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Dear Mr. Cornwell,

First, let me say thank you for writing such great, well-researched books. They are a joy to read and to re-read! The Sharpe series is my favourite. I am sending you this link to an article on an archaeological discovery of a cache of rockets thought to belong to the Sultan Tipu. I thought that you might enjoy learning about it.

Best regards,

Christine Caroppo (Toronto, Canada)




Thank you!


Hi Bernard

You're probably tired hearing this.  Please could you write some more books about Nate Starbuck and the dangerous Truslow.  It has been such a long time since Battleground.

Yours in eager anticipation.



Dear Mr Cornwell,

Having read through the questions section of your website, I realise that what I’m about to say will not be anything new. Therefore I merely wish to add my voice to the vast volumes by requesting that you please write more Sharpe, and more Thomas of Hookton!

I also recently read, and loved, Gallows Thief so more of Rider Sandman and Sam Berrigan would also be most welcome.

Thank you.



Dear Mr Cornwell,

Your books have inspired me throughout the last 12-4 years of my life. I started reading your books when I was under 10 years old, starting with various Sharpe books (I think the first was Sharpe's Trafalgar), then reading the Grail Quest and 1356 series, Azincourt, and a number of other ones such as The Fort.

My favourites were always The Starbuck Chronicles. Now, into my 20s having read Rebel for the first time when I was 12, I'm re-reading the series again (for probably what is the 20th time counting the audiobooks!). The scenery and the imagery of the hot, sultry summer of 1862 was just wonderful, and the cast of characters in Truslow, Pecker, Swynyard, Adam and of course Starbuck himself are probably my favourites of all your books. The historical accuracy of the books also inspired me to try re-enacting and to read a lot of the non-fiction books surrounding the campaigns such as John J. Hennessy's Return To Bull Run which you mention was an accompaniment for Battle Flag.

I really am on the edge of my seat again waiting for the follow up book in that series. Starbuck's story still demands the final horrors of Fredericksburg and Lee's triumph at Chancellorsville. In today's political climate with people urging authorities to tear down historical statues and re-write the past particularly with regards to the Civil War, I think your series presents a much missed nuance and individualised views from both sides upon the conflict which arguably leaves America divided today.

Thank you for the books that inspired me as a child and throughout my teenage and young adult years. I hope sincerely that we'll see Starbuck's return soon.




Please do hope!  I’m getting old so whether I ever will write another?  I don’t know.....



Hi Bernard,

I've just read a previous post sent in by another fan regarding an author's characters, their choices and behaviour. I'm in agreement with you that an author shouldn't be made to feel they've made a mistake when portraying their characters. There is certainly room for advice from experienced authors to potential writers on various points when creating and presenting a short story or novel. And any new writer worth their salt would welcome such constructive criticism instead of bristling with indignation. But fan feedback differs somewhat, it often balances on personal preference as opposed to an established method - very similar to market researchers in a market place verifying a particular cake-sample to the public: one person says, 'oh yes, the cinnamon adds that extra touch' while another grimaces, 'no, too much cinnamon for me!' and a third shrugs, 'hmm, okay, but you might have overdone it on the icing'. Overall, there's too varied an opinion! Indeed (and this is referring to another form of entertainment), when fans and friends of developer Ion Storm criticized certain aspects of Deus Ex - one of the best video games ever made in my opinion - as a result the sequel 'Invisible War' turned out to be a disappointment in comparison. Interestingly, amongst other issues, it lacked three-dimensional, memorable characters. The original was far superior to its sequel. In all fairness, the sequel did possess some interesting points and fared average for many fans, but ultimately fell painfully short partially due to customer feedback (there were other reasons such as bad team chemistry, choice of engine, complications whilst catering to both PC and console version, etc). However, I believe the developers swore never to allow such feedback to influence their game production, ever again. Although Ion Storm closed it doors, the personnel carried such sentiments with them upon joining other companies or going into business for themselves. I think the same lesson applies to authors. And you're quite right: if a reader dislikes or disagrees with something an author has written, they're quite welcome to choose another author. Their choice!

Robert Douglas


Dear Mr Cornwell,

It has been my delight to read your Last Kingdom series.  I have also read Grail Quest and am happily picking up a new Sharpe book from time to time.

I retired as a petroleum engineer 3 years ago, and reading your books has become one of my favourite diversions during quiet times.

I wish to thank you for your persistence in carrying on with such quality work. You have a gift to describe the setting, characters, and plot line so vividly that I, for one, feel and hear the story as you must imagine. To translate that onto paper is something I admire greatly and was thus compelled to offer my humble gratitude.

I am planning to enjoy many more years of reading your novels, so I selfishly implore you to stay fit, active, and healthy so that your creativity and enthusiasm for such brilliant writing continues.

Health and happiness to you and your family,

Phil Gwozd


Never get tired of reading your books, which are incredibly well researched. Thank you! Not a boring book in the bunch!

Linda Galarneau


I first became a fan whilst watching the Sharpe series when it was first shown in the UK. Since then I've read all, Sharpe, Grail Quest, the last kingdom series and lastly the Starbuck Chronicles. I must admit to feeling cheated.  I realise the Starbuck Chronicles may not be as profitable as say Sharpe or the Last Kingdom however it is a bit much for the reader, who has bought books with an incomplete story!   I know very little about the American civil war and wish to finish this overview through Starbucks eyes.

Linda Graham


I just read the last in the Sharpe's series. Just wanted to say thank you. I felt as if I lost two friends when finishing the last chapter.

Alex Guelke


Dear Mr. Cornwell,


I hope this message finds you well. I'm not really sure how to even start this but I'll try. I want to thank you wholeheartedly for providing the world with such vivid, moving and memorable stories. I have admired and respected so many characters you have created or crafted in your own way from Thomas of Hookton, Derfel Cardarn, Arthur ap Neb, Uhtred of Bebbanburg, to Ragnar (both father and son).


I've been engrossed with your novels since I was a young boy looking up what the word 'Harlequin' meant. Now I'm a young man of 25 living on my own, and I can truthfully say that my love and respect for your stories has never wavered.


I mulled over writing this thank you letter for over 10 years, thinking it was silly. But I wanted to let you know that your stories have impacted my life in a positive way. They challenged me to improve my English/writing skills and nurtured a healthy respect for history and historical events.


More importantly, they got me through some very tough childhood times. When things were not looking good for my family, I was able to escape into your stories and let my imagination run free. Often times I would wonder "What would Arthur do?". I ended up trying to emulate the more heroic and kind characteristics of the heroes you created.


In short, thank you for all the amazing stories you have crafted and the gifts you have given this world in doing so. You have done more for me than you will ever know, and I appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.


P.S. I was extremely proud when The Last Kingdom became a TV series and I bragged to all my friends that I collected and read so many of your novels since my childhood. I was here first!




Your loyal standard bearer, Michael Vo

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