Legionary: The Emperor’s Shield

Written by: Gordon Doherty

Submitted By: Gordon Doherty

(This review submitted by the book's author)

"The novel is thick with adventure, intrigue, and high drama. Doherty is a skillful author who draws the reader in with the force of his vision." - Historical Novel Society

386 AD. The Eastern Roman Empire faces a trident of threats. The Gothic truce grows unstable. The standoff with Persia escalates. And the ambitions of the usurper on the Western throne grow dangerously unchecked.


Pavo, a broken veteran of the legions, cares for none of these things. His life is one of pastoral seclusion on his Thracian farm. A life of love, of peace. His wife and young son are his world. Still, every so often, things seen and done in his old life haunt him, like a cold and unwelcome breeze. But that is all they are, echoes of the past…


…until the past rises, like a shade, to rip his world and the Roman Empire apart.