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I think I remember you saying in a book that Uhtred was named after one of your ancestors; is that right? Isn't it so cool to have that genealogy? I found out a few years ago that my grandpa's bloodline connects him and us to English and German royalty! It's so exciting. Also I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Saxon Tales! Do you know how many more you'll write?



Hi, the last Kingdom book series is my favorite of all time.  Will there be anymore them? I've read all 10. If so could you let me know when?

Thank you very much.

Keily Speed


I don't know how many more there will be.....but I am writing the next one now!


I am in the process of reading the above book, can you advise me if this is the last of the series, from what I've read so far I hope not.

Pauline McGuinness


I'm just wondering if there will be an 11th book in the Last Kingdom series.  I've finished eight now and am starting Warriors of the Storm.  I hate to think that Uhtred of Bebbanburg will be riding off into the sunset.

Carl Spatazza


I was wondering when the next book is likely to be coming out as I feel Uhtred has a way to go thank you for taking the time to read this

Tim Cook


I have recently begun writing the next book of Uhtred's tale.....


Mr. Cornwell,


Sir, I'd like to know your opinion on several other books. The first is Conquest series by James Aitcheson - it is popularly known as a sort of spiritual successor to your superb Saxon Stories.


Another matter I'd like to ask you about is what you think regarding other Arthurian fiction - like Mists of Avalon and the trilogy of Mary Stewart.


Thanks in advance for your time.


With respect,




Sorry – haven’t read it!


Again – gaps in my reading!  When I set out to write the Arthurian trilogy I made a decision not read other fictional accounts so as not to be too influenced.   I made an exception for TH White, but that was all!



Hi again,


"I am laughing , I think you have the answer in there somewhere"


as reassuring as it is vague 😊


I assume that my named answers were incorrect, as you stated that if someone got the answer you would admit it.


So some detail correct....French and smuggler I believe, with Irony in the identity! would be extremely ironic if Sharpe was related to Napoleon, the man he fought for a large part of his life....! Perhaps a brother?


I seem to remember you implying a link with another epic character and joint favourite of mine....C S Forester's Hornblower....who as I am sure you remember met Napoleon's nephew in his latter perhaps Richard and Napoleon shared Carlo as a father...which would also make him Joseph of Spain's bother.


I can find no reference to him having been a smuggler, however he was a bit of a gambler and general loser......despite his status and issue


Well? Vague but full of Irony :-)


It would also be ironic if Sharpe was an illegitimate French Prince. Louis XVIII was technically a smuggler allbeit that it was Baron Hue who got his hands dirty!!!


Remember Captain Sawyer....and the fact that CS did NOT keep his readers in the dark 😉








So very close. His father doesn’t have to be a real character (i.e. from history). The odds are that he’s fictional (like Sharpe).


Sharpe is not of Royal blood!



We don't have a tv but I do buy dvds and now have both Last Kindom series. They were superbly made and the characters were all very believable. I have since read all of the series of books, and a few others. I expected them to be a little bit different from the series as this has happened with many other films and tv series, but I found the books just as enjoyable in their own way, and they also explained a greater depth of character as well as often displaying insights into life and relationships which I have come to as well. I want to say thank you for the works, and please keep writing. You clearly do a lot of research, and the way you looked into Durham and old Northumbria was a revelation as few authors understand this area, or the reverance we have for St Cuthbert.  He was a man who was not really a roman catholic christian, instead I believe he was more of a druid, which like all the mystery schools adapted their beliefs to Christianity at the time of the roman empire. He was an inspiration, and Northumbria was once a great kingdom. The north east of England has always been representative of the heart and lungs of England, if nor Britain, but London does not really want to accept that concept and so we are these days constantly ignored or downplayed.  Still, Alfred and his "dooms" did create a basic Englishness and law based on the mosaic laws of old.  I have read a book by a man called Hughes, who wrote Tom Brown's Schooldays and he also wrote a biography of King Alfred which gave me a good insight into that king and his beliefs. Have you read this yourself? If not then perhaps it would be of interest to read it and see how much Hughes's perception of Alfred matches your own.


Keep up the good work.


Carol Noble


Uhtred, being a Northumbrian, would entirely agree with you!  And thank you for pointing towards that biography of Alfred, which (shamefully) I haven’t read but, thanks to you, will!


G'day Mr Cornwell,


I've failed with several smuggler-related guesses as to Sharpe's father over the years, but I'm intrigued by a recent post that suggested several possibilities - and your answer that the "answer was there somewhere".


James Petit seems closest to fitting the bill, as the others mentioned don't fit the timeline. James on the other hand is a perfect fit time-wise. He was also a smuggler who appears to have been convicted for horse-stealing. On top of which, he was caught smuggling tobacco, and the smuggling setup in his town of Jevington seems to have involved storing contraband in the local church. I'm suspecting the French connection is perhaps in the name Petit.


So that's a lot of ticks next to previous clues you have given. However I feared that I couldn't spot the irony... until I found a piece online suggesting that James may well have actually been a "gentleman".


I look forward to your "nice try, but completely wrong" comment in due course!

Phil Dean


Keep trying!  So close!


I have really enjoyed your novels about the American Revolution, I was intrigued by your portrayal of Paul Revere, later to become a near mythical hero. Since there is so much myth shrouding the reality is there any other figures you are interested in bringing to life from that period? Benedict Arnold or Benjamin Franklin perhaps.

Anyway thank you and I look forward to Fools And Mortals.

Nick Duffy


Not really!  But never say never, who knows?



Mr. Cornwell,


The Warlord Chronicles and  Saxon Tales made me a believer.

I have read most of your books (not all the sharpe series) and i enjoy them.

You characters (Utred and Derfel) are second to none.

I used to read Robert E. Howards Conan tales back in the day, and i think both Utred and Derfel are similar in their invincibility.

IF this is insulting to you as a writer them please rebuke me but i would love to see you try your hand at writing a Conan tale.

Your battle scenes would bring Conan to another level.

if you get a chance Conan the Avenger is my favorite book and i enjoyed it almost as much as reading ALL of yours.


Please tell me what you think.



Of course when Utreds adventures are complete.


I’m sorry to disappoint but I’ve never read Conan – a gap in my education, plainly. I did adore the adventures of Cohen the Barbarian (Terry Pratchett), but that’s it!


I have read and re-read the Sharpe's series many times. My collection is from Half Price books and anywhere else I find a copy. I'm on Facebook and Behance as a portrait painter. I just read a bit of your biography and found you were born in 1944. I have a great interest in the Battle of Britain.

Have you any plans to write about WWI, WWII and in particular the Battle of Britain? I have learned about some of the history of Europe from you. I think you would bring a new perspective to modern history.

Randy Peters


Sorry, no plans for either World War.



I've read the Grail Quest series  now I'm reading Azincourt.  Is there any relationship between Thomas of Hookton and Nicholas Hook?




I did not intend to hint at a relationship - I took the name Nicholas Hook from the muster roll of the archers who really were at Azincourt.  It just happened to be the name I liked best and, by coincidence, shared the Hook with Hookton.



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