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Dear sir;

I just finished war of the wolf, and wanted to let you know what a finely crafted tale you have gifted us with !! Thank you, and continued blessings to you and your family!


jerry carmody



Hello Mr. Cornwell!

It’s currently 1 in the morning where I live, (Bolton, Mass) and I just finished Uhtred’s story. I wanted to thank you for providing me with countless hours of enjoyment and curiosity to learn and expand my grasp of world history.

I also thoroughly enjoyed King Arthur’s tale and am currently listening to Stonehenge on my daily walks with my dogs. (Keeble is incredible) Agincourt will be my next undertaking.

Thank you for writing characters I feel I can understand and care for. You’ve inspired me to write as well and hopefully one day you may see my book on a shelf or more likely, in a discount bin.

Thank you again for your hard work and I will be praying for you and your family!

Nathaniel Cornett


Dear Mr Cornwell,

ever since I started reading "The Last Kingdom" in 2007, I've been a huge fan of yours, your writing style and imagination, your storytelling energy, your characters. And since then I've read almost every one of your books, mourned the loss of his loved ones with Uthred  , traveled the Iberian Peninsula with Sharpe, stood in the rain at Azincourt with Nicolas Hook (at least 4x)... and so on.

I can't even write down all the moments I've had thanks to you. But i am greatful for everyone!

There are now more than 50 of your books on my shelf and every time I hold a new one in my hand, a new adventure begins, a new holiday in my head.

I can't really put it into words, but I would like to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the beautiful hours and days, thoughts and experiences!!!

I wish you and your loved ones all the best and good health! (And of course, like always, I am really looking forward to your next book.)

With the very best regards

Tim Epperlein



PLEASE return to the Starbucks series and at least bring it to a conclusion. You’ve left us hanging for YEARS!  Not fair to your readers.

Excited to see a new, totally unexpected Sharpe book coming out soon!  Thank you!

Ken Thompson


Thank You for keeping Richard Sharpe alive and active.  I am looking forward to your latest effort.

John Edward Bibish


Dear Sir,

I wanted to send you a small greeting and say thank you for your books.  i am in my mid 50s now and I have been reading your books for some time now.  The characters you have created and the history you have taught has been greatly appreciated.  In my younger days as a soldier, sitting in some distance place far from home.  It has been a God send and a saving grace to have a copy or three of your books with me.  So thank you again for your dedication to your work and for the wonderful characters you have created, Harper, Sharpe, Father Biocca and so many more.  Thank you.

Scott Roach


I have just finished War Lord, I feel genuinely upset that I won't hear what Uhtred and Finnan will get up to! They are such wonderful characters and I have truly loved the series. I just wanted to thank you for many hours of joy. I am half way through Sharpe which I also love! I hope Sharpe and Harper have a fitting end too! I just wanted to thank you for your books, they are truly magnificent, you are a genius!

Richard Firbank


Mr. Cornwell

I wanted to thank you for all of your brilliant works.   You have kept me entertained and enthralled with all of your stories.   I work as a letter carrier and have hours everyday to listen to podcasts and audiobooks.    Richard Sharp, Uhtred of Bebbenberg, Nathaniel Starbuck and Lord Derfel have been my constant companions as I complete my rounds. You bring history to life as few have ever done.   I wish you well.


Jamie Corke



Dear Mr.Cornwell,

I would like to thank you for writing the Saxton Series of books.

I'am currently down to reading the last 3 books of the series, and I have found each one spell Bounding, and made me eager to begin the next book. I love all the charchters, but my. all time charchter is Finan.

So thank you again.

A new fan of a great series of books,

Kim Dubois


I just wanted to express my appreciation for Mr. Cornwell’s writing. Having watched the show The Last Kingdom I decided to embark on the journey through his books and although I am only 100 pages into the book my journey will be sad when it concludes. Thank you sir. There are many artist I wish  I had let know my appreciation. You’re the first.

Take care.

Velven York