Written by: C.S Forester

Submitted By: Christopher Jespersen

Horatio Hornblower becomes infamous as soon as he steps aboard His Majestys Ship of the line Justinian in 1794 as a midshipman.
He soon becomes distinguished as the midshipman who was seasick in spithead.
But things are soon to change. Amid battle, action and adventure he proves himself again and again.
As war rouse he was transferred from the safe 74-gun Justinian to the 36-gun frigate Indefatigable under Captain Sir Edward Pellew.
One day Indefatigable observes a sunken English supply vessel who has been sunk by a Spanish frigate.
Amongst the survivors is the Honourable Captain Foster who soon sees Hornblower's ambition and recommends him to put himself forward for the examination for lieutenant.
He is about to fail when he observes a Spanish fireship in course for the English anchorage.
Hornblower and Captain Foster board the fireship and steer her away from the English ships!
After this heroic event Hornblower is promoted to acting lieutenant and takes over the French supply ship Le reve. He is asked to carry her grace the Dutchess of Warfdale home to England in the Le reve. Soon he is taken by the Spanish fleet and is sailed into harbour and thrown in prison. Here he soon meets Midshipman Kennedy who was lost several years ago.
When Hornblower observes a Spanish ship being chased onto a reef by the Indefatigable he rescues the crew and about a month after he is set free and promoted to lieutenant.