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I've never sent a message to a author or public figure before but seeing that this is the last uthred book I felt I wanted to let you know how inspiring your work has been to me over decades. I've read all your books and was especially inspired by Sharpe, uthred and your tales of longbowmen. I read sharpes adventures in boyhood and ended up serving ten years in the British army in a infantry unit as a result of family history, my passion for our country and its history but also possibly a bit more than I'd like to admit was of the imagination created by yourself and your characters inbedded in history. I was reading Sharpe laying on my own fighting kit in between fighting rolling Street battles in Iraq. Uthred is another inspiring character, hard, fair, determined and won't give up. These insights into another's mind can't help but make all your readers aspire to be a little more resilient. The fascination with our history has led me to serve our country, became a Woodcraft and wilderness skills instructor and Traditional English Bowyer making medieval war bows/longbows  for a living and a bit of a ametuer historian. If you'd like to check out my work my at philbrookelongbows there's links on there to my social media with lots of images of my work. If you ever want a fully working warbow for yourself to have as a display please let me know as it would be very satisfying to know you had one. Also there's no angle, I'm not looking for promo or anything like that. It would just be fitting to know the master wordsmith had a master Bowyers bow! Thanks again and hope to read many more of your books. Fingers crossed we get another tale of the longbow men to inspire us working class folk! My bookshelf is packed high with your books waiting for my kids to grew into them.

All the very best.

Phil Brooke



That’s wonderful, thank you! And it’s so good to know that you’re making a living manufacturing warbows! We might need you yet. I looked at the websites and am wholly impressed by what you do and thank you so much for getting in touch!


Dear Mr Cornwell,

I just want to say a HUGE thankyou that you are currently writing another Sharpe book.  Oh happy day!  My (complete) collection of the books is very well thumbed, and I look forward with great anticipation to publication.

Now I'm off to run down a copy of War Lord, published to-day I think.  Take good care of yourself.

Kind regards,

Carolyn Stiegler.


Dear Sir,

Truly I love your books, especially the Saxon Stories/Last Kingdom. I’m waiting on #13 War Lord to arrive from England next week. I read that you dedicated it to Alexander Dreymon and I appreciate that so much!! He is a fabulous actor portraying an awesome character in an excellent book series.

Again, thank you so much!!


Kimberly Queener


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I retired last year and having free time, I decided to do some reading.  I love history, so while at the library I stumbled on Agincourt and loved it.  Although fictional, I found myself googling the characters and places and was amazed at the accuracy of details.  Since the library has a large selection of your books, I have followed that up with 1356, Heretic and I have just completed the Winter King.  Since you have a forum to allow your readers to contact you, I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the hours of enjoyment your writing has given me.  I look forward to reading more of your books, they are truly entertaining.

Don Gualtieri



Thank you. I have just received the book in the War Lord series (signed copy). I once asked you will we both survive to see the last book in this series. I believe we are both in our mid 70's. I myself had a couple of occasions when I would not see the last book..

Good luck to you and stay clear of this corvid-19 virus.

Thanks for a good read.



Just to say thank you for 14 years of Uhtred and the lessons in Anglo-Saxon history. It is wonderful to live in Wessex with a much deeper appreciation of the history in the countryside around us and how England came to be. And thank you for Sharpe too!

Hugh Harper


Hello Bernard

I finished reading War Lord very late last night and wanted to say thank you for the hours (its probably days all told) of pleasure I've had reading the series' 13 books, learning about the history they piggyback and telling anyone who will listen about this pivotal era. Growing up near Wareham (I am a West Saxon) and the remnants of its Alfredian fortifications, Alfred the Great was always my history hero so when I started reading the books in 2007 I was instantly hooked. They inspired me to write my dissertation on burhs and the Burghal Hidage and ultimately pointed me in Sharpe's direction (for which I should also thank you). I'm wistful today, thinking about the years I've fizzled through since I picked The Last Kingdom up in Waterstones, Dorchester and first met Uhtred and grateful for your talent and the companionship the books have given me. Thank you again.

Greg Walsh


Thank you Bernard for the wonderful Q & A you did last week on platform Fane (I'd never heard about this platform before!). It was absolutely fantastic, I loved the interviewer too! My partner Patrick is a huge fan of your books so I surprised him with it.


Thanks so much, it was such a great experience! Good luck with your next books and I hope you and your family will have a good rest of the year!




Bonjour Bernard,

I want to thank you for providing me with such a good friend, Uhtred will be missed, I loved his story! thank you very much, I am at lost for words since I am also a bit sad!

thank you very much! I did enjoy every minute of his story!

Martin Proteau


I listened to your inheritance tracks on radio 4 on Saturday and have just heard the piece again properly. It’s quietly most inspirational so thank you so much. I have passed it on to my daughters and grandchildren.

Jane Griffin


First time in my life I have ever done this sort of thing and I am four years older than you.i did not know your name, sorry, but as I was travelling to the local garden centre this am I heard,purely by accident,your interview on radio 4. A truly serendipitous moment.

Your thoughts on Faure (plus accent ) are totally coincident with mine. In my will there is a specific request that Faure’s In Paradisium be played at my funeral.....a far off event I hope..so much of what you said was so good to hear and I only wish I had a recording of it Keep well and , as you would say, keep scribbling !

Thank you for a nice Saturday morning ‘s drive, keep well and live long.

A new disciple,