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Hello Mr Cornwell,

It's a point that has probably been made before but putting aside the very enjoyable different series of historical books you've created, let us not forget the singular novels. My particular favourite is 'Gallows Thief' set in early 19th century England against the backdrop of capital punishment.

I liked the whole mixture bringing forth not only the cruelty of this terrible choking method of hanging used at that time, but it's indiscriminate use against all ages, some for the most minor crimes.

In addition, there was the way you brought forward how society operated generally in those days around the aspect of the main character Captain Rider Sandman with his financial issues, and the others battling for survival - which is of course is his initial reason for him agreeing to take the offer by the Home Office of "the formality" to confirm the guilt of Charles Corday.

Thoroughly enjoyable and a recommended read to anybody out there who like a good mystery novel and haven't read it.

Kind regards

Peter Lacey


I have just finished reading Warriors of the storm, thoroughly enjoyed it and I am looking for the next book in the series.

Once I start reading the books I just cannot put them & have read books 1,2 & 3 twice, no doubt will read the rest of the series again whilst waiting for the next one.




Just finished Warriors of the Storm (I'm a Brazilian fan who simply can't wait for the translations to come out), and loved it to bits! I loved seeing York playing an important role in the story (I lived there for a year), though the idea of the York Minster being used as a stable slightly horrified me (it is realistic, I must admit).

Reading Uhtred's jabs against the Christians (which were amazing), something a bit crazy came to mind. What would happen if Derfel and Uhtred ever came across each other? The stories they'd have to share, as well as their bafflement over the Christians! It would make for a jolly occasion, I think.



I suspect Derfel would be very sympathetic . . .


Just finished Warriors of the Storm and enjoyed it immensely.  The whole book has a rather "fictional feel" to it and it is a marvelous story.  What I like most are the dialogues involving Uhtred.  He seems to outthink, outmanouvre, outsmart and outjoke, everybody.  And surely, if he existed, it would have been down to Uhtred that Englaland was created and therefore Uhtred should be named Uhtred the Great, a great honour if you choose to name him when you complete the series.  Just a brief opinion about the TV production - I'm afraid it is way off, although the acting is decent enough, it lacks Uhtred's wit and humour, the dialogues are a bit too serious.  Only watched 4 episodes so far, perhaps it shall improve.  I wonder if it is coincidence that Top British writers like yourself, Conn and Angus, create superb historical fiction whilst the American authors stick to Dungeons & Dragons type fantasy.  Prefer the "historical" any day.



Your the best writer I have ever read now a TV  series great please keep writing  . I have read the warrior chronicles /Saxon stores 3 times every time it's so hard to put book down  I thank you

John Sedge


Hi Mr. Cornwell,

I just wanted to thank you fro the years of pleasure that your books have given me. I re- read them often and still enjoy them. thank you very much.

A devoted Fan



Big fan have read/bought all your books and was frustrated that the later series had not been adapted for film/TV. The Last Kingdom looks pretty good but the casting of Uhtred just doesnt seem right. Uhtred in my mental images was a scary breaker of shield walls not a scrawny pretty boy who would bounce broken off any half grown warriors shield. If the Derfel stories are adapted surely someone mildly credible could be cast? Strange thing is that Ragnarr, Alfred, Ubba, Beocca all seem spot on. I really hope its a huge success and that the Grail Quest makes it to screen as well. I know Sean Bean as Sharpe didnt match the books description of his appearance but he did look like a dangerous grown up gutter rat so when I re-read Sharpe I see Mr Bean (not Rowan Atkinson) but I cant see that working here.

Jon Cray


Hi there,

I've just finished Commodore Hornblower and disagree with you over it being the best. I much prefer Flying Colours or the Atropos story. Anyway, thanks for Uhtred, The TV adaption is competent but not in the class of the written version. Still it is early days and, like Sharp, he may grow on us.

Sullatober Dalton


Hello Mr Cornwell,

just a quick note to say how much I enjoy your writing, I'm a big Uhtred fan.. and my father had all the Sharpe books, they are all gone now as he sadly passed away.

And I have now introduced my son and step daughter to brand cornwell!!! So please keep up the writing and if you ever visit bury st efmunds ill come say hi, till then

Kind regards

Paul Green


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

great fan of yours, from Turin Italy, living in Montecarlo, in my 60s now, I read all Sharpe's books since the beginning and saw most of the tv versions on you tube, and some your other stories, but...please have Starbuck ride again, it was so different, so fascinating!! Missing him for too many years now you described the war from another angle, fantastic for a passionate reb as I (of course not of slavery, just the romantic war for freedom of the weak against the powerful, like Hector vs Achilles)

with all my best regards,

yours truly



Please continue your Starbuck series.

Gale Curtis Shaw