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Em primeiro, agradeço por manter este contato para que seus Fãs possam demonstrar o mais profundo agradecimento. Pois é assim que venho hoje, agradecida por permitir que compartilhemos de seus livros, Cheguei até o Sr. através da serie Last Kingdom, e posso dizer que todos os personagens são tão reais e construtivos que me cativaram imensamente. Reconheço uma ligação mais intensa com Ulthred é verdade, mas simplesmente todos, sem exceção nos comove seja para o bem ou para o mal. Obrigado imensamente !!

Lesley Alessandra Adami


First, I thank you for maintaining this contact so that your Fans can show their deepest thanks. Because that's how I come today, thankful for allowing us to share his books, I reached out to you through the series Last Kingdom, and I can say that all the characters are so real and constructive that they captivated me immensely. I recognize a more intense connection with Uhtred is true, but simply everyone, without exception, moves us for better or for worse. Thank you immensely !!




Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I have been a fan since I first read The Warlord Chronicles.  I have been following the tales of Uhtred since about 2009. It has been a fantastic story with so much detail about a time in history I love so much. On a recent trip to my mothers home country of Switzerland, my cousins and I discovered a branch of my family that we never knew about although they all live in The Valais, as my immediate family,and have for generations. One of my cousins did an extensive search into our family and not only is this family old, very old, but direct descendants of the Emperor Charlemagne! What a wonderful find of family and heritage. It all makes sense to me now as to why I have loved the middle ages all of my life. Thank you for the Warlord Chronicles, The Grail Quest Series and of course Uhtred. I am about to begin the 12th book of Uhtred's story and am looking forward to the new adventure.

Although, I would like to read more about Sandman, The Gallows Thief was such a great story!

Well I hope you are busy writing writing your imagination, while I am busy ready reading it during this sad time in our world.

Here is to health, eyesight, happiness and imagination!


Tina Lissandrello


Dear Bernard

My good friend Joceline Morrison, age 82, very much likes Uhtred in The Last Kingdom. We believe much of your character might mimic your own. We have enjoyed it immensely during London lockdown. I hail from Massachusetts / Cape Cod and admire your choice of locations including Charleston SC. My very best friend lives there and he writes historical fiction based in Himalayas. He is from Devon and his second book will be published soon. You are now in my focus as I loved the Sharpe character and Sean Beane and another one of my best friends just recently told me he has all your books and read each one. He called himself a Bernard Cornwell nerd. So thanks for fun Netflix binge content.

All the best & stay well,

Tad Shay



Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I have had the pleasure of reading your entire collection of books at least 10x for each series.

In fact my kindle is nearly devoted to you.

I understand that to reread novels at such a furious pace seems odd.

But i have found that each time i see and feel the characters and plots anew.

I bore my family with all types of bits of history and i feel i have kept history with artistic license alive and fresh because of you...

I get to reveal new information about obscure and famous moments in our search for the perfect time in which each of us has thought about existing.

I have in the last week read all of Sharpe and Starbuck with a fervor bordering on sleepless nights and full days.

They just never get redundant and my curiosity is always peaked...

My wife has become a superfan of the last Kingdom on the television.

I must profess that i implore her to read the novels at every chance but i guess i will take the battle if i may lose the war.

My admiration and time spent waiting for another novel from you brings me joy...

I cannot thank you enough for your witty prose and attention to detail.

Ther post scripts are equally engrossing...

Because of you i yearn to travel to the sights of your missives.  To feel the history and see the places of which i have become so familiar...

I do hope you will write the continuation of Starbuck.

In fact write anything so i can continue feeling the joy of chapter 1 and know i will be transported to the time and place of your choosing...

You have given me a gift and i will probably just read your books over and over...

I can say i will never get enough and i thank you more than you know.

I have never thought to deliver such praise but in my humble opinion you are probably the best writer i have had the pleasure to read...

Please continue as i have been able to live a thousand lives and hundreds of years through your writing....

I would be a lesser man without telling you how much i have enjoyed your characters and the journey through history you have given us.

All i can really say is Bravo sir you are a gift to us all Thank you so much Mr. Cornwell


David Mimoun


Thank you for your kind words.


Please,please bring us a season 5! And 6 then 7 and so on please!    The Last Kingdom is the ONLY show on television.  Never have I been so attached or taken by the characters of any story whatsoever.

Your work brings me joy.

Thank you

Ryan Farley


I just want to say that during this awful time I have been passing the hours away by watching "the last kingdom" which led me into buying your 12 books which the series is based.

They are the BEST books I've EVER read. I love the series too.

THANK YOU for making this time a bit more enjoyable.

Kind regards



Hello Mr. Cornwell

I just wanted to let you know that I hope you are safe and still writing in times like these and that in my eyes and the eyes of my friends you are the greatest man to ever put pen to paper. I hope you write for another 40 years. Fate is inexorable

Harmon Watsonhelo



Thank you!  Not sure I still want to be here in another 40 years!


You are an extraordinary writer. I am enjoying the Norman and Saxon saga, and I see that you are truly a master of the historical novel. I just wanted to congratulate and thank you for your work.




Dear Mr Cornwell,

Greetings from Australia and I hope this finds you and your family well in this present crisis.

Firstly, thank you so much for your passion for history and your talent for weaving great characters through it. You bring history to life and engage your reader (me) in a way that textbook learning cannot! I was led to your books in an around-about way firstly with C. S. Forester's Hornblower series, then to your Sharpe novels set in the same era. I loved Sharpe and have read most of his exploits. When Netflix introduced The Last Kingdom series, which I have thoroughly enjoyed, I was inspired to purchase your Saxon Series books from the UK, which I consumed with relish.

Secondly, I would like to thank you for the inspiration to learn more about Alfred, Edward, Aethelflaed, Athelstan, Ubba, Ivar, Guthred and the others that played such pivotal roles in the forging of a people and a kingdom.

I am happy to hear you continue to write and I'm looking forward to reading Uhtred's final adventure through history. I'm just hoping he doesn't die in his bed, he wouldn't want that, I'm sure!

Louise Kelly


Today in lockdown my sister discovers our family tree shows we are related to the Earl of Northumbria. The Bold Lord. So now to read your books! Excited!

Mandy Welsh