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Thank you,Mr. Cornwell for your wonderful ability to animate characters who recreate times and places that are at best ethereal and at worst one dimensional .I realize I am a "Johnny come lately" to your Sharpe series but now I am addicted .Two down and much more to follow .In my former life I taught world history in High School and  if I had  known of your series I would have happily assigned it for a glimpse of Imperialism and "The Great Game. " It is authors such as yourself and may I add O'Brien and Jean Pierre Parrot 'Nicolas La Floch" who make reading a true joy as well as a learning experience.Thank You


Alan  Klaw

New Mexico USA



I am so enraptured with the Saxon Stories books and the Last Kingdom TV series. I can't get enough!


I have decided that Uhtred's wife as he's narrating the stories is actually his first wife, Mildrith! He plundered the Nunnery so they could finish what they started!


Ulrich of Pigeonberg!


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I read your Sharpe's series many moons ago, but picked up "Gallows Thief" the other day and cannot put it down. Thank you for writing such fine and intriguing plots, wonderful characters, and especially for describing the hearts of Veterans on paper so accurately.

Semper fi,

Lt Col Rip Rawlings (USMC)


I am really enjoying Richard Sharpe. I'm a bit more than halfway done with the series. I read somewhere that Ramage was the natural successor to Hornblower (probably on the cover of one of the books), but I think it's Sharpe. I'm not sure if it's my American disdain for the notion of monarchy and peerage or if it's Pope's treatment of marines as buffoons. (I'm a Marine (inactive), from a family of Marines, sailors and soldiers.) Sharpe is extremely relatable, right down to the impulsive poor decisions when it comes to affairs of the heart  that seem to plague our young servicemen.

Thanks for such a great series.

Mike McDermott


Hi Bernard

Thought you might find this article on the forgotten Battle of Ordal 1813 of interest. Its a forgotten combat in the Peninsular War https://www.napoleon-series.org/military-info/virtual/c_ordal.html





Thank you for that! I often thought of detaching Sharpe to fight on the eastern coast of Spain, but luckily for him I resisted the thought!  But there were some very interesting joint operations (army and navy), and Ordal Cross was, I think, the last battle in that theatre.



I have just finished reading all 22 Sharpe novels(not for the first time), a great pastime in lockdown. Thank you very much fro writing them and giving me such pleasure. I followed that up with Hornblower,11 books, and am now well into Alexander Kent's Bolitho series. Hopefully we will be out of lockdown soon even for old folks like myself, at 81,  although I still have Patrick O'Brians series of Jack Aubrey if it goes on. No library at present. Your work is much appreciated.

Kind Regards

Allen Ennew


I wanted to thank you for giving me so much pleasure reading your books. You are a great story teller.

I have so many favourites: Uhtred, Sharpe and many many more.

I think the very best story was "a Crowning Mercy".

I'm reading "1356" at the moment.


Thanks again.


Stewart Burnside



Hi Bernard.

I have read most of your books and am now listening to them again on Audible. Will you please write a 5th Starbucks Chronicle book. It feels like you left too much unfinished. Yes it’s difficult because we know the Confederates lose but there must be at least one more part of the journey to explore. Thanks for hours of escape.

Very best.



As I am forced to wait patiently for your last visit to Bebbenburgh, I had a look at your reading list and have since purchased all of his books. I have them all but vol 4 of the Bernicia chronicles has been delayed for some unknown reason so I decided to have another look at your reading list Beobrand is not Uhtred my heart will always belong to my lord Uhtred , but he is every inch a hero. Matthew Harffy is a wonderful storyteller and I thank you for recommending him,

Your most ardent fan .

Mary Charlton


I just finished re-reading Sharpe's Waterloo and found it even more enjoyable than when I read it in 1990.  At that time I was a captain in the U.S. Air Force stationed at the Tonopah Test Range in Nevada, home of the F-117A Stealth fighter.  We lived on site four days out of the week before returning to our homes and families in Las Vegas.  I checked Sharpe's Waterloo out of the base library, thinking it was a history of the battle.  When I realized it was a novel I was disappointed, but my disappointment changed to pleasure as I read the book.  It spurred me to find and read the other Sharpe novels, so thank you for your excellent research, writing, and unforgettable characters!  I have read at least parts of your other stories, and always find them very enjoyable, but my favorite is still marching with Sharpe and Harper.

Tim Harrison


Thank you!  You may be interested in learning I am currently writing a new Sharpe book!