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Dear Bernard


I have one major complaint.

Your books are impossible to put down!

Two questions.

Is Uhtred going to get home in one piece?  I can hardly wait to find out.

When is the American Civil War going to end.  Nate has a few scores to settle and it's about time he did!


Phil White


Mr Cornwell,

As an avid reader of your books in the Warrior Chronicles , I thought you may be interested in an article in our local newspaper this week.


I have noted your historical notes before about this battle, so this article may be of interest. Hunwick is approx 5 miles ( in a straight line)from where I live, Vinoveum Binchester is not that far away plus the River Wear runs past Vinoveum.

I have your latest Uhtred story on order, awaiting with eager anticipation to read it.

Thank you,


Brian Raine



That’s fascinating, and thank you!! But I suspect our Icelandic friends are entirely wrong. I can’t say anything here, but very soon there will be an announcement of the discovery (by archaeologists) of the site of Brunanburh, and I fear it isn’t County Durham.  And the west coast of Britain makes far more sense – simply for travel from Ireland whence Anlaf and his Norse horde sailed. But still, thank you!!


Mr. Cornwell -

you may already know, but there is an error on the back cover of "War of the Wolf." At the end of the third paragraph, it states "...falling to the Viking hoards." "Hoards" should, of course, be "hordes."

Brian Mlazgar


Hello Bernard

I own and have read (more than once) all of your paperbacks you have ever written including the sharp series. So yes an avid reader and fan.

I am writing to recommend a book by a unknown author, which has pleasantly surprised me and left me wanting more. You know what it is like when you read a good book and want everyone to read it.

The author is Garrett Pearson and the book “Stamford and The Unknown Warrior”, it is such a good read and it made me think you may appreciate it too.

I don’t ever contact authors on websites, this is a first for me.

I am waiting for the delivery of my copy of “Sword of Kings” and looking forward to catching up with Uhtred.

Yours Sincerely



Dear sir

My name is Maria Baldin and I live in Sao Paulo - Brazil.

I'm a voracious reader and I love medieval themes.

I met your work through UHTRED on The Last Kingdom.

Since then I can no longer leave Finan alone. Yes, Finan is my favorite character. By the way, I think Mark Rowley was an excellent choice for the series, because he can translate Finan's personality, even with little participation, or rather with the little time that television imposes.

The reason for my message is to compliment your work. I've read the 11 books in the saga and Arthur's trilogy. And I can't pass them on because I think these are books my grandchildren should read one day.

Their way of narrating holds us in such a way that nights of sleep are easily exchanged for book pages.

Thank you so much for your work. I consider good writers to be "healers through words." You allow us to imagine, travel, know, be in important times and with that many things can be worked out when understood.

May God bless you, as well as your family.



Hi Bernard,

I hope you are fine!

Let me apoligize about my english, I m not speak very well but I wanna share my storie with you. I am from Brazil.

Let me talk a little about me and how you change my life! I never read any books before, I never spended my time reading something, that was boring to me, but when I was the first time in a library (when I was 15 years old) I see a book called "The Last Kingdom" , and start to see the book, I finded it interesting, first I read about the writer and have enjoyed with their stories about the begging of england. So, I had taken the rest of my money in the wallet and started reading the book called "The Last Kingdom", and wow .... this book was amazing! I never had read a book, but this one ... I read in a week! I really enjoy the plot of that storie, Uhtred was a great warrior and inspire me to be a great man, great leader, after love this book I was to the library and so many curiosity I had bought "the pale horseman", after that I read all books from saxon stories, and I found new books from you ... I had started reading the books of warlord chronicles, "the winter king" was a great book! I love the way of how you describable Arthur on this book.

After all this, I start reading another books with others plots, about business, finance, and today I really enjoy spending my time reading, and this had changed my way to see the world. Today, I am a businessman and I conquer that because I start reading some of your books in English, and because I learn to enjoy read, and definitely this change my life! I have conquer so many knowledge that I cant imagine. I really have to be greteful with you! you dont know how "the last kingdom" changed my life. I really thanks because of this.

I did not read the last book of saxon stories, but I will read, you can be sure!

Again, thanks a lot!

I hope to see you here, in Brazil!


Leonardo Leal.


I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your books. Your Last Kingdom series was excellent.  I couldn’t put them down, and I want to thank you for presenting an accurate and realistic view of both sides in the Starbuck chronicles.   My paternal great grand father and my maternal great great grand father were both Confederate veterans and fought for their beliefs as I am sure the Union soldiers did.  Thanks for great reading, I am waiting for Starbuck to march again.



Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I just finished Sword of Kings, and I am still in a daze. I just want to thank you. Thanks for sharing your astonishing craftsmanship with us. The characters and worlds you create are powerful and moving. It feels like meeting old friends - and they are. I've always loved reading, but falling upon The Last Kingdom unleashed a series of life-changing events for me. Thank you for the friends (for life) that I made at the Bernard Cornwell Fan Club. I missed the chance to go when you met with them, but seeing the photos made my day. May you be alive and well (as we Bulgarians say) ;)

Warmest greetings from Ireland.


P.S. Finan is, quite possibly, my favourite fictional character of all times.



I would just like to say that I am a huge fan of you work. I have been an avid reader for my whole life (27 years so not that long compared to many) but your works have spoiled me. I am currently working my way through the Sharpe series and am currently entangled in Sharpe's Gold. I have to say, I greatly enjoy your works and I plan to purchase and read everything you have written. Recently my wife and I traveled Castine, and I was delighted to find out that you had stayed there while writing The Fort. I purchased it in a local bookshop immediately afterwards. Anyway, all that is to say that I consider you my favorite author. Thank you for your diligent research and your creation of immersive characters. I will be a fan for life.

Anthony Bennett


I simply wanted to drop you a note of thanks for the Saxon/Last Kingdom Chronicles - I read the entire series in a month or so, and I was transported back to a pure pleasure in character, plot, and setting that I last remember as a child reading Sherlock Holmes many decades ago.   I have taken up several non-fiction books on Anglo-Saxon Britannia, and embarked on the British History podcast, as your novels have awakened an interest in the period for me.

I am certain you are aware of your many fans, but I wanted to share that I have been enriched by the chance to read your work, and I look forward to sharing it with my children and their children in years to come.

Thank you.

Benjamin Preston