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Dear Mr. Cornwell:

Along with many of your fans, I'm so grateful to you for writing all your wonderful books.  Like many of your readers, I've re-read Uhtred's & Sharpe's adventures over & over again!  I'm also happy to hear of Uhtred's (possibly final?) book..."old soldiers never die, they just fade away..."

But I'm waiting for Starbuck's exploits.  He is my personal favorite, although Uhtred & Sharpe constantly snipe at his heels.  His place in America's biggest civil conflict needs to be told.  By you.  We love Uhtred & Sharpe so much precisely because they epitomized the type of warriors needed, though many times not particularly appreciated, at those particular times and places.  Men like Uhtred & Sharpe were pivotal to history and, perhaps, never received their due; Uhtred's & Sharpe's stories give them that.  So that we can remember them.

Nathaniel Starbuck needs to re-engage in the next gruelling & grinding Civil War conflict that follows in his series, that we must read, & that we can see through your gift of story-telling.  And you want to tell it.  You are too great a story-teller, no mere novelist, to leave him aside as another unsung & unfinished warrior.  Please give Nate his time & place.  Again, let him march.

Best & Kindest regards,

Lorena Hoo Al-Ali


Hello, my name is Paul, I don't write fan mail but felt I just had to, I've just finished reading " Sword of Kings" loved it can"t wait for next book in series to come out. As I put your book on the shelve to store read again so on just realised I have 20 of your books. Thankyou for the enjoyment you have given me, love the last kingdom series too.


Dear Mr. Cornwell.

First of all, thank you for your books. They are company for all hours. I have read all those who were published in Brazil and I am always looking forward to the next publication. This makes me want to write about my city, Salvador da Bahia, which is also full of history and epic episodes. Mainly about the independence of Brazil and the struggles against Portuguese domination.

You would certainly like to discover it and Sharpe or Nate could defend it

I thank you again and ask you to continue writing, much to our delight.

Ricardo Costa



Best of luck to you!


Hi Bernard,

I'm really impressed by your books, I've to thanks Netflix that have permitted me to know you.

I've started to read them in english because the last ones have not been translated in italian yet!

That's a good thing because I can improve my language, the side effect is that it slow down my reading time :D

I've found a little error in "Sword of Kings".

"'Aethelwulf!' Eadith exclaimed and went towards him with open arms." on my Kindle is on page 41.

I'm pretty sure think that is not Eadith speaking but Aelswyth.

Keep your great work!




You’re quite right! You weren’t the first to spot that error, so you don’t win the prize, but you do get my thanks!


Dear Mr. Bernard Cornwell,

thank you for several unforgettable hours of reading pleasure and the anticipation of new reading matter from you. I am always looking forward to your refreshing thoughts and wonderfully researched stories. I wish you a long healthy life and all the best for you and your loved ones.

Kind regards from North Rhine-Westphalia

Dirk Hibben


Mr. Cornwell,

I discovered your Sharpe’s series several years ago.   I own all of them.  Most, not all, are first printings.  I have spread out reading them over the years.  Usually reading 1 or 2 a year.   It is nice to savor them.   However, this year I am going through a divorce after 27 years.   At night, when I read, lately it has been very important to have an escape.   I have tried a couple of other books, but they didn’t work.  I pulled out Sharpe’s Siege and it did the trick.  It took me to another place and time.  I was able to escape and then get some sleep.   I am now continuing the process with Sharpe’s Revenge.  By the time I get through Sharpe’s Waterloo, things will be back to normal.  Thank you for your help and your great books!




Just a few words to say how much I have loved your work over many years, from sharpe  grail quest Azincourt and the wonderful Uhtred.I am from the northeast so these books give me the most thrill.l have always read to escape the mad world that we live in and through time you became my favourite . Thanks again

Paul Clarke


Hello good sir!

I wanted to say thank you! I have read and  listened to almost every book you have written! And it never ceases to amaze how exiting, funny and lovable they are. I am truly grateful for the wonderful stories you tell, they transport me to other places and times and have helped me get past difficult times in my life, I probably owe you much of my sanity to be honest.

I have Spanish ancestry, and always had an affinity for England that I never understood until I read the Sharpe series. Its amazing how the peninsular war is so little known. Any way, I just finished Sharpe's Regiment its the second time I listen to it, read by the magnificent Rupert Farley and though I should write to you and let you know how dear your books are to me. And say thank you thank you thank you! For the uncountable (is that even a word) hours of joy you have given me though your books!

Hope you are well!


PS I also adore the Utred books. Thank you!


I have just finished reading the first book  "The Last Kingdom" after having watched the series on Netflix.  I am not sure they have done justice to your work.  .  In your book, one gets a better sense of the symbolism of the character Uhtred.  As a Mauritian-born Canadian, I can relate to the paradox of Uhtred's rootlessness and his connection to both cultures .  I'm looking forward to reading more and wish you all the best.

Asha Gopaul-Pfau