Sub Rosa – Sanctuary’s End

Written by: Patrick Sean Barry

Submitted By: Patrick Sean Barry

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Alexandria, Egypt, 391 A.D. The story takes place the day the Great Library burned. As the Bishop Theophilus of Alexandria implements the last draconian measures to seize complete control over the restive city, with the Roman Emperor’s support, one detail remains unresolved. Despite systematic attempts to arrest him, one mysterious stranger remains at large. The man who  is a master within an esoteric secret society―the Tekton Brotherhood―also inspires undying loyalty from adherents of a  Christian sect targeted for suppression by the bishop. Known by many names, those closest to the fugitive address him as Marcus Seanus. With a spiritual influence rivaling the ruthless and vindictive bishop, Seanus also possesses an ancient secret worth countless lives, while his fate and that of the Great Library of Alexandria are inexorably tied.