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Hi, Mr Cornwell,

just a note to say that I did not know you did Viking type stories and only knew of the Sharpe books,and of course love that tv series...When the last kingdom was about to be aired last year, my best friend Eddie,(who has personally met you in person a few times as he loves all your work especially all things waterloo/sharpe)..he had already read all the warrior books,,so I bought the whole series and have just finished 'Warriors of the Storm' and to my delight ,Eddie has told me your on with the tenth book..hence this email....The Flame Bearer.. I cannot wait and hope there are more after that...Mind you Uhtred is getting on a bit,but his sons are an interesting arc to follow.I live in York (eforwic/Jorvik) and love the way your books bring out all the old names of Englands Citys..when ever I visit places now related to The Last Kingdom books. I get a chill...lol..yeah I know its fiction..but bloody great fiction at that..thank you for an amazing read.



Dear Mr Cornwell,

I would like to tell you, how much I love your art. The " Uthred Saga" impressed me deeply and I cannot stop reading it.

I bought the last book, and as always again, I am inable to put the book aside.

I love it. Please let Uthred live and let him get back his beloved Bebbanburg, Bebbancastle.

Thank you so much for all the happiness and excitement I can enjoy with your books .

( sorry my English is not perfect)!


Bettina, a German woman, who lives in France. Thank you so much, the greatest Uthred fan am I.


Just finished Warriors of the Storm. You just get better and better. Wow!



I would just like to say how lucky I was to come across the novels that you have written. I am pushing forty years old and for many years I considered myself to busy to read. Work, children- you know the story. I had gotten so tired of listening to music on the radio while I drive, so while I was gassing up the car at a truck stop in Georgetown Ky, I noticed the audiobook selection. I was not familiar with the books that were there so I based my decision on the cover. This lead me to The Pagan Lord. That was two years ago and I haven't stopped listening to audiobooks or reading books since. I am on my second trip through the Uhtred saga (after Warriors of the Storm I had to back and the read them all again) I have read quite a few of your other books and a lot of other authors as well. So I would like to say thank you for renewing my interest in reading and long live Uhtred- he needs Bebbanburg!!!!!!

Marc Cummins


Dear sir,

I would like to express my most sincere gratitude for all the novels you have written you are by far (in my humble opinion) the finest author of our time.

I have especially enjoyed the life and adventures of Derfel and can only hope the Arthurian series can be televised.

Thank you once again I love your books and I know that your future pieces will be of equal if not better quality and I look forward to reading them.

Paul Cogger


I'm from Brazil and a big fan of his books, thank you for the wonderful works !!!



Found Your first book in January this year. Since then I read almost continuously through a whole string of series including the Arthur, Saxon, Sharpe and American Civil War series. In all of these I have been rewarded with the historical  education you provide.   However, the most astonishing feature of your work is he continuing thread of religion that I found. It has gone from convincing speculation it in the era  of Stonehenge to the surprising inclusion of Scripture and very sound Doctrinal perspectives in other places--such as the Athanasian creed.   As an old (85) retired naval officer who came up from the ranks as a Seaman recruit, I have appreciated the parallel advancement of Sharp.

Keep up the good work. I look forward to further developments.  Thanks again.

Robert Whitr


Just want to thank you for writing such wonderful historical novels! My Mum had read the Swedish translation of "Last Kingdom" and bought the English paperback for my birthday in 2012. Since then I have bought all your books when I have found some I didn't already have and last March I joined an online bookstore. And I finally found the Starbuck Chronicles, Fallen Angels and Sharpe's Tiger. Since then I have ordered the Sharpe novels one after another and today I received the last eleven books missing in my collection and I cannot tell you properly to happy I am except by saying "THANK YOU! for writing such great books!"

Bettina Lindqvist


Mr. Cornwell;

It would be difficult to convey the extent of my pleasure in your portrayal of Sharpe, Uhtred, and the historical settings in which they are brought to life.  Notwithstanding that difficulty, I do thank you for giving my imagination an outlet that both excites and entertains.  Well done, Mr. Cornwell; I do look forward to enjoying your writings for many years to come.



Dear Bernard

You recently answered a reader's question about the use of 'chain mail' in the C9th. It's quite correct that the Gauls were using mail during their wars with the Romans about 1000 years earlier, and the Romans adopted it as lorica hamata which was used right through the imperial period. I'm not so sure it was very common in the C9th though. Amongst warriors, yes, but I suspect that many men relied on leather and padding, with some metal reinforcement if they were lucky!

Just as a matter of interest, this type of armour was known as mail (or maille) at the time. Chain mail, ring mail, banded mail, plate mail and all the rest of the names that people use date from the C19th, possibly starting with Sir Walter Scott. It was difficult to depict mail in medieval art/tapestries and the artists usually resorted to using various types of rings and dots which later writers interpreted as different types of mail. Plate mail is just a modern nonsense, used incorrectly to describe plate armour.

Looking forward to the new book but, must admit, I'd like to see another Starbuck or 100 Years War story!

Martyn Kerr


Thank you!