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Waterloo ... 4 days, 3 armies, 3 battles

Thank you!   I just wanted to say what a superb read.  I was captivated by your ability to bring the battles and soldiers to life; I could not put it down.

Brigadier (Retired) John Wolsey CBE



Hello again

I thought I'd guessed the identity of Sharpe's father as Dick Turpin but just checked he was hung in 1739 so will need to start thinking again




Hi Mr. Cornwell,

I'm a a 15 year old from the United States, who loves your books! I found the Sharpe's series particularly interesting and just wanted to let you know that these books were absolutely fascinating. The way that you portrayed Richard Sharpe's attitude toward the war totally captivated me. My favorite books in this series would have to be Sharpe's Tiger and Sharpe's Waterloo. I look forward to reading any other books that you write in the future.



Rayme Lacy


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

The saddest words written in the English language: "Mr. Sharpe returned to France and Harper to Ireland, and as far as I know, they lived happily ever after." I met Uhtred last June as school was ending and I had finished the Saxon Series before July. I read Agincourt as well, but the Sharpe series was even more fun for me than the Saxon tales...I plowed through each book and as I came closer to the end I began to dread finishing. I still have your other works and I'll probably end up getting your non-fiction book on Waterloo. I just wanted to say thanks for writing such enjoyable books and even more so for being such a prolific writer...you don't slow down much, thankfully! I love your books and I think it's been twenty or more years since I had this much fun following a series and characters. Keep up the excellent work. I am looking forward to the next Saxon story and Mr. Sharpe will always be one of my favorite heroes.


Clayton Trehal


hi there, noticed your upcoming book tour, bit disappointed you're not coming north of the border to Scotland.  Just ask if you would consider next time coming up so your Scottish fans can meet you.

keep up the amazing work and thank you for filling many a great time with your stories




I wish I were! And I’m not sure why we’re not, but I’ll pass your message on to the folk who arrange these things.



Dear Sir,

may I write you to express my great pleasure in reading your novels. I believe to own all of them, obviously those edited in Italy and also those which, for understandable reasons, have not been edited in my country. Seldom it happened to me to read fantasy stories, as the one of Sharpe is, so well integrated with the actual story of the Indian and the Peninsular wars. The reading of your books has been and still is a great pleasure to me. Best compliments! and wishes for your next works.


Emilio Macchi Alfieri



Subject: You shot my boredom in the face with a baker rifle, and it was awesome!


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

Great subject line, right?

Seriously though, thank you for all the good work you do. I have gotten many hours of enjoyment from your books. Since last May I’ve read all of the Sharpe novels, all the Thomas of Hookton books, Stone Hinge, all of the Saxon Tales following Utred’s adventures, and (most recently) your three Arthurian books.

I’ve been doing yacht deliveries all this time, so I have a great deal of time to kill when I’m not on watch. As a result my kindle has been quickly filling with your novels since I began in May 2013. You now occupy more of my hard drive than any other single author, a thorough and rapid conquest.

Even when I get home I can’t put your books down. Lately my girlfriend has been calling kindle my “other woman.” She’s jealous and it’s mostly your fault. Haha. Ah well…

I have been a big C.S. Forrester fan for years. I read the Hornblower books many times. They are what inspired me to become a seaman. When I was at UGA a fellow student in my French Rev class told me that Richard Sharpe was sort of Hornblower’s equivalent in the army. It was not until recently that I tested his theory, but I’m glad that I did. Sharpe’s adventures are every bit as entertaining as those of Horatio Hornblower, and they have inadvertently taught me a great deal about the Arthur Wellesley’s campaign on the Continent during the Napoleonic Wars.

The Sharpe novels, like all your books, are impeccably researched. I enjoy the historical note at the end of your novels almost as much as the books themselves. But, I think your talent really shines through when you situate your novels deeper in the mists of time. You frame mystery and superstition in the collective mind of your characters in a way that is truly magical. I am a fan of both historical fiction and fantasy/ sci fi. I've read pretty extensively from both disciplines, but never read an author who could marry the two so harmoniously. Where the documentation falls short your imagination does wonderfully entertaining things. My next read will almost certainly be one of yours, although Im starting to run out… :/

Keep up the good work!


Caleb G. Smith


Thank you!  I do like that subject line!


I started reading the Sharpe novels in 1988. I have read them all and am re-reading them in chronological order. I have always found the Napoleonic wars fascinating but wanted to read about them from the infantrymen's perspective. Your stories about Sharpe are the very best covering this time period. I hope that Sharpe and Harper will march again.

Ronald Gigler


I am very aware that you have had, more than  few, requests for this series to continue.  I, myself, sent you a note a few years ago asking for it.  I am not much of a reader any longer.  But when you published this series I devoured anything I could on the surrounding time period.  This made my vocabulary what it is today, to the point I am made fun of for how I speak.  I check back every couple of years to see if you have continued the series, or even if some overly intelligent individual has transformed it into a television series.  At this point in time, I can only assume, there is no anticipated return for Nate?  I am here to plead with you that to prove me wrong.

Adam Schleppi



Dear Mr Cornwell

I, too, have just finished The Bloody Ground. I join countless others in beseech ins you for more of Nathaniel Starbuck!

Alan Wallace


Thank you for making the life and times of Arthur and Alfred come alive so vividly.  The Arthur books have been the best I have read.(and I have read quite a few)   I did first read you in some of the Sharpe books that were recommended to me at the local used bookstore by the owner and have never been disappointed in your story lines, your knowledge of weaponry and tactics, and your writing style.  Many nights spent reading into the wee hours!

Brent Campbell