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The Empty Throne -

I always look forward to your latest book and this one was wonderful!

It is always such a pleasure to read of Uhtred's time. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it and how much I look forward to the next one ThanksHAIXI

Mary Jane North-Mata


I love historical fiction, so I decided to read the excerpt of The Last Kingdom. I love the way you write. Its like reading a letter from an old friend. I am hooked on the Warrior Chronicles.....already. So I'm buying the entire series .

I'm glad I found your books. Thanks for following your dreams and putting them in print for us to read. I can't wait for the first book to arrive!

Jeanne Irvin


My husband and I both love your books.  The Saxon series is our personal favorite. Amazing, since I am not a fan of violence.  Your historical novels are so real, they would not work without the facts, so I grin and bear the blood fest.

I can tell in just a few chapters, if I am going to like a book.  It is all about the characters.  If I don't like the characters, I don't like the book.

Utred, is a great character. "The Empty Throne" was the best yet!  I live in fear of the series ending.  You haven't let me down. I feel another book coming.  Thank you!

Mary Travers


I loved the Book, The Last Kingdom, and will now read the series.  I am Danish!  My great grandparents Lived in Denmark.  Then through the Mormon Church, And homesteading.  My Grandfather came to Utah, then Idaho.  His farming talent was irrigation and some people said, he was so talented, he could make water run up hill if he wanted.  My father inherited that same Talent.  But as for me, I just love reading about the Danish AND I was raised on Danish Avenue in a small town in Idaho.  Please keep writing about the Danish Vikings.   So many people claim to be persecuted and treated unfairly.  But I feel my legacy is being forgotten.  Please don't let it!  Thank you,

Betty Lowder


Greetings, Mr. Cornwell.

I’m a big fan, especially of the Saxon Tales.  I sent you a note three or four years back hoping for a series such as Game of Thrones so this news is well received.  The series however, needs a web-site for fans to visit and obtain news and updates.  GOT has a site called “Winter is Coming” that serves this purpose quite effectively.  It was up and running months before the series actually began and helped to build interest with behind the scene news and early trailers.


If you would like help in this regard please let me know.  Thanks and looking forward to Waterloo this spring!

Mike King



Hello there.


I confess to being someone who never gets in touch with creators as either have nothing of interest to say beyond "I like your work" or suspect that the creator would not be interested in anything I would be saying anyway.


That said, my wife is an illustrator and through her I've come to meet and make friends with a great many writers, actors and illustrators and they all say that they never tire of positive feedback, so I thought to finally make the effort and contact those creators whose work has had an impact on me.


You, sir, rank highly among that group.


While, like many brits in the 90s, my first exposure to your work was the Sharpe TV series (you've no idea how disappointed I was as a northerner moving to Chelmsford to discover that the South Essex regiment wasn't real), it was the Warlord Chronicles which really grabbed me the most.


It was my girlfriend, later wife, who urged me to read The Winter King, and I quickly devoured the others. This happening during the early 2000s as the internet was beginning to explode, it left such an impression on me that I adopted Cadarn as my online handle for many things and continue to use it to this day.


It's a series I go back to every few years and happily extol it as all time my favourite historical/fantasy series. While generally classified as historical, the inhabitants of the world believe in magic and so it counts as both in my mind at least. Having just finished The Winter King again, this time as audiobook while driving, it is still fresh, still powerful and moving stuff.  It has set a high watermark for quality story telling and has ensured that I can never truly enjoy other Arthurian stories as yours has become the canon version in my mind.


Anyway, I've rambled enough, but just wanted to say thank you for the series which has repeatedly given me so much pleasure over the years.  I look forward to the Last Kingdom TV series, and live in hope and fear of the Warlord Chonicles getting the same treatment. Hope; as I would love to see these books getting exposed to a wider audience, and fear as everyone dreads adaptations of works which are very dear to them.  Nevertheless, they would receive my whole-hearted support.


My thanks again, and I look forward to spending more time with Uthred and company soon.  Meanwhile, I need to get back to my book. Derfel was about to annoy Lancelot, and few things in life are as enjoyable as that.


