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Brilliant news that Uhtred's adventures are to be featured on TV, but I wonder what the BBC will make of his opinions of the Christian religion and (most of) the priests?  Please don't let them water him down.  And while Sean Bean made a terrific Sharpe, I'm afraid I was unimpressed by the TV film versions of his stories.  Too much indecisive introspection and messing about.  Yes, all men of action do that some of the time, but that was too much.  Please don't let them do that to Uhtred.


Thanks for all the pleasure given by your books.



Hugh Coster


I have been trying to write this message. Hope it gets to you as I seem not to be able to read the captions. My question is like many many other people I am 76 and have enjoyed the Sharpe series both on TV and the books and now anxiously waiting for Vol.5 of the Starbuck chronicles. It is now 2014 please finish his chronicles before anything happens to you and also before I develop dementia. I hope to live to 90 to outlive my 2 cats but I want to be able to read more of Nat. Please bring him back from his prolonged vacation.

Doreen Amadatsu


I have a feeling you will outlive your cats!


Mr. Cornwell,


Thank you for providing me with so much meaningful entertainment over the years.  I have been reading your books for a decade now (since The Last Kingdom came out in 2004) and wanted to let you know that you are one of my favorite authors.  Although I was in high school when I first read one of your books, I am now a high school English teacher and have suggested your books to many students who love them (one of whom who has not returned the books that I lent to him!)


I also wanted to let you know that I recently started a book review blog called Proud Nerd Books Reviews (http://www.proudnerdbookreviews.com/)  I decided to review The Last Kingdom and thought that you might enjoy reading the review.


Thanks again!


Thank you!


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I have read most of the novels but I wish you would include an index of the names of the characters in the beginning or end of the book.

Thank you for your consideration,

Martha Boisson


My wife came home with the last two of the Warrior Chronicles which I enjoyed immensely.  I will now have to get the others.  Enjoyment enhanced by the fact that to the best of my knowledge you have written a story about my wife’s ancestors.  Mindful of your concern re: story lines, if this contact starts one I would be pleased but would not make any claims re: origins.  My wife’s pedigree in one line goes back to Pepin (Mayor of the Palace 714), Great Great Great Grandfather of the Emperor Charlemagne (“Sir Hilgrove Turner, soldier and courtier under the Georges” by Arthur Loveday.  1964 The Alkham Press).  The family tree gives at least 3 lines of decent from Alfred via Eadgifu = Charles the Simple and Maude de Percy = John Lord Neville of Raby whose roots go back to both the first and second wives of Edward the Elder.



Hi to Bernard and fellow fans!


Just had to share this with you: historian Dan Snow, recently in one of the national newspapers, listed 'Excalibur' as one of his top five favourite novels - further explaining that he'd also read the entire Warlord trilogy...over a 48 hour period!! And he wept upon finishing the final book because the fantastic experience had ended. I'd think this would have to be the best recommendation for the Warlord Trilogy.

Robert Douglas


Dear Bernard,


I have just heard that the Last Kingdom and i am guessing some of the others novels are being filmed by the BBC in a series of eight one hour episodes. This excites me and scares me at the same time. The days when BBC Drama led the world is sadly long gone. My worry is that it will be White Queen that was appalling acting, script, etc or it could be brilliant like Bleak House. Can you pull the plug if you don't like what the BBC have done to Uhtred? Finally name in hat to play Uhtred Stellla Skarsfield.



I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the many hours of great reading I have enjoyed from your books.



Dear Bernard Cornwell,

I'm a great fan of your writing and your books. The Uhtred saga, Thomas of Hookton and most of all Richard Sharpe. Glad you gave this character such a wonderful first name (haha). And it's lots of fun to read your books and enjoying it and while doing this there's really no need to watch TV.

And I asked myself what made you write these books about Richard Sharpe (or the other main characters of your stories). And why are so many people like me are so full of passion reading about these adventures. I believe from the depst of my soul it's because you and all your readers WERE THERE TOGETHER on all these battlefields and made our practical experience of life there. Maybe your soul did remind these times so well (what we call "earlier lives") and so your books help us (the readers) to remember too. And although very often sad and cruel things happened your books are connecting all the "old soldiers" again (wherever they might live today) and so one more time we all come together again. You at one side of the book and the rest of us at the other side. Thanks for doing that! And maybe we're still all "brothers in arms"...

Kind regards and my very best wishes to you and your family. Lots of more success for your writing. Keep well and may God bless you!

Yours sincerely

Richard Ledins (Bleckede / Germany)


Dear Mr. Cornwell,


I would like to tell you how much I am enjoying the Sharpe books. I don't remember how I stumbled upon them. I'm very glad I did though. The stories are great. Keep up the good work. Sincerely,


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