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Dear Mr Cornwell


This is just a short message to show my appreciation by saying how much I've enjoyed your books, all of which I have now read if Wikipedias bibliography is accurate haha. I started off reading the Arthur series when I was about 12 and have just finished The Bloody Ground at the age of 29. I can thank my dad for introducing me to your work, he's also a huge fan and has read the majority of your works.

I'm hugely enjoying the Last Kingdom series and look forward to Uhtred finally taking back Bebbanburg, whenever you see fit of course. Having immersed myself in Nate Starbuck and the American civil war over the last couple of months, I do have a small request that you finish that series as Billy Blythe needs to reap his comeuppance!

Again thanks for all the great stories and history over the years, keep up the great work!




I just finished "Waterloo", and it was amazing.  It reads like a novel, and I appreciate your research and great detail.  I learned a lot about this important subject that I had never knew.  Thank you, Sir!

Jeff Bowman


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I am a 68 year old retired school teacher and counselor who recently found your books. I enjoy Trollope (read all his books), other authors from that period and also historical fiction. I wanted to read the Last Kingdom Series but my library did not have the first book so I started with the first of the Arthur books. Very nice! I have read several versions over the years, probably favoring Mary Stewart's, but I really enjoyed the reality you brought to the legend. Then The Last Kingdom became available and I started to read that series. Oh my! By the second book I was a little in love with Uhtred and found reading any other books felt just second rate. I am thrilled that you are so prolific because I see months of fine reading ahead. While I wait for book four of the Last Kingdom series to show up at my library I am going to read Stonehenge. Thank you so much for enriching my life! I plan to buy your books as gifts for a dear friend who is also an avid reader. Enjoy your vacation! Destiny is inexorable!

April Pflug


Thank you - but, I'm not on a vacation!  Enjoy your retirement!


You replied recently that there would be another Starbuck adventure, " some day".

That's a dreadfully frustrating answer! I'm cycling around Cape Cod in June and I'm definitely calling into Chatham to obtain a more specific answer!

Only finished the 4 Starbuck novels recently and have to say that I loved them. Great history and super characters. But we need another 4 at least!

Gary O Keeffe


I drive A LOT. I listened to The Last Kingdom many years ago and fell in love with medieval historical fiction at that point. I'm an American of either English or Welsh decent and I feel that I'm reading about my ancestors. Now that Uhtred has captured Bebbanburg, good for him but BAD FOR ME! I'm worried that it's now over. Please keep them coming! I know he has more to tell!!


By the way, Agincourt was a masterpiece. Thanks for that gift too!

Vince Davis


A friend introduced me to the Sharpe Series 20 years ago and I became a big fan. I think your presentation of history is exceptional. I'm in the process of re-reading them and am loving every minute.


I think the Warlord series is the best. When I finished The Winter King I called my friend up and said that that was the King Arthur book I've been wanting for forty years. I've since given a half a dozen sets away to share my joy.


Again, thanks. Your books mean a lot to me.


Paul Burns





When I retired I was excited to find the Outlander Books by Diana Gabaldon. I read everyone of them. After that I looked for another author. I found you and your wonderful books at Barnes/Noble.That was my lucky day.I devoured the Saxon Tales/Last Kingdom series.  I was immersed in your books. They were so real.I also read Warlord Chronicles. Agincourt & 1356 came next. I think the Sharpes list will be next.

I don't really have any questions at the present.  All the questions have been previously answered on this website.

I'm looking forward to future books because now you are the only author I prefer to read.

The Last Kingdom TV series was exceptional.


Thank you so very much for sharing your gift of writing with all of us.





I found a few of the Saxon Stories books while shopping and thought I'd give them a try. I started the series while I was in Afghanistan and was absolutely hooked. I had the entirety of the series sent to me immediately after starting the first one. I just recently finished The Flame Bearer and was of course blown away yet again. The series has been an amazing read and I cannot wait for the next one. You've done an awesome job so far so please, keep up the good work!

Brenden Kessler


Mr. Cornwell,

I wanted to write to you in appreciation of your Sharpe Series.  You see,  I serve as an Infantryman in the United States Army.  More specifically as a member of a Reconnaissance Team.  In the long hours I spent sitting in my truck with a radio hand mic next to me ear.  I'd drift away with a headphone in the other.  Listening to your novels.  I gained a sense of pride in my  chosen profession that I had been missing.  Too often we forget the dark places soldiers can drift into.  I had drifted into one of those places.  Your novels helped me drift out of it.  I just wanted to say thank you. I hope to Sharpe back at it.

Your fan,

Specialist Anthony Cipriano

2nd Battalion 69th Armor Regiment


I would like to thank YOU – for your service and for your message.  Your long hours of reconnaissance on behalf of the US Army are deeply appreciated.  Glad to know Sharpe kept you company!


Dear Mr Cornwell

I just wanted to thank you for many hours of reading pleasure. I couldn't help feeling a bit sad as I bought The Flame Bearer from my local bookshop, as I realized I was coming to the end of your marvellous Uhtred series. I hope there will be more to follow.

With best wishes

Patricia MacDonald (from Vienna)

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