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Dear Mr. Cornwell:

First, I want to thank you for your wonderful books. Uhtred (my favorite) is such a wonderfully flawed, noble character!

Speaking of wonderfully flawed, noble characters - have you considered writing anything about Boudicca? My daughter and I both deeply admire her. I’ve read historical fiction featuring Boudicca, as well as biographies and other non-fiction books and articles. As is typical of the period, we have only the brief accounts by Tacitus and Cassius Dio as (somewhat) contemporaneous sources.

It would be wonderful to have you write a series of books set during the period of the Roman conquest of Britain, which would include (of necessity, I think) Boudicca’s story. Your dedication to research and historical accuracy in your writing is unparalleled. If you haven’t already considered writing about this time period, I hope you will.

Alice Greene



I probably won't write a book about Boudicca. I'm sure it could be an interesting story, but I've too many other things on my list at the moment!


Hi Mr Cornwell,

I’m a great lover of all of your books, was just wondering whether you had ever thought of writing a novel of the old west as I believe you could do that genre justice. Many thanks and sorry such a random question.

Roger Smart


It's not in my plans.


Mr. Cornwell,

My husband and I love all of your books.  I just finished Gallows Thief and thoroughly enjoyed both the plot and the characters.  Are you considering a sequel?

Thank you for responding to my query (particularly if the answer is yes!),

Denice Weaver


Mr. Cornwell.

I'm just reading Gallows thief and love Rider Sandman. It looks like you are setting him up to be a 19th century detective with fellow conspirators in Sally, Lord Alexander Pleydell and Sargent Berrigan. Please tell me you have plans for more, sort of a 19th century Poirot. While I love the military accounts of Sharp and Thomas I really like a historical detective who done it.




I have considered a sequel....but when?  There are still many books I'd like to write.....



After the sad loss of Douglass Reeman last year I've started to re-read Bolitho, when I was a young teenager (late 70s) I used to devour these stories. I always bought 2nd hand and read them in any order. He was responsible for me reading historical fiction for the last 40 years. Do you have any special memory or favorite bit from his work?

I am also listening to the 2nd book in Toby Clements Kingmaker series, "Broken Faith", are you aware that Thomas of Hookton gets a mention?

Mike Davidson


Like you I was a fan! I regret his loss, of course. I’m not sure I have a favourite book – I liked the whole series!

I wasn’t aware, thank you! I feel flattered (or Thomas does)


“And it isn’t pretty safe to say there will be no more Sharpe books. I visited Stamford’s on my last visit to London and bought a slew of large-scale maps. But of what? That you’ll have to wait and find out.”


Thank you for the above.  Absolutely delighted with that.  And with my multiple purchases of the same story I hope I put a few quid your way.


Changing the subject from Sharpe (finally)  Do you have a personal and definite opinion on who was responsible for the disappearance of the ‘Princes in the Tower’ or who gave the final orders?  (sorry if you have no interest)


I finally got round to watching a Channel 4 documentary on the disappearance and I went from being 100% convinced that Richard 3rd gave the order


To being semi-convinced by historians arguing for Richard 3rd that there was no real motive on the basis that he’d been coronated whilst the princes were alive and therefore nobody could legally take his thrown away to Mr Starkey playing his last trump card at the end……They also mentioned the Archbishop who denounced the princes as being legitimate heirs based on bigamy because of the superstitious times  they lived in would never have lied about the bigamy based on a genuine fear of burning in hell.


Apparently Henry 7th and his wife attended a trial of the man that Thomas More originally named as the man who killed the princes on the orders of  Richard 3rd, spent pretty much all the trial time and further time where after he was sentenced he confessed in front of the King and Queen that he did do the deed and on the orders of Richard 3rd.  Mr Starkey stated that this is not new evidence that there are several pieces of documented evidence that place the King and Queen at the trial etc in spite of only recently losing their eldest son.


That along with a reasonable amount of evidence that Richard was certainly capable of killing having killed people he once called allies or friends.  And in a few cases he turned on those, without any real reason to suspect their loyalty to him.


This documentary ultimately left me from 100% certain to 95%:-)  But if Hagman was pointing his baker in my direction and i had to give the 'correct answer' to whom i believed gave the order, i'd still say Richard the 3rd.


