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I assume you're here at this website because you like my books. Good. And that also means you might like the books I enjoy reading, and that all of us might enjoy the books that you read, so this is simply a place where we can exchange news of books - any books - not just historical novels. Tell us if you've read something wonderful and entertaining, and we'll post your recommendations and reviews here. And, please, let us know what you think of these recommendations!

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The Regressed

Written by: Charlie Phillips

Published by: New Generation Publishing

Submitted By: Charlie Phillips

(This review posted by the book’s author) When Professor Kit ‘Dusty’ Dallow discovers his past life as a Knights Templar his world is thrown into a maelstrom of Chaos.   Dallow is a seasoned historian convinced that the Great Library…

Death to the French

Death to the French

Written by: C. S. Forester

Published by: Simon Publications

Submitted By: Murray Baigent

This is a book about the 95th Rifles !  When I saw it was written by C S Forester I thought it was from the Hornblower series but was surprised to find out it was based on the true story…

Viking Warrior

Viking Warrior

Written by: Judson Roberts

Published by: Northman Books

Submitted By: Pedro Pereira

“Viking Warrior” is the first volume of the “Strongbow Saga” series, which currently includes three other books. The story is set in Denmark in 845 DC, and quite typical, but still very enjoyable: a young man becomes a warrior (an…


Warhorn Sons of Iberia

Written by: J.Glenn Bauer

Published by: CreateSpace

Submitted By: Valley Kinghorn

I enjoy Bernard Cornwell’s books but found this new writer story gripping from start to finish.  It’s a breath of fresh air and different to the usual Roman and Greek categories out there. Good historical research about a period I…

Sub Rosa

Sub Rosa – Sanctuary’s End

Written by: Patrick Sean Barry

Published by: Sator Rotas Press

Submitted By: Patrick Sean Barry

(This review posted by the book’s author) Alexandria, Egypt, 391 A.D. The story takes place the day the Great Library burned. As the Bishop Theophilus of Alexandria implements the last draconian measures to seize complete control over the restive city,…

Promise of Glory

Promise of Glory

Written by: C. X Moreau

Published by: Forge

Submitted By: Justin

To me The Killer Angels was THE best civil war novel ever so I am a huge fan of books that are written from the viewpoint of the men and officers who actually fought the fight.  This one features a…

British at the Gates

The British at the Gates

Written by: Robin Reilly

Published by: Robin Brass Studio, Inc

Submitted By: Geraint

With the recent anniversary of this battle. It seems an appropriate time to recommend the best historical work on New Orleans to date. This book dispels a lot of famous myths on the battle, while still being a riveting read….

Legionary Scourge of Thracia

Legionary: The Scourge of Thracia (Legionary 4)

Written by: Gordon Doherty

Published by: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Submitted By: Gordon Doherty

(This review posted by the book’s author) The legions are in tatters, and the Gothic hordes are gathering beyond the mountains . . .   377 AD: Thracia’s legions are few and broken in the wake of the Battle of…

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