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Dear Mr. Cornwall,

This is a big thank you for your books that transport readers to other times and places.  I discovered you through the Sharpe series after reading Patrick O Brian.  But then, oh joy, Uhtred!  Having been a high school English teacher who loved sharing Beowulf and all the Anglo Saxon poetry with my kids...the boys love this time because of battles and victories, I fell in love with your now aging war lord.  And I do know the poem that ends with how England becomes a nation.  Loved The Empty Throne Thank you

Ann Sofia


Waterloo.  By God, Sir, you've written a fine history.

Thank you.

Nick Luke


Mr Cornwell,

please write the fifth book in the Starbuck chronicles. I have been waiting patiently since 1997 but am reading them again and need you to you to keep the story going. I loved Sharpe and own them all but Starbuck excites me even more.



Dear Bernard,


Fisrt of all, i want to apologize for my english errors, i am a brazilian reader and my english is only for defense!

I want to briefly share how i came to his work. I am currently reading The Saxon Stories, but started by The Warlord Chronicles. After i finish reading the George Martin books, wanted to read something similar, but not fantasy, and after searching i came up to you. But this is half the story. When i went to the bookstore to choose one of  your books, there were so many... Only after finishing the Arthur trilogy was that i could see why i chose this book. Was because of the cover of the brazilian edition of The Winter King. The face on the cover is perfectly Arthur (i do know if this was the intention of the publisher or not, but it does not matter to me), in the depth of expression that face i could see the dreams of Arthur (live a simple life, in peace and love) fighting his inexorable fate (make war again and again). So, it was that wonderful cover that won me over, and what was in the book (the story) was even more fantastic.

Thanks for your stories!

Um grande abraço, Vinícius.

ps.: i think you will have no difficulty in seeing that cover.



Hi Mr Cornwell

I absolutely adore your books, they are amazing. Particularly Derfel, but that is not what I contacted you to mention. I have been playing a video game called Mount and Blade warband: Viking conquest. Which is a game where you can roam and do whatever you want in Dark ages UK in tandem with your Saxon stories which I have of course read. Being quite an obsessive in history, I played it half to death, and immediately went to find Alfred. I noticed that in his entourage was a young noble called Uhtred that fit the description perfectly of your own character by the same name. Thus I promptly found out about the developers of the game and realised that they are big fans. You have big fans all over the world, in every walk of life. I just wanted to mention this.

Your most zealous fan.



Thank you!


I have more to thank you for than just the hours of pleasure in reading your books.  I was a history major in college and although my area of study was 18th century French intellectual history I had to spend hours with the French army.  I never understood the strategies or tactics of the wars and reading the Sharps books has served to teach that which my professors never could.  I am rereading, not for the first time, the entire Sharpe series and at Badajoz.  And I have leant the first India book to someone I work with and now you have another fan.  So thank you for the enlightenment and the hours of pure joy.



Pollie Samson


Dear Bernard

I am sure you will have heard about the untimely death of Sir Terry Pratchett. I had the rare opportunity to meet this marvelous author at a number of book signings when he was well enough. To me his books provided both a deep understanding of the human condition and a unique sense of fun. He will be sadly missed by his many fans.

Regards and best wishes



I agree! He was a wonderful writer and his premature death is extremely sad.



Just finished reading WATERLOO; The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles, thoroughly enjoyed it just  as I have all your other books that I have read so far

Mike Doughty


Mr. Cornwell,

Thank you so much for your books. I have tremendously enjoyed every novel I have read, from Sharpe to Uhtred and Derfel (Drivel!) The historic details you add to each story is staggering yet fascinating. Thank you so much for your work. Truly inspiring and humbling.

Best wishes,



To Bernard,

I know this may be a pointless email, but i would just like to thank you for writing the Uhtred series. It is important part of history that most writers skip over as there is so little archaeological evidence (i myself being a undergraduate student in archaeology) and it is a real credit to yourself for attempting a historically accurate fiction of this period. I eagerly look forward to your next book.

Kind regards,


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