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I hope you get chance to read this I have just finished your last book in the warrior cronicals I started reading your books two years ago I struggled to read and never read any other books in my life but Uhtred gripped me from the start your an amazing writer and I can't  wait for the next book in the series thank you

kind regards




Brilliant! I couldn't put down books 1 & 2 and I'm just about to start book 3..I live in the village of Bratton in Wiltshire, with the hill fort and white horse a short walk from my home, your books have put flesh on the bones of the skeletal remains, complete with helmet and arm rings that were excavated from my friends garden (opposite my home) which lies in the Lea of Bratton hill on a route from Edington (Ethadune) towards the hill fort,  the Dane, who is preserved at Devizes museum, is thought to have been a warrior of distinction and your books have, for me, given him a history.

Angie Furnival


Dear Sir,

I was cursing you last week, yet again I missed my station while reading The Last Kingdom, actually re-reading it.  You weave a great tale, I hope you never retire, and keep producing such great series. I am sure I will miss more stations in the future.

Neil Brindley


Hi, Bernard.

I had read many of your books some years ago, but being the great procrastinator, I didn't keep up. That is of course until the series came out on TV. And when I seen Uhtred on the advert I thought that something is wrong. He was blond in the books. So I set out to read again just to be sure. I am currently 3/4 of the way through Death of Kings... Loving it! And no Procrastinations this time!

I have to say, I don't know if I could watch any of the shows, as I know I would tear them to pieces. I spoiled Lord of the Rings for my self because I read it before watching.

I have read your replies to those who feel the show is flawed, and rightly so for you. But I for one will endorse the reading of before any TV is watched.

Also, The Stonehenge story. That's stayed with me for years. A wonderful book. And really gives a possible maybe which is believable.

Thank you, Bernard, for bringing many, many hours of wonderful entertainment to me in your terrific works.

Si Mulgrave


I have read The Fort and loved it.  I have the Winter King on my tablet to be read but haven't had the time; unfortunately with five children ages 6-17 and my college studies, my time is limited to read right now.  I started watching The Last Kingdom and binged watch the entire series.  I cannot wait to devour the books.  They have been ordered and are due to arrive this week.  I am certain that I will find them even more enjoyable than the series.  I am taking a break from school right now and look forward to devouring many of your books during this well deserved break.  Thank you for writing such interesting characters and tales!

Michelle Subbert



I have read the majority of your books, having just finished Warriors Of The Storm. You have entertained and educated me for the last 25-odd years (and I have helped keep clothes on your back!). I attribute Sharpe for influencing me to become a soldier and then officer in the British Army. You yourself have therefore had a strong influence on my life which has been enjoyable and interesting up to now, so thanks!



I absolutely love this series of tales. With an overload of Viking DNA and a long history of English ancestry, I am fascinated with these stories.

Thank you for all of the work you have put into these historic novels.

I have finished all but the last three in this series, and I look forward to losing myself in these warrior chronicles.

Janice Cady Forler


Dear Mr Cornwell,

I've just finished re-reading the Warlord Chronicles and have been no less moved by the ending a second time around. Thanks for writing such great books!

Did Merlin really teach Nimue what he understood to be magic, or just his tricks? Did he know he was a charlatan, deep down? I think so, and that is what stayed his hand at Maiden Castle. He knew the son of Arthur wasn't worth a conjuring trick. He knew the gods wouldn't arrive. How to use the weather as an omen. As she kills Merlin, she points to the west with his staff - just as Merlin had instructed (taught) Derfel to do when they were besieged on Anglesey.

All that said, though, I really want to believe in Merlins last enchantment, and I tell myself that I do - I choose to believe that Prydwan did sail for Avalon, and that Arthur survived his wounds. I shun reason, which would say that the mist was yet another coincidence, and that the boat most probably sank somewhere in the channel, taking all on board with it.

It seems to me that while the Britons were awaiting the arrival of the Gods, they were ignoring the fact that a pantheon of powerful gods HAD arrived in Britain. Not Christ or Isis, Beltain or Mithras - But Arthur and Derfel, Galahad and Sagramor, Lancelot and Guinevere. All were variously as powerful, influential, capricious and flawed as any pantheon. Arthur certainly has many messianic qualities, and Derfel is as just and true as any God or hero in mythology. Indeed, I don't believe he ever broke a single oath, except of course his oath to Nimue - which I don't think he couldn't rightly keep any longer.

Derfel kept his oath to serve Samsun until his dying day; I think it would be fitting if his final duty - to guard the monastery at Dinnewrac against the Saxons or other intruders, bearing Hywelbane one last time - was how he achieved sainthood. This would be ahistorical of course, as the 'real' Saint Defel supposedly died of natural causes.

Anyway, I found a copy of Harlequin the other day so I think I'll give that series a go! I have no doubt I'll enjoy it as much as your other work.



hallo Mr. Cornwell.

Thanks for the Saxon chronicles, my favorites. I have a comment- I feel that your first books have a better grip on Uthred, his feelings, thinkings, his compassion. I wish you the heart, the endurance and the youth of a Warrior, adding to your capabilities of an autor as to infuse more of your very heartblood in your coming Uthred novel. Pleases forgive me writing so as well as my inadequate use of the english language.

Jean Edelstein, a german orthopedic doc.



Mr Cornwell,

I want to thank you for The Saxon Stories. As an American with an English last name, I've always wondered what the world must have been like for my ancient ancestors in Britain  These stories are eye-opening, and awe inspiring. I like to imagine my ancestors in the 9th century fighting in a shield wall next to Uhtred.. These are some of the best books I've ever read, and could simply not put them down. I just finished Warriors of the Storm, and dread the long wait till the next chapter begins!

Darryl Mears