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I have a need to let you know what I suspect you already know. I have read your books (all I think) over the years and get so much immense pleasure from them. Not satisfied I have gone back to the beginning of Sharpe having the new ability to read them in event date order. I say it again even second time around - immense pleasure - thank you so much - your talent brings the period to life.

Peter Robinson


Mr Cornwell,

thank you for your wonderful books about British history. I just finished reading The Secret Voyage of Sir Francis Drake by Samuel Bawlf, and I think you would enjoy it tremendously. It contains a lot of surprising facts about his circumnavigation of the globe, which were deliberately muddled after his return to England in an attempt to conceal the Crown's intentions from the Spanish. Extremely well researched and I can't recommend it highly enough.

Scott Dragland



Thank you!


Hi Mr. Cornwell,

I just wanted to say I recently discovered your books and I am loving them, and wanted to thank you!

I mostly read history books, but needed a break and your books have been just the thing. I read the entire Warlord Trilogy in a single month, which is quite a feat for me. (Also, for what it's worth, I loved the first third of The Winter King.)

You've sparked a joy of reading I haven't felt in a long time. I've even started writing again; not for any purpose or to share with anyone, but just to rediscover that part of my brain and to see what might come out.

I'm truly looking forward to spending the next few years discovering all that you've written. Onto The Last Kingdom now!




These four books are among my all time favourites and it would be amazing if you could write some more as there is plenty to write about as you know the American Civil War was so much more after Antietam. The number of battles and incidents that took place after is a huge canvas for you to embellish and to think even to this day more Americans died in this war than all the wars since that America has fought in. I have even managed to persuade my local library to purchase all of the Last Kingdom series to date in audio book so i can listen to them all again when commuting to work and commuting has never been so enjoyable, Big thank you Bernard.

Iain Gordon Rae


My parents watched the televised Sharpe series on TV when i was very very young... and I found your Arthurian books when I was too young for them about 11. And yet I kept them in my brain and found them again when I was 13. And between that summer and the next year when i bought my own copies and since, i think I've read them all over 100 times. That's a weird brag but I lived in a rural area and didn't have access to a library during the summer. That's not the point.

Point is. I'm eternally grateful that you wrote these books.

Amie Alexis Gravell



It has recently been announced by the British Tourist Board that the area of Northumbria around Seahouses and BAMBURGH have been voted the top tourist area in the UK.

The Saga's of Uhtred must be a reason !!!!!!! everyone wants to see where your hero came from. I'am awaiting the next book in the series, I keep rereading earlier books as I enjoy them so much.


Brian R


It really is a wonderful area! We’ve holidayed there several times and were hoping to keep it a secret!



Not to take up too much time, just to note that two friends and I have just published a novel in which a descendant of Richard Sharpe plays a role. He is a sharpshooter who lives on the Fen near the Wash in Eastern England. During WWII, Willie Sharpe becomes an RAF Ace by shooting down German planes with his fifty-caliber Sharpes rifle.In context, it's not as far-fetched as it seems.

One of my co-authors and I are ardent Sharpe fans. We included this quiet homage in our novel as a way of saying thank you for those many hours of happy reading. Best wishes to you.

Rodger Pettichord



Richard Sharpe wouldn’t find it far-fetched! Thank you! Perhaps you can let me know the novel’s title and I’ll add it to my shelves.


I've read 39 of your books, and into the 40th. The BBC videos are fun, but in comparison, not as nearly as effective, not even as visual, as your words -- I can see the descriptions in my mind's eye, I can hear the voices, including the accent.  And, have quietly been brought to a tear.

Robert Frankeberger


Erm..a little embarrassing to be a 50 year old fan boy but...

I really want you to know what the Warlord Trilogy means to me. I have never been a great reader of fiction but about 10 years ago my wife persuaded me to give Winter King a try. I became instantly lost in Derfel’s world. I think I still am. About every 18 months I read all three again. I have now read about 90% of your output and branched out into some really great historical fiction (C.J Sansum a particular favourite).

Anyway when I’m reading the trilogy I am totally immersed in that world. There’s even a picture of me in my school library behind a big hardback Winter King.

You’ve changed the life of a middle aged non-reader and made me an avid reader.


Thank you

Damien Mackinney


Hi Bernard,

I can honestly say that The Fort is my favourite book of all time and i never tire of reading it. the mix of indecision on the American part and the slow methodical preparation by the canny Scotsman Francis McLean and the introduction of John Moore is simply brilliant. I live in Bodmin and the town has a memorial beacon in honour of Sir John Moore. i have read many accounts of his life and found the Fort to be a belated introduction to the man. thank you for such a good read.

Francis Vosper