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Dear Sir:

I read many of the books in The Last Kingdom series many years ago. I am starting them again, as well as suggesting my daughter read them. I just wanted you to know that I love them and I am sure she will too. Great Books!! Great Character!! Thank you!!!!

Sandy Sheppard



I first read a single Sharpe book borrowed from a library many years ago and from that moment I was hooked up to today I have every title you have published and eagerly await future releases I am a huge fan of your writing and just wanted to say thank you for the many hours of pleasure you have given me.

David Laffar


Dear Mr Cornwell

I understand that your hero is named after the Cornish rugby player Richard Sharp. As a 13 year old I saw him in 1963 at Twickenham playing against Scotland where he scored what is called the most elegant try seen at HQ. It was wonderful. I could have touched him!

I understand he now lives quietly in St Ives but not forgotten by you and indeed me!!

Kind regards



He is!


Hello Mr. Cornwell;

I came to thank for your books . When I read the books of Artur for the first time, I fell in love not only for your writing or characters, I fell in love with History, and I was just a child . Today, I am graduated in History and specialist in History and literature, and it all started with your books.

I’m a big fan of your works, and grateful for all they meant and mean to me. I know that many readers come with the intention of praise you , and I can be just one more.

But I wish, if it is possible, that you know how much you influenced a person to fall in love and following a dream that had beginning with your Arthur. Thanks for everything, and keep writing those wonderful books.

With my immense affection;

Julyane Ramos.


p.s: Sorry for my bad english, I don't pratice for a long time.



Congratulations on your graduation!  And best of luck to you!


Hello,  have just discovered your books   love historical fiction  am looking forward to many months of magnificent reading    thanks so much


C. A. Burse


Dear Sir,

I have a request, nay, a plea, I'm 75 years old please finish the Uhtred saga before I die.

Colin Stroud



Good Evening Bernard,

We just wanted to let you know we started reading you 14 years ago, while we were living in Hong Kong, and my wife, Jayanti, presented me your Arthurian Legend books as a birthday gift.  We were instantly hooked and devour everything you write.  Further, we enjoy our trips to Europe now from the US, just so we can purchase your latest release earlier than here!

I just finished "Warriors of the Storm," and moved it to Jayanti's "next read" shelf...it is like seeing an old friend, and catching up after two years.

Thank you and keep them coming....whatever they are!

Jayanti and Kit Menches


I have read (I believe) all of your books--many of the Sharpe series more than once--and I am taking this opportunity to say thank you for the never-failing time traveling sense of period atmosphere, the humanity, the wry wisdom and verisimilitude--a sense of the familiar--that graces every page of your work.  I understand that the praise of your readers is very likely not the purpose or goal of your work.  Also, I imagine that there has been no dearth of sincerely felt and expressed appreciation of your work over the years.  But, if I can imagine one step farther, it can't be a bad thing ever to know that another soul has been touched and another life enriched.  If all this seems excessive--well, it's just a hint of the sheer joy you've given me.  Gushing as it may seem.

I am a retired news columnist working on a memoir of my life as an Rock musician in the  60s.  And no, I am not asking you to read it or consider it for a second.  I mention it simply to indicate I have an sense of the effort involved in the craft of writing...a sense that informs my praise and appreciation.  Nor am I making a bid of any sort for your attention.  If you have actually read this I might be surprised, but either way, I choose to assume you will have and we can leave it at that.  Thanks again, Your devotee and possible future companion in the mead halls of Asgard.



Good luck with your memoir - I look forward to reading it!


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I first borrowed and read The Pale Horseman in Hungarian, from my county's public library (Harghita, Romania), than the rest of the novels from the series they had there, finishing with Death of KIngs. I became a kind of addicted, so next, finding out there were no Hungarian versions available for the following parts, I purchased them from the UK. Right now, despite being 46, I'm like a little boy waiting for a new toy. Can we have #10, please? For yesterday, may we? :)

Best wishes,