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Cheers and merry Christmas,

I am a new fan who started reading your books about 8 months ago. I started with the Grail quest series  then the Warrior chronicles. Then I moved to the Arthur books and now just finished the Starbuck books. I tend to stick with a author and as I read poke around non fiction works related to the same subject to gauge how much liberty ( if any) was taken by the author.  I really love historical novels and historical works in general.  As a US civil war buff I fell in love with the Starbuck books, so please don't tarry in bringing your fans more of his story. We won't care how close in line they are to your Sharpe's works. I am now going to begin those books now.

On another note I saw the new BBC version on the Warrior Chronicles and was not over happy but thought they did an alright job with what I have seen so far. I do get upset when movies or television do not follow the book. Please have a very Happy and  productive New Year.



Shannon Lee MacDonald

PS I will continue to bug you about Starbuck.


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I just wanted to say thank you. I caught the last kingdom tv series and was instantly enchanted. I read all 9 books out so far and wanted more, started reading the grail series and now would love to see that as a movie series.. Just saying!! you have new loyal fans that want more!!! Thanks

Joseph F



Just finished the eighth book series beginning with The Last Kingdom and ended with The Empty Throne. It was fantastic. 1 ½ month went quickly. Waiting for the Warriors of the Storm to be published in Finnish. Thank's a lot, Bernard.

Greetings from Finnland.

Jussi Löppönen


Hi Bernard,

Hope you had a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016.  Just wanted to pass along my congrats to the recent Netflix series The Last Kingdom.  Between you and I, I prefer the books much more to the series, but the series is pretty good on it's on merit.  I'm sure as an author, it must be a nice moment to see your work turned into a series.

As a fan, I remember first picking up your book in the airport on yet another business trip.  Once I got past a few pages, I was hooked, and have purchased every book since then.

Please keep up the great work on this!  I look forward to more great works from you!.

Warmest regards,

Pierre Alexandre



Mr.  Cornwell,

you have shaped me as a person and I'm grateful for your literature. When I was eleven I read a copy of The Last Kingdom that my grumpy had purchased and ever since I've purchased and read each installment along with most of your other novels with the exception of the Sharpe series. You are excellent, thank you

Ian Pellerin


I don't mean to be picky, but I meant that Fraser hadn't written his COMPLETE memoirs (i.e. from cradle to publication).  I am aware of and own the two books you mentioned (I own hardcover editions of all of Fraser's work) and they are as great as you say, but are far from giving us the complete story of his life and they just left me hungry for more!

Jim Dickey


I admire ALL your books, and the research that went into them. However:

In "Sharpe's Rifles", when peasants are sworn in by Vivar, he gives Ferdinand VII an incorrect title - "Most Christian Majesty" is the French king. Spanish is "Most Catholic", (and Portuguese is "Most Faithful").

Perhaps you can modify it in future editions.

Again, thank you for all your wonderful work.

Anton Sachs


Sharpe made a mistake? Wow! I’ll try to correct him.


I love your books! I am bestselling author of non-fiction in Brazil, but don't have the knack for writing fiction. Your historical fiction is fantastic, and I've read virtually every book you've ever published.

My comment though is this: Uhtred was a huge man in the books, and a fantastic warrior, a great fighter. In the movies, they've made him into a small guy, who is only a fair fighter. Problem is that Uhtred's demeanor is based on being an incredible warrior, and huge guy. So this has really messed up the TV series, I am deeply frustrated. This is not the same Uhtred from the books. The Uhtred arrogance only works when he's one of the 2 or 3 best fighters in England. Now as just a normal guy, and mediocre fighter in the TV series, his behavior makes no sense at all. Why did you let them do this?

Gary Haynes


Having just ordered the 9th in the series, I'm prompted to finally write you in support of Uhtred's recovery in The Empty Throne.

It sounded like you sort of had to get permission from a physician.

Speaking as a veterinarian of some 40 years' experience, I can tell you that given that state of 'medicine' in those days that the most likely scenario is a bony sequestrum.  I haven't seen many of those over the years but I have seen them and a broken off piece of rib would make an ideal piece of bone to get devitalized and cause the problems you describe.  Nice draining tract, abscess underneath, lots of nasty infection...dog feels crappy...wound will never heal until you get that thing out of there.  Slice it open, pack it with honey (which makes a nice topical antibiotic) and the chances of healing improve greatly.  You may have heard this from somebody else already but that was my instant thought when I read those passages.  Brilliant.

Bruce Bell DVM


Thank you! One of my closest friends is a doctor (surgeon, doctor, Irishman, rugby fanatic, good guy, dog owner, likes whiskey) and Tom provided most of that information and he’ll be delighted when I show him your message!


Just finished Warriors of the Storm - this series just gets better and better. Pleased to see that the modern Scotland England border has now gone from the map since it was an anachronism. Meanwhile Uhtred's knowledge of Britain north of Northumbria continues to grow, but so far not much better than his contemporaries who often   casually and carelessly wrote of 'the Scots'  without understanding that only one of the old kingdoms in Northern GB which will one day become Scotland was 'Scot-land' or the 'land of the Scots'.

Strath Clota, the base of the old British or 'Welsh', rightly gets a mention but not yet Lothian. Yet for Uhtred to visit Anglo-Saxon Lothian (The former kingdom of Bernicia/northern Northumbria) would I think prove interesting - not least since it was as if, in the words of James Campbell, the leading historian of the Anglo-Saxon state, “there are two Englands and one of them is called Scotland.”

Do keep up the good work - marvelous!

Steve Ainsworth