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I want to thank you for bringing me back to reading. The way you write and detail every aspect of the story, whether in battles or walks through valleys, it is so beautiful. It reawakens my childhood imagination and with your ability to tie it in so closely with true history has made you my favorite author. I have no questions, I just wanted to thank you for your work. Much appreciated!


-Quinn Laird



I hope you are well. I wanted to extend my thanks to you for your books. I have been a dutiful reader of all your series and stand alone novels. Inspiration to explore the historical worlds you have brought to life is truly a joy and I am indebted to you for that alone.

I just purchased your latest Sharpe book today. I now have them all in hardback to enjoy in my retirement. My library has Uhtred, Thomas, Durfel and Starbuck all together right along with Dick Sharpe.

God bless you. Thank you again.



Dear Bernard.

I just want to thank you for the pleasure your books have given me over the years. Starting with the Saxon series then going onto your great Warlord trilogy,now i`ve started on Sharpe. All great and i`d just like to heap praise on you-  being a Aussie of Irish descent -  on how you treat the Irish in your books. You give them respect in all i`ve read. Slainte

Wayne John Mcauliffe



I recently discovered your fantastic Richard Sharpe series and have quickly binged through series #7.  I am a 72 year old American who was enthralled as a 15 year old as I felt chills throughout my body as I eagerly read about of the exploits of Horatio Hornblower.

I just wanted to know that I feel those same chills as I read your Richard Sharpe series. I only wish that I had discovered this series earlier and lament that I have only 15 to go.

Neill McDonald


Dear Mr Cornwell.

I am contacting you to say “Thank you” for the wonderful and now relatable Sharpe books. I was not keen on the T.V series, but the books are fantastic.

My wife and I moved from the N.E of England to Portugal. We live in a tiny village called Avô and experience daily the rugged terrain, weather and stoicism of the Portuguese. We are very fortunate to live here. We were in an even smaller village last week enjoying the river views and saw a new plaque describing how the vastly outnumbered Portuguese forces had held off the French troops trying to cross the river. The history you so eloquently describe is on our doorstep. We need to and will explore further afield. Badajoz is a must!

Again Thank you for the history, the facts, the Bodice Ripping and the sheer joy of your books.




Short and sweet. I have just finished re-reading all the Sharpe novels. Thank you for some of the best reading ever! Everything was even better than I remembered the second time around. Such great entertainment and so many fulfilling moments. Many, many thanks.

Johnnie Holmes


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I have just finished the entire Richard Sharpe series and the entire time I kept thinking how Sharpe and Harper reminded me so much of the adventures of  C.S. Forester's Hornblower and Bush that I read as a child 50 years ago. I must say you have equaled if not bettered Forester's Hornblower whom I have reread many times over for the shear joy of reading beautifully written stories. While Sean Bean was my first introduction to Sharpe, my first encounter with your writing was the wonderfully bloodthirsty pagan Uhtred. Only recently did I start on Sharpe beginning with the original series and then filled in the rest. I kept wondering, what did happen at Assaye? Now I know, as a history major in college I really appreciate the attention to detail how you weave historical fact and fiction together beautifully. I just wanted you to know the joy I got and still cherish from C.S. Forester's books as a boy have been reinstilled  by your writing, Sharpe, Harper and Uthred now join Hornblower and Bush in my pantheon of heros. I can't thank you enough. I hope life finds you and family well and happy.

Thank you.

David Sumners


Hello, Bernard, how are you?

I ask you to forgive me, English is not my native language, so I'm using Google Translate to write this message.

My name is Gabriel and I'm Brazilian, I live in the state of São Paulo.

The reason for this message is that I just finished reading the 13th book of the Uhtred saga, which was very important to me because before March 2016, I didn't have the habit of reading. But that changed when I read "The Last Kingdom".

Since then, I've become an active reader, and seeing the "end" of the journey of such an iconic character was incredible.

I take this opportunity to express my gratitude for your work and for influencing me to enjoy literature. It's important to me that you know this.

A big hug, I hope that one day you come to Brazil, so I can ask for an autograph and take a photo with you.

P.S.: The Arthurian Trilogy is the best work you've ever done; I reread it every two years. To me, it's a work that taught me a lot about friendship, forgiveness, love, maturity, and happiness.




I do hope this finds you well.

I don't usually send fan mail, but this needed to be said.

I've finished your take on Arthur and the Knights of the round table and I'm absolutely floored.

I've been a Sharpe fan and picked up the Warlord series as consequence and I have to say it's a favorite.

The character development was amazing! I wanted to hate Guinevere until she turned my heart towards a more mature response and I felt Lancelot got more than he deserved from the start. I wanted to strangle Arthur for his lack of ambition and I desperately hoped his vision of Britain would be fulfilled. I believed in the magic of old Britain until I could hear Merlin telling me not to be a fool and I cried when Sansum returned Derfel's sword.

What a journey! I owe you my gratitude for an amazing story experience.

I've picked up the Last Kingdom series next and I can't wait to begin!

Thank you again!

Sara P