Your Questions


Dear Sir,

A number of Old Hallifordians have suggested that you taught at the school.

Could you please clear this mystery up for us, as an avid reader of Sharpe, it would be a coup!!


Very kindest regards


Rob McDermott


It is true.....


Hi Mr Cornwell,

First of all I love your novels. I really feel I can get into the character. Putting myself in a skirmish clouded by smoke or looking out to a thorny hedge being hacked by French troops. I first started reading your books when I joined the Royal Navy. Thru got me through a lot of Watch keeping hours. I've always loved history and it's a credit to you to find a way into that 'moment that happened'.

You've mentioned in the Sharpe Novels about his upbringing and where he came from. I'd love to read something more from before Sharpe's Tiger or even his life in India.

(If you feel this is me giving ideas please ignore or get me to sign something by a lawyer stating I have no intention of politics and blah blah and such and such) Really looking forward to the new Sharpe's Assassin. Will this be printed in the Harper Collins Paperback version to go with the rest of my collection? (I dislike an odd spine in my collections haha) Thank you for your hard work, time and effort you put into your work.

With many thanks

Tony Hearn.


The paperback edition is usually published about a year after the hardback comes out.  I don't know what the paperback will look like yet!


Dear Bernard

I wondered if you'd ever been tempted to do a 1 off on the Siege and Battle of Cartagena which was pretty big at the time but forgotten nowadays




I haven’t been tempted – sorry. A ot of people suggest great sieges to me, but the only one that fascinates me is the siege of Malta – though I doubt I’ll ever write about it.



Dear Bernard

You probably get tired of people making suggestions about who to write about, but what about T E Lawrence?

There are many (history) books written about him, but no novels as far as i know I suppose the tricky part of writing that sort of story is that SO MUCH has been written about his life that it might be difficult to create a narrative that did not read like a history book!

Also, there are many fans of his that might be irritated by you playing fast and loose with their hero.

Hope you are keeping well in these trying times


Best Wishes


John B


I confess I’ve never been tempted to write about T.E. Lawrence, though of course he’s a fascinating character. I suspect we’d best leave it to David Lean’s great movie!


I have read the Sharpe's Rifles twice and have started a third time using Audible.  I love the stories and the sense of adventure.  Most important, is Sharpe's frustration on getting and keeping his captaincy.

This week I was able to watch much of the Sharpe TV series.  I was completely disappointed. Plenty of action.  But not much thought.  I stopped watching the TV series and continued to listen to the stories.

I've also read the Last Kingdom series.  Very good.  And I've watched the series on Netflix.  I enjoyed them both.  Perhaps it's the time between the reading and watching, but the Netflix presentation is very superior to the Sharpe series.

What did you think of the Sharpe TV series?  Do you agree that Kingdom is a better representation of your stories?

I enjoy and have read ALL of your work.




I take the view that my job is to put books on shelves, not pictures on screens.  If it happens, great!!!  But I just stay out of the way.


Hello Bernard,

firstly I’d like to say I’ve really enjoyed the last kingdom series. The Netflix series doos not do the novels any justice what so ever. Secondly is it likely that we might hear more about Finan, before he meets Uhtred? Lastly thank you very much for taking the time and the effort to write such fantastic work. I’m incredibly grateful

Best wishes

Drew Smith


I am not planning to add more to the series, but I'm glad to know you enjoyed the books!


Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed 'The Winter King' and am about to start 'Enemy of God.' Thank you for the respect you show to Welsh culture and traditions.  I suppose you know that Derfel became a saint but do you know the story about what happened when his statue was taken to London to be burnt at the time of the Reformation? There was a legend in the area around the shrine of Derfel that if Derfel fell, the forest would burn. When the statue was removed, some said the legend was proved untrue but other pointed to what happened to the statue. It was chopped up to form the pyre on which a priest was to be burnt. And the name of the priest? Father Forrest... Thanks again and should you ever be writing about Welsh matters in the future,  I'd be delighted to help with thoughts on matters of the Language.  Love your use of the word Sais, by the way. My late father referred to certain of his enemies as 'some Jac Sais or other.'

Myfanwy Alexander


Thank you for that! And no, I’d never heard the story of Derfel’s statue, but I like it (though sorry for poor Father Forrest). I did know Derfel became a saint and always regret that he somehow dropped out of the Arthurian stories – he deserved better!


Hello Mr Cornwell!!!

I hope this email will find you doing well.

I was wondering...

Which of the over 50 books that you are most proud to have written ?

All your books are remarkable and interesting but as an author you probably have special ones.

Thank you so much for keep writing amazing books.

Matheus Correa


That’s a bit like asking which of your children are your favourites, but I’ll confess to a sneaking liking for certain books – the Arthurian trilogy, because they were so interesting to write, the Waterloo non-fiction book, because it was a challenge, and I still like Gallow’s Thief a lot! But my favourite book? It’s always the next one – whatever that might be.



Recent finding of a queen whose husband passed in late AD 800.

I'm curious to know if she was one of the characters in your Last Saxon series, I'm guessing around the time of King Alfred.

Have loved your books for decades! Thank you for hours of happy reading!

Lyn A. Morris


Alas Queen Cynethryth lived much too early to feature in Uhtred’s story – so no, she’s not in the books.



I'm reading your book The Last Kingdom which is amazing btw. However, my question is it is written in first person. I noticed that you mix first person with third person words. Is that rule bendable in writing? Because I hear a lot of people say it is either one or the other. When I read yours it's a mix of both. So, is that allowed?

Marilyn Velez


I’m not sure what you mean by that. The book is all in the first person, at least I thought it was!  But is a rule bendable? Of course! Whatever works.