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Dear Mister Cornwell

Let me start off by thanking you for your contribution of historical novels you’ve blessed our generation with. Whilst I still haven’t managed to read all of your books, and i doubt I will as I’m not the best reader of books, I appreciate all that I have read thus far. On this occasion I write to you not only to thank you but out of an impulse to communicate and share my feelings immediately after finishing your book - Sharpe’s Triumph. I’ve been chasing Sharpe’s journey for the last two and a half decades. Growing up my family would come together to watch Sean Bean’s version of a 6ft+, dark-haired, Londoner and admittedly it was bloody good! Eventually I started reading your novels and realised that there was a wealth of background to Sharpe’s story that the television series didn’t even touch upon, not to mention things that they had seriously mixed up. It’s now my second time round reading the Sharpe novels from start to finish in chronological order and this time the story has hit me even harder. With all the knowledge of where Sharpe started to where he ends up (at least for now), I couldn’t help but shed a tear when General Wellesley decided to offer Sergeant Sharpe a commission and call him Mister Sharpe. I felt so glad for the man that I was buzzing - a tingling feeling went through my body. It was that powerful! Truth be told, I can no longer erase the image of a blonde man, not much over 5ft 10 from Yorkshire playing the role of my favourite character of all time; but that’s alright!

I won’t bore you any more with my thoughts about Sharpe’s journey (all positive believe me) for I reckon that come the third time of reading the series, doubtless I’ll unlock another level of emotion and understanding.

I’ll leave you with this; my wife, who has zero interest in history, let alone British military history, asked me how she could improve her knowledge of English grammar and learn to communicate in a more sophisticated way. I immediately downloaded Sharpe’s tiger (e-book) onto her phone and told her to carry on. I pray she’ll learn to appreciate and love the series as much as I have.

Can’t wait for the new release!

All the best, sincerely meant.



For some years I have been following the Last Kingdom series via Harper Collins. During lockdown I re-addressed the books. Yesterday, 'War of th Wolf' came to  an end. I was delighted to listen to your commentary about the  series; the mixture of fact and fiction. We were both born in 1944 but I wrote  my last book in 2017; I have a maritime background and it covered the evolution and developments in the shipping industry since the war, so not very exciting at all !! So thank  you for entertaining me for so long. Stay safe and best wishes,

Andrew Lansdale


Sharpe rescued me.  As a Submariner reading was a great escape.  Down time was never really down time, patrolling the oceans of the world was always at the very least, tense.  Being able to escape with Richard Sharpe, Harper, Hagman, Harris, Wellington and Sgt Hakeswill to name but a few was a marvellous world to live in!  Thank you!  I'm not a history buff but did so enjoy the adventures.  Followed some years later with the TV films, fantastic.

At sea, reading for me was a tremendous relief, I would often read whole a series of books at once.  Yours were my favourites causing me many trips to Plymouth to restock.

If you're interested also towards top of my list...  Alexander Kent, who in my opinion created the Sea going version of Sharpe in Richard ( spooky) Bolitho.  JK Rowling, an escape to a real magical world, teenage fiction is marvelous! Lol.

Thanks for taking time to read this and thank for another glimpse into the life of Sharpe!

Andrew Welch


Just finished Heretic.  I was definitely entertained.  Your Sharp Books are also very much page turners.  Had to let you know your writing gift is enjoyed by a country bumpkin out here in Montana.  Kudos to you Bernard

Bruce Christiansen



I would just like to thank you for relighting my love for reading. Have been reading your Saxon Tales series after watching the Last Kingdom show on Netflix. I really enjoy it the way you tell Uhtred's story speaks to me in a way that I have never seen before. I am only on the 5th of 13 but I cannot wait to read the rest and start on another series of yours. Thank you again you are an amazing author and I hope that you come to Texas soon for a book signing.

A fan

Nick DeGroote


Mr. Cornwell,

I have read every one of your books over the years and your writing has become so much a part of my life that the logical progressions that you use I tend to use as well. I write stories as a hobby, and just finished a fantasy/military history story that I dedicate to you, as thanks for the many long hours of entertainment you have given me since I picked up a copy of 'Sharpe's Rifles' at the age of sixteen. Thank you, sir.

Michael Lake


Dear Bernard.

This might be of interest to you to read. Its a direct comparison of Wellington as a Commanding General with Prevost. It was done by Wellington's Brigade Commanders who clearly noticed a difference in quality in Command and it was not complimentary to Prevost.




Dear Bernard

I think this article will be of interest to you. One thing often said is a Rifle is slow to load but this article on Patrick Fergurson (of Kings Mountain fame) and his Breech Loading Rifle puts paid to that. He could fire 7 Rounds per minute. Howe was not a fan of his though and had it stopped. Though Clinton was a fan of his and brought him back





I'd first like to say what books of yours I have, all thirteen saxon stories, all three books from the Grail quest and 1356, all three warlord chronicles, rebel and copperhead and also the first eight Sharpe books. I'm also reading Azincourt at the moment. I'd also like to say thank you because if it wasn't for your Uhtred I probably wouldn't have read as much as I now have. So again I sincerely thank you.



P.s I'm waiting for Gallows thief as well.


Hello, I have really enjoyed reading your last kingdom series I have followed along with the tv series your are very talented writer.

Pete Dodson