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I know you must get tons to read so as brief as possible-love all your work,but being a civil war buff I absolutely salivate waiting for the next Starbuck rendering. Please don't hate me but you really dropped the ball with the billy Blythe  character

John mcansh


I just wanted to say I love your books so much, I am currently trying to collect all of the hardcovers for the warrior chronicles, only got The last kingdom, and the pale horseman, but its hard on a limited budget when I'm in school. I just wanted to say I am a big fan and I love your books. They are amazing, and a good escape. It feels like I am actually there when I read them.

Liam Hobbs


Dear Mr Cornwell

I am a voracious reader and have been since I could!

In recent years, I have despaired at the dismal quality of the modern genres of "Novel": which of course, was high jacked by Maxwell and Murdoch years back when they built their media empires and churned out for bottom line rather than quality. Thus I am an unashamed critic of poor writing and ever worse research: (I am a writer of non-fiction analysis and boring stuff!). My own mark of an excellent book is one I wish to read; and then some time later, re-read (The second time around I have the time to go slowly and grasp subtle nuances and style which I probably missed earlier since I was enjoying the book so much I rushed. The third, fourth and fifth time, etc). Your Warrior series typify my "must re-read criteria"!

I have just re-read the Warrior series: truly excellent. I much respect and enjoy the manner in which you are able, seamlessly to blend ascertainable fact and neat "Might have been", theory. Please don't apologise again for doing this! No need: historians are revisionists themselves, as they constantly endeavour to demonstrate they are cleverer than those before......

Many thanks from a most grateful fan.

Michael C Feltham


Uhtred and I are roughly the same age (adjusted for the eras we live(d) in).  I've read every word about the man that you have set to print, and HUGELY enjoyed them all.  Only partly in jest, consider a plot line that gives us a Uhtred with prostate issues, failing eyesight, bad knees and irritating grandchildren.  Now THAT'S a guy I'll relate to, I promise.   But whatever you do, KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK.  This maundering, maudlin, ageing, wrinkled, profligate Irishman deeply enjoys ALL of your stories.  Hang in there.  You've got a hell of a responsibility!

Tom Donahue


Just a note to say how much I have enjoyed your books over the years.  Each new edition has been eagerly awaited - long before there were such things as websites to inform the publication date.  The Sharp books encouraged my love of history, and it was with great interest that I followed the much earlier histories of Uhtred, Arthur,  Thomas and the rest.  The American novels were a new and unexpected departure, but still much enjoyed.  Thank you for the great pleasure your books have given me.

Lori Smith


Waterloo - Thank you so much for a great read.  My ancestor, Richard Webster, had served Wellington everywhere from Egypt to Portugal, Spain and Vitoria to Waterloo as Regimental Surgeon with the 51st, and I have taken the liberty of lifting some of your quotes of the 51st for his story.  Their third child was born at Portsea in April 1815.

A brother of another ancestor from Ireland, William Halpin, served as Paymaster with the KGL 1st Dragoons, colonel in chief the Duke of Cambridge.  His granddaughter married a Halkett, somehow related to the Halkett senior officers that you mention.

All in all, a tremendously engaging read for anyone but especially for someone like me.  Thank you.

Bill Webster



Dear Mr. Cornwell,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say THANK YOU for the MANY hours of relaxation and enjoyment your books have given me. I am presently reading the last book on my list of books which you have written.

You have an amazing talent and I have enjoyed the fruits of your labor for many years.

Wishing you the best,

Steve Leonard


Dear Mr Cornwell,

Just wanted to say how much I appreciate the pleasure your books have given me over the years. I have read (and re-read all of them). Being from South Wales I have a particular interest in the Grail best series because of the (as usual) meticulous depiction of life with a Longbow. Often been fascinated by the notion that Edward 1st's conquest of Wales allowed him to recruit a bunch of bow-wielding Welsh mercenaries to use in in Scottish campaign who otherwise would have been unemployed! Also loved the The Starbuck Chronicles - one of your best characters I felt - still want more of him really.


Best wishes - Nick


Dear Bernard.

I have read every one of you books and presently hunger for the next "Uthred".

So now I am revisiting the Saxon series from the start and into the second book already after three days reading.

Again I am in the damp of the Severn marshes with Uthred and King Alfred and only last night for the umteenth time I raised my head and said to my wife " My God... this is good. It would make a fantastic film or series".

Then this morning I log on to see if the next Saxon book is released and read the news. The Last Kingdom to Premiere on BBC America.

Congratulations Bernard. From myself and the many thousands of your fans from Down Under. We will be streaming Uthred and also writing to our ABC Television demanding that it be shown in Australia.

Greg Lewis


First, I'm sorry for my bad English, I am Brazilian and do not command very well your language, but I believe at least be able to understand me.

You, sir Cornwell, is largely responsible for my motivation in writing. Since I was just a kid, I got used to delve into fantasy worlds inspired by the masters, Tolkien and Lewis. Currently, the big hit of the series based on the books GRR Martin made me relive the good feeling it is to be in a familiar environment, which is a medieval fantasy.

It's been nearly four years since I started unpretentious writing a Viking history, but as far as I had come, the inspiration was over. It was when I saw a promotion of the first six books of Saxon Stories, and I thought, why not? Criticism was good. So I bought. And that happiness was for me, there were no words as those anywhere else in the universe that could represent the inspiration I needed. Everything was too good, the reality, the story and plot, the characters, the dialogue, that's what I needed! In two months I finished the six books and was soon released the seventh in Brazil, which acquired promptly. I look forward to reading the eighth and ninth.

Anyway, thank you! It was thanks to his books that I came to interest me as it should by the Vikings to finish my story, I read several articles and research and got it. The book is ready, not yet published, but one day maybe will be Their stories are able to inspire thousands of people around the world to dive into the universe that only you can create, or rather to portray, with ink and paper.

A big hug from one of his greatest Brazilian fans.

Thank you.

Diego Bardo Rezende.

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