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Now that you finished the Last Kingdom series, your next project should be to contract with the CS Forester estate to finish Hornblower and the Crisis.  You loved Hornblower, which inspired the Sharpe series, and your knowledge of Trafalgar and the Napoleonic wars in Spain to fill in historical details.  Forester gave it a great start; you could give the story a great finish and pay respect to an author who inspired your own work.  Please consider the idea.



Thank you - but I think the copyright difficulties would prevent it,


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

One of my priorities upon creating a YouTube channel dedicated to Historical Fiction was to talk about some of your novels. I decided to keep the Warlord Chronicles, my favorite series in the genre, for later, and to make a small video about the Saxon Stories.

Since it is a topic concerning you, I wanted to share the link to the video in this message. You may of course do as you wish with it; watch it, share it, ignore it or use it as proof that French people should really not try making videos in English.

I love both the novel series and the tv show very much, and though my channel is young, I wanted to take part in Uhtred’s adventure with this small contribution.


A great end of the year to you,



I love it!  Thank you!


Dear Mr Cornwell,


This past year has been a difficult one for many people- myself included. It has been a year of frustration, confusion and underlying fear. I am young man (24 years old) from Northern Ireland, recently married, who is just starting out in life. Quite recently I was rejected from the army (Royal Irish Reg.) due to a history of mild asthma and my police application which began in February has experienced delay upon delay due to the ongoing Covid-19 situation;- the future is uncertain for me and my spirit has been troubled.

However despite the year's set backs, there has been a silver lining in that I have discovered the Last Kingdom (or Saxon Stories) novels. These stories have given me a place to escape my worries and have gripped me like no other book series has. I have just finished The Empty Throne and have ordered books nine and ten. Uhtred and his companions never cease to entertain me and for this I want to personally say thank you for you creative efforts and for the hours of joy I have experienced through your novels.

I hope you and your loved ones are well in these strange times and I look forward to reading the remaining books of the series.


Best wishes

Owen George Neely

Bushmills, Northern Ireland


Congratulations on your marriage!  I too tried to enlist but was rejected from military service.  Chin up!  Better days are ahead!


Dear Bernard,

I have just finished the Bloody Ground and want more. having read all 4 of the books i found the first hard to get into but not for long. as usual your books become extremely captivating and i just can't put them down.

so please continue the Starbuck chronicles, in the mean time i shall start reading my christmas present the war lord having read just about all of your books

kind regards

Brian Shergold



Just to say how much I love reading your books and can’t wait to read the latest edition , thank you

Trevor Hewish


A word of appreciation.  I came across your Sharpe books close to their beginnings and would hunt each one down as it was published.  That was years ago.   But last week I stumbled across one of the novels again and rediscovered the pleasure of marching with Richard Sharpe.  It led me to digging them out again and finding joy in the characters and settings.  (Its also got me trying to figure out a way to travel to some of these places!)  My "Sharpe" virus brought me to your website and now I'm learning that there will be yet another adventure to come.  You've made my day.  Thank you.  Blessings for you and family in 2021.

Skip Johnson



My name is Greg. I'm a drummer in a band called Omit Sleep and high school music teacher. I'm originally from Flint (North Wales), but I have lived in Chester, Manchester and now Ellesmere Port (basically The Wirral). I have just finished War Lord (my wife bought me a lovely signed hardback for my birthday), and I just want to thank you for taking me on Uhtred's journey. You have given me a huge interest in that period of time, especially as I have lived in places where Uhtred shaped history, and I love to try and weave bits of information into my music lessons! I have truly enjoyed all of the books in the series, as well as the Grail Quest series and Stonehenge (which I bought at Stone Henge!). So, thank you again for the literary adventures and keep inspiring others like myself.



A retired Beetle Cat sailor, I love your sailing thrillers and hope you will write another one soon...I did enjoy the nautical tidbits in War Lord, which I happily just finished!

Alice Barrows


Dear Bernard

During the lockdown and for something to read for you and other people on this site. This detailed article on the forgotten about Battle of Saint Foy which is called the 2nd battle of Quebec in 1760 might be of interest. Unlike in 1759 the result was slightly different.