail Quest books also have pride of place in my bookshelf.  Do you think you will ever write a sequel to the Stonehenge??


Kind Regards,



Never! Sorry!


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I finished reading Excalibur a week ago, and i have so many questions, but most of all  let me first thank you, The Arthur Books it's my favorite trilogy now.

I understand why the book ended like this, but now for four nights I am thinking about this book and cannot find peace, because of the fate of Galahad, Gvidr, his wife and their children. Their just leaved Derfel and?

Please,If it possible, tell me something, that give me peace about this end.

With love from Russia,




I know this is extremely frustrating, but I have no idea what happens to my characters after the events described in the books - or very little idea, anyway - to discover what happens I'd need to write another book and I have no plans to add to the Arthur books.


I appreciate your work. With the Saxon Chronicles my favorite series to date, I am an avid historical fiction fan. In addition, I consider myself an amateur vinter and mead maker. As such, I often wonder why the genre doesn't make more reference to those that produced great ale, mead, wine, or spirits. Surely, an individual that excelled in this art would be a prized asset in a warlords retinue! Please don't consider this a suggestion; but rather a conversation piece.

Chase Romanyshyn


I’m sure you’re right! I shall try to bear it in mind the next time I’m describing Uhtred’s household, thank you!



Mr. Cornwell,

Do you have any interest or desire in writing a novel around the time Sharpe joined the army (a more detailed look at his youth and what led to him joining up etc..) and served in Holland?



I'm not inclined to take Sharpe back in time again....but never say never. Perhaps a short story one day?