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I have been a voracious reader of fantasy, adventure and history (and historical fiction) since I was a teenager in the 70's. I find literature to be better than movies and TV because your brain must do all the heavy lifting to paint the story in your head, not a director. And when literature both educates and entertains, nothing can be better then that. I've not found anyone who does this near as well as you. Rest when you need to, you certainly deserve it, but please write more novels and narratives for us as often as you can. We can't be too educated or too entertained. So get to it Derfel. (And sorry this message took so long to send)

Steve Wittie


Dear Sir,

I have followed your work for over 30 years.  Always a Richard Sharpe fan, I grew to read your other series as well.  Uhtred takes a bit with the older spellings and pronounciations.  However, this becomes easier the second time around.  I have Assassin open currently, and Sharpes Honor (to my right) just finished a third time or so.  Reading takes away the current stress and relaxes the mind allowing the individual to seek a more objective approach to current challenges.  I find answers subconciously or casually while reading that occur to me while my mind takes a brief holiday in fiction.  Thank you for your excellent work.  We look forward to reading your work for many years to come.  Expecting you to write far into your 90s and until you are at least 100.

Sincerely, John K. Bedway.

P.S. be so kind as to "stash" a few unpublished Sharpe Novels to be published after you have departed so that we may all celebrate your work long after you have gone.  PPS: I am currently working on my first novel.  The creativity and storyline are there.  Format needs a bit of polish.  Am writing faster....the bills are due.  Thanks again for all your literary contributions.  Better than many doctors and at least one or two vacations i have taken.




Dear Mr. Cornwell,

My name is Joseph and I am a senior engineering major at the University of Mississippi. I will hopefully be commissioned as an Army infantry officer soon.

I first came into contact with your work when I was 13 and I saw the Last Kingdom TV Series. I was immediately drawn to the world you created and began reading the Saxon Stories. I continued reading the series as the books came out and it has become my favorite book series. Largely based on my love for your books, I started teaching myself Old English. This was hard at first, especially since I am from a small town in Alabama. I kept up the work throughout high school and was lucky enough to have an English teacher my senior year who helped me read through Beowulf. I continued reading your books and learning more about the Anglo-Saxons and in college for an engineering project, I actually made a Saxon shield where I engraved the Wyrd bith ful aread quote into the shield boss. I used traditional woodworking and metalworking practices, and even though my Professor was confused by the language he couldn't read, he still gave me an A.

Even though the Saxon Stories are my favorite of your books, I have also thoroughly enjoyed the Sharpe Books. the Warlord Chronicles, and have just finished the Archer's Tale which I loved. I already have a copy of Vagabond so I will start reading that shortly.

I sincerely thank you for writing these books because they have provided me with countless hours of enjoyment. I grew up reading your books and even though I have changed in many ways since I was 13, your books still never fail to grab my attention and keep me enthralled. Thank you for all of the work you have done to bring your worlds to life. You are truly my favorite author and I am grateful for all of your work,

Very Respectfully,

Joseph Baxter


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I have not written for favors. I just wanted to say thank you. I've just finished The Winter King. I have read Arthur legends since childhood and this one is by far my favorite. Thank you for sharing such an amazing experience.

With sincerest admiration,



Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the Last Kingdom series.

If only we had books like yours when I was at School - I may have actually enjoyed history lessons!

Love the humour, the sarcasm, the excitement and the build up - thank you.

Lisa Hird


Mr. Cornwell,

I am just finishing with "The Winter King" and will start "The Enemy of God" next.  This is the best book I think I've ever read.  I am 68 and just recently began reading again after retiring.  I have gotten so much joy from the Winter King.  I just wanted to say thank you for all your work.  Years ago I started the Sharpe Books but life got in the way and I never finished them - I plan to now.  I am totally "hooked" on your writing style - I know that is nothing new as so many have recommended you and given you high praise.  But I just wanted to say thank you from an old retired guy that spends most of my days reading now.  I am not able to travel much but through your books I can experience many people and communities.  Thank you Sir!

Rick Endicott


Hello Mr Cornwell,

I just want to say ever since i came across Sharpe's Eagle in a library many years ago, I have read all of your books time and time again. My favourites are the warlord chronicles. I hope the upcoming tv series does justice to you and your excellent storytelling.

Tony Burns



About 8 years ago, a friend and I were discussing Arthurian novels.  I said I was really looking for a more original approach.  He suggested The Winter King.  I ordered and read all three of the novels and then The Last Kingdom popped up on TV.  I bought and read the hardback version and was hooked.  Uhtred was my kind of character.

Over the years I have continued to intersperse the Saxon novels with other books of interest.

Today, I finished War Lord, in my opinion the very best of a wonderful series of novels.  I'm glad it ended the way it did.  I now sit back with that certain WOW feeling a reader so rarely gets to experience.  I thank you for that.  My historian friend and West Point classmate has also read this series, happy that someone finally acknowledged the important role Aethelflaed played in the shaping of Englaland.

At 81, I seldom reread books.  but if I live long enough, I will redo this wonderful series.  Thank you for your efforts and research in bringing forth this extraordinary tale.

The Grail Quest beckons.

Very respectfully,

Bob Orr



I wanted to let you know how much pleasure your books bring to my life. I am rereading the Last Kingdom Series.  Recently I was able to replace my PB copy of The Pale Horseman with a first edition - and it has its book jacket!.  I prefer hardback books of my favorite authors - actually there are only three and you are one of them. The other is Taylor Caldwell and Barbara Wood. As I get older I have found that I need to downsize but your books, which include entire series are treasures and have traveled from NYC to Florida and now to Virginia.  Being able to reread your books is a huge boon as I suffer from "abibliophobia' - the fear of running out of reading material! Thank you so much for your hard work.


Wendy Wells


Good Morning Bernard,

I've just finished rereading Sharpe’s Fury and realised one of the locations was at a placed called Barrosa. North of Adelaide South Australia is the Barossa Valley an incredible wine growing region. It was named by Colonel William light in honor of the battle fought at Barrosa. The name was mispelt and ended up as Barossa. Colonel Light fought in that campaign. He came to South Australia as surveyer general when the state was settled in 1837. He chose the site for Adelaide and designed the street layout for the new city. That layout was visionary and still serves Adelaide well. I never realised that South Australia had this connection to the war in Spain until I got curious about the battle at Barrosa.

Thanks for all the novels.

Rob Moores