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It's been about a decade since I last contacted you to ask that you please write more of your thrillers/sailing mysteries.  They were some of my favorite books ever!  Isn't it about time for another?


Hope you're staying safe and doing well!

Gayle Orner


That’s very kind of you. I never say never, but I suspect it’s unlikely. I’m much happier staying in the past, but maybe I’ll want to write another contemporary novel sometime?



Dear Mr Cornwell


Just like to say I am a massive Fan of the Shapre books and I am currently on my 3rd read through. I'm really looking forward to the next Sharpe book. Also I'm obsessed with the TV series and watch them all every couple of months. I know this has probably been asked multiple time but is there ever any talk of a new episode or a remake?




If there is I haven't heard it!


Hello Bernard


i hope you and Judy are both well and have escaped this Covid nonsense!

Pretty eerie that in Sword of Kings there's a plague...and Sigtryggyr falls to it...and then there's a real Pandemic !

Are you a Seer?

i love Sigtryggyr, but thats a bastard  of a name to spell! i had to google it!

I'm very much looking forward to Warlord!

The Final Battle! Like Ragnarok!

Thats not why i'm messaging though!

A month ago  or so, i reread Sharpe's Escape, which i always rated highly. Ferragus was a tremendous villain, and the two scraps he and our hero have are suitably nasty!

My one grumble is Sharpe doesn't let Harps fight him at the end! Its very rare Pat has an opponent who is a physical match for him, and i would've enjoyed  a brawl between those two brutes!

Still, thats heroes for you, isn't it? its all Me, me me!

I was wondering though.

Escape is the first time we see Lawford doing Colonel Stuff and i was wondering if when you wrote Escape, whether you went back to the old novels just to remind yourself what Lawford, Knowles, Forrest and the other South Esses chaps were like? It must've been 20 years since you wrote about the South Essex!

Who was your favourite South Essex soldier, though? Excluding the Green Jackets?

i always like Leroy! Who, of course, you kill off! All my favourites get killed!

But who were your favourites?


Kindest of  regards

Matt in Kendal


I think my favourite was always d’Alembord, a good man, who I left with a bad wound at Waterloo and wish I hadn’t because I could use him in the new novel. I liked Leroy too, and can’t remember why he was killed off. And I’ll add Charlie Weller because he’s another good man.


Thank you very, very much for the Saxondale Chronicles.

I had to pause the book I was reading when I realised War Lord had been released!

When I was younger I devoured the first part of the series over and over. I've lost count how many times I read the first two books in particular. The series really came alive for me when Father Judas, Stiorra and Uhtred the younger came into their own.

The final book was brilliant and I must thank you .....

Brunanburh was brought to life brilliantly and I couldn't help but hear whispers of the tactics used at the battle of Cannae.

I must also thank you for finally including Teesside into your tales! Each time a new Uhtred came out I checked the place names at the start of the book in vain to see if any place in the Tees Valley was mentioned and fate gave me my wish in the final book.

Did you have a specific location for the Devil's Fort and were you able to visit any areas when researching?

England is finally made and it brings bitter sweet feelings as I am now greatly looking forward to seeing Sharpe again. I sincerely hope that in this novel Captain Morris and Lord Pumphrey return and receive Cornwellian justice as the hands of Sharpe's boot and blade.

All the best,

James Trethowan


You’re spot on – that was exactly the location I had in mind. Sadly the wretched pandemic stopped me making a trip to Barnard Castle to find the best spot, so I worked off Ordnance Survey maps instead. And the burial cairns were pure fiction.



I just finished this amazing new book,you could have not writtten it better.

I am left with one single wonder,

What happened to Osferth?



Let’s just say he lived happily ever after. I was aware that I left his story unfinished, but I just wasn’t able to find a way to shoehorn him into the book, so yes, happily ever after!




