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Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I am a great fan of Sharpe and can only guess at the amount of research you must have done to create such an authentic figure in a "factional" series. I have just watched "Sharpe's Eagle" on a DVD. I thought it was a reasonable recreation of your book,[given the time constraints]  but was disappointed that the producers had not carried out the same amount of research. As an ex military man I was bemused at the end when the rifle party were given the order "Shoulder Arms" "Preeeesent", then "Left Face".Very American I thought. You may think I am nit picking, however the books are so good, at least the movies could show the same respect to authenticity.

Thank you and please give us at least one more Sharpe.


Thomas Davies


Dear Mr Cornwell,

I am writing to say thank you for helping me decide what I would like to do with my life, at the age of 22 (for another three days at least) I had thought that I would never find the one passion that I could take with me and try to create something that other's could enjoy.

I had never been into reading or writing until I was first introduced to Harry Potter and from there I found your books which have inspired me to attempt my own novel, it is still in the early planning stages but living near the centre of Oxford I have all the inspiration I could possibly need and more.

If I succeed then I know I have done some good and accomplished something that I never thought I would if I don't then I will just have to try harder.

So again I thank you for helping to inspire me.

Joe Hurst-May


Hope you have a happy birthday!


Mr. Cornwell,

I have read the Last Kingdom series and am enjoying the TV series. It seems like with other avenues and completion, i.e. Netflix, BBC America, TV viewers are being offered a higher quality of TV other than the recent trash we were limited to in the past. With shows being shown more in gritty format vs old Hollywood style, I would love to see a remake of the Sharpe's series.  Just a final note, if you want to triple your audience, you might consider selling an alternate version of the Last Kingdom to AMC and call it  "Walking Dead, The Last Kingdom".  Uthred, having defeated the Danish army, must now face an army of the undead Danes.  Just kidding about the undead, but still would love the Sharpe's series.

Scott Wendt


While planning for a long international trip and knowing that I do not tend to sleep on planes (and react to jet lag terribly) I decided to buy some books.

I hadn't read any of your books and grabbed one off the shelf, because--a little embarrassed here--the cover looked good (The Burning Land; terrific cover).  Anyway--and this gets more embarrassing--the book store had a buy 4 get the 5th free deal (did I mention it was a long flight), so I walked out with 5 of your books (all with good covers).

I had only just started to read The Burning Land when a gentleman commented that I would really enjoy that book.  I said, "I am enjoying it..."  That  must not have come out as mean as it sounds here because he kept on talking about your books and then a much younger man chimed in with his comments; and then a lady joined the conversation about the book I was trying to read! I ended up sharing one of your books with her as she hadn't read it yet.  Don't worry it wasn't the free one.

So, I just wanted to thank you for such a fascinating read and for helping me to meet 3 new and interesting friends.

Kind Regards

Norm Hotchkiss


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I love your books. All of them that are available, but have a serious problem.

I have recently bought and read, in a day, your most recent book. LOVED IT!!!

With this in mind, will you and all your other fans join with me to pray to the god/gods to make it possible, the instant you have an idea for a book it is immediately wrote and ready for publishing.

I only ask because I cant wait for the next one to come.

Ian Harrison


Just would like to send a message of thanks . I used to struggle to read but used to enjoy the TV series of Sharpe ( Sean Bean being my mum and sisters fancy ) untill my father brought me Sharpe's Tiger. I loved the books and found myself staying up way past a good bed time reading the exploits of Richard Sharpe and his rifles.

I just wanted to say thank you for the enjoyment i get out of reading and i have just infact finished this morning your book on the battle of Waterloo which is found to be excellent

Would love a new Sharpe book but understand that this is a few years away

Nicholas Crick


Dear Sir,

You will no doubt sleep easier tonight knowing my email/contact is not related to the length of a pike or whether Uhtred has a sword to strike a boat or not.

I simply wanted to thank you for helping me bring history alive for my children.

Your Saxon Chronicals have become their staple bedtime and rainy day reading, though I feel obliged to self edit at times.

The spirit of Uthred has infused itself so deeply in my twin boys that they often ask "what would Uthred do"? When faced with a potentially difficult scenario.

This usually involves a playground scuffle and, I'm happy to say, I usually steer them away from reciprocating the mans actions.

I can't thankyou enough for these books and the joy they have brought.

Kenny Gray


Just finished reading winter king a really good story well done love all things to do with Arthur



Warriors of the Storm.....

I just finished your latest.  I ordered from the U.K. so I didn't have to wait.

I think it may be your best yet in Uhtred's story.

Bill Brockman


Mr. Cornwell,

I just wanted to say that I just finished your Grail Quest books (out of order!) minutes ago and I felt the need to thank you. Through these books, I have learned so much about the period and experience a level of enjoyment I have not achieved through reading since I read The Hobbit in my youth. I am sure you get a million of messages like this every day, but I hope that reading this brings you a small fraction of the happiness your work has brought to me one the last few weeks. I can't wait to dive into another one of your books.


Samuel Sadler

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