Written by: Ken Grimwood

Submitted By: Robert Douglas

Perhaps one of the most bizarre yet intriguing plots ever to appear on the scene, 'Replay' tells the story of Jeff Winston - a middle-aged man, with a low-paid job, a strained marriage, and no children to comfort his increasing age. Perhaps tomorrow will make a difference? But then Jeff dies of a heart-attack. Or does he? Because instead of heaven, or re-birth into a next life, or even a dark void, he finds himself back in 1963 at the age of 18! And this is only the tip of a very perplexing iceberg. For Jeff's memories of pre-1988 are intact, therefore he can relive with life and hope to correct his 'mistakes', perhaps even manipulate the world with his knowledge of the 'future'. However, things are never that easy, and matters are about to get even more complicated....

'Replay' is certainly one of the most fascinating stories I've ever read, perhaps best put into the same category as that of John Wyndham. And it's a page-turning novel very difficult to put down.