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History can be so boring but you make it so interesting. I just finished book 4 of the Sharpe series and I find myself on the internet quite often. The facts included at the end of each book are fascinating also. Bravo to you sir and you now have a dedicated fan.

Kind regards

Kenny Jones


Dear Mr Cornwell,

Don't worry I am not attaching a manuscript or requesting a spare first edition (I am amazed people actually ask for that!) just merely wanted to tell you how much I enjoy all of your books. I was a big Robin Hood and Ivanhoe fan as a child and I think something of your work really resonates with that now.

Anyway, please don't feel like you need to reply, I'm sure you are a busy man and I wouldn't want to detract from your writing time.

All the very best and thanks for all the stories.



I've just been reading a book on the Roman invasion of Britain, and was interested to read that the Romans had eagle standards for their Legions, and that the legions were taught to use the thrusting action with their swords, rather than slashing.  It reminded me of Napoleon's eagle standards, and Sharp's observation that, "the point will always beat the edge!."  Probably everyone knew this but me, but I thought it was fascinating.  I read little fiction, especially historical fiction that to often takes  modern characters and places them in historical eras, but I am addicted to your books.  Thanks for many hours of pleasure.

Roberta Parker


Just finished reading 'Waterloo'. The most riveting (if that's the right word) book I've ever read.

Many thanks

Gerard Palmer


Mr. Cornwell,

Just to let you know that my wife thinks I have an "issue" because I re-read your novels until the covers get bent and wrinkled; especially the Sharpe books.  The interesting thing to me is how close Sharpe and others are to being Burrough's Tarzan.  I first read Tarzan of the Apes when I was about 12 and generally only read novels with this kind of anti-hero.

I am a 61 year old retired school Principal(Head Master) from Canada.  My retirement gift from my wife was a drive through England and Scotland to visit any historical site that I wanted.  I loved standing on the q-deck of the HMS Victory and thought about Sharp at Trafalger and how his perspective of the battle added to everything else o have read about that day.

Sorry to go on and on but we, your readers, check book stores all the time looking for the next book.  Thanks very much.

PS My wife always gets a bored look when I talk about history.

Thanks from one history geek to another.

N. Keane


Nice retirement gift!


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I can't really tell you how much I enjoy and am inspired by your novels.  I must have read the Grail series 15 times already.

Ronald Naccarella


Dear Mr. Cornwell

I have been a fan of your writing for many years, having been roped in by the magnificent Sharpe series just before I entered high school. Currently I am working my way through the Grail Quest and Last Kingdom series which are both fantastic, but my favorite work of yours by far is the Arthur Trilogy. Your main character is the perfect narrator for Arthur's journey and the way Morgana, Merlin and all the other characters that are so well known are written gives them a more human quality. The legends focus on the change from the Britten's rule to the Saxons along with the amazing writing (there was not a single misplaced word or awkward passage in all three books in my opinion) is why I reread and recommend them every chance I get.




Thank you!


As a reader of the series awaiting your book the Flame Bearer it would be a great pity if the story came to an end.I read Lee Child and he throws in books based on episodes from the past .Uhtred has had such a varied career that there must be untold episodes from the past.Could we have one in the future.If he wasn't the narrator the Finan or Osbert could be.Just a thought.

Jack Smith



I am writing a good old fashioned fan letter!  I just finished Sword Song last night and I only bought it a few days ago.  This is how it's been since I purchased The Last Kingdom, just flying through your books.

My family has been traced back to the name Aelfric and while that character is a bit of a jerk, it was exciting to see my family name root as a main character.

Anyway, just felt compelled to write to you about how much I like your writing and it's had me fascinated with this time period.

Thanks for the work you do and looking forward to continuing the journey with Uhtred!

-Pat Aldrich


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