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Dear Bernard,

I have just  finished  reading Warlord, i must say it has been the best reading journey  i could   have wished for.

I took up reading in a big way about 20 years ago , my choice of books is always historical  fiction.

Uthred has kept me fascinated  for a number of years and  i have  always  looked  forward  to  the next book.

Sadly  this ended  on  the 17th  of November,  i would just like to say  thank you for  a tremendous  read , i  will  miss the Last Kingdom  series  and the story of Uhtred of Bebbanburgh



Steve  Crees


Hi Mr Cornwell,


I've never sent a message to anyone I haven't met before but I felt a need to contact you to say a massive thank you. I first read one of you novels at the age of 10. It was Sharpe's Eagle and not only did I thoroughly enjoy it, it also sparked a massive interest and passion in the Napoleonic period that I still have to this day. I've read every one of your novels and although I've read work by other authors, none rival your work. Thank you for the endless hours of entertainment and I eagerly await your next release. Here's hoping it's Napoleonic naval.


Kind regards


Mark Brown


Dear Mr C,

I have loved following Uhtred since you brought him into life all those years ago and have immersed myself in his adventures.  ........What a joy and delight your books have been and that final battle took my breath away.  Thank you a million times over for writing about Uhtred and his times.  My very sketchy knowledge of Old English and Norse has improved no end -  I still don't know how to pronounce the words but I know what they mean now.  I think Benedetta is an absolute scream - leaping from her horse and bashing the whatsit out of the woman cursing her man! what a joy that was.  I shall miss Uhtred no end but thank you again for bringing him into my life.

Ginny Goodall


Dear Mr Cornwell

It is with regret that I have just this minute finished your last book "War Lord"

I say regret, for you have kept me entertained these past few years with Uhtred and of course Richard Sharp .I hope and pray you have similar Heroes coming to amaze us. Thank you Mr Cornwell and keep writing

yours sincerely

Jeff Redmond,

Brisbane Australia


I have just read the Daily Express article indicating that you may be working on a new  Sharpe story - https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/books/1348245/Bernard-Cornwell-bestselling-author-sharpe. What fantastic news! I love these stories although admittedly I consume them through the medium of audio books. My I implore you to use what influence you may have and get this new book read by William Gaminara. He for me is Richard Sharpe and it just would not be the same without his brilliant voice work. Thank you and enjoy your Thanksgiving in Cape Cod. I to live in the Northeast of the U.S.

Tim Nicholls


Thank you so much for your books. You are a marvel.





I've just finished War Lord, and wanted to thank you for the whole Uhtred series. It's been immensely enjoyable, and what better conclusion than Brunanburh! Battle-fun and cunning plots aside, I'm always impressed by your ability to create memorable characters with a few brushstrokes, and by your atmospheric nature-writing.


May I say how much I liked your Bishop Oda? He's a delight. I was pleased to find out that he had a long, distinguished and eventful career. If you ever decide to revisit that period, I'd love to read more about Oda's involvement in the ensuing political skulduggery.


Kind regards,


Clarissa Worsdale


It’s been a little over 15 years since I read the first book in the Saxon Series.  With today’s release of the latest and final book in the series I’m torn between the sadness that it’s over and the joy at watching it come to life as season 5 is currently filming.


What I enjoy most, is the author will, at the end of each book breakdown what is fact and what is fiction.  The locations, battles, Kings and heirs are historically real people, but as we know, history is written by the victors and not by the dead.


Diving in tonight, but I may have to save the last couple of chapters for the cabin on Hornby where so many of the books were read.

Jon Crowther


Mr Cornwell,

I would like to thank you for the many hours of enjoyment and education that you have given ne through your various novels. I have always been drawn to good historical fiction Trease Sutcliffe Whyte Tranter and Alexander Kent and more recently Lawhead Iggulden Sansom Penman Pope Kirstein Donald  and Fabbri have take me from Roman times through the  turbulent history Of Scotland  all the way to Waterloo and Trafalgar . I rank you and your books as the equal to and in many cases above these authors. Not only are your stories epic but the way you write and the ease with which they can be read make them a pleasure to have.

While many ask for a new Sharpe, Hook or Starbuck I am hoping that one day you may return to the world of the Gallows Thief as I feel that there may be a trove of tales to uncover there..

I am now 60 and live in Australia and for both health and financial reasons I will never see the castles battlefields and countryside's described by you and the other authors but through the books I get to feel some connection however tenuous Once again thank you for sharing your gift

Mike Loughman


Dear Bernard

Saw this article on the Siege of Tarragona 1813 and thought it might be of interest to you and other readers on here http://www.historyofwar.org/articles/siege_tarragona_1813.html


and I saw this video on YouTube that might be of interest to you and people on this site about the unknown battle of Mackinac in 1814. The British had captured it in 1812 and the US sent a Force to retake it in 1814 https://youtu.be/gkWPNbQolcA