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Thank you for your freely given writing advice and for all of your wonderful novels.  From Derfel Cadarn, to Thomas of Hookton, and Sharpe following their steps, I have been taken to wonderful places, amazingly detailed battles and met your vivid cast of characters.

Your work has inspired my own style (in mainly speculative fiction), to the point one of my readers described me as the Bernard Cornwell of Power Armour.  It gave me a boost and chuckle both - I hope it proves the same for you.

One day, perhaps I will be good and successful enough to be worthy of such a compliment.

Thank you, for all of your hard work, generosity, and many hours of enjoyment - please keep writing!

David Marshall.


I just finished reading the last of the Warlord Chronicles, and I felt I needed to reach out and say this was easily my favorite book series of all time. I have so much love and appreciation for the characters, they are realistically flawed and yet I appreciate them exactly for those flaws, as well as their virtues. Frankly this is the standard to which I will always hold all Arthurian tales from now on. From beginning to end I was absolutely enthralled and I feel a compulsion to pick them up and start all over again. I am so grateful I got to read these books, and I am looking forward to exploring your other works!


Thank you and all the best,



I felt very touched by young Pat Bee. Loved the Italian mother and little Pat ending with his monkey but I would like to feel he found a safe haven, perhaps with big Pat who was so enchanted by the Paris monkeys.  Needless to say, despite being 77 I have a young heart, loved Uhtred and this latest Sharpe absolutely spot on.

Trudi Skipp



Thank you so much for the new Sharpe novel, Sharpe's Assassin, it was a real page turner.  While I enjoyed the Last Kingdom Series and the Grail Quest Series  (Uhtred and Thomas of Hooton  are fascinating characters), I must say that Sharpe series was my favorite and I truly enjoyed "reuniting" with Richard and Patrick.  I can only hope you will write another adventure for him.

Best and keep writing,



Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I am Guilherme, one of his thousands Brazilian readers. I am writing to thank you for the Warlord Chronicles.

I’m a great admirer of your novels. I’m a history buff and I’ve learned quite a bit of history through your novels. I particularly enjoy the detailed descriptions of the battles you deftly describe.

Thanks for everything you wrote (I loved The Fort and Agincourt very much).



Thank you About The Last Kingdom…


Uhtred change my lyie. I’m brasilian, and my only dream is travel to England and see all things. Bebbanburg, all museums, and you, but is so hard to me, but, the destiny is all! Thank you so much

Luiz Eduardo



Sharpe's Assassin

I loved this story so much but I really thought you were going to kill our hero off!  it was very exciting, thrilling and nail-biting.  I turn 75 in a week's time and this was my 50th Cornwell book - so a celebration in both ways.  Thank you again for a wonderful book.

Ginny Goodall


Another Starbuck! I read all the Sharpe series (brilliant, I live in France and now have handy facts about the UK's and Napolean's influence around the country) and now waiting for delivery of the last Starbuck, and I agree they are in some ways similar but the historical context is very different. You are pretty much my main source of learning about these historical wars (got glossed over at school and I'm never going to read a dense factual book about them) and I really want to learn more about the American civil war. Nate's story is great, and learning about the deep north-south divisions and complexity of ending slavery is helpful for understanding current USA politics and the American perspective. Pleeeeaaase!

Sarah Jones


Hello Bernard,

I’ve just seen that a new book came out last year, Sharpe’s Assassin. I completely missed this, but I will be buying a copy straight away.

I’m ashamed to say I’m not a big reader of books, but the Sharpe stories had me hooked in my teens during the ‘90’s.  I always enjoyed the few pages at the end of each book where you wrote about the battles and where you had used real events for Sharpe.

Being from West Yorkshire, I perhaps felt a connection with the books as Sharpe originally joined the 33rd.

Anyway, all I want to say is, thank you for the adventures and I’m looking forward to reading what happens to Sharpe and Harper when they march again in the latest one.

All the best,



Hello Bernard

and a happy 2022 to you and your family. Thanks for the latest Sharpe offering and as ever it was both eagerly devoured and greatly enjoyed and it was great to be reunited with an old friend. In a world gone mad there are still a few certainties that continue to delight. Sharpie, Uhtred and the Poms getting bums kicked in the Ashes. Though as I get older I am disappointed that there is no real contest and I honestly do feel sorry for the English fans as a cricket lover.

Thanks and I hope your passion and health continues to be robust.

Kindest Regards

Stuart Keating

Broadford Australia