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Just wanted to pass along a not to tell you how much I have enjoyed your books over the years and how excited I am to see that another Uhtred book is coming out! I always recommend your Winter King trilogy to anyone I talk to about my favorite books. The Nathaniel Starbuck series is a favorite (wish there were more). I also love the standalone books like Stonehenge and Gallows Thief. I have one signed book - Harlequin - and it is a prized possession. I was in the American Air Force and always carried at least one of your books on deployments. I have read your books on 3 continents! I am beginning to ramble so I close by saying - Thank you very much for your books and I hope you have many more left in you!




Now look Mr C, we are neither of us getting any younger and if either of us pops his clogs before I get to know the end of my friend Uhtred's  career, I'll be furious. Particularly if it's me who's clogs are popped! So let's not waste any more time messing about with other subjects until this one's sorted! I've loved all the others but you've been very naughty in making Uhtred so enthralling in such a long series. Now just get it finished, I'm getting on you know!

Many thanks

Steve Marsh


Hello Mr. Cornwell.

This is to express my sincere appreciation for your talent, your incredible research, your uncanny ability to construct a gripping story line and most importantly, your most valuable gift of time. I know very well the commitment that it takes to produce the work that you have so generously provided and I thank you. I have read (I believe) every manuscript that you have written and plague my bookseller with requests of your next releases. I clearly am a devoted reader and would consider it not only a pleasure but a remarkable privilege to one day meet the man who has given me so much joy and understanding of Great Britain's history.  Again, Thank You.

Don Workman


It wasn't easy getting all of the series in the chronological order but I have managed to read everything (including all the appendices and notes) and I am over the moon that you are still writing it and that there is a third TV series being filmed. Can I thank you for reinvigorating my reading of novels and hope there are many more of yours to come. History is fascinating when it is put into situations with with love, lust and danger. I was enthused by your literature to delve even deeper into the British origins and would love to read stories about the Isceni tribe, Boudica and the other British tribes. If ever you decide to write about them please flag it up.

Best wishes and keep writing,



Mr. Cornwell,

First let me thank you for the many hours of pleasure I've received from watching 'Last Kingdom'.  I'm 62 w/the heart of a girl, so it appeals to me on many levels. I'd be lying if I said I don't enjoy Alexander as Uhtred. ;) But it's SO much more than that! I love the relationships, romance & humor. And of course the history. I do think the cast was well chosen & do a great job of delivering the subtleties of the humor.

I'm sorry to admit I have not read the series. But, tonight, after completing my 9th viewing of the 2 series show, it occurred to me to look it up. Yes, 9! Plus sometimes I start at episode 6 & watch just my favorite segments. As much as I enjoy the love & place of belonging Uhtred finds in the Ragnarson home, I like when he teams up with Leofric, Hild, & co. Again...humor & relationships. I am SO excited to start reading! To find even more details. I so enjoy a book I can get lost in...let alone ten!

I don't know how you do all you do...brilliant creativity combined with what must seem unending research!  I thank you for it & can't wait to dive into the books. With appreciation,



Dear Sir,

I must say that I was hesitant at purchasing your Fools and Mortals, since it seemed out of character when compared to what I was accustomed to reading from your collection of works.

I am on page 162 today and will probably finish it maybe this week if I have the time to do so.  I am very pleased to say that reading this book has been an entertaining experience.  I felt as though I had been plucked from my home in Sioux Falls, SD and swept across the sea to Elizabethan London and shoved face first into what is probably a very good representation of life, such as it was back then.  We have been to London, the first time with a group of archaeologists, a geomorphologists and anthropologists on a trip assembled by a former Brit with British archaeology in his blood; a trip across England, beginning and ending in London.  Of course, your perspective helped filled in the enormous space left before what is current life in England.

The second trip was with a husband and wife team of archaeologists who gave papers at University of York, followed by a cultural trip across Northern England and Southern Scotland ending in Edinborough.

Thank you very much for this enlightening experience; looking forward to finishing this masterpiece of literature.


Lyle Parkes


Thank you for writing the Sharpe series, Mr. Cornwell.  I just completed reading it and enjoyed it.  I appreciate the effort you put into the historical research to support these books.  The most important aspect of these books is how they bring to life the way Napoleonic soldiers lived and fought and how this affected the population unfortunate enough to be caught in the wars.  I doubt I could have survived.

I hope you will write a little more about Sharpe.  I'd like to know more details about how he went from slums, to enlistment, training, Ghent and then India; about how he achieved his Lieutenancy; and a resolution to his marriage to Jane Gibbons that is fair to Lucille Castineau and brings some of his fortune back to him to support her estate and their children.  Maybe a visit to Ireland?

Thanks again.

Robert Lawler


Hi Bernard,

you probably get this all the time but it’s such a shame that you didn’t get the inspiration to continue with the Starbuck series, I would love to see how it all turned out for him,  it would have been an interesting journey with Nate essentially being on the ‘losing’ side. I suspect a story that would get darker and darker from his perspective, finding positives for Nate whilst the Confederacy falls apart around him a challenge I guess. Still there’s always Uhtred, a great story and feels particularly connected for me as I live in the north east, near the scenes on the Tyne (I expect you get that lot as well haha.) Regardless thanks for giving me many hours of enjoyment.

Kind Regards



Hi Bernard

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your fabulous books.

I was never a great reader until I discovered you after watching Sharpe on the TV with my Dad. (I'm 52 now) I've read all of your novels apart from those set in the US and have just started reading Fools and Mortals - my Christmas Present. So very cleverly written it took me a few chapters before the penny dropped.

I do hope they have another series with Uhtred. The screen writers were just starting to get the humour which was somewhat lacking.

Please keep writing.

PS I've converted my family too.

All the best



They are filming season 3 of The Last Kingdom now.


Hello from Texas!

Having read your Last Kingdom Series, I was eager to dig into the Warlord Chronicles. I have been an avid reader of Arthurian Legends since I was a kid back in the late 60's, and I had to add your books to the list.  I must say, up to now, Mary Stewart's version of the Arthurian Tales was my favorite, but after reading yours, I was blown away by your interpretation! You are an incredible storyteller, and I wanted to thank you for the hours of pleasure I received from reading them. The moment I read about Derfels mistrust of Lancelot, I yelled out a loud "YES!" Someone else see's him as I always have.

I am now a big fan of your work and tell everyone I know who likes to read, about your books.

Thank you again, and have a blessed day.

Ron Pinkerton

Houston, Texas (Celtic Briton at heart)

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