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Dear mr Cornwell

After reading and rereading practically all your books I have really only one question:'can I have some more?' Besides I have one admission to make: I asked Peter Jackson (of the hobbitmovies) to make a movie on king Arthur based on your books on Arthur). He did not react.

Please write on and on.

Jaap Goes



Dear Mr Cornwell,

please write a few more Uhtred books. I can't get enough. And if you can please keep a couple finished ones lying around in case something  happens at least they can publish them for me. Thanks.



Hello Mr Cornwell,

Thank you for taking time to read this.

I just had to write to tell you what has just happened!

English history has always fascinated me and after watching The Last Kingdom I was inspired to read your wonderful book series (just about to start 7 and thoroughly enjoying!) During the battle in East Anglia which takes place at the end of Death of Kings I began to recognise a few place names without translation but one was baffling me. As soon as I finished I checked online...the place name is Eanulfsbirig and I have lived in St Neots my whole life! I wanted to tell you how you made my day and I felt very proud of my home town. I now know why the secondary school in Eynesbury is called Ernulf!

Thanks again, looking forward to many more hours of happy reading!



Just completed "Warriors of the Storm"! Can't get enough of this series. Please, please, don't abandon it. Love to hear more of this hero and and to read that he finally repossesses Bebbanburg! Even if it takes several more books and then of course, the tale could go on with his descendants- especially Stiorria and her line.

Also enjoying the television series and hope it continues as well.

Darlene Benefield


Dear Sir,

I am absolutely in love with the last kingdom series. I was introduced to this series by a close friend and Sir - my complements to you. I have very much enjoyed your style of writing. I wish that you continue to find inspiration to write these wonderful books.





I have read most of Bernard's output and enjoyed all except Starbuck (well written, as usual, but not my kind of thing).

Eagerly awaited the BBC's attempt at The Last Kingdom but, as so often with the BBC, I was very, very disappointed.  Even the central character, Uhtred, was nothing like has description in the books.

The Uhtred books were and are sucessful for many good reasons, so why did the BBC feel it necessary to change things?

Sets etc are a variable due to budgets which I can sort of understand.

Hollywood did the same to Lee Child's character Jack Reacher.  Reacher was very broad, 6'5" and plain looking so they cast the ubiquitous Tom Cruise......

I understand a remake of the Magnificent Seven is underway with Mr Cruise cast as all seven main characters, the head bandit El Parodia and his moll, Nancy.  Rumour is that he also plays the part of several horses?

That said, I thought that Alfred was well cast and acted.

Keep up the good work, Bernard.

Paul Dawson


Thank you for your great Last Kingdom books - I am on book 5 and absolutely love it. With all of the demands for our attention it is such a pleasure to immerse oneself into the world's you have created and imagine charging across a field sword held high - awesome. Thank you.

Patrick Jackson


Dear Mr Cornwell,

You came to notice via my Kindle as I travel the world. Amazon Kindle push out emails about good reads and I decided to buy the first book in the series because I come from Durham City and was hooked by the connection to Bamburgh Castle. I read the first book in two days and was caught up by your story telling and the era.  Three weeks later, to the detriment of all else, I have read the whole series then It stops. There are many loose ends hanging in the balance never mind completing his life.  Searching around on the web I am lead to believe that you are working on the next book. I do hope so. I know most of the areas associated with the series and some of the history which helps to bring the stories to life but, predominantly, it is your story telling, I would not have devoted so much time otherwise.  So thank you and I hope that there are more books to come. I did not realise that you wrote the 'Sharpe' books, never read them but followed on TV when I could. I shall now give the books a go. Looking at the comments I note that it was your birthday so all the best, live long and enjoy.

Yours sincerely

Arthur Jackson


i just want to say thank you for colonel lassan in the starbuck series.if you did not reads sharpes series you would of missed it i thought it was great.after i finnish this series i'm rereading sharpes.

Bob Chubey



Mr Cornwell,

I am just reading your "Empty Throne" novel and as always enjoying the saga of Uhtred.

I decided to write, firstly to thank you for the enjoyment from the Uhtred novels but also regarding the name. It was interesting to see on page 1 the range of spellings which reminded me of the chapter on the origins of the Ogle name in the 1904 book "Ogle and Bothel". It occurred to me you might find the Ogle book interesting.


John Ogle


Thank you! I’ll look for it