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I think that this may be the first fan letter that I have ever written, so please bear with me while I gush...

I love your 'Last Kingdom' series!  Like you, I am a descendent of Uchtred (spelled slightly different than your character, but I believe the same person) of Northumberland/Northumbria - descendent of the Earls of Bamburgh) and of several other characters in your series...i.e. Alfred the Great, Edward the Elder, etc.  Your books have given me a mental picture of their lives and times and although I know that the books are considered "historical fiction', it has made my research 'come alive' and so much more fun.  Just the other day I read a passage about Ida and Bebba, and once again the little bell rang and I'm thinking..."I know those names"...they're ancestors of my Uchtred and Aelfric.  I love how I recognize so many names, and even though the timing in your book may not fit my family tree (Cnut, Ragnar, Ecwina - the daughter of a shepherd and the mother of Edward 'the Elder's' two children, etc) my  ancestors have jumped into your characters and are now alive.

Thank you so much for this incredible series and for giving life to what would just be dusty names.  I look forward to reading the rest of this series and more of your other work.


Laurie Allen



Like all other civilized english speakers, I have become a devoted fan of your books, currently half way through the Sharpe Series and the Last Kingdom series.  I am also reading "The Fort".  I'm sure others have already pointed this out but "Aye Aye" is a response to an order from a superior officer indicating that an order is understood and will be carried out immediately.  The correct response to "It is an abomination Mr. Conningsby" or "They are pirates Mr. Conningsby" would be "Yes sir" indicating agreement with a statement.  Please keep writing!  Thanks.

Fred Horan


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

When I read The Last Kingdom in college, you inspired me to pursue a writing life. You once said you wrote the Sharpe series because the story you wanted to read didn't exist. It was a "gap on the shelf."

I've reached the same conundrum. Even though I was a history and English double-major in college, I went on to a marketing career and currently live in Connecticut where I'm obtaining an MFA in Creative Writing. Someday, I hope to write the historical series I'd like to read. One of my life goals is to sign a copy and send a first edition to you, filling the gap on that shelf.

Thank you for your inspiration, your kindness, and your incredible stories. They will never be forgotten.

All the best,



Mr. Cornwell, good evening –

I purchased and just completed reading your Waterloo book and must say I SO thoroughly enjoyed it.  I am a History fan of every period: Roman, American Revolution, WWI and WWII, but had not been educated very well in the Napoleonic Europe period.  This book gave me such a great insight into that time frame and specifically to those four days in Belgium.  I found your hour by hour battle description excellent.  The ‘Afterword’ section also bringing together the fate of the leading officers I also found helpful to see what became of their lives.  Your specific diary chronicles extracted gave such amazing extra color commentary to the brave men who were on that field below Mt. St. Jean.

Thanks for penning such a wonderful book!

My very best regards,

Brett Schneck



I am just about the read your last book about Uhtred of Bebbanburg, I have found the whole series of books wonderful. I am a descendant of Alfred the Great through the Annesley family of Nottingham and them Castlewellan Northern Ireland, Lord Richard Annesley being my 4th great grandfather. I have been a fan of yours for many years with your books about King Arthur whom I have always sought after for stories since I was very young, I even have my own Excalibur sword and chain mail armour etc.

I just want to say thank you for your wonderful work and can't wait to see Uhtred regain his Bebbanburg (Bamburg Castle) which I only just visited this time last year.


Mitchell in Australia


Thank you thank you for the last kingdom series just finished warriors of the storm as with all the other in series could not put it down, did not want it to  end,  looking forward to the next book 😄

Suzanne Gay


Dear Mr Cornwell ,

Firstly thank you for such a remarkable book in " Waterloo ". I had already read all your Sharpe books and the wonderful series on Uhtred . However , during family research I discovered that my Great Great Grandfather served in the 1st Foot Guards under Lt. Colonel Maitland. Your book provided tremendous insight into the battle and where William Grist would have been stationed. The Grenadier Guards have provided me  with the muster roll for the Foot Guards after the battle and I have been able to ascertain that William was shot in the leg. He was discharged and I also have a copy of those papers. I have just returned from spending three days visiting the museums at Waterloo and walking the battle field. I could not have gained such insight without your book. Further I would not have been able to understand the pain and suffering of those who were there in a major event in our history.

Grateful thanks.

Stephen Grist


Bernard, if I may:

I've read about all of your books and thank you for them.

I just finished Warriors of the Storm and I have to say that I am getting a little worried that you or I (three years your senior) may not make it until Uhtred is enconced and comfortably retired in Bebbanburg.

Long (enough) life to both of us.

Jim Armstrong

Potter Valley CA


Mr. Cornwell

I own almost every one of your book. I myself am a military man and have a passion for history. As a youth and early in my adult years I found it boring to spend my evenings reading. However, since I discovered your works I have come to relish my time sitting and exploring the worlds of Starbuck, and Thomas of Hookton, Mr Sharpe, and my personal favorite Uhtred, to mention a few. I just want to say thank you for your works. I am excited to see what is in store for Uhtred in your next book!

Brian Bradshaw



Really enjoy reading your stuff. Especially the Richard Sharpe novels. I never get tired of his adventures, the battles, the fisticuffs, the tricks, the wenches, Sgt. Harper, the Duke, the descriptions and thrilling plots. Pacing is excellent. Few things are better than sitting down with an RS novel, even if I have read it a few times before. Particularly like stuff like the escape, the company and the regiment. And I luv getting getting revenge on the bad guys. (Hakeswill scared me a little and I didn't like him. He seemed to be a Superman.) Please keep at it. Will read everything you write.

Kent Spencer

Big Fan from Vancouver, Canada

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