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Do you think Sharpe ever visited Antonia again after the wars ended?

Chris C


Oh, I imagine he does....


Hello Bernard,

this is my first time writing to you, but I have stayed up to date with most of the questions and answers posted on your site. So forgive me for this novel, and forgive me for stating any repeat questions that you have already answered.

Let me start by saying I am a HUGE FAN of your work and thank you so much for all of your work! Your writing + Jonathan Keeble's narration may be the only thing that could ever top GRRM's writing + Roy Dotrice's narration in my opinion, and to be honest that is something I would have never imagined writing a few years ago. Don't get me wrong, I definitely enjoy Matt Bates and I have already pre-ordered your next Book with him as the narrator (but as you have heard multiple times, Mr. Keeble legitimately brings out another level of life and energy to your characters and your stories.) I know it's totally out of your hands to get him to do your readings as it is all contractually done through Audible. But for the love of your work I have to write you have any leverage from your end with Audible to get Mr. Keeble to Narrate your new Book aside from Mr. Bates' narration? Anything like having Mr Keeble narrate a 2nd version whenever he's available or trying to negotiate terms with Audible to give you a little more say in who you get as a Narrator? It's not only that I love Mr. Keebles narration, but he pronounces all of the names (I assume as you intended, as they also match up with how they are pronounced on the Netflix show - which is amazing). Whereas, other narrators pronounce words differently and some of them really confuse the hell out of a listener and typically anytime this happens it's for the worse :/  ... either way I'm done with this long rant, I appreciate everything you do and will continue supporting you with whatever you do! Thank you for being you and doing what you do!

Jordan Sommerfeld

PS: From a huge King Arthur fan -- your take on the story was one of the greatest adaptations ever and changed hat story for me forever, Thank you again!


Thanks for your message.  I have passed it along to the publisher.


Hiya, me again - I had a couple of quick questions. Well, four, but details, details...

1) The first is that when they filmed the Sharpe series, I heard that Sean Bean was flown in as a replacement after the original actor broke his leg. Who WAS the original actor? Was he alright?

2) Why were they filming in the Ukraine, when the story is set in France?

3) What happened to 'Sweet William' after 'Sharpe's Waterloo?'

4) Will we ever find out what happened to Joel Chase after 'Sharpe's Trafalgar?'

Issac Glynn



The role was originally to be played by Paul McGann.

My guess is that it's easier on the budget!

Not sure what happens with 'Sweet William' or Joel Chase ...maybe we'll find out one day?




There have been rumours of a new Sharpe book this year or next... are they true? Would love to see one based on him joining the army and fighting in Flanders personally... would be a great chance to see Hakeswill again too!



Will you write more novels about Richard Sharpe? Or do you consider the series completed?

I mean, it's your best books.




Not this year....and not next year either....but maybe after that???


Dear Mr Cornwell,

I honestly did search the FAQs but cannot find anything recent. I have just started rereading the Winter King series, which I consider the definitive version of the Arthurian legends. I’ve already read the books at least ten times, BTW.

I am astounded that HBO hasn’t commissioned a mini series. Is your agent asleep on the job? You MUST know that your version would be a killer series, and easily as good or better than GOT.

Is there any hope it will happen?

Cheers, Kim In Australia


Anything's possible....but I haven't heard anything about it recently....



I started to read your Last Kingdom series about 14 years ago (I have read as well some of your others books but not the Sharp series yet)  and since the beginning i am a huge fan. I have just finished "War of the Wolf" this morning and one more time i really enjoyed reading your work. I'm looking forward to be able the next one "Sword of Kings". Do you know how many books left do you have to write about Uhtred? If i remember well a long time ago you said that there will be 12 of them. I can't believe it , it's amazing how time flies, but the next one is number 12... Is it really going to be the last one??? I like as well the TV series, i thought it was going a challenge to be as good as the books, but it is indeed very good. Unfortunately i haven't seen season 3, as i am now leaving in Norway and here it has been delayed. Thank you for your amazing books!

Gwenaëlle Sizun-Thomé



I'm really looking forward to the release of Sword of Kings. Is this going to be the last Uhtred book in the series or will there be more?




Sword of Kings is not the last book of the series.  I am writing the next one now....but still not sure how many more there might be?


Dear Mr Cornwell,

Reading some of the questions you answered on 9 Aug, it appears to me that the Sword of Kings will not be the last in the Last Kingdom series, unless I have misread it!

You say your time is being taken up at this moment with the next book in the series, as I presume that Sword of Kings is now in with the publisher and possibly too late to make changes?

When would you envisage the next book after Sword of Kings to be published?

Thank you for the hours of attention gripping stories I have experienced.

Don Kinder



With any luck....the book I am writing now would be published in September or October 2020.


Hello Mr. Cornwell.

I am from Greece and I am a huge fan of yours. I’ve read many of your books but my favorite was the Arthur trilogy. I’ve read all books for the first time 14 years ago and I’ve reread them a couple of times. That’s why I am now writing to you this message. I love the way you describe this historic period. While reading the books, I was feeling kind of nostalgia for this era that is so far away. All the characters knew that they were living the last days of the old ways and the change that was coming wasn’t a good one. (I hope that my English is good enough for you to understand what I want to say). But, I have a question.. At the end of the story, why you didn’t tell us the rest of Derfel story? I have to admit that I cried a lot all the times I’ve read the books in this last scene when he is saying his goodbye! Thank you for this amazing journey!



I know this is extremely frustrating, but I have no idea what happens to my characters after the events described in the books - or very little idea, anyway - to discover what happens I'd need to write another book and I have no plans to add to the Arthur books.


I read your sailing thrillers many years ago when libraries kept good selections of books and I noticed that you shared some "background" characters with Sam LLewellyn. Was this intentional and if so why?.

Thanks for your time.T

Tom Rowley


I did? I really don’t remember – I wrote them so long ago, but I know Sam so it’s possible I did that intentionally – but truly, I have no memory of it!



Hi bernard,

Rich from evesham again :-),thank you for putting evesham into you books ,just finished war of the  wolf,  loved it,carnt wait for next book but fearing for uthred now he is old :-(  ,never really thought to ask you after enlightening you some years back ,telling you about evesham abbey that's no longer here,have you ever thought about writing  about the battle of evesham  ,I'm sure you know about it as it's one of the greatest battles,there's a book about simon de montfort, but I think there's more to it than just simon ,Edward long shanks or evesham Abbott, just a thought ?,if you do put rich in there and give him a good death ;-),look forward to next book , hope one day I will meet you when you do another book signing in Cheltenham, always  missed you due to bad timing,wyrd bid ful araed,

take care

richie from evesham


I’ll think about it!  No promises!!