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Wanted to leave a comment but couldn't figure out where I was to go to "add" a comment.  No bother, just wanted to let you know that my husband has read ALL your books and has your entire collection!  I am always happy to see new ones come out as they make a great Christmas gift for the man who has it all.  Even though we both have KOBO's he still prefers to get your books rather than electronic.

I have now starting ready some of your books and also enjoy your writing style and choice of stories.

Jan Brown


Firstly, good night!

As you may have noticed, I'm Brazilian, so I'm using the google translator to write. But it could not do it. I'm reading the "Saxon Chronicles" and I'm devouring them! You write very well, not even leap descriptions that Uhtred is of the battles and has a fantastic mood! The shot of this character are excellent, caught myself smiling often alone, even when I read on the bus or on the way back from the service. Incidentally, not only him, but also the priest Pyrlig. Part of the alleged submission, afraid of him before facing Sigefrid; the discourse of Uhtred and Ragnar, in front of men to convince them to serve King Guthred, with Father gaping Beocca; the way Uhtred silenced this and at other times. Usually do not like books narrated in the first person, as well as express their version of history, the view tends to be more limited, but not so with his books because the information is entered via the "later".

Not only liked three things so far: Uhtred have failed Bebbanburg (at least that was understood in the first book), he was married to a pious and the death of Leofric. In addition to the other, of course, but I will not question them,, not want to make any suggestion. Unless you do not leave me in a vacuum for a long time, in fact, not only me as the hundreds, thousands of assiduous readers, sure, you have.

Remains only to congratulate you for being an excellent writer and thank you sincerely for the moments of pleasure that gives me.

Viviane Malvas Mantovani


Mr. Cornwell,


My father passed your book, Redcoat, to me after he read it in the early nineties. At that time I was raising my family and therefore, recreational reading became a casualty of the times.


I recently discovered your book on a shelf and completed it in a few days. Being a South Jersey native and a local history buff only served to  enhance the enjoyment  that I felt while reading your wonderful book. I attended high school in Gloucester, work in Haddonfield, and visit Fort Mercer on the Delaware often. I think I particularly appreciated the English perspective. In addition, you absolutely captured the local geography of the 1770's!


So thank you for taking the time to research and write about such an important time in both American and British history.

Mike Busarello



Best regards.


Dear Mr. Cornwell

In Brasil you is absolute success. Here there are many more fans than you think. When Sharpe come to the sides of South America, do not forget to pay a visit to our ports and up to something riot.

A big hug to Uhtred !!



Dear Bernard


In further to the post 6th August on Starbuck, there is the option of Starbuck heading to Mexico with Jo Shelby who refused to surrender. Shelby himself was called by a Union Cavalry General (who had fought in the East too) as the best he ever saw.

I do wonder if you would ever get Starbuck to the Western Theatre anyway as it's relatively unexplored.  While Starbuck should at least meet Patrick Cleburne dubbed the Stonewall in the West at least once.


Yours sincerely


P.S If you have not read it, I would recommend A World on Fire by Amanda Foreman on the British presence and people who fought in the US Civil War. Very interesting.




I'm a very keen Archer, and I have really enjoyed reading your books about Thomas.

Your books are very easy and addictive to read - you have a real gift.

Kind regards



No plot ideas, no manuscripts for you, no books to sign.  Just my heartfelt thanks for providing so many hours of sheer pleasure.  I'm certainly not a history buff, but I think you can't really know who you are unless you know where you came from, so I find all of the historical facts - clothes, food, customs, religion - incredibly interesting.  Your characters are real, alive, and compelling enough to keep me up late.  Guthred's betrayal of Uhtred - I assume the rhyme is unintentional - and his descent into slavery was a heart-stopper.    I'm on to Sword Song with a smile on my face, like a dog with his head out the window.  BTW, I'm also listening to the audio version of "1356."  Fabulous.  Thanks.

Bartley Braverman




Thought you may be interested to know that Fort Concepcion is now a hotel. Stayed there last week and was impressed.



I had read in the notes to Sharpe's Battle that you had camped there (I also visited it pre-hotel when it was in ruins 6 years ago). Must admit I would have liked to see more notes on such travels and researches in "Sharpe's Story" - but maybe it was not what the book was intended to be.


Looking forward to this year's releases




Yes I learned that recently.  I'm glad to know it's a nice place to stay!


Dear Bernard


I'm currently enjoying the Grail Quest series, and noted in book 2 that Thomas said he wanted to write a book about Robin Hood, which made me wonder if you had any plans to write such a book... I was intending to ask you this question via your website, but thought I'd use the very helpful search function to see if anyone else had asked this question, and decided that the amount of time you've spent over the years, very politely telling people that you've thought about it, but don't have the time, that you could have very easily had the first draft ready! While your at it, tie your Hood story into the crusades, and you would have satisfied half the people asking you questions!


Many thanks for all your wonderful books





Loved all the books I have read ,many happy hours of reading.


,Haverhill soffolk

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