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Dear Mr Cornwell,

I hope you are well. I am writing simply to thank you for books and to tell you what pleasure I have drawn from reading them. I was given The Winter King as a christmas present from my sister (she always finds the best books for me) and - having never read any historical fiction before - was admittedly sceptical about the series.

Needless to say I was blown away by the Warlord Chronicles and moved straight onto The Last Kingdom. Again I was slightly sceptical as I had little previous interest in this period, preferring the imagery of gallant knights and fair maidens associated with sword-and-sorcery style fantasy.

Again, my expectations were blown away and I have now read all of the available books in this series. I have fallen in love with the history of the period, particularly aspects of Anglo-Saxon paganism (glimpsed more so in the Warlord Chronicles) and the early Christianity of England.

I greatly enjoy your historical notes, they serve as a great disclaimer for which parts of the novel are real and which are embellished or completely made up. I agree with one of the points you made that the story of England's making is unfortunately under-taught in schools and as such the general populace has very little knowledge of it. My own relatively recent school experiences (I'm 24) stand testament to this; we spent whole terms learning in great detail (little of which I remember) about the Cadbury family and the beginnings of World War I, but never did we look at wider historical topics such as the migrations and wars that sculpted Britain, the ways that we have changed since or even the royal houses and their periods. I do not suggest that the topics we studied were not important and we learnt skills in recognising historical contexts and historical analysis along the way, but I do think it a shame that we seem to forget our nation's beginnings.

I raise a smile everytime a place I know is mentioned in your books. As a resident of a small village in Staffordshire, I was happy to hear mentions of Lichfield and the events in Tamworth, and was giddy with excitement at the cameo of Penkridge, which lies a few miles from my home and was where I went to school.

This may seem a strange e-mail but I just finished The Empty Throne and felt an overwhelming urge to get in touch with you and let you know how much I have enjoyed your books and the passion that they have ignited in me. As I said before, I hope you are well and I greatly anticipate reading more of your work in the future!

Best regards,



Thank you!


Enjoyed "The Bloody Ground" very much. Have visited Antietam battlefield twice, most recently in July. As a member of the Old German Baptist Brethren church, I'm interested in what folks call the Dunkard Church on the battlefield. That meetinghouse, called the Mumma Meetinghouse, was where our brethren worshipped. We were told that the Mumma buildings were burned by the Confederates as you describe in the book. One other detail: we baptize by immersing an applicant three times forward, not once backward as you portray in the book. FYI, we still dress as those folks did and we still baptize in a running stream. We also have an Antietam church district, but it is located near the creek in PA.

Jim Skiles


Ah, thank you for the baptism correction! And I’m glad the denomination still exists!



Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the endless hours of great reading.  I am also a big fan of Vince Flynn.  what a loss.  Anyway thank you so much.



Hi Bernard,

An appeal to you to write more thrillers on the high seas - please. I really enjoy them on holiday at the beach house.

Thank you,



Mr. Cornwell

First I just want to say how much I have enjoyed your novels. I have introduced them to several friends and family members. Can't say what I like the best,almost read them all except the sharpe series simply because the quantity will be quite an undertrained. I did however get the chance to see some of the series which I enjoyed simply because of the early 90s guitar rifts, and the fact that Sean Bean played sharpe. Uthred and Starbuck I probably enjoy the most though. Damn I wanna see how Starbuck ends.Speaking of seeing Last Kingdom series? I can't wait to see Uhtred as a boy beat up the Danish kid,and take his Thor amulet. I imagine that's how the first episode will end get people hooked. Just finished Empty Throne, you're going to go into Finan more right? Seems that way he's Irish royalty that got screwed over in my mind. Well I've been wanting to write for a while thanks again for all you do. By the way I grew up here in Charleston! So yeah we can go grab some drinks! Haha nah I'm sure you're busy with work, but that would be so cool if I could buy my favorite author a beverage. We all to spin our own bright fates while at the root of life the three spinners laugh.


Mount Pleasant Pagan

Knut Keith Enison


I am not in Charleston now, but I am looking forward to going back!



I wanted to congratulate you on some fine writing, having just finished the first eight books in The Saxon Tales.  I enjoyed them very much.

Warm Regards,

James Crawford


Dear Mr. Cornwell:

I read a lot, and have gravitated to several very good authors, mostly in the history genre and in the nautical arena.  I have to compliment you as you have moved to the top of my favorite authors list.  Thank you for your imagination and I hope you continue to produce your excellent stories~!


Duff in Middletown, CT


Hi Bernard,

long time fan first message (creepy!). Read all sharpe books, grail books and love your work. The Uhtred books are something else. When I saw a new book Warriors of the storm it felt like yule had come early. Have done more research since reading the burning  land as when I read the battle in Farnham I got goosebumps as my wife was born there and we live in aldershot about a mile away! Can't wait til October! Ps your books are the only books I reread, love sword song.

All best wishes




Hello Mr. Cornwell,

I live in Oldenburg in northern Germany -  I enjoy in these days, mostly on my balcony,  with the adventures of your hero. The sun is shining and I am in an other world. I thank you for giving me such a plaesure.

I am 66 years now (wondering). As you I liked the Hornblower Stories as I was young.

40 years I was a teacher by heart and reading was/is a great compension for me.  Mostly I prefer historical novels. So I like to visit festivials like medival or fantasy ones of course dressed. Travelling with my old T3 VW Bus...

Also, ich danke dir für die schönen Stunden, die du mir beschert hast. Mögest du lange leben und schaffen können.

Yours sincerely

Werner F. T.


I just wanted to comment on your depth of character development. I am a pretty amateur writer, but I really loved how much symbolism you put in one relatively minor character. I was rereading 1356, and, for the first time, noticed your line about Roland and the dark tower. It was wonderful to hear this because it woke me up to how Robert Browning's poem perfectly embodies Roland de Verrec. I also think it's funny when you compare that sentence to Shakespeare's usage of the phrase in King Lear, "I smell the blood of an English man." Very well done! I enjoy your brilliance!

Mason Nelson


Oh, you’re so kind! Thank you (and I’m delighted you picked up the reference!)