Day of the Caesars

Written by: Simon Scarrow

Submitted By: Ece

My first taste of the Eagle series (but certainly not the last), and probably one of the best historical novels I've read, written by one of the masters of the genre. The story is set in the Roman Empire, right at the end of Claudius' reign, and it focuses on various political tensions between the two possible heirs to throne: Britannicus, son of Claudius, and Nero, son of Agrippina (Claudius' late wife), from the point of view of two army officers (a centurion and a prefect). It is written with not poetic, but still a very beautifully used language. The characters are deep, with their emotions very well expressed. The plot is masterfully constructed and you feel every tension at its peak throughout the book, the descriptions are also very well. Would recommend it lovers of Ancient Rome and of historical/war novels.