Your Questions


Hello Bernard,

I have enjoyed all of your books and recently started re reading Gallows thief. After reading a couple of books by Edward Marston. (the Bow street rivals) set at the same time in history.

I have to say i find your book a lot more entertaining and with a much better plot line and characters.

I  feel is that it would have made a good idea for a tv/film adaptation. Was that ever your intention? Or was it just good writing on your half that it manages to draw the reader in?

Would there ever be the possibility of this ever happening as I know your already busy with the new Uhtred ?

Kind regards

Chris Lee


It is never my intention.  My job is putting words on pages not pictures on screens.  If it happens that's great.  And if it doesn't happen, it's still great!


Dear Mr Cornwell,

Thank you for a creating a number of heroes and weaving their stories through history; I have especially enjoyed the Starbuck chronicles.

Will you return to our hero? It has raised my curiosity to learn more about this period in American history and I’d love to know how the story ends.


Paul Wedderspoon


Maybe....but not in the near future.


Hi I'm desperately waiting for another book in this great series (The Last Kingdom) are you writing one if so when will it be available?

Alan Metzger


Hi Mr. Cornwell.

Isn't it about time that you told us what the title of Uhtred #12 will be?  And perhaps the back-cover blurb of the plot?

Alan Kempner


I'm currently reading the Warlord Chronicles and thoroughly enjoying them.  I've also read Agincourt and the Grail Quest series.  My favorite is still the Saxon Chronicles, and I'd like to know when the 12th Uhtred book is coming out.  Thank you for the many hours of education and entertainment you've given me.


Al Lenzi




I think it will be called Sword of Kings.  And it should be available in the UK on 3 October and in the US on 26 November of this year.



How about it ? Sharpe and Harper go to Mexico on some business trip selling horses or something and end up meeting and fighting with the San Patricio lads and John Riley ? The San Pats were hanged and Riley branded but knowing Sharpe and Harper they always manage to escape.

Peter Stines


Well, it’s a nice idea, but no, sorry. I’m going to keep them in Europe!



You're currently writing the next book of Uhtred's story. This is going to be the last one, or it will have another one?

All the best to you.



It’s certainly not the last one, though right now I’m not sure whether there will be one more or two. I suspect two . . . but we’ll see!


Hi Bernard!

I've been reading your Saxon tales series and just finished "The Burning Land". My question is, in the battle of Beamfleot, the Saxons use bees as a way to distract and hurt the Danes, was that a tactic the Saxons really used in their battles? I love your books and can't wait to read more!



Not as far as I know! I made that up.



In further to what you said, I have to ask, will you write about Burgos and if so what will you call it Sharpe's Beating ???

Will your Sorauren book feature the battles of Roncesvalles and Maya at all ?

Also Fredrickson was at San Sebastian and even tells Sharpe about in Sharpe's siege. Are you planning on doing a Fredrickson spin off around San Sebastian without Sharpe ?



P.S How about getting Sharpe and his son together at this battle


Sharpe was a prisoner during that siege, so it would be hard to write another book about it. As for the rest? I never know what will be in a book till I write it, so I have no idea!




I really enjoy your books, but I feel that in 'Sharpe's Fortress' page 363 you should have given at least the forename of brave Captain Campbell - Captain Colin Campbell, son of John Campbell of Melfort and Colina


Ed Brumby


I certainly give Colin Campbell his due in the Historical Note, though why I never mentioned his Christian name? No idea!


I have just finished watching all the episodes of Sharpe on Britbox and loved them all.  I was disappointed that he never returned for his daughter born to Teresa, his first wife.  Any reason why you omitted this part of his life?

Margaret Rabon


I don’t remember why! I haven’t entirely finished with Sharpe, so maybe I’ll correct that omission?


Dear Mr Cornwell,

I'm terribly sorry if this question has already been answered (I'm sure it probably has, several times!), but I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of some good books on early historic warfare? In particular, I'm looking to learn about the experience of war between Celtic Britons and Anglo-Saxons in Northern Britain in the 7th century AD. Equipment seems easy enough to find info about: less easy is trying to understand the tactical, strategic, and operational considerations that would have driven decision-making on the battlefield. I hope this isn't too specific! I am a huge devotee of your work.

Many thanks,

David Colledge


I really can’t point you to any sources!  We know extraordinarily little about the Saxon invasion of Britain, except that it happened over many years. The one salient point of that long war was the Battle of Mount Badon and we don’t even know where that was fought, let alone how it was fought. When I wrote about it in the Arthurian books I presumed, on remarkably little evidence, that it occurred near Bath in Somerset and as for the strategy of the victorious Britons I borrowed it entirely from Wellington’s tactics at the Battle of Salamanca! I’m sorry to so unhelpful.