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Mr Cornwell.

I am an avid fan and I consider myself a (very poor) collector of your books. I have read the entire Saxon series and am looking forward to the 'War of the Wolf'.  I am currently making my way through Sharpe. I found you first when I was handed a copy of The Fort as soon as it was published (I was only 14!). I hope that one day you are able to write another book of this type, a British perspective of the American war of independence (or perhaps the war of 1812). However I do understand that this may be a pipe dream. I would like to thank you, for producing the literature that has kept this lonely night worker and (very) small time politician entertained for almost a decade. And I look forward to many more decades of reading your incredible work.

Thank you Mr Cornwell.

Rich Newman of Gloucestershire, England


Hi Bernard,


I had a business meeting 6 months ago where we ended by swapping current favourite TV shows. I mentioned how much I’d recently enjoyed The Last Kingdom.  Didn’t even know it had been written by you. Sorry! He then told me that it had - but that the Sharpe series was even better and I should give it a go.


Bought Sharpe’s Tiger on the way to the airport and now, 6 months down the track, I’ve just finished Sharpe’s Devil.


Thanks for a really crackingly good read!


I’ve enjoyed every step, every frustration and every advancement of Sharpe’s and Harper’s adventure.


I will miss them!



Quentin Jones


Dear Mr Cornwell

Thank you so much for Fools and Mortals-what fun!. Clearly a great deal of research went into the writing of your novel and you have inspired me to re-read Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream. To my shame, I did not know that Shakespeare had a younger brother. I especially appreciate the historical note you always give at the end of your novel. I have been reading your novels for many years and your books have given me many hours of pleasure and excitement. I have just learned that there is another book in the Last Kingdom series- I have them all and I am now after your latest, here in Vienna, Austria. I hope there are still many more to come. All best wishes from here!

Elizabeth Patricia MacDonald


Mr. Cornwell,

today is a happy day because I learned that Uthred Ragnarson will soon grace my eyes with another fine tale! I love your writing and your tales of the old ways have caused me to develop a love of Danish lore. Before I end this message, I'll also mention that in board games such as Saga and Kings of War, my armies are often lead by a flaxen haired man who's mail has been polished to a shine.

Best wishes to you sir,

Russell B.


I have just finished The Flame Bearer, and was again was enthralled by your book. I was relieved to learn that Uhtred will be back.

Your books are a joy. I am a retired psychologist ( I now volunteer and treat vets with PTSD), but over the years history has been a passion. I fully enjoy non-fiction, but your books make it all come alive. We are also fans of Cape Cod since my wife's family are in Falmouth, and on the Vineyard, where we tend to visit annually.  Enjoy your time there.

Allan Gerson, Ph.D.


Thank you!  We do!


Mr Cornwell,


I have waited it’s seems an absolute age for this at first rumoured 11th book!!

The excitement and anticipation is nearly unbearable!!

I am a massive sharp fan but when you wrote the Saxon Chronicles I was blown away!!

Thank you for bringing such joy to the modern reader! I always read the book and never buy digital, it somehow takes away the magic a bit.

I have the book pre ordered and I just want to say thank you again! I hope to meet you one day




Chris Lumsdale


Good Morning. I hope you're well.


I once hand-wrote the dates of each month I had been alive. Aside from an exercise in wasting time and finger energy, it was an incredible way to be reminded that each month I've lived had 30ish whole days and each day many whole hours of consciousness. The summarizations I've made about my life (I am a good person, I am a failure) are ways I take shortcuts in my thinking.


In the same way, in writing to you, I am tempted to make shortcuts and sammary statements about the effect your writing has had on me.


I've listened to your Sharpe series, Saxon series, Arthur series, and I'm in the middle of Stonehenge now.  While I've loved your books, there is much that is uncomfortable and dissappointing in the depiction of humanity. More dissappointing because I believe you are correct about people and our brutality and capacity for horror. I don't think we've changed much though we've created a culture that looks much different.


I'm grateful to have to rethink my image of the world, and I'm grateful you are willing to research to discover the reality of people's cultures across millennia.




Thank you for a brilliant read. Thoroughly enjoyed mixture of historical fact and fiction. Although I dont like books being made into films, I never feel the chosen lead meets with my interpretation of the character. Thomas of Hookton would be a fantastic vehicle for a young British Actor with a cross between Dorset and Wiltshire accent if you should ever agree.

Most importantly sincere thanks for a great read.

Colin Fowler


Really love your work, the Last kingdom is my favourite but have been disappointed for years that you stopped writing Starbuck, so much potential to make a great run of stories. Looking forward to the next Last Kingdom both book and TV show but it’s a pity the story lines were changed for the show although I expect that the normal way of things, Keep up the great work.



Hello  Mr Cornwell,

I was given this book by my son for my birthday .Wonderful read !! l loved the way you brought the writing of Shakespeare’s plays into the narrative, also the setting and the historical background .I became very involved with young Richard .Had to force myself to read every page  at times in case he came to real harm. Thanks for a great read.

Desma Wannenmacher

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