If their fate ever interested you, what are your views, if you don’t mind me asking?



I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed!  I’ve never taken much of an interest, though I am aware the subject rouses passionate argument. I’ll stay on the sidelines for that one.




I just wanted to write a quick thank you for all the amazing books you have produced. The first book I read of yours was Agincourt, I was loaned the book by my Grandmother who recently passed. Since then, I came to love the Uhtred series, reading them all back-to-back. I then proceeded to read the Arthur books. I have recently been  churning through the Sharpe series, having just finished Sharpe's sword. I was also thrilled to see Uhtred make it onto our TV screens, but alas I can not explain to my brother how much better the books are- not that it hasn't brought me immense pleasure to see Uhtred in the flesh, and also to watch the series. I saw on a recent reply of yours that you have no objection to games, I wonder if you have ever played Crusader Kings 2 by Paradox Interactive? They have an Old Gods DLC which focuses heavily on the Viking invasions of Britain during the same period as the books. I greatly look forward to finishing the Sharpe series, but more importantly- reading the new Uhtred book which I hope comes out this year above all things else. It is my last desire to place any sense of pressure on you as you write the novel, but I beg you to end my misery by announcing a release date soon :)


Kind Regards



P.S. Your books have inspired my love of Saxon and Napoleonic history!


Sorry for the loss of your Grandmother.

I haven’t played it.  And I do hope the release date of my next book will be later this year!


Good afternoon Mr Cornwell,


I am currently listening to Stonehenge at the moment. I am absolutely loving it, and just wanted to know where you got the names for both the characters and locations from? Are they based in research, or are they more author’s choice.


Thank you,




They’re totally author’s choice. We have no written record of the period, so no names!


Dear Mr Cornwell,

I am sorry to trouble you but just wondered if there is to a further Last Kingdom book soon as I am desperate to know the conclusion!

Thanks and all the best.



Thanks for the many hours of entertainment! Enjoyed the Netflix Series too. So is there more of both to come?

John Reeder


When is the 11th book in the Saxon Chronicles coming out?

Al Lenzi


Hi Bernard

Can you tell me when you hope to publish book 11 of the Last Kingdom series?

Many thanks

John Woodward


I am writing the 11th book now and hope to see it published in September or October of this year.

No date for the third season of the TV programme yet - but we'll be sure to post it to the homepage of this website once we hear!


Dear Mr Cornwell,

For the last thirty years or so, being more precise would be far too alarming, you have provided me great pleasure  by writing novels that I have read over many times. I believe I have a copy of every one published, mostly in paperback, I have watched and enjoyed the productions of Sharpe and of the last Kingdom. I am a fan. And I also was born in Essex.

Enough of the flattery, sincere though it is. My reason for contacting you is concerning the Oriflamme and its fate. I appreciate that there were many produced, that some were destroyed, but also surely some were captured, What happened to them? I have tried to find out bit apart from some reference to one being destroyed in the French Revolution can find no reference to any still in existence.

So I write to you, on whom I place the responsibility for my curiosity, in the hope that you will be able to spare the time to satisfy it.

In any event let me pass on my sincere thanks for conjuring up Sharpe, Harper, Thomas and Uhtred as well as all the other memorable characters you have created.


Bryan Mansfield


I know of at least two that were captured – I assume they vanished into the English court? Who knows? Made into cushions?



I listened to your programme with Michael Berkeley today.I do not know if you are still interested in writing Historical novels or whether after 74 books you do not want to think about another again? My grandfather and his brother were both in Mesopotamia in 1914/14. He survived , his brother was killed. I have noted that this campaign has not featured at all inane of the many 100 year anniversaries yet it is incredibly topical today. I have an essentially verbatim account, written by his mother of my great uncle's life  and death. The limited research I have done shows some appalling incompetence including the surrender at Kut and a complete misjudgement of the fighting qualities of the Turks which should be ringing alarm bells today!

I wondered if this was a subject that might interest you? I have read many but not all of your books.


Patrick Mellis


I’ve no doubt someone should write that story, but forgive me, it won’t be me. I just don’t like the idea of writing about  20th Century conflicts – a personal prejudice and meaningless, but there it is.


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