Separated Lives

Written by: Lynn Assimacopoulos

Submitted By: Lynn Assimacopoulos

(This review submitted by the book's author)

Received a kind reply from Mr. Cornwell to comment on my latest book--so here it is! I am a retired nurse who has always loved to write since I was 8 years old have written for professional journals as well as other books and poetry.  My new book called "Separated  Lives" is a true story about a skeptical search for my son’s friend Ryan who wishes to find his birth parents.  After I consent to help I take him on a fascinating but uncertain and sometimes tearful journey with unexpected twists and turns in many directions.  Readers’ comments about the book have been that it is “highly engaging”, “an emotional roller coaster” and “reads like a private diary”.  I am hopeful that my adventure will be of help in their own search.