Autumn Leaves

‘I found this on You Tube and wanted to share it! Enjoy!’


This is a conversation with the wonderful Saul David about the novel 1356. It was blowing a gale in Bath that day, which is why I was having a Very Bad Hair Day!


See a video trailer about the new novel 1356.

Death of Kings

Watch a video on the latest Saxon book Death of Kings

The Fort

The Penobscot Expedition is an extraordinary story, one that has fascinated the author for years, and will now fascinate his readers. Summer 1779, a British force of fewer than one thousand Scottish infantry were sent to build a garrison in the State of Maine. The war of Independence was in its third year and no other British troops stood between Canada and New York. The State of Massachusetts was determined to expel the British, but when they sent a fleet of forty vessels to 'captivate, kill and destroy' they underestimated their enemies, calm in battle and ready for victory...