Written by: Jake Douglas and Georgia Barnes

Submitted By: Robert Douglas

Yes, the surname is no coincidence, I am indeed the younger brother to Jake Douglas! This book is a collection of talented poetry encompassing an interesting relationship between authors Jake and Georgia. I remember that Jake had in fact written quite a number of poems but many of these were somehow lost during troubled times. Certainly, most of these verses reflect difficult, dark periods, influencing the theme - so I often like to think of him as the 'Woody Guthrie of Poetry'! However, he used such depression as a focus to achieving some fantastic work. Georgia used to be an English teacher and deputy head, so she's more than qualified to present some thought-provoking poetry of her own. Furthermore, she is a keen, ambitious businesswoman and never afraid to take on a challenge or a bold endeavour. So, what's the future story for Jake and Georgia? Who can say, only time will tell. But I've a sneaky, hopeful feeling this will be the first of several volumes to come in their saga!