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I just wanted to say thank you for The Winter King.  I have enjoyed the Arthurian myths since I was a boy.  Now, at 55, through Derfel, I do feel as if I am living through Arthur's life.  I do so very much enjoy the writing.  I was breathless when the light first fell on Arthur's armor, I waited with surprise for Merlin, and now not quite done I wait anxiously to see how things come together.  Thank you.  Many times thank you.

Todd Tripp


Good day sir,

I wanted to contact you to let you know I am a fan of all your writing. I am a retired housewife and mother of a 16 year old adopted son,  and have lots of free time to read. Both of my parents had a passion for reading that they instilled in me and my two brothers. My dad is a post-graduate from Yale And was raised by his eye surgeon dad and his wife, then served in the Army for 30 years. My mom was from SC, and raised by a single mother in the 40’s (very uncommon, but her husband went to jail for embezzling).

You have allowed me to think about what history means to me, and should mean to everyone. I can sit on my porch in 90 degree weather and never feel the heat or humidity since I am so engrossed in your books. (I live in upstate SC).

I hope you are well during this tumultuous time and I do wish you and all of your loved ones well. Thank you for all of the time and effort you have placed into your writing...I only wish I had that gift, alas I don’t. So I will keep enjoying your books, and I want you to know I am a big fan!

Best Regards,

Victoria Burnett


Hello Mr Cornwell,

I await in anticipation for your forthcoming novel, which will bring Uthreds journey to a close and allow him to enjoy a long and, richly deserved rest, and it has been a brilliant and epic saga. I also look forward to the proposed Sharpe novel that you have hinted at recently, following on from the horrors of Waterloo, with the smoke still lingering over the battlefield.

Whilst waiting for these to appear in print, however, I have recently finished The Northumbrian Thrones trilogy by Edoardo Albert, set in a period of time between your own Warlord Chronicles and the tales of Uthred. These have been hugely enjoyable and have helped to get me through the period of lockdown we have been in, and spend some time in a shieldwall again. I recommend these books to others, as a great way to spend their time whilst waiting for their next Cornwell book. I know you, yourself, have described the first of these as a 'Splendid novel' which I must agree with. Thankyou for this recommendation which helped when it came to finding books to read in between your own 'Splendid' works.

Again, thank you for the many hours spent in the worlds created by your impressive imagination and the excitement of knowing that another book is imminent (October cannot come soon enough). My best wishes to you and your family and I know already that WAR LORD will be a great end to a fantastic series.



Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I'd heard good things about your writing, so right before the pandemic hit hard, and our local library closed, I checked out your entire "Last Kingdom" series. Each night, before sleep, I've read about Uhtred. Thank you for creating such a wonderful character! I just finished the last book, and I miss him. Yes, the books are violent, but somehow I didn't have nightmares -- I think that's because I always knew Uhtred wouldn't die. And now, having said that, I'm worried that you might feel inclined to kill him off someday. That would be crushing! I like to think of him as eternal.

By the way, as I was reading about Uhtred, my husband was reading the Mantel Cromwell trilogy (which I'd finished earlier). We were both in England at nights, but a few hundred years apart.

Thank you for giving us Uhtred.


Holly Trechter


Dear Mr Cornwell,

I have never written to an author before and I would like to clarify that I’m not looking for anything in return from my contact.

I guess I just wanted to thank you for the entertainment that have provided me over the past 15 years or so. Ever since a friend of mine introduced me to SHARPE, I have been hooked. Although I have read the first 6 Sharpe novels I then went onto others such as AZINCOURT, GRAIL QUEST, WARLORD CHRONICLES and the WARRIOR CHRONICLES. Uhtred has provided me with a great sense of escape from a recent round of cancer treatment. Giving me the opportunity to focus on something else in life.

As I’m currently reading SWORD OF KINGS and looking forward to the next book, I am then looking forward to buying the SHARPE collection. Going back to where it all began. Thank you for the books, the entertainment and the opportunity to transport myself back to a different time and place.

As I’m beginning to realise that time is short and sometimes a thank you goes a long way. So, thank you!

>From your fellow native ESSEX supporter who also moved away. (Not quite as far though)

Kind regards,



Dear Mr Cornwell,

I have just finished reading the entire Sharpe series back-to-back during lockdown and felt compelled to send you a note to say how much I enjoyed reading them. I have effectively read them as one big continuous novel, finishing one and then picking up the next and carrying on with Sharpe's adventures. As a history teacher I appreciated the diligence of the historical notes, very useful in case I refer to these events in lessons!

I enjoyed the Sharpe TV as a teenager, and it reminds me of my dad, who died in 2011. We would watch the films in the 1990s together (our other staple being Star Trek The Next Generation) and since his death I had planned to go back and read the books through. Lockdown gave me the perfect reason to want that sort of escape, but in my head I found myself reconnecting with my dad too. I am certain he will have read them and enjoyed them - he always like to watch shows and calmly point out that "it doesn't happen like that in the book" - and reading them made me think of him in a way I haven't for some time. I also know he had read the Grail Quest books, so that will certainly be a future port of call when needed to be called upon.

Ultimately I just wanted to say thank you for inadvertently providing me with a medium through which I could access memories of my dad and with the highs and lows of Sharpe's adventures. I could go on about the stories at length, but no doubt you've heard all that before!

With best wishes and grateful thanks,

Alex Porter


Thank you!


I have read at least twelve (probably more) of your books and have loved them. However, the Starbuck Chronicles left me hanging. I need closure! I especially want to know what happened to Nathaniel Starbuck after the war.

Lewis Schulman


I just want to say is "Thank You".  Reading your books has truly made my life fuller.  While my wife knows how much I adore your stories (especially Stonehenge), I never thought I would be able to share the experience with her.  Now thanks to The Last Kingdom on Netflix she has become as big of fan as I am.  You have made the world a better kinder place for both of us.  Health and happiness to you and your loved ones.

Steve Gilbert


Dear Sir,

I’ve always wanted to contact you. Particularly about The Warlord Chronicles. Specifically about it becoming some type of screen event. Sometimes asking for it to happen, sometimes to thank you for not letting it happen. How many great stories were murdered on the screen? I’m so trying to keep this short so, for me, and I’m sure so many others, Derfel is the greatest character in all history, fictional or not. But then again isn’t all history quite fictional depending on to whom you speak? Anyway, if you ever decide to make it a screen event, being it as I believe it to be your favorite work, I would expect you would insist it being the best it could possibly be. And BTW, they’ve done such a fantastic job with The Saxon Stories.