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Mr Cornwell,

I have been a huge fan of your work for quite some time, as a frustrated history buff with a long commute, your books have given me such joy over the years. It wasnt until recently however I came across the Archer stories, Thomas of Hookton. I don't know how I miss them in the past but I am just about finished with Heretic and felt compelled to write.

I found it amazing that you could get me to feel such emotion in the Warrior / Saxon chronicles regarding Uhtred and his friends but I was stunned when i read the Archer series and sure enough Thomas of Hookton, Robbie and the rest are all so real.

Your writing style is fluid and makes turning the pages a joy.

So "Thank You" very much for the outstanding quality of product and joy you provide your readers.

Best Regards.

Dave Cosgrove


Starbuck -

Will you never let that poor guy fight through the Civil War & go home? ;-)

Micheal Rhian Driscoll


Dear Mr Cornwell,

I have just finished "The Empty Throne". Absolutely brilliant. Glad to hear you are continuing with the series. Don't stop and don't listen to fools saying you should start another series. I can't have enough of this one.

Can't wait for Uhtred on TV. I'd love to play him, but my age (81) and rubbish walking is probably against me.

Best wishes,

Adam Mincer



Je viens de terminer le livre Waterloo et je tiens à vous assurer du grand plaisir pris à la lecture du récit de cette campagne.

J'ai toujours pensé que Waterloo est un chapitre de l'enfer qui annonce les grandes tueries du XXème siècle. Vous avez raison de dire que Napoléon réécrira l'histoire à Ste Hélène rejetant les fautes sur ses maréchaux et autres gradés. La défaite française est due uniquement à Napoléon et cette bataille fut un immense massacre.

Merci pour ce moment de lecture.

Bien cordialement.





Dear Bernard

In the absence of anything worth reading I tried Under the Eagle by Scarrow. I saw your comment on the back cover about not needing the competition.  Well, mate, he's not in your league.  I have read most of your work 'cept for the Sharpe series. (It's the guns I think) but am about to embark on that journey.  Does Uhtred ever make it home?  My best wishes to you and heartfelt thanks for the many enjoyable hour of reading your stories.



The Last Kingdom TV series....What? No Sean Bean? Is it possible to take in a Bernard Cornwell TV show without Sean Bean appearing somewhere?  Couldn't he lead some green-coated Mercians into battle or something?

Rod Phillips



Mr. Cornwell


Hello sir. I just wanted to say thank you for the sheer joy I am having reading your books. Up till now I never thought I would connect to a historical fiction series the same way I did to one of my favorites (Mrs Colleen McCulloughs series on Rome). Then I found the Sharpe series. The timing could not be better as we are a couple months away from having our first child and we are spending a lot more time at home. We have ordered the DVD series to watch after my wife and I advance further ahead in the books. I have already looked into your other series and realized I read sword song ( out of turn) a few years back while stuck in a Chicago airport. I plan to finish that series after Sharpe.


I run a small family business across the pond in Norfolk/Virginia Beach area in Virginia. I will be looking  to see if you ever stop by a bookstore near me but I bet that's a bigger long shot than Sharpe scalling the wall at Gawilghur successfully. Bugger the odds!


We buy electronic books but I plan to find a first edition online and would love to have you sign it. I will most definitely put return postage.


Your books are such a delight to read. I feel like the books are helping  me connect with my past. I am 40 percent English and 40 percent Scottish with some ties going back to Clan McDaneil I believe. I particularly enjoy reading on the importance of the Scotch units. I didn't realize they were so tall and fierce compared to the other units. My father's side is somewhat short and they are the English blood while my mom's side is tall and large where the Scott blood is passed down. I am 6 foot 3 and 250 pounds with red hair and a beard. I too had a fiery competitive spirit during my American football days. I always wondered where that passion to play came from and perhaps it was in my DNA.


Your books are now my 2nd favorite thing to come out of England behind only the English Bulldog of which we own two currently and is the only breed for us.


Once again thank you ever so much Mr. Cornwell. Your are brilliant at what you do. I am very content knowing I have so many books left to read in this series.


Cheers and my sincere gratitude

John Hobbs


Thank you again. I'm on my third time reading through Sharpe's battles chronologically - no, not altzheimers, just enjoyment. Thanks.

Our local library has a few of the film versions so now and again, I do enjoy him that way. Unfortunately, I recently saw Sean playing a 'bad guy' in another film. Didn't fit somehow.

Phillip Day



I was first exposed to the chronicles by accident.  When I started losing my vision, I signed up for an audible cassette program.  I got t "Copperhead" via mail, and was immediately hooked.  I requested any/all books by this wonderful author and was sent the entire series of Starbuck Chronicles.  I first read h hodgfe-poage, and then re-read in chronological order.   Wonderful, simply magic!  Thank you.


The year is 2015, a siggnificant anniversary year, and I  think it approprite that Nathan reappears .  Might I suggest a final multi-book endeavor, updating his adventures, perhaps including an appearance at Apomatox, and a somewhat cathartic return to his roots...


Thanks for all that you do!

Jon B. Smith


Hi Bernard.

I have to confess that I came to the Last Kingdom somewhat reluctantly. I have had a passion for the Vikings since childhood (and was lucky enough to study under Peter Sawyer in the 1970's) and consider myself relatively knowledgeable on them. So, based on other popular novels covering the period, I expected  an account full of 21st century perspectives and anachronisms. I should have known better (I had not read any of your books before). The Last Kingdom and all the books that follow has been a wonderful revelation. A evocative period feel, plausible interpretations of historical figures and fictitious characters ( young & old  Ragnar and Uhtred in particular) who have real authentic 9th/10th century mind-sets. What is more, not a Berserker, Blood Eagle or horned helmet in sight.

Thank you for so effectively transporting me back to a period I have always loved!

However, since I have received so much from the stories, I thought I might be able to give a bit back. I have just read a book by Matthew Townend entitled "Viking Age Yorkshire" (ISBN 978 1 906259 39 6 - Blackthorn Press).On the off chance that you have not come across it I thought I would draw it to your attention. I know your reputation for thorough research so I do this with trepidation. Published at the start of 2015, it is an up-to-date, comprehensive and readable academic round up of archaeology and scholarship on the Scandinavian settlement in general but, of course, York and Yorkshire in particular. All of which endorses so much of your interpretation. Since you have now introduced us the Sihctric Caoch and the books move to the Hiberno-Norse phase of York and English history, I hope you will not think me to presumptuous to suggest you may find the book has interesting detail on that period.


Thanks again for such wonderful story telling and I hope I may have given you something you might want to read!!


Paul Stein ( Pickering)


Thank you very much!! I shall look for it.

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