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I just want to say I've just devoured the BBC adaption of your book, The Last Kingdom and really wanted to say a huge thanks for bringing such a brilliant (yet brutal) period of history to life, the formation of England. It's fascinating. I love Uhtred, what a great character. Can't wait for the second series and I promise to get around to reading the book!



Hello Mr. Cornwell,

I just wanted to write to tell you thank you for your writing. As an Army veteran and former history major, I truly appreciate your attention to detail and your entertaining style of writing. My dad and I are avid fans of the saxon chronicles, but we have read all your work and it is hard to pick a favorite. Once again thank you!




I loved the BBC America televised series on The Last Kingdom.   Please tell me there are plans to produce more of same with the next books of the Saxon Chronicles.  Also, the Warriors of the Storm book has introduced and expanded upon more characters in the mix and I pray that means more Uhtred books.    I know he can't live forever, but you have made his family members and sidekicks wonderfully fascinating and they could just go on forever!  Unfortunately I can't and neither can you.  But I hope you will continue writing these wonderful books far into the future!!

Janet Meredith


I am sending this on behalf of Knox Davis, my 96 yr old Father, who loves reading your books. He reads 2-3 books every two weeks and is still quite active. He says to thank you for being a writer and for all the wonderful stories he has enjoyed reading - some more than just once!


Sally Gifford & Knox W. Davis


Please give your father my very best wishes!


Dear Sir,

Recently my wife and I enjoyed watching the TV series The Last Kingdom, so much so that in one evening we watched 3 episodes back to back. I Googled the series for information and was pleasantly surprised to see it was an adaptation of your Saxon series (Which I had not read).

I have a number of your books and I wanted to share with you how I happened to become a fan back in the 90’s.

I’m from New Zealand and back in 91 I was working in London as a spotty faced porter at King Edward the VII hospital on Beaumont St, near Harley St. The Royal family are connected to the hospital and I’m proud to say that I have been formally introduced to the Queen at the official opening of a refurbished wing (name drop).

One of my duties as a porter was to work night shift at the front reception, even though the main doors are locked for the night.

It was a lonely job as one was not encouraged to venture upstairs and chat with the night nurses, rather we had to sit at one spot surrounded by spooky looking portraits.

It was amongst the Hospital Library that I discovered a hardback copy of Sharpes Waterloo which I devoured over the following week of night shift. From that day onwards I became a great fan of Mr Sharpe and I became deeply interested in the battle of Waterloo. I soon had the complete series of Shapes books which sadly is not conducive to a 21 year old backpacking around Europe.

I travelled to Edinburgh to view one of the captured eagles which was on display at the castle and I read numerous books on the subject and even spent my night shifts doodling away, copying from various paintings of the battle. I use to fancy myself as a keen artist back then.

From time to time I revisit reading about the subject and recently I purchased your book Waterloo as well as Andrew Roberts book Napoleon and Wellington.

Thank you for bringing history to life and for making it so exciting to read that it caused a 21 year old to have a passion for History that exists today.

Kind Regards

Heath Jones


hi mr cornwell

I would like to thank you for me having a enjoyable time reading last kingdom. in the duels that are fought you make me feel as if I am there parrying blows as if I am in the sword fight. this is truly a gift to transport someone into the pages of the book.

thanks again

John Duffy.


"Starbuck and Truslow must march again."

Richard Moore


Having read ALL of your novels, I would like to encourage you to write some additional novels for the Starbuck Series. My son, who is in the Air Force has also followed my lead in reading all of your novels.  We are both BIG history buffs.

Thanks again,



Dear Bernard

As you've commented yourself, this is probably the question you get asked most, however, in light of the 20 years since the last one, and the potential independent TV Series, could we please have another Starbuck Chronicle even if only a 100 word short to kill him off?  Disposing of him in that way obviously wouldn't be my preferred end, but he is in a war, where many people of promise would have tragically lost lives even having avoided all previous attempts on their life.

All the best

Tim Cox


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I'd like to start by saying I'm a huge fan!  I've listened to many, many of your audio books.  Sharpe's Rifles, Warlord Chronicles,  Warrior Chronicles, and more.  I've enjoyed every single one of them!  Even listened to some more than once.  I just got done with Stonehenge and I really had a good time there with one exception.  The reader.  He was one of the worst voices I've ever had to endure.  The story was so much fun, I hung in there, but it was difficult.  Keep up the WONDERFUL story telling and thank you for all the many hours of entertainment!

Best regards,



Dear Sir

Thank you so much for sharing your brilliance , I must apologize I have only just found you I am an avid reader but I guess when you first came along I was into another genre or many genres so I haven't been reading your tales for years but I have definitively caught up in a big way especially the Sharpe series did you really have to give Harper the lash ?

yes yes matching scars on our heroes is good for morale and fear and to show what a strong and determined man is he or they both are .

it is good I am reading them all in order I love history and your slant on it is very pleasing.

and no I am not going  tell you how to pluck chickens what I read you are the best chicken no seriously I will sit on this side of the fence and enjoy you work but Sargeant Hakeswill didn't have to be the villain again he doesn't deserve more than a two book deal off with his head please keep it up.

yours with many thanks

Rick Elmer


Mr Cornwell.

I am an ex-pat living in Asia during my retirement years, and have been an ardent fan since my first Sharpe book a couple decades ago. I've read both the Sharpe and Saxon series several times, have the first three Saxon books on audio, which I enjoyed very much. That said, I was disappointed in BBC's version of Kingdom. I realize that those not familiar with your book or it's characters would not miss some very important omissions or changes, but for your die hard fans, adaptation by screen writers are often limited, incomplete, and disappointing. Hopefully the next season (and I sincerely hope there will be one), will follow closer to your story line and its characters , both of which are vivid in our imagination.

Clinton Inouye