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I have read 8 books of the Saxon Chronicles in 5 weeks; often reading until 1/2am .... a bit disturbing for an Evengelical Pastor (I know we are not your favourites!)


I have just got to the gelded Father Judas and sat open mouthed that this was Brida.

When a book makes you sit, open-mouthed and you quietly mouth the word "Brida!" over and over agian - then you know you are enthralled.


I assume that as Leohstan's wife is Gomer then the Mus is the Bishop's wife. I don't know yet but I am supposing you know your Bible.


I am just thrilled by the books and I will read everyone you have written because I love a great story line and I love history. People told me years ago to read your material.I wish I had listened!


I just want to say; on behalf of someone so needing at times to switch off. A deep, heart felt thank you! Your gift is incredible and gives me great joy.


Worth saying  - you have given millions joy - that must be pretty cool.


So thanks - enjoy your day!




Hello and good evening from Florida. I hope this finds you well and having a good day wherever you may be.


My name is Michael and I currently live in Florida but I was born in Brazil. Although I've been here for 20 some years, I never considered writing or doing anything of the sort, that is until I had the chance to read the Warlord Chronicles. After that I picked up nearly every book you've written (I still didn't start on the Sharpe books, although I've heard awesome things about it) and your style and passion inspired me for years and finally I gathered enough courage and  wrote a short story, that turned into a book and I managed to get lucky enough to get a small book run. That went well enough that allowed me to branch out into  screenplays. That was also very grueling work but after some time I got my first shot to work on a web series, from that I wrote a feature and was lucky enough to find distribution, and that got me another few and so on. Finally I was able to make enough to start doing this full time I believe. This is fairly new actually just happened a few days ago, so I wanted to stop and thank you for the inspiration, even the words of encouragement  I've seen on our Q&A. I've learned a lot on character development specially from your books and every time I get asked about it I always refer people to your work. I know we never met and I never wrote or contacted you, but I wanted to thank you for giving me such inspiration through your work and words. Without it I would've never followed this path and my life would've been completely different. Thanks again, I will always be a great fan and admirer and continue following your work.





I would love to read some new "modern" novels such as Storm Child, Crackdown, Scoundrel etc.  They are some of your best and the characters, the plots and the sailing are brilliant.


Thank you,




Hello Bernard

Cannot tell you in words how much I have enjoyed reading this series. Read the series in the last 18 months three times. I read a lot, on average seven books every 10 - 14 days. Absolutely adore your reading style, mesmerising and cannot put a book down until I reach the end.

Also read some of your short stories, Agincourt and quite a few others. Loved them all. Noticed now their might be new publications I have not read yet. Busy preparing to make a full move to another region in SA and do not have time to investigate now, but will do it in the near future.

Uhtred. What can I say. This is the hero I have been holding out for :/

Be well,



Thoroughly enjoyed the tenth instalment in a fantastic series. It's a fine example of how a worthy warrior must possess a shrewd mind to second guess his enemies, and plenty of charisma to attract loyal followers, besides a trusty sword-arm that has slain many a foe. But a romantic interest and making the occasional error of judgement only cements his human side.

The Saxons - like many other epic peoples throughout history - had their glowing moments: Alfred the Great, Ethandun, Stamford Bridge. Despite defeat at the Battle of Hastings it was hard fought by both sides. It seems the Viking blood is ever-present; while Alfred set into motion the requisites for a unified Engaland, Cnut the Great was a Dane who earned his name by holding sway over a powerful empire encompassing England, Norway, and Denmark! What would Alfred have thought to this? Ironically, Cnut was one of the best kings England ever had, besides which he was a Christian, and culturally tolerant, so I've a feeling Alfred would have approved. A second irony is William of Normandy's lineage, descended from Viking forebears. Like I said, the Viking blood runs deep. Even with the Norman Conquest, such new overlords weren't accepted overnight. Hereward of Wake (supposed to have hailed from Bourne in Lincolnshire, but there might be heated conjecture over this) is one such example of a Saxon 'rebel'. Nobody's certain whether he survived the Scourge of the North campaign - which was perhaps more to thwart further Danish ambitions (ever-persistent!) and assimilate vestiges of Daneland culture.

I'll be sure to watch episode 2 of series 2 'The Last Kingdom'. Personally though, I often refer to the series as the 'Uhtred Chronicles'.

Robert Douglas




Since I first read Lords Of The North I have loved the Saxon Tales and, collected them all throughout the years, including a signed copy once. Uhtred Of Bebbanburg is none other than myself! I've laughed through the chapters of unrelenting similarity between this fictional character and the man in the mirror. I even created a concept album inspired by your books that has done me well as a songwriter here in Nashville.


My wife was once called a bitch by a man who received the same judgement as the poor soul in Sword Song to Gisela!


Thank you for these books, they've meant a great deal to me.


- Stephen


Dear Bernard,

I hope you don't mind my using your first name as I feel you have been a friend of mine for so many years!  I have just re-read the Warlord Chronicles after about 20 years and have enjoyed them so much second time around. I love everything you have written and my Sharpe novels must be first editions, so I will guard them carefully!  Thank you for so many years of endless reading pleasure - nothing much gets done once I start reading one of your books.  Please don't stop,

kind regards




After finishing reading all of the Last Kingdom books, having been introduced to Uhtred through the first BBC series, I felt bereft so went on to read all of the Sharpe novels. I've so much enjoyed "living" these books. I have even got two questions correct when watching University Challenge because of what I knew of history from them! Now I have just finished the Arthur trilogy, (which I was not sure about before I started, having read so many good versions of stories about him), and now I think it is the best version I've ever read, ever. I really like Derfel and how you, very believably, changed the usual perception of Lancelot. To my mind, you resolved the "eternal triangle" between him, Arthur and Guinevere very satisfactorily. I like all the personal touches you put into your books, about the relationships I suppose, such as Arthur smiling when he notices that Guinevere has fought with her long bow, alongside him. I have now got the Harlequin book to read - although I am so tempted to go back and re-read all the Last Kingdom books, now that the second series is on television. Really I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your storytelling and wish you well. Thank you!

Audrey Jarvis


Dear Bernard,


I just “read” your first book in the Arthur saga – The Winter King, and only just started Enemy of God.


I’ll be completely honest, I was actually looking for books based in the period around the crusades, and had just “read” ( I listen to the books when I walk my dog and drive for work ) Robyn Young’s “Templar-saga” and “Robert Bruce” books. I stumbled on your books about Arthur, and gave it a shot (again at the time due to lack of other books). I must admit it took me a chapter or two (mainly because it took some getting used to the reader, but I’ve started to love him aswell – Fjord Trier Hansen, unfortunately, he isn’t the reader on the last book) – but I was hooked.


I absolutely love your way of writing and telling a story, Derfel is so easy to sympathies with, Ceinwyn easy to fall in love with – and Merlin and Nimue are just truly fantastic!


Only bad thing about this trilogy – is that it has to end at some time. I will – however – start the Uthred / Last Kingdom series.


Thank you for the fantastic books and keep up the great work


Best regards

Lars Philip, Denmark.


It began with The Archer, but now I'm through the Lsst Kingdom.  Though I am locked in, I hope for more Thomas of Hookton.  1356 cannot be his last adventure.  Please squeeze another story from him.

Bobby Estes

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