Ego’s Odyssey

Written by: Robert Ensor

Submitted By: Robert Ensor

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Ego’s Odyssey is a psychological fantasy inspired by Greco-Roman history and mythology.

Following a terrible shipwreck, the young deck-hand Ego washes ashore on the uncharted island of Tyria, in the Olearic Sea. He wakes in the Snake-Temple of Esklepios, suffering from the plague and a broken back. His beautiful and mysterious nurse, Anima, uses very strange methods to heal her patients: she interprets their dreams, dreams sent to them by the god Eskelpios, and makes them talk about themselves. Ego learns that his illness and injuries originate in the mind, not the body, and that to be cured, he must peer into the darkest corners of his soul, and relive the horrors he endured aboard ship. He makes a full and miraculous recovery, but when he moves into the opulent palace of Tyria, and makes the acquaintance of the eccentric hermit Mentor the Madman, he soon discovers that there is more to Anima, the island of Tyria, and life itself, than he could ever have imagined. His physical odyessy may be over, but his spiritual journey has just begun. For Mentor promises to reveal Forbidden Wisdom known only to the gods themselves: the secrets of life, health, magic, enlightenment and immortality.