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Here is a link to a C. J. Adrien's blog and his interview with Bernard Cornwell entitled 'How Historical is Historical Fiction?'


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I grew up in the sixties, and really don't remember any history from my school days apart from "Tudors and Stewarts".

I have read many (not all) of your books and enjoyed them immensely, and more importantly I have learned more history from you than I ever did at school.

You bring history to life, it is real and gritty, and quite enthralling.  Why you are not part of the national curriculum I will never know.  Your books should be required reading in schools.  If they were, I am sure many more children would develop an interest in the subject.

Keep on doing what you do best; entertaining and educating the nation,and may Uhtred live forever!

Yours faithfully,

Y. Walker




Thank you, I started reading Last Kingdom, and could not put the books down, you have even surpassed my admiration for C.J.Sansom and the Shadlake series.

Now having read and collected all the Last Kingdom series, I have also done the Warlord Chronicles, and Azincourt.

Now for the big ones......Sharpe.

Just read the Tiger and Triumph while away on a break, off to buy more.

Fantastic writing, wonderful storytelling, and you are correct about Sean Bean.......born to be Sharpe.


Keep up the good work, and thank you for the hours of pleasure from reading your stories.


Best regards


Nigel Asbridge


Hello, Mr Cornwell, I just finished the Flame Bearer. This was one of the best series I've ever read. I am hoping you can continue it somehow, even if it means the following stories are about Uhtred's son or daughter, both also great characters.

I'm headed to the library to find another one of your novels. Keep up the excellent work!


Charles Bronson


Two months and ten books later... i stood with Finan and Uhtred on that rock ledge with tears myself. It was such an amazing journey and all i want to say is, thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for bringing Uhtred and his "Wolf Pack" into my life.

Jessica Livermore


Your novel-turned-TV series Last Kingdom is one of the best TV series I have seen in my life.


10/10 would watch again

A very big fan


Hi Bernard

I'm just taking the time to thank you for the fantastic series of the last kingdom,  I love them,  I love history and  thoroughly enjoyed them... I think you should cover the Border Reivers,  only you as a writer could capture this very interesting time in history with all its gore and tales.. And surprisingly a very untalked about topic. This is not an idea for a book or anything from the above this is simply a suggestion as a fan as to what I think only you could do an amazing job at writing.. Again thanks  for the last kingdom  super job




Dear Mr Cornwell(Bernard for I despise formality)


May I take the opportunity to thank you for the creation of Richard Sharpe and the rather enthralling book on Waterloo as a historical novel.

I find myself in a relatively envious position compared to your American followers as  I have been able to watch all the Sharpe series on television in the UK. Admittedly, I have not read the books but I have no doubt that the programmes stay faithful to them. To my mind, they allow the watcher to fantasise about the Napoleonic and Peninsula wars, particularly in the respect of seeing ones self as Richard Sharpe; as a swashbuckling, heroic and romantic figure. Imagine my delight to buy and read the novel surrounding the factual progression of the battle of Waterloo, its many twists and turns, the good fortune afforded the allied forces of Wellesley and Blucher, the monumental mistakes on both sides, the bravery of many of the protagonists and the personal testimonials of many of the troops.

I thank you for this and look forward to your next publication.

Paul Seward


Wow, I just have to thank you for the Saxon Tales.  I grew up an avid reader (I'm 55) but in the last 25 years spent very little time with books of my choice.  I read books to my kids when they were small and then read the books they were choosing to read on their own, so I could discuss them.  In a very roundabout way I came to watch the Last Kingdom and watched the 2 seasons very quickly.  I made the decision to read the books on July 1st when my family was going camping.  I had no idea there were 10 novels!  I just finished the Flame Bearer 15 minutes ago, and cannot tell you how relieved I am that Ujtred still lives!  I pray you have many more tales to tell of him!  Thank you for writing the stories that reminded me of the magic and wonder of the written word!


Theresa Ankney


In the past year, I’ve become an avid reader with extreme interest of fictional history due to simply watching The Last Kingdom.  I now own all of your novels that keep me up very late and I can hardly put them down!  Thank you for your awesome stories as I’ve never read a novel with much interest until I started reading your work.  I feel like you opened up a whole new world for me, thanks again,


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