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Dear Mr. Bernard,

first of all, sorry for my english. I've read so many times The Warlord Chronicles and I want only to let you know that for me is very beautiful.


Best Regards


from Italy


Hello , Mr. Bernard Cornwell .

My name is Peter I live in Brazil , I am the academic history course and study their works and their relationship to the story with the help of my supervisor Elaine , especially Saxon chronicles. I have to commend you for such genius on how the narrative will be suiting historical passages . I hope anxiously for the outcome of The Saxon Stories series .



Dear Mr. Cornwell-

Thank you so much for writing the Saxon Chronicles—I relish every bit of them!

I've seen in one of these posts questions about the removal of the beast heads when returning to friendly shores, and whether that is historically accurate. You mentioned that you read that somewhere and that you were sticking to it, despite it not being of more common knowledge.

I just had the privilege of touring the Draken Harald Hårfagre, the largest Viking ship built in modern times, at the Tall Ships Festival in Bay City, MI. I was like a kid in a candy store! One of the crew was telling us that the beast head, in this case a dragon (thus, "Draken") was the last part added to the ship before she went out to see, as was customary of Vikings due to their superstition. I then asked him if he was aware of Vikings removing the beast head when entering friendly shores, and he commented that that was his understanding as well.

Thought you might like the confirmation and I cannot recommend the tour enough. Beautiful to witness, beautifully carved—a wonder to behold!

Jamie M



I do like the confirmation, and thank you!


Dear mr. Cornwell,

first off: I really enjoy the books over the last years and i would like to express, that most of all i like the way, the storytelling develops depending on Uhtreds mind / growing older (getting wiser?).  Things Uhtred remembers from childhood are more wicked, faster and wilder, than as he was grown up. His remembrance from being a young man is more signed by his own impulsive character, than those, he has from being older. What we see / read, depends not only on the eyes that look on the scene, more on the mind behind the eyes, and that comes through in all those parts. For i would bet, that you have planned this carefully in every step, i found that series so special compared to any other in know.

Even the vikings develop from the wild Ragnarsons to the last from Norway, which i would call "war - businessmen".

With the establishment of Wessex, the era changes and with the era, the people are changing too. The interaction between subject and background is worked out very realistic.

I think, you should go on, creating a second storyteller, like started in part Empty throne. One day we arrive in "present" when Uhtred, the elder, sits there, telling his live. Well, who will do the fighting then?

We see two sons. One is the warrior (as his father) and the other should have enough inner suspense (as his father), so that both could lead the story on, even over the time, when Uhtred has gone to valhalla. I would like to read, how the sons look at the world around them.

BTW: After nine parts, i guess, anybody knows about Uthreds two swords and what they are good for and that a shieldwall is a harsh place to be. That repition is the only thing i dislike over the years. But that is all.

I like to wish all the best and that you still and always find pleasure in writing.

Ulrich Noll


I just want you to know how much I appreciate the Sharpe series.  As an amateur historian, I have tried my hand at writing a historical novel but never seem to get beyond page 20 or so.  I truly admire your talents.

Dan Deyo


Hey Bernard

Just wanted to let you know as you have probably heard a gazillion times  I  love your books and am currently waiting on your newest book Flame bearer to be released. The last Kingdom series is 1 of the best series I have read in a long time and I cant wait to finish it so I can read the rest of your great series. Any way have a great day and keep it up.

Blaze Coulson


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

like many others I very much enjoy reading the Uhtred books. However, there are a few suggestions I would like to make.

I find it rather sad that the time span covered per book has decreased bit by bit, while the number of pages per book don't vary much. I find the amount of explanations relating to former books and contexts of the current books suggest readers don't grasp what you have written in the first place. A short round-up of the previous books is okay in a preface for readers starting anew in the middle of the series. However, this would in my eyes suffice.

Hopefully the next book will be released before too long.

Best regards,

Helen Townson


Mr Cornwell,

I have read all your books and love the attention to historical fact you use and explain in the final section of your books.  I have just learned of the TV series for The Last Kingdom and it is wonderful.  Having read the books makes that even more the case ... please hurry them up for season 2 as I'm about done with season 1. I read your autobiography and learned of your connection to that era.  Best wishes

Keith Ott


Hello Mr Cornwell

I have been watchin a series on Netflix called The Last Kingdom. I really love history so I was greatly enthralled with this story. I had this feeling I had heard this story before and that it was a true story or a legend... so i read up on it... Uhtred and King Alfred... who I had never heard of till your books.. so thank you for that also. Id imagine King Alfred is very well known in England and you have done him great service in my opinion. It is true isn't it?  I can just feel it... was it Eadwulf II of Northumbria? His son was named Uhtred...Well sir regardless if it is a true story or not you have done an absolutely excellent job of portraying history during this time period. I was just thinking about the whole Viking time period and how little i really new about what happened... and next thing I know Im watching the The Last Kingdom. Thank you.

Ken Stillabower



Coincident with reading your English historical novels, my sister informed me that on her DNA analysis that our family was mostly English and not really German at all!  I read your novels thereafter with increased devotion.   I have learned so much from your books and I think I better understand why the English and their elite warriors and nobles proved to be so successful.  I had chosen to avoid reading the American series from the Confederate viewpoint, in that I did not like that American experiment at creating a landed gentry, but maybe I should read those novels now that I know my forefathers were quite possibly the bastard children of English gentry.  Keep writing amazing works of literary art!

Mark Hiser

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