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Mr Cornwell

I have just finished reading Sharpe (all of them).

Please could you make some more? thanks.

Jimmy Hobbs


The Empty Throne -

Thank you for another awesome book. Can't wait for the next one!





I have just been on your website because I have just finished The Burning Land and was wondering what the sequel was named !  Thank goodness there are 3 more books for me to read!  I am really enjoying them!  I also notice that most, if not all, the questions and comments are from men.  I want you to know that some women enjoy your stories too !!  Thank you !




Magnificent! This this is the first of your novels I've read and I was unable to stop reading from the moment I got it home, through the night, to the early morning hours. I started on the weekend because after reading the first few paragraphs I knew I would not be getting much sleep. Agincourt was pure adventure! Next will be 1356. I've read the first page and am waiting until the weekend to enjoy it.


Kind regards

Gregory Da Lay


I read an article, in which you mentioned an historical connection, to one of my favourite series of books that you've written, & today I found that I have a connection with that name. I went to a prep school back in the 70's called "The Red House". That house/manor was once owned by the Ughtred family in 1086. (http://redhouse.orpheusweb.co.uk/history.htm) (http://redhouse.orpheusweb.co.uk/ughtred.htm) These pages were written by the current owner's son some years ago. I thought it was funny since you are one of my favourite author's, whose written tales of Pennisular Warfare when & where my father's old regiment existed 27th of Foot, and of pre-English & Irish history, where my bloodline extols from. Thank you for filling my brain with your words, & firing celtic heart.

Rory O'Malley


Thank you!!!


Am an avid reader of all your books, especially the Saxon Chronicles. Can't wait to hear about Uhtred's adventures again. Please, please don't leave it too long before you write the next one. In the meantime, am going back to the beginning to read them all again!!!

Jan Maddams


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

Time passes so quickly that I feared procrastination would deny me the opportunity to thank you for the great pleasure of reading most of your creations. Like listening to music, I have found pleasure in re-reading many of your books. Lastly, I would like to share that almost 10 years ago I offered my 13 year old son one of the Sharpe books. Not only did he devour it, and many others, it ignighted his interest in history and helped him in his path to becoming a critical thinker. From the heart, Thanks. Be well.

Martin Klein, Lincolnshire, IL


I have read all your Sharpe books, Redcoat and the four Starbucks novels. I also read a comment you made saying that you put Starbucks on hold to work on the Sharpe TV series. That was a shame as the TV series was so poorly done. Please do us all a favor and continue the Starbucks series.

Thank you for so many hours of wonderful reading.

Joel Taylor


Dear Mr. Cornwell:

Let me begin by first telling you how much I love your books, particularly the Grail Quest series. As a novelist who focuses on the 14th century, I actually study the fast-pace and intricate devices in your writing to help hone my own dramatic scenes, and have found you to be an excellent teacher.

I'm currently reading (and vastly enjoying) 1356, but have one comment. On page 70 you state, "There was a Pope in Rome too, because of the schism in the church, but Avignon held the power ..." In fact, the papal schism of the 14th century was not going on during the time of Innocent's reign, but rather began after Gregory XI's death in 1378. Gregory, as I'm sure you know, is the pope who brought the papacy back to Rome, but not long after his arrival in Italy, he died. Pope Urban VI was then elected, but the French cardinals soon decided to elect another pope, Clement VII, who took his papacy back to Avignon. Thus, it was not until the latter part of the 14th century that there were two popes, one in Rome and one in Avignon. I just wanted to bring this to your attention in case the error can be fixed in future editions.

Thank you for your fabulous books!

Many Blessings,



Thank you.


Hi Mr. Cornwell.

I don't know if you have heard of this new film now available on DVD , "Lines of Wellington."  I have just been made aware of it, but it looks excellent!  It deals with the battle of Busaco and the Lines of Torres Vedres, and it stars John Malkovich as Wellington.  Here's the link:



Alan Kempner


Thank you!!!!

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