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Mr Cornwell

Thank you for Sharpes Assassin, which was predictably fantastic. For years I have hoped your next project would be Starbuck but forget that- could we instead have Sharpe/Harper visiting the great cultural wonders of the world and giving us their unique take on them? Their introduction to the Louvre had me in tears of laughter.




I've been avid fan of your books for years. You probably don't remember me but I was lucky enough to attend your talk on Waterloo at Daunt books in London. I was the one that turned up with my battered old paperback of Sharpe's Rifles for you to sign.

I just wanted to to thank you for all the hours of pleasure you've given me whilst reading your books. Whether it be a sailing thriller, Sharpe despatching Frenchmen, Uhtred trying to gain back Bebbanburg, or Arthur building a legend. I have thoroughly enjoyed them all.

I was actually a little emotional when I started what I knew was going to be your last book but revisiting Sharpe was a fitting end.

Reading about the loss of your dog was so sad but I hope you get another one. Every day you get to walk a dog is a good day.

I wish you a long and happy retirement. Once again thank you.

Terry Dunn


Well, thank you.....however, I hope Sharpe's Assassin won't be my last book as I don't have plans to retire just yet!


Hi Bernard,

I have just finished reading Sharpe's Assassin.  Like all Sharpe books (and I have read them all), a really great read and I am always wishing for more.  Thank you, you have given me great pleasure in all these stories and quite a few of your other books.

Best Regards

Lawrie Gahan


I am currently reading the latest Sharpe novel, loving every minute.  I always hoped there would be more Richard Sharpe coming and was so happy when I saw there was another one - I hope there are still more to come I thoroughly enjoy them - loved the TV series too - thank you for hours of enjoyment

Stephanie Torr


I had no idea you had been writing another Sharpe book, so my delight and surprise at finding it yesterday in the book section of my local supermarket was palpable. I started reading it yesterday afternoon and finished it this morning. Fantastic.

It was as if Sharpe had never gone away and was the most enjoyable read in months. Thank you. As I age, I rarely read a book in a couple of sittings and it is a mark of your extraordinary story telling abilities that I always do with your works. The period immediately after Waterloo is rarely written about, and, as always, your research and eye for detail shines through. I will never be able to visit the Louvre again without looking up to see if there is a monkey climbing over a painting.

Bob Smith



I just wanted to drop a message to say how much I have loved the Last Kingdom series. I bought the first two books at the airport on the way to New York for my honeymoon. I read them so quickly. Life then happened and I returned to the series last year during lockdown. I have raced through them as I could not put them down. I am 2/3 of the way through War Lord. I am so excited and scared to finish it, I feel so invested in the characters. Being from York I have always been fascinated by vikings and that period of history. The books (and the TV show as well) have renewed my love of this period.

Thank you so much for the stories.

Harriet Whittam


I just wanted to tell you how much l have missed Richard Sharpe and what a thrill it is to have Sharpe’s Assassin in my library. Reading the first chapter l am reminded of the scene in the Sharpe tv series ........ Please write some more Sharpe stories, it is really great to have him return.

Sincere best wishes,

Bob Ferguson


Just a word of thanks for all the pleasure I have received from your books. I think my favourite standalone book has been The Fort, because not only is it an entertaining read but dealt with an episode in history I knew little about. I believe I have read and thoroughly enjoyed all the Sharpe series and have just today received my copy of Sharpe's Assassin.

Having read all the Uhtred series I ventured into the TV dramatised version on Netflix and was very pleasantly surprised how closely the TV version followed the books.

For the above mentioned output and for those not mentioned here I thank you most sincerely.

Ray Chaloner