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Dear Mr Cornwell,


I'm a great fan of all your books and have read them as soon as a new one comes out. I was wondering if you are thinking of making a series of your book "Redcoat"? There are just so many possibilities for this story considering many battles were fought between the Indians and the fledgling USA as it expanded into the Ohio Valley...battles a former British soldier may have been called upon by circumstances to take part, albeit reluctantly (at first). Perhaps, a switch from infantry to dragoon/horse soldier.



~~Fred Villegas~~




I don't have plans for making it a series.


Hello and good day, I'm trying to find credible sources on any information on the Danish king that Widukind was with during the massacre at Verden. Do we know who the king was? I have Charlemagne Translated Sources that I've been finding good information in, but finding the kings name or his standard or info on him, is so far, proving to be difficult. Do you have any suggestions on where I could find information about the Norse leaders during the 780's?

I think on the whole the world is missing the huge viking element that is Charlemagne, and I really want to bring light to this, but I want to make sure my info from the North is as accurate as possible...which I know is hard, but any suggestions you have, would be greatly appreciated and welcomed!

Thank you so much for your time, I can't even imagine how busy you are.

Kindest wishes,

Kathleen Clark


I confess I know almost nothing about Charlemagne. I can’t believe there isn’t a good history on him, or about the period, but I have never explored it so really can’t help. Sorry!


Dear Bernard


Fantasy dinner party time - you're hosting and you can have five guests,  from any period in history.  Who's on your list?  And what do you serve them?  And how does it go?






Oh lord above, they’d get roast beef and Yorkshire pudding, of course. Five guests! William Shakespeare and the first Duke of Wellington at either end of the table, and the Duke would be a hopeless guest unless he had pretty women either side of him, so we’ll give him Nell Gwynne and Emma Hamilton, and I suspect Will Shakespeare would enjoy Jane Austen. So would I.


Love your books. I never thought I would say it, but I prefer them over  Hornblower and Flashman and well over Master & Commander.

I doubt to see this loaded question answered or printed, but you may have privately considered it.  Considering the current collapse of the native English birthrate, and the current immigration policies of the UK and EU, do you think it is just coincidence or fate that roughly every millennium England is conquered by an alien culture: 43 AD, 1066 AD, 206? AD?

A C Duesenberg


I suspect it’s a coincidence and certainly not something to keep you awake with worry!



Hi Bernard,


Love the books, TV shows, everything you're connected with!  Ok, the sycophancy is out of the way.


I came across, and purchased, at a Salvation Army thrift store no less, a very interesting knife, the blade is about 8 inches long and doesn't look that old.  However, though probably a reproduction, the hilt is extremely intriguing and very ornately decorated bone or antler in the medieval styIe reminiscent of Anglo-Saxons or Viking design.  I just want a recommended academic to whom I could send a picture.  I'm going on a walking vacation to England in May, and may bring the knife to leave with someone at a credible institution if they were reasonably intrigued.  Thanks if you have a suggestion.

Harry Jennings


I wish I could help! I imagine you could send photographs instead of carrying the knife? I’m no antiquarian . . . . and I’ve no idea who you’d consult, but many museums are happy to help identify objects . .. and all they’d need is some good pictures.



Dear Mr. Cornwell

Like so many others, I am eagerly waiting for new book to Last Kingdom series. What I like most in your history books, is of course that "history comes alive" -feeling, and the second thing are those surprise moments in plot, it is something like from detective stories, all that bluffing and conspiracy..   So I like to ask, have you been reading stories like Sherlock Holmes much? Who was your favorite writer as a young man ? Keep up the good work

BR Simo


C.S. Forester! Always!


You mentioned that you  would like to write a Sharpe book about a battle that Sharpe was not present for. Are you going to write it and let him participate ?

Lynn O'Connor


I hope so! If I live long enough . . . . .


Dear Mr Cornwell

I have been a fan of yours (especially the Sharpe series) since I was very young and having just finished the flame barer I went back to re-reading the Sharpe books. My question is what happened to Obadiah Hakeswill between Sharpe pushing him down the snake pit in Gawilghur, and his reappearance in Sharpe's company?




The snakes wouldn't touch him!  He survived.  He couldn't be killed (says so in the scriptures).





You tear my wretched mind to shreds by not completing loose ends. I get way too involved in your stories but despair at two points (so far anyway I am about to start your Warlord Series)

Sharpe’s Chronicles – Captain Charles Morris, did I miss something here? Surely Sharpe should have his revenge, we can’t let the bugger escape unscathed it’s not proper and immoral! He is living the Highlife in Ireland?? Talking of which could he not get some money back from that evil ex-wife of his? I hope she became bankrupt at least.

Secondly, I am so with Gareth (Submitted March 10, 2017)  having just completed “The Bloody Ground” only to find out that you might finish it when you retire –----- Sir! I demand that you retire immediately and conclude the series so as not to leave me treading water as the ship recedes far into the distance with no land in sight.

Please sort these out and allow my thoughts some rest.

All the best


P.S. - I would like to join your adoring fans, but fear your ego will grow too large and you may not grant my requests so I am going to pretend not to be one!


It's possible Sharpe will see Morris again one day....

Don't think I'm ready to retire quite yet!

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