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I assume you're here at this website because you like my books. Good. And that also means you might like the books I enjoy reading, and that all of us might enjoy the books that you read, so this is simply a place where we can exchange news of books - any books - not just historical novels. Tell us if you've read something wonderful and entertaining, and we'll post your recommendations and reviews here. And, please, let us know what you think of these recommendations!

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Circle of Ceridwen

The Circle of Ceridwen

Written by: Octavia Randolph

Published by: Pyewacket Press

Submitted By: Suzanne Gunter Sheppard

Nothing is more universal than courage, faith, love, and loyalty. All are tested in The Circle of Ceridwen, by Octavia Randolph. The fans of Bernard Cornwell’s, Warrior Chronicles, will find many comparisons between those of Uhtred of Bebbanburg and the…

Escape to Perdition

Escape to Perdition

Written by: James Silverster

Published by: Urbane Publications Limited

Submitted By: James Silverster

This review posted by the book’s author: Prague 2015. Herbert Biely, aged hero of the Prague Spring, stands on the brink of an historic victory, poised to reunite the Czech and Slovak Republics twenty-six years after the Velvet Revolution. The…

Combat Uniforms

Combat Uniforms of the Civil War

Written by: Mark Lloyd

Published by: Mallard Press

Submitted By: Robert Douglas

Most war films depict American Civil War troops wearing kepi caps and garbed in either Union blue or Confederate grey. In truth, however, there were a variety of uniforms portrayed during this conflict. Most states involved often introduced their own…

Unseen Man

The Unseen Man

Written by: Jason Greenfield

Published by: Golden Goose Publications

Submitted By: Art Dunham

.  I’d like to thank Bernard Cornwell and his team for suggesting I post this recommendation here. When my friend told me he was inspired by the Uhtred novels to put certain character aspects into his character of Niles Novak…

Lucky Shilling

The Lucky Shilling, William Marsh’s War, Dunkirk to Prague

Written by: Keith Marsh

Published by:

Submitted By: Keith Marsh

(This review submitted by the book’s author) The book is a thrilling and sometimes harrowing account of a young man thrust into the maelstrom of war. He fights and wins a valour medal in one of histories little spoken about…

Recollections of Rifleman Harris

Recollections of Rifleman Harris

This audio book is read by Jason Salkey, who played Harris in the SHARPE films, with sound effects provided by the 95th Rifles Re-enactment Society. A musical score by Adam Wakeman adds to this lavish production. A great deal of…

Der Schwur

Der Schwur des Normannen

Written by: Ulf Schiewe

Published by: Knaur Verlag

Submitted By: Ulf Schiewe

(This review posted by the book’s author) DER SCHWUR DES NORMANNEN (The Norman’s oath) is the third novel of a German series of historic adventures covering the Norman conquest of Southern Italy and Sicily in the 11th century. This series…

Scarab's Touch

The Scarab’s Touch

Written by: A C Foster

Published by: One's and Zero's

Submitted By: A C Foster

(This review posted by the book’s author) It’s 1934 and there’s a secret in the Northwest corner of America. Something new. Something deadly. Something that might cause a problem for the Empire of Japan. The Empire wants that secret. It…

Age of Iron

Age of Iron

Written by: Angus Watson

Published by: Orbit

Submitted By: Angus Watson

(This review posted by the book’s author) LEGENDS AREN’T BORN. THEY’RE FORGED. Dug Sealskinner is a down-on-his-luck mercenary travelling south to join up with King Zadar’s army. But he keeps rescuing the wrong people. First, Spring, a child he finds…

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