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Having read the news today of the recent discoveries at Stonehenge, I was astonished at how well they fitted into your own story on that subject and so am only left to wonder if you have a time machine and experience your plots first-hand, prior to putting pen to paper?

What testament to the quality of your research (and wonderful imagination).

Thank you so much for brightening our lives.



Kind regards

Dominic Witherow


Thank you!  You brightened my morning!


Hello, Bernard,


While I am re-reading the Sharpe books -- this time, in order of publication -- I am amazed, again, at the vivid "secondary" characters. I understand that Sharpe deserves some peace and quiet (and that it was tough to fit new stories into a previously fixed time line), but you have stirred your readers' curiosity about many of the people Sharpe has met. What happened to...well, you know them!

John Welch


Going back a bit  know, but first time I've looked at your site. Started with Harlequin, which I loved. I then bought Stonehenge, which everything I read  condemned it as rubbish not worthy of you. I read this out loud to my wife, a chapter a day, and we were both captivated by it. As we are both avid readers of British history from earliest times to the death of Richard III (sick of that Henry bloke and his women) we were amazed how you weaved such a good tale around archaeological evidence only. Ignore the critics, they get the books free anyway!


Idea for future medieval character (I live 5 min. drive from one of his castles at Skenfrith)


Hubert de Burgh. Sometimes Justiciar of England, sometimes in prison; seemed to move in and out of favour quicker than modern politicians.

Alan Lane


Being an avid reader of all your series of books since 1980, several have centered around Wales and the adjoining west country, your proposed meeting places outlined for your visit in October are all out side of Mercia,the west country,Devonian area, London and the pagan north seem to hold sway. Lets face it if it was not for the welsh intervention at Tettenhall Utred would have been in deep brown stuff.

Gordon Edwards


Hello Mr Cornwell,


this is just a quick note to say thank you. I've been a long time reader of yours since my high school librarian suggested that I read "Sharpe's sword" when I was 13 years old. While there are a few books of yours that I haven't read, I still feel comfortable In saying that I have read most of your work to date. I've just pre ordered the kindle version of your latest book "WATERLOO; The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles" from amazon in kindle format, and I very much look forward to reading it and experiencing your work in a non fiction format. So to sum up, thank you very much for the many pleasant days you have given me, and hopefully the many more that I have to look forward to.



Stuart Harmsworth

New Zealand.


P.S You must be a busy man, and as such please don't waste your time with a reply. Once again, thank you.



Despite my protestations I am afraid my lawyers insist I must sue for attempted murder. You see I had recently come down with a devilish case of bronchitis and had the temerity to take up your Saxon Chronicles, as recommended by a friend, because I was sick as a cur and as bored. But when I finally delved into your tale and read the delightful digs aimed at the early swindlers and naifs of the Christian church skewered by pagan Uhtred I nearly died for the coughing fits of laughter. Most distressing the dying part, as my attorneys will attest, but luckily the sheer pleasure of Uhtred's withering mockery saw me through to a new day, by the very skin of my hoarse throat.


I will call off my phalanx of trial attorneys if I can be assured that vol. 8 is soon to appear to finish what the first 7 failed, namely leave me lungless and on death's door as the umpteenth victim of Uhtred's wicked tongue. Was it Trajan Decius who famously decreed "Christianos ad leonem!' - so perchance Uhtred might finally see a real lion in vol. 8  with a penchant for plump monkish bums on the run.

Yrs cordially,

Peter (an aging librarian and new fan)



Call off the lawyers!  You should see vol. 8, The Empty Throne, soon!



I have just finished reading your wonderful account of that great battle (Waterloo:  The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles). It is I hope, the start of many more non fiction to come. To any one who is thinking of reading it, do so. It, in my amateur opinion, a wonderful description depicted in Mr Cornwell's wonderful, easy to read and highly addictive style. The only problem is now, wanting more.

Karl Manning


Thank you!  I'm glad to know you enjoyed the book.


For all your books.... thank you



Dear Mr. Cornwell

Love all your books especially 'Warrior -uhtred' Stories. But now I'm reading Starbuck read 3 now just about to start on The Bloody Ground, please don't tell me it will be the last, hope you will do another to finish story.

Maggie Joesbury


Merely wanted to join the throngs of fans to thank you for your work. I appreciate the dedication you put into your books, even after your interest in the subject would have passed - mine anyway. The Arthur series was your best in my opinion.


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