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Dear Mr Cornwell,

I am a big fan of your Sharpes and Uthred series.

I like the maps I find in Your books. I would like to find a good Map to the Uthred serie in the internet on Your site or that of your publisher. I think to copy me your small maps together.

"Waterloo" is great. Unfortunatly we have no german writer who tells about the napoleonic wars from german sight as your Sharpe.

Norbert Zeretzke, Germany


It’s a good idea, thank you!


Hello Mr. Cornwell!

I'm very excited to learn that, at last, Saxon Stories are going to be adapted to TV! When I first heard of Viking TV series I thought it was going be based on the Saxon Stories, then it made me sad when I realized it wasn't. I'm a really fan of yours and the series, I have 6 books so far, I believe the others were not released in Brazil yet. Actually The Pagan Lord was the last one, but it's too expensive, though I'm sure it's worth it each cent.

I'm very eager to watch the series and, as well, expecting them to do an amazing work, because your book have all the support they need to.

Best regards.

Cristiano Santana.


Dear Mr Cornwell,

I wish you every success with your new Elizabethan venture and I would commend to you the real life character of Fiach McHugh O'Byrne, the chieftain of the Clan O'Byrne.  A larger than life, resourceful yet ultimately tragic leader.  When Fiach's head was eventually presented to Elizabeth she stormed at the reverence being permitted to such a 'base Robin Hood'.  I have no idea which way your novel will flow but I very much look forwarding to read it.  best regards.



Well, thank you…though at present the novel is on the long finger so lord knows when it will be written



In regard to the question about why Sharpe referred to the cavalry as the dumbest branch of the army, there may have been some truth to that, at least in the British army.  Winston Churchill trained as a cavalry officer at Sandhurst because he didn't do well enough in his entrance exams to enter the infantry (in the movie "Young Winston" there is a scene where his father upbraids him for this.)  West Point however based its duty assignments on class rankings on graduation.  The top students went into the engineers (Robert E. Lee and George McClelland became engineers), then the artillery, the cavalry, with the infantry dead last!

Jim Dickey


It obtained long before Sandhurst! The jibe was always that, of the two, the horse had more brains than the rider.


Dear Sir.

I am a huge fan of your books, and have read most of them several times. I was wondering if you plan on writing any more Sharpe, which is one of my favorite series that you've written, not that I don't enjoy the Saxon books, but I would definitely like to read more Sharpe adventures.

Thank you!

I had the pleasure of meeting you once many years ago for a new Sharpe Book signing in Westwood, CA.  I remember driving hours through mad Los Angeles rush hour traffic to get a signed book.  Then waited in line by myself with my one book along sides a bunch of Ebay book sellers who bought like 5 or more copies of the same book to have you sign. It made me think that maybe I should have brought more books! In the end it was a long wait, but well worth it, and would do it again if you ever came back to Los Angeles.

Manish Patel


Mr. Cornwell,

I’m writing to thank you for pulling me out of a reading slump. Last year I finished the coursework for an MFA in creative writing (at 35). At the end of the program I found that the magic of literature had been somewhat stripped away by the studying of it and I couldn’t get into a novel. Most of my reading at the time was research for my thesis, which is a historical fiction novel (It’s about pirates, sort of), and I thought I might have traded the enjoyment of literature for some ability in the creation of it.

A few months ago a friend of mine, knowing I’m a history buff and that I’m writing historical fiction, recommended your Saxon Series. I’ve since read the entire series, one Sharpe novel, the Grail Quest Series, and Agincourt. My dad and my girlfriend are currently both enjoying the Saxon Series and, like me, find your writing to have wonderful pace and draw. (All of my friends will be getting “The Last Kingdom” from me for Christmas (Yule).)

Thank you for writing about something other than outrage-seeking, self-absorbed, depressed, upper-middle class whiners who aren’t really that different than most of my friends and co-workers. My life is boring enough without reading about the same things that make me not want to get out of bed in the morning. I aspire to write exciting fiction that my grandma and my buddies can equally enjoy, that you’re already doing it and with so much success is inspiring.

Thanks again,

Brian Dutro

I recently discovered (via somewhat dubious sources) that I might also be a descendent of Uhtred the Bold. I was pretty excited about that and thought you might get a kick out of it.


Mr. Cornwell,

I am a 48 year old man who has been reading your books for over 25 years. I have read every one of them (many more than once) and cannot begin to express the enjoyment they have given me . I just finished "The Empty Throne".and loved every page. Your books have a way of making the reader feel like they are part of story. I can hear the swords crossing, smell the smoke of campfires and see the ancient buildings.

If pressed, I would admit that the Starbuck Chronicles are my favorite followed closely by the Saxon Tales. However listing my favorite is like choosing which flavor ice cream I would prefer. (I do love all kinds of ice cream.) Please take care of yourself and I beg you (selfishly) to keep the books coming. I know crafting any book, but  especially one of such historical detail is difficult. I assume it requires as much time researching events as it nearly does in plot and character development. If you ever get discouraged please know that you have one ( and likely hundreds of thousands of others) fan who appreciates your books as much as you seem to enjoy writing them.

After finishing one of your books I  always pass them off friends or family to read. I have converted many people Bernard Cornwell fans. Now at family functions we devotees invariably will mention one of your novel, discuss plot lines and wonder when we will have the honor of reading the latest.

Thank you again-

Kind Regards,

Robert Walford


Hi Bernard. I am an avid fan and have read everything you have written. I think the Battle of Waterloo was a masterpiece. I am really looking forward to the new Uthred and Sharpe novels but really cannot wait for another Starbuck novel. The series us on such a knife edge and I really want to know how things pan out for him. Please put me and the rest of the World out of our misery by letting us know when we might meet him again.

Yours respectfully.

Your biggest fan. Mike



I have just finished my forth or fifth reading of the four Books in the Starbuck Chronicles which I first read back in the late '90s and although we know that matters just kept getting worse for the Confederacy following 'The Bloody Ground' I keep hoping to read how things evolved for Starbuck, Truslow, Bird, Swynyard and even Potter plus the 'bad' guys of course. Would the girls Sally and Julia find eventual peace? I have read all your books and have copies of almost all of them but I yearn for a final glimpse of the American Civil War through Starbuck's eyes and your brilliant penmanship.

Best wishes always......

.Ray Whyte.


Keep writing ..I've read everything twice, already.

Bob Frueh

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