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Dear Bernard Cornwell,

Minutes ago I finished (re-)reading the Warlord Chronicles, which I have not read in 15 or so years.  I have read almost all of your books...and greatly enjoy all of them...but the Warlord Chronicles once again has moved me almost to tears.  I know you made up the whole thing, but in my heart I also know it all happened exactly as you write.

Thank you for your stories.  They are a gift.

David Rea

Boulder, CO

P.S. And I have to add that I hope you turn to Beowulf some day.


Loved the Saxon stories.  Welcome.... to Chester!

Don Hittson


Mr. Cornwell,

I am ashamed to admit I discovered your works through watching a television show but, ultimately, I am very much pleased that I did.  Though I have always liked the TV adaptation of "The Last Kingdom" it was only very recently that I decided to look into the source material.  I do not have much time in my schedule to read so I have started listening to your works on Audible.  I am currently on Book 5, The Burning Land, and, quite honestly, I do not know if I can ever go back and watch the TV adaptation again.  It does not do your work justice.  I can only imagine adapting any book to work on the screen is challenging but there is little comparison in this case.  I love your work.  So, I looked at your other series and was immediately intrigued by The Warlord Chronicles.  I am now at the very end of Enemy of God and I lack the vocabulary to describe my feelings for the world and characters you have created.  I feel as though I am marching alongside Derfel and living his life.  I just wanted to thank you for your stories.  On a separate note, though the other narrators are certainly adequate, I want Jonathan Keeble to read every story ever told.  The man is an amazing talent.


"Fate is inexorable"

Ed Gunderson


Dear Mister Cornwell ,

Your books about Uhthred of Bebbanburgh are a joy to me and an important part of my life. I love historical fiction , and i appreciate enormously your work , also your other series , but Lords of the North is the best. The page turning drama , the joyous company of the main characters , the great research you have done , the places you talk about ... i visited most of them. The friendship and the ethics in the warband of Uhthred is a joy to me . I try to be a generous friend and ... taking the risk of making an arrogant impression - a "generous lord"  . I wish you all the success and friendship you can obtain, still many years to come from now ,

your's sincerely.

Jan Schiettekatte , from Ghent , Belgium.


Hello Mr Cornwell,

Every time I finish one of the series of book I feel an urge to say "thank you". So here it is for Azincourt. Just one book this time, but it was very nice time spent reading the story. Thank you.

NB At first I was afraid I would like it less compared to to Saxon books and Arthur trilogy, because of the different time setting. But that was not the case.

Kind regards,



Please write more Sharpe books. It would be fascinating to know more about his life in France and his life with his children. an adventure with his son, perhaps, before he goes into the French army?

Brad Nelson


Bonjour quel dommage on ne trouve plus vos livres en français pour le dernier royaume !




Been a reader my whole life.almost 50 now but have never read your books till the couple years and would just lime to thank you for some most enjoyable hours reading of Sharpe and Uhtred. Funny,informative and exciting is how I describe your books to my friends. so once again thank you and may the gods smile upon you.

Michael Piltz


Sailing novels -

Yours were best ever, please write more!

Sheryl Creek


Hi Bernard,

I was a little surprised to see the criticism of The Winter King in your 'Advice to Writers' section of your website. Especially, when I have found the last two Uthred books to be, well, thoroughly skimmable.

I also note that you don't think you have touched on literary fiction in your career. This can hardly be further from the truth. The Warlord Chronicles are of the highest order and without doubt world class and I suspect we will eventually see them in the colours of a Penguin Classic.

Have a re-read if you think I'm wrong. I'm not.

James Wheeler