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Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I am Alessia, actually I do not follow you from a very long time. I've watched the tv series the last kingdom, based on your books and so I decided to read them out of couriosity. I just graduated in modern languages and literatures so I studied german philology too and I must say I really liked your book (I'm about to finish the first one right now, and I've taken one in italian too for my dad). I just wanted to express my appreciation for your accuracy both historical and mythological.


Alessia Pirillo


Hi there...

I have just finished War Lord (as enjoyable as ever) and that feels a good time to send you a message of thanks and appreciation. I am a 63 year old British man who has been reading your books since the start of the Sharpe series - so your writing has been a feature of my reading pleasure for much of my life. Since my 40s I have mainly read non-fiction, usually history, but your output has remained an exception to that every time a new book came out (confession: Lee Childs also joined that list in due course, but him alone, and the consistent quality didn't last !).

My father passed away 18 moths ago, aged 90, and he loved your books too, an avid reader also as soon as a new one appeared. My father-in-law, nearly 90, is another fan.

And now during lockdown I am watched The Last Kingdom, one episode most nights, with my 22 year old son who, sadly, like so many of his age is not much of a reader, nor had much knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon history of his country. He is finding the historical background fascinating, and also now replies with a heavily accented 'Yes, Lord' whenever I ask him to do something....

SO, I wanted you to know that you had entertained and informed three generations of one family to a huge degree.

That's a pretty impressive legacy for a writer I reckon.

With sincere thanks for all the enjoyment,

Paul Messenger


Thank you for your message.  I am sorry about the loss of your father.


Dear Mr Cornwell

I hope you and your family are well after all this covid hell. What a long year it has been. I wish I was as creative as you, but I did write a story for my grandson (5) and sent him a chapter every week by snail mail, as he loves getting letters.

I remember discovering your writing when I read Stonehenge and was hooked. I found the Arthur ian series fascinating. The way you bring the past to life is so impressive. When you started the Last Kingdom series, I waited impatiently for each new book, and devoured them rapaciously.

I was devastated to hear book 13 was the final book, but I suppose all great series must come to an end. So my quandary is that I bought it, brand new, hardback, online. And here it sits, unread, since I got it 5 days ago. I haven't even read any reviews. I love the character Uhtred and I know I will be heartbroken if (or when?) he dies.

Perhaps I will have to read the whole series again before I can face the Last One.

Trouble is, I am a voracious reader.

It would be wonderful if you were to write another series set in those early times of our history.

I will finish, gazing longingly at Warlord.

Thank you for being such an amazing writer.

Rebecca Morris



Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I feel compelled to write to thank you for your Sharpe books, but I feel inadequate in expressing how grateful I am for the immense joy they have brought me (minus the death and suffering). I came to these books by way of The Last Kingdom Netflix series, which led to those books, then to Sharpe. I have listened to the audiobooks (in the chronological order) to hear those delicious voices and accents while I paint and am so sad because I am up to Sharpe's Waterloo.  I will miss that man with all my heart. Thank you again.

Elaine Karton

ps. I did see the news that you have another one coming out in September and have pre-ordered it.


I just read the 13th book in the Saxon series (after reading the first 12 several times) and wanted to thank you for an entertaining and informative read. I knew nothing about that period, and you sparked my interest in learning more about that era. Interesting that you dedicated the book to Alexander Dreymon. I think he does a great job in the series, but the books paint him as a much larger man - I guess its like Tom Cruise playing Jack Reacher; the books and the films are different versions of the same story. Thank you also for not killing off Finan - that would have left a sour taste in my mouth.




Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I am about to embark on the 13th of The Last Kingdom Series. 13? (I thought Uhtred feared that number!) You, sir, are a splendid writer. I have been binge-reading the series, sometimes a whole book in one day while neglecting everything else! I am completely mesmerized!

The descriptions are so evocative and the bits of true history have inspired me to investigate my own background.

I will check to see if you are visiting our small village of Los Angeles anytime soon, and trust that I will be there with my bag of books!

You are amazing!

And now, to find out if our beloved Uhtred survives the 13th book, or if the Norms finally catch up with him.

Thank you for enriching my days with your fantastic talent.

Holly Hale


I love your work.  Please please finish Nathaniel starbuck series.   At least get us to Gettysburg

Too good to leave us hanging!

Alex Scheierman


I felt saddened after finishing WAR LORD, the last book in your magnificent and epic Uhtred series. While enjoying (as usual) the battles, the schemings and broken oaths, I found the meeting between Uhtred and Steapa most poignant, as they realized that their best warrior days were behind them and they were in the twilight of their lives. Also, the reconciliation between Uhtred and his Bishop son turned tragic almost immediately after was heart-wrenching.

I then realized that over the years, I've grown old with Uhtred, since you managed to convey him to this century! I have also read almost all of your other books (Azincourt at least twice).

Thank you for sharing your great gift of history and storytelling, bringing me countless moments of literary joy.

All the best,

Henry Thaler



Mr. Cornwell,

I wanted to take the time to thank you for your Last Kingdom series. My father and I share a love for the Patrick O'Brian novels and we naturally gravitated to your novels. My father is in his mid-80's, I'm in my 50's, and my oldest son (25) also reads them (after my dad and I have finished of course). Your books are a wonderful shared experience for three generations in my family and have helped provide a fun connection between the three of us. Grandpa has something he can discuss with his grandson that they're both enthusiastic about!

I've purchased and read all your books and appreciate the hard work you put into each one. Warlord was wonderful and tied the whole series together very well. As I got to the last battle I found myself reading slower and slower and trying to drag it all out, knowing that the end was coming soon. I truly enjoyed every single book in the series and am looking forward to your next set of adventures.

Thanks for the hours of boredom you saved me from as I flew back and forth from Seattle to Los Angeles in my career as a geologist, and thanks for unknowingly being a big part of our family. Cheers!

Jim Robert


I've just finished War Lord.  Thank you for well over a decade of nearly equal parts entertainment and education.  That's a nice story about the knife; there's no doubt that Uhtred would want you to have it.