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Mr. Cornwell,

maybe you get massages like that a few times a day, but I want to thank your for the Uhtred Saga. It is one of the best stories i ever read.

Greetings from Heidelberg
Wolfgang Riemann



from 'The Last Kingdom' to 'The Pagan Lord', I have enjoyed the journey of Uhtred the Pagan Warrior. What a journey he has had with his friends.  When I first started the journey trying to remember the Cities and Towns of Anglo-Saxon England was a nightmare, but as I travelled through the books, it was really great.
Thank you for the journey, I'm now into 'Azincourt', then I might try the Quest Journey.
It's great being retired, as now I can indulge in one of my favourite pastimes 'reading'
Glyn Jones


Dear Mr. Cornwell,
thanks for all these wonderful books! When I'm feeling in the dumps, your books are my first choice because they never fail to make me feel much better. This said, I always love reading them. During the last month I read all four books of the Starbuck chronicles. I know that a good many people have already asked the same question and I have read your answer, but I can't help wondering whether Starbuck will "march again". Please consider it. Greetings from Greece!
Georgia Simakou.


I have now read all of your books and have to say you are by far my favourite author. As I am sure is the case with a large number of your fans I was introduced to your work by the sharpe tv series which was a favourite of mine in my early teens. I have read and re read your books since then. However I have to say I have only read the Starbuck series over the last few months and fell in love with it. I am very interested in english history and have always shied away from the american civil war but this series has arroused an interest which to be honest I did not think it would. I understand that you have no plans to further the Starbuck story at the present time but thought that if nobody reminded you how good the story of Starbuck was then we may never find out what lies in store for a hero who easily stands alongside Sharpe, Uhtred and Thomas...
Jim Longley


Dear Sir,

Many years ago, I had read the Arthur books and I had been enjoy discovering a very different and original version of that legend. I had read it again last year, and after I felt like to read others of your books. So I began to read the warrior chronicles.
I had been charmed by Uhtred and this period of history, which is little-known.
Because I’m French Canadian from Québec, I speak and read in French. But while I was reading the story, I discovered there are three more books they’re never been translate in French. In reading comments here, I understood the French translation would not be available soon. However, learning English has always been difficult for me, but I had decided to try anyway because I was unable to wait. So I did it.  It was very difficult to the beginning, I had searched for many words in a dictionary to understand, and slowly but surely, it begun to be easier. I’m just finished to read ‘’The pagan lord’’, and after reading three books in English, if I cannot consider myself bilingual yet, I’m really better now and it’s a very good thing for someone who live in a big sea of hundreds millions of English people. I want to thank you for that; your books gave me the motivation to learn. Maybe my present message is not perfectly written, but it’s the first time I’m writing so long in English. It’s a start!
I look forward to read ‘’the empty throne’’, and I’m sure it will be a great pleasure to read the next part of Uhtred’s story.

Some writers just write words. But you make art with words. When I’m read it, your imaginary become real in my mind, and I can walk inside the world of your characters.
A masterful entertainment like they are few.





I've read all your books, Thomas of Hookton is by far my favorite character, you must write more about him,,,pleaseeeeeeeee!


Dear Mr. Cornwell:

I am writing to support the kickstarter campaign for a film adaptation of Macbeth starring Sean Bean, but now feel compelled to gush foolishly over your Sharpe series. I have read all the books and continually reread in order so that Richard Sharpe's life is always in progress, no matter what else I am reading.

I confess I own all the books (and Adkin's Companions) and am collecting the ebooks.

I also love the television series and Sean Bean, and am amazed at how the books and tv series coexist in my mental Sharpe world; I find the book Sharpe dominates, but I hear Sean Bean's voice (I believe you have said something similar about the voice). Anyway, the books are a great pleasure and haven for me, and I wait breathlessly at your mercy for another.

I hope I have not defeated my original purpose of providing information that you likely already have anyway, but found I was a fan just waiting to babble!

Please consider the following, and share with who you choose.

Thank you.

Enemy of Man is a new feature length film adaption of Macbeth starring Sean Bean, Charles Dance and Rupert Grint and it needs help to be made. I've backed it (I am not affiliated, just a fan).  You might be interested.


Thank you.
Lot Lake


I am interested, and thank you. I went to see Sean’s Macbeth twice in London . . it was magnificent!  So thank you – I hope other visit the Kickstarter site and take a risk by contributing!


You alone were my gateway into reading. Thank you.

Patrick Etheridge



I just want to send you lots of greetings from the Czech Republic. I am one of the millions of fans of your amazing and exciting books.  Although I have read only about 14 of your historical novels, I´m going to read most of them. Now I „work“ on Nathaniel Starbuck chronicle but Uhtred of Bebbanburg was my first. So I´m really looking  forward to The Pagan Lord. I wish you a lot of energy and entusiasm for your future work.
Thank you very much for your books and good luck.
Jan Hrdina, Zdar nad Sazavou, Czech Republic.


Hi Bernard,

Hope you're well, I'm just writing to say how much I'm enjoying your Sharpe novels. I can just about remember watching the ITV series when I was a kid - I think dad loved Sean Bean as much as my mum did! - and now Sharpe and I have just got to Portugal. I read your books on the train back from work and this May I'm on holiday in Spain where I'm really looking forward to reading Sharpe's Gold and getting a bit closer to the action! Thank you for the detail and for the adventures,


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