Thank you for "The War Lord", sad but all "very" good things must come to an end and a very good end for Uhtred, I who have read all your books over the years must ask you what is to come? are you going to call an end to writing, I do hope not, we need your story's, I hope you may bring back Rider Sandman to us all, a great person in a time your books about Sharpe and others have opened to all of us but thank you all the same for Uhtred, Sharpe and many, many others, so I look forward to your further works, thank you and may your god bless you.



I just finished Warlord tonight and have to say I loved it. You are my hero! I’m in the states and always buy your books in the UK so I can get them earlier then if I wait for them to be released here. I was wondering if you could say what you have in mind next. Thank you so much.

Mike Mecham


Dear Mr Cornwell,

I believe I have read and own 60+ of your books and loved everyone of them.  My faves are the 'The Last Kingdom', Warlord' and 'Grail Quest' series with Sharpe coming a close fourth.  I thought that 'Fools and Mortals' was an interesting departure from your normal historical novels.  I enjoyed it very much.

I am sad that the 'Last Kingdom' series is ending and I was just wondering what your new project will be after Uhtred?

Many thanks from an avid reader of yours...

Kind Regards



Just finished ‘Warlord‘ having re-read all of ‘The Last Kingdom’ series. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience but now there is a void to fill! What next?

Many thanks,

John Hopkins


I have just finished reading "War Lord" , the last "Last Kingdom" book. A stunning end to the series ...

I agree it is strange that the Battle of Brunnanburh has been lost to British history as it appears to be such a turning point in story of our island.

I've been re-reading Sharpe and Thomas of Hookton during lockdown, have you a new character and era in mind for your next series of books ?

Best Regards

David Kellock





Next is Sharpe!


I love all of your books, and would love to know what books that YOU enjoy reading. The Reading Club seems to have an overabundance of reviews submitted by their own authors.  How can they possibly be impartial?  How can we know if they are truly any good?  I may just have to start reading all of your books for the third time!  Not that that would be a bad thing, but if you have a moment to spare and the desire to share....please take pity!

Christine S. Seijas


I read a vast amount of history (non-fiction). Right now I am reading the third book of Ian W. Toll's fabulous Pacific War Trilogy (The Conquering Tide, Pacific Crucible and Twilight of the Gods).  I like good mysteries and detective novels - Ian Rankin, John Sandford, PD James, Dennis Lehane. I could go on and on and on...I'm a HUGE fan of Stuart McBride, who writes Scottish noir tales - police procedurals - but with enormous wit and a very dark imagination....there are many others I enjoy as well!



me and my family are fans of your tv show series  The Last Kingdom,

We are hoping that season 5 is not the last season. That there will be more

seasons at last two or three. And of course some new cast on season 5.

And you can ink over deal with Netflix team for some new tv show to create with them?

Djordje Dzudovic


Thank you!  I also hope season 5 won't be the last!


Dear Mr Cornwell,

Firstly, please accept my thanks in writing such a wonderful series in Sharpe.

The Sharpe books have kept me entertained for a long time and I have read (literally devoured!) them all - short stories and "Sharpe's Story" included.

I have never been so wrapped up in a character.

It's probably fair to say that you have created a die-hard fan because I have gone one to buy the DVD set and the two additional, later movies.

I have also recently purchased two signed photos (one of the main cast of the "chosen men" and one of Sean himself) that I intend to frame and hang on my wall as a 50th birthday present to myself.

Now that I have finished Sharpe, I am actually finding reading much more of a struggle because the books I trying to get through can't hold a candle to any of the Sharpe books.

I actually a question for you: What happened to Jane after Lord Rossendale dies at Waterloo? Presumably she returns to London and continues on with her life. However, because of Rossendale's gambling debts and her pregnancy, what sort of life does she lead after returning?

Thanks again.

Kind regards,



Oh dear, I never anticipate my characters' lives beyond the limits of the books . . . . . I hope she finds happiness....but I suspect she doesn't....


When will Sword of Kings be translated and released in Swedish?

Jan Heivert


Unfortunately, there currently are no plans for a Swedish translation of Sword of Kings - hopefully that will change in the future!