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I have only read a handful of books outside school in my 28 years.  After watching The Last Kingdom, I bought the novel, and have now read the first seven of the series in the past two months.  After I finish the series I plan on starting one of your other series.  In short, you have single handedly turned me into an avid reader.  Thank you.

Matt DIGiacomo



Just finished watching The Last Kingdom on Netflix, FANTASTIC. IM A BIG FAN. Sorry to say I've watched it twice. I can not wait for the next installment of TV shows so,  I am buying the books.  Looking forward to all the extra detail that are in your books.  Great Characters.  I wonder after reading your books if that will make watching the show a disappointment.  That happened after I read The Godfather and then saw the movie.  Books are just so rich in their intricacies and detail.  Thanks for the great story!

Ron Hicks


Hello Mr. Cornwell,

We just finished "Warriors of the Storm", another wonderful adventure as are all your Uhtred stories.

Now simply cannot wait for the last book to come out in November.

We just want you to know how much your frank depiction of Christian nonsense is appreciated, especially way back in history when everyone (for obvious reasons) was so extremely superstitious.

Seems most stories (whether books or movies) of ancient times tend to be equally religious which always detracts from their enjoyment for us.

Our family doesn't embrace the typical religion-dominated "meaning" for practically every holiday or event, rather we revel in the likes of Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher so find your tales delightful!

Please know, if you ever feel low from Christians bashing you about your retelling of their supposed glorious stories, etc., there are many of us out there that truly ENJOY your take on the destructive tedium of Christians in early times!!

My husband and 3 sons are history lovers, we discuss Uhtred's escapades even knowing it's only a story loosely based on historical records. It's done so well it  somehow helps strengthen the imagination which is always a good thing!

Thank you for sharing your great creativity, we love you.

Fellow Cape Codders,

The Bird Family

Harwich, MA


Thank you!


Dear Bernard

There a lots of fans out there wishing for another Sharpe Adventure My old interest was 2nd WW but thanks to you the Napolianic wars are now my interest I have now a lot of the Audio books and I can live the life of Richard Sharpe and Sargent Harper I really would like to thank you for so much pleasure you have given me

I could go on but I know you are a very busy man Bernard thank you so much

Very best regards




Dear Bernard

I am 50 odd pages into Warrior of the storm and finding it difficult to put down. I love the addition of Uthred,s servant Godwin. We corresponded many years ago about the name Godwin being a common name around Fairford and Lechlade. Many thanks for another superb book


David Fletcher of Cirencester


My youngest son put me on to your books.  I started with the Archer series and read them in order.  The amount of books you have written will keep me entertained for many months.  Thank you.



Just finished Warriors Of The Storm.   Really liked it.   Loved the shield wall description

right before the final battle.  Have enjoyed the whole series immensely.   It is my favorite

series of any and I have gotten others to read it, deservedly so.   I just want to say

thank you.  I read over 100 books a year and yours are the ones I most look forward to.

Have read several others of your books and they are worth reading too, but Utrehd is special.  Your details and scholarship and the authentic feeling of the situations and

characters make it real and intriguing.  Again, thank you.   I won't be watching the

shows because it cannot equal the words and the narrative, no matter how good.  It is still a world finished by my own imagination.  In a few years, I will go back and start with the first one and read them again.

Doug Sizer


Thoroughly enjoying The Saxon Chronicles. I reread the entire series whenever a new book is released so as to maintain a flow. Excited about the new one in November though a tad surprised so readily on the heels of the 9th release. I empathize with Uhtred. I am a pagan myself, surrounded by many who only wish to "save my soul" when it is what I have already made of it (paraphrasing John Wayne in The Shootist). My brother is some sort of minister. We've been estranged for many years over this issue of salvation, as though some singular book provides ALL the answers rather than merely more questions. I try very hard not to find fault with anyone's choice of a spiritual path. I find it interesting that my own is rarely afforded the same courtesy. At any rate, thank you for the books. I look forward to many more. Uhtred and I walk very similar paths. His solution is often enviable. I am an oftentimes confused Vietnam Era Vet.  How I loathe the 21st century.



Dear Bernard

In furtherance to Ralph's query on the 16th about the US Marines using Buckshot. The US troops that fought at the Battle of Chateauguay 1813, did use Buckshot in there Muskets. Though since they lost the battle anyway it didn't help much

Yours sincerely



I have for a long time been a fan of your work, and have just recently (today in fact!) finished The Warlord Chronicles, having read damn near everything else you've done before, and I'd just like to say Thank You. Thank you for writing so many phenomenal works, and thank you for writing something as spectacular The Warlord Chronicles, they're quite possibly the best books I've ever read. All I can do now is sit and wait until October for The Flame Bearer, by which point I'll be ready to thank you again!

Matthew Doyle

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