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Hello Mr. Cornwell,


I am writing to congratulate you on your Last Kingdom Series of novels. They are a very enjoyable read, so much so that listening to audio books of your novels has turned my daily commute through rush hour traffic from a maddening experience into one that I actually look forward to! Uhtred has even inspired me to take up studying sword play to help me cope with my midlife crisis. Who needs counselling?! Thanks and please keep the novels coming.

Aaron Bashirian


I have read of your series, the Starbbuck, the Sharpe and the Last Kingdom Series for which I am looking forward to the next two books.  You have ensured that your books are hard to put down and remain a wonderful colour of historical information entwined with your own imaginative thinking which carries the reader even further into the era which you are portraying.  I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of myself and my wife Leanne who has also read the Last Kingdom series (a late developer!!) for the wonderful gift of story telling that you are able to share with us.

Kind regards,



Hello mr. Cornwell,


I only would like to take a bit of your time to thank you here. I've just finished Sword Song and i felt i needed to thank you for yet again another great book. With 6 more to go i know i will be in a readers heaven. So: thank you!


Greetings from the Netherlands,


Stan Vlieg


Dear Mr.Cornwell,

As an avid reader of all your books - thank you for Fools and Mortals - just brilliant.

What a film it would make, another ' Shakespeare in Love'?

With thanks,

Clayton McCann.


hello (again), Bernard.

I have just finished "Fools and Mortals", and I wanted to say "thank you" for the pleasure it gave.

I have to admit, my anticipation wasn't as great as it would have been over another "Uhtred" or "Sharpe" installment, but as I read everything you publish, it was a given that I'd persevere. Sorry - that sounds like reading your books is a chore - it isn't, but some characters get a hold of you.

But I was bowled over. At times I was grinning like an idiot with pleasure at it.

Timing was perfect, as I was thoroughly unsociable one Christmas having received both your Waterloo book AND Dan and Peter Snow's souvenir book ,and did almost nothing till I'd completed both. Then read Sharpe's Waterloo for the umpteenth time for good measure...now I'm going to be "present".

"Fools and Mortals" is a great story, well-plotted, well-told, and I couldn't wait for the end. Just loved it.....thanks again.



I'm re-reading Gallows Thief and enjoying it as much the second time as I did before, when it was first published. I'd be happy if it someday became a series with as many books as Sharpe, my other favorite among your works.

Thanks for all the good reading.

Margaret Hoyt


I really have enjoyed your books over the years. Thank you for making my dull life a little more exciting.

Ed Henuber


Just finished Warriors and ordered The Flame Bearer. Read 2-3 mysteries every week.

Used to not read historicals, Read the first Saxon, and, as a result, 15 historicals a year.

The Saxon series is not only informative, but fun.

John Vanderhoof


Hi Bernard


I've just come across an old article from the Telegraph on the internet where you'd found that your biological family are Oughtreds.  I've just discovered that Oughtreds are in my family tree, including the one at Crecy. Also all Oughtreds are descended from the one family.


Kind regards



PS I loved the Sharpe books and TV films.




Well, all up to date with Uhtred....just finished the flamebearer...very disappointed......that I have to wait until next year for the hext installment.



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