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I know I've asked this before but can you please write one last short story (a la skirmish and christmas); of Sharpe's adventures at Obidos or Rolica; the friction between Wellesley and Friere, Col. Lake's suicidal charge up the heights of Columbiera, Sharpe receiving Bunbury's vacant 1st Lieutenantncy...this was a pivotal engagement for both Sharpe and Wellesley. Thank you for all your books and consideration,

best wishes

Andrew Tyler


I’m not sure whether I’ll write any more Sharpe short stories, but I am contemplating taking him back into Spain for another novel.  So more is coming and Sharpe and Harper will march again.



Hi Mr Cornwell,

I'm curious about your Canadian background and whether you've ever been tempted to incorporate Canadian history into any of your novels, regardless of the era. Undoubtedly, I don't need to tell you that the possibilities are endless, from the Expulsion of the Acadians to the French and Indian War to the 1917 Halifax Explosion.

All the best,



I haven’t really considered it, though I am tempted by the War of 1812. Will it happen? I don’t know.



I was on the Queen's yacht recently and saw some of your Sharpe series of books there. They were in the petty officers lounge so I don't know if the royal family read them, but maybe?

John W Pratt


I can’t imagine their Royal Highnesses slipping down to the Petty Officers’ lounge for a book, can you? Still it’s nice to know the books are there!



Hello Bernard

I'm very excited to read the return of Mr Sharpe this Christmas! We've missed him! i'm assuming his kill count will be going up again ? i like it when Sharpie is in a violent mood....

Something i was wondering about Sharpe's Waterloo, though...Pat is referred to as an "Armed Civilian" , because he's not in the South Essex anymore, but he is armed and is ready. So, were "Armed Civilians" actually a real thing? Could someone with a gun just turn up on the battlefield? Harper sticks with Sharpe at Waterloo, but would an Armed Civilian be under Military Discipline or taking orders? i remember in Zulu (classic film!), there's the Boer fellow, Allendorf, and he gets told to "pick his own ground", , so i'm not sure if he's under Chard's orders or not?

Can you shed any light on the Armed Civilian issue?

Another thing i wanted to ask you is, i've been watching a series called Bad Lad's Army  , which was one of those Living History things, where a group of petty criminals are put through 50's-style National Service , to see if it helps them change their ways.

So, my question is, should we bring back National Service?


Anyway, that's two questions from me, so i'll shut up now!


oh, ps i wrote to you a few years ago, grumbling about the lack of Steapa in War of Kings, calling myself "Lord Grumpy Grumpyson"! i was very glad to see him back in Warlord, and i'm assuming it was my fearsome grumpyness that convinced you to put him in...?



Lord "Not Quite as " Grumpy Grumpyson



I’m not sure there is an issue!  There were a number of civilians at Waterloo and some took part in the battle – mostly carrying orders.  Technically they’re not under anyone’s command, but only a fool would ignore the orders of an experienced officer!


I’ve not see Bad Lad’s Army – but I’m not in favour of National Service. It’s extraordinarily expensive – using money that would be better employed elsewhere, and while no one denies that National Servicemen often performed well the vast majority were never needed.  I’m all for a volunteer army!


Dear Lord Grumpyson – take the credit! I’m sure it was your ill-tempered words that persuaded me to put Steapa in the book. So thank you!!!



Good day and a wonderful year to you sir.

I was just musing on a much older Sharpe having to deal with an old adversary.

If you wrote it, would he come? (Bean, that is).

Would the syndicates show interest?

(Wouldn't that be fun).

  1. Apropos of nothing, I wonder what your all-time favourite movie is?


Take great care of yourself. You've helped my life.




I suspect Sean Bean would love to play Sharpe again, but I know of no production company working on any Sharpe-related projects so I suspect it won’t happen. My favourite movie? I loved Hear My Song, but I’d probably vote for Lawrence of Arabia.



Dear Mr. Cornwell,

my name is Maurizia and I am Italian.

I apologize in advance for my bad English but I haven't spoken it or writing it for years.

I'm a great lover of fantasy and historical novels.

I must admit that I discovered a passion for historical novels after reading The Saxon Stories that you masterfully wrote. No novel has ever fascinated me as much as these. I must admit that a part of the credit goes to the TV series that they have drawn from the novels because if it were not for it I would not have known her works.

Surely I will also read the other sagas, I do not promise them all, because not all the historical periods you tells fascinate me and this is a strong deterrent for me. I'm a little "taliban" in this sense.

I am also a budding writer even if my genre remains fantasy for now. However after reading his novels I decided to make the world in which I set my story much more real, because I realized that there have been periods in history when reality was better (or worse) than fantasy.

Thanks for the great inspiration.

I wanted to compliment you on the historical research work she has done in order to have the information to use in her novels.

Although it is his job to be a historian, it must not have been easy to retrieve information that is not of a common nature.

I'll explain.

I would like to write a novel that has been buzzing in my head about the Celts for some time, but the only historical sources we have about them are the Roman writings, primarily the De Bello Gallico. It is a partisan narrative and we do not know if this was really the case. So how to create a novel that has the Celts as protagonists without falling into Roman stereotypes and without abandoning oneself to the romantic but unreliable visions, perhaps, that many have about Celts from 800 d.c. onwards?

The author's imagination has a fundamental importance of course, but in my opinion it takes a right balance between historical facts and fantasy.

How do you manage these doubts?

Thanks for your attention and good work.




You have to follow your instinct and use your imagination!  You’re right, of course, that almost all the information about the Celts is written from a hostile view – but there are good historical works that apply a correction. I recommend Miranda Green’s ‘The Celtic World’ – it is a massive book, but full of good things.



Dear Bernard,

I've just read your latest book Sharpe's Assassin. As with all your books I can't put them down. Did Captain Burrell exist? I was crying with laughter when Harper was told not to buy a monkey and he turns up with one. Will  Sharpe appear again ?. Any news of  the Starbuck chronicles. I read somewhere that an American Producer was making a series for Television. I hope that it will appear in UK or be available on DVD. please keep up your great work and have a nice day.

Many thanks

Colin Burrell


Captain Burrell existed only in my imagination.

There's a chance we'll see Sharpe again....

I haven't heard anything more about a TV series for Starbuck.


Hi Bernard,

as a 13 yr kid watching Sharpe got me into your books. I have at 41 started re-reading the books in chronological order, I feel that there is room for a new series. I am currently watching Rifles and feel that after reading India, Denmark, Trafalgar etc, that sorting put a new series would be awesome (sure you get this all the time).

Telling the story of Sharpe from his Origins (as a kid) to an officer would inspire a new generation of young people. Sharpe epitomises the struggles of society that still echoes today. Add in new elements and it could be modernised to a certain extent.

Please tell me a new Sharpe could be in the offing (though replacing Bean, would be hard)?

Well I don’t expect a response, but I hope in the future a new Sharpe series could be done with anyone but Netflix (don’t have a subscription) not caught up with Uhtred since it moved from BBC.

Carry on writing and even after 28 yrs

These books still resonate.

Steve Millar


I don't know of any plans for new Sharpe films.


Hi There

I have just finished the Saxon series, did you write a book following Finan back to Ireland or have I got that information wrong?  Do you think there might be a possibility of another book to find out how the last kingdom was lost?

I’ve really enjoyed the series and look forward to reading more of your books.

Karin Willoughby



I have no plans for a Finan book.....but never say never!


Have you given any thoughts to completing the book C S Forester left unfinished 'Hornblower and the Crisis'?

Eddie Bleasdale



Sorry, probably not - the copyright and legal stuff would be a nightmare.