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Dear Mr. Cornwell,

Just to say how I've thoroughly enjoyed this series.  After watching LAST KINGDOM I was thirsty for more of Uhtred's battles.  I have since read all the books in the series, just finishing Warriors of the Storm, and can't wait for the next one to be available.  I hope it will not be too long.  In the mean time I shall read some of your other books - oh but how I love this period in history.  Thank you for bringing it alive.

Gill Jackson


I've just devoured all of the Warrior Chronicles*.  I must confess that I was drawn to them by the very accomplished TV series, but I enjoyed the books a great deal more, partly because of fascinating and endearing characters like Steapa and Father Pyrlig, but mostly because of old Uhtred's acerbic commentary.

Missing Uhtred after The Empty Throne (I'm eagerly awaiting the paperback edition of Warriors of the Storm), I started on the Flashman stories, and I was struck by the similarities and contrasts between their tones.  I couldn't help speculating on how they would have hit it off.  As older men, I imagine they would have got along famously, but Uhtred doesn't seem to have much time for Haesten, who seems like the most Flashman-esque character in the Warrior Chronicles.

All in all, thank you very much for the hugely entertaining read.  I look forward to the remaining volumes, and I'll start making my way through your reading list as soon as  Flash Harry has bluffed and toadied his way through the rest of the Victorian age.

* I made the grievous error of taking two of the books on holiday with me.  Predictably enough, I had devoured them before I got off the boat.  If I have one suggestion for you, it would be to include a warning not to take any of your books on holiday.

Rob Lyndon



As a child I never enjoyed reading. I only recently started reading regularly and now at the age of 36 your tales of Uhtreds adventures keep me gripped. I've just read Warriors of the storm in record time!! Thank you for opening up a world of reading I never thought I would know!

Darren Crisp


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

Thank you for giving me untold pleasure reading your books. It started when I came across a college textbook of English history from the beginning of the Saxons to today's monarchy in my husband's den. I was hooked  and read everything on English history that I could get my hands on. I came across the Warrior Series and your other excellent books at the library. I just finished number 9 and Uthred is on his way to Bebbenburgh. My husband was from Manchester, England and as I am 85 years old, please finish the Warrior Series as soon as possible.


Margarete Dean


Mr. Cornwell,

Thanks for an awesome, living series of books. I've just finished 'Warriors of the Storm' and was soo happy to see that Uhtred hasn't hung up his sword yet. You re an artist with words, and there are precious few these days who can take this period of hstory and do such a good job with it. I've been studying the Vikings, Middle and Old English history and language and the Early Middle Ages with Oxford and Exeter, and so am happily surprised to see the way in which you work Uhtred's life and times. The warrior's perspective is an exciting tale to tell. I just want to mention particularly, the thrill of sailing a good boat, (those Vikings knew how to make 'em!) the joy of riding a fast horse, the sword song as you so aptly portray it, excellent! The beauty and well, majesty of the warrior's challange to his enemy, and the trappings of war - a pleasure to read.  Strange words from an old lady. Ah yes, last but not the least by any means, Uhtred's fresh and strong religious convictions, I admire and enjoy reading his thoughts on the gospel stories, church observances and saint's tales - strong metal, shocking honesty!

Ah yes, I read that you are descended from the 'Bebbenburh' lords; if that story becomes public, I should love to read it - I've done my share of geneaology, and know it too is a thrill.

Best wishes, again thank you!

Debbie Pedersen


Mr. Cornwell

Just finished "Waterloo." (now I can start on "Warriors of the Storm).  If you ever do a simular book on Gettysburg, let me know; I'll send you my Great, Great Grandfather's account of his experiance in "Pickett's charge."  Inspite of seven wounds, he lived to tell it to the local paper in Fredrick Maryland 50 years later..

Harry Durow


I have no plans for more non-fiction....but, thank you!  Must be a great story!


Dear Mr Cornwell

I know you probably get a lot of requests for books but I feel that we aredue the next Starbuck adventure.

It has been twenty years....

Ben Hook


I enjoy your books and I am awaiting the new book in the Viking saga. I have trouble reading now and I have asked our library to order the new book on CD as soon as it is available.

Joel Olson


Mr. Cornwell

just a brief message to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your new book which is five-star. And how much I have enjoyed all the books you have written please do not stop. I have most to your books in my private library which I enjoy reading over again. As winter time is here it is prime time after football to enjoy reading a really good book for that I thank you


your friend Doug Olson



Dear Mr. Cornwall,

I would just like to add my thanks to all these other messages. Having been lured into the Uhtred stories by the BBC (and, admittedly, their choice of lead actor), I am now transported by your prose. I am working my way through the saga and am enjoying every moment, twist, turn and sword thrust. Thank you ~ you have made the dreary winter months in the north bearable.