Yours sincerely


Andrew Ruddick


Thank you for your kind words!


Hi Bernard,

I just finished reading The Empty Throne and enjoyed it I'm interested in how Uhtred's wound was treated and I've read that they used to use moldy bread to prevent infection but maybe that was after Uhtred's day. Anyway, the spider webs and honey seemed to have worked just as well.

I notice in this book that Stiorra is Uhtred's  youngest child but in an earlier book the second son is the youngest, at whose birth his mother died. I guess that doesn't affect the story all that much. Also, you are so very good at using the Saxon place names which makes the novels appear really authentic but you refer to Athelstan as prince but I don't think that is a title that the Saxons used. A King's son was called an Atheling.

Sittryggr is an interesting character. I assume he's the same one who becomes King of Northumbria. If so, he could be instrumental in helping Uhtred to get Bebbanburg back. I look forward to the next book.

Ann Madonna


There’s a lot of words used that weren’t used in the 10th century and yes, prince is one, but it is used in the 21st Century and that’s who I’m writing for!



Dear Mr. Cornwell;


After reading the above, i just wanted to say that i am not soliciting anything, i just wanted to thank you for being the greatest story teller that i have ever found!  I read books like a junky consumes chemicals.  Early last year, i think it was, my wife bought me a few of your books.  As i read about five books a month, i just added them to the bottom of my "to read pile".  I think the first one was Azincourt.  When i first read the back of the book, i thought "my wife bought me a horrible book".  Inside of the first few pages i was hooked!  Even though this is a period of time that i was not interested in at the time, i really was hooked by your story telling.  I then began with Harlequin, and the others in that series.  Then i read the Grail Quest series, and immediately started with the Warlord Chronicles.  Leading up to Christmas, i told my wife, "please don´t waste money on silly things, I just want this series of books called the Sharp series".  On Christmas, i opened a small box and it contained a Kindle.  I have to say i gave my wife a bit of grief, as i told her i was old fashioned and liked to feel and read real books.  She told me that it was really hard to find all of the real books, but she found a great deal on Amazon for all of the books on Kindle.  With a bit of anger, but a bit of curiosity, i began the series two days after Christmas with the Sharp series (which i did not think could be as good as your other books), and i was immediately hooked!  Even though i am a fast reader, i could not believe how fast i went through those books.  I bought the Starbuck chronicles right after finishing reading the Sharp series.  I was so disappointed that i was finished with all of your books, i started on the Sharp series again!  I just finished the whole series for the second time today!


I am sorry to ramble on, but i have to say since Christmas, i have filled all of my free time with reading your stories!  In the last seven weeks i have been avoiding opening my emails (which is great), and just reading.  Really, i just wanted to thank you for being such a great story teller.  I have read thousands of books, so many authors.  I have found a handful of authors who are great story tellers like yourself, but none of them keep a story going like you do.  It is really nice to be able to follow a character over such a great span of time!  Thank you for your work.  Also, coming to your web site, i think that i have not read the Saxon stories, so i will get that tonight on my Kindle!


Thank you again for your great story telling, i am thoroughly entertained by everything that you write!  Have a great rest of your week!


Yours in health,


Dr. Mark J. Styers



Dear Mr. Cornwell

I have just discovered your wonderful books.  I have amassed a huge library of historical fiction books, and I really appreciate the excellent combination of fact and fiction a good writer will present!  I am especially in awe of your Saxon chronicles, as that era is usually ignored - and the women are hardly mentioned at all. The Celtic peoples and original Saxons are often overlooked .  To my mind, there is "historical fiction " and" hysterical fiction,".  i.e.:" he tore off his codpiece and ravished me", etc. That garbage is so different from your brilliant writing.  As an actress, who is an avid reader, I am particularly impressed.  I cannot wait to read all of your books.


June Gable


I LOVE all your books, especially the Saxon Stories.  The Empty Throne was really excellent.  Please tell me that there will be more.

Matt Smeltzer


There will be more!

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