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The Last Kingdom series - Wonderful books, I have enjoyed them so very much.  Thank you for writing them

Marjorie Hagerman


Mr. Cornwell,

I've been a long time fan of your novels and recently started re-reading the Warlord Chronicles, and I just have to say that I really admire your commitment to historical accuracy in your settings and in the mindsets of your characters. It seems like I can do a web search for just about any of the less blatantly Arthurian characters and find out that they're somewhere in the muddled region between mythical and historical figures.

I'm also a long time listener of the British History Podcast done by Jamie Jeffers. If you're into pod casts I'd highly recommend it. He provides a really accessible narrative that helps put the settings and greater narrative picture of sub Roman Britain and the Anglo-Saxon period. It's really made me appreciate some of the subtler historical bits you put in. I think there's one making a passing comment on King Offa in the Empty Throne.

I guess what I'm really trying to say is that I really appreciate your attention to detail and  how you weave it into your stories.

Stuart Ruck


Thank you – I hadn’t come across those podcasts, but I’ll make sure to listen to some!



Please Please finish the Starbuck series, they are too good to leave unfinished. I know you worry they are similar to Sharpe but they honestly don't feel it.

Kind Regards

Alan Brunton



Thank you for finally pulling me into early English history via your well written/researched books on early England. Your Last Kingdom Series books are a joy to read and as such I want to speed through them. However, I force myself to read more slowly and absorb the story along with its historical aspects. My wife and I will be in England next month and, thanks to you, I have a much better grasp of how England came to be! Plus you've made my English history research so much more interesting!

Thank you, and keep writing!!!


Kenneth White


Enjoy your visit!


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I would like to thank you for sharing your fertile imagination with me.  I have read, and re-read, many of your books.

thank you very much.

Lew English


ARCHAEOLOGY magazine (July/August 2016) has an article concerning excavations at Bamburg Castle in Northumbria.  (Uhtred's Bebbanburg.)  I would be glad to send you the article if you haven't seen it.


A fan,

Bill Bookheim


Thank you very much! I have the magazine on my desk, though (mea culpa) I haven’t got round to reading it yet.



Hi I'd just like to thank you for the many hours of entertainment you have provided me with your many books. The first book I read was not the Sharp series but Azincourt. I was hooked after that. I have just completed book 9 of the Last Kingdom series and eagerly await book 10. I served for 30 years as a Police Officer in and around the Chester area so was intrigued with Uhtred's description of the Town all those years ago. I served as Police Liquor Licence Officer for a number of years so was particularly interested in the 'Piss Pot' Ale house. I have to tell you that I can think of a few Public Houses during my time in the job that fitted your description of the premises, and earned it's nickname, perfectly.

Alan Stroud


Dear Mr Cornwell,

I've tried before to have this discussion with you but it appears you were busy. I don't know what you could have been doing - I can't imagine that you are overtaxed, being a writer can't be too hard surely?

We are neither of us getting any younger and I give you fair warning that if either of us passes before I know the conclusion of the Uhtred story, I'll be a very annoyed man! I've already said that I can't imagine what's keeping you. I type very slowly but i could have banged something out by now, besides which I'm sure you don't type yourself nowadays, surely you can afford someone to help? If not, I'm prepared to help out. At least that way I'll get to finish the story. This is very important to me, so I'd appreciate it if you'd stop messing about with other stories and concentrate on Uhtred.

Many thanks and sincerely yours,

Steve Marsh


I've just finished Sharpe's Devil.  It took me a few years but I've read the entire series.  I first heard of Sharpe when I happened to come across Sharpe on PBS.

Thanks for a great ride. I've absolutely enjoyed time spent with Sharpe and Harper.

Kurt Killen

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