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Dear Mr Cornwell,

My name is Gina Blakemore.  I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your Saxon Tales. My husband and I have a dairy farm in upstate NY and although we love raising our family here...I look forward to spending time with Uhtred! I am an avid reader (when I can keep my eyes open!) Your characters are some of my all time favorite. I just started THE EMPTY THRONE and felt compelled to drop you a line. I will miss this series but will start a new one.

Thank you for your time,

Gina Blakemore


Firstly - great admiration for your work.  I've just started re-reading the Saxon Chronicles for the second time.  Also very happy to hear you're on the 10th book!

I was interested in reading these after having read the Game of Thrones books - frankly I preferred yours, possibly due to more true to life events but also the characters are more compelling.  I was very perturbed when Uhtred was hurt and in the first chapters of the subsequent book, you didn't know if he was dead or alive - devastating!!

Anyhow - amazing books and thank you.


Alona Kemmett


Hello Mr Cornwell,

this is just a short message of thanks for the joy of Uhtred and Arthur,and Derfel,I wish u good health sir and long may u wield the mighty pen,

sincerely yours



Dear professor Cornwell,

My name is Marko, and I am veterinarian and research assistant at Medical faculty in Belgrade, Serbia. It is great honor for me to be able to personally thank You for the beautiful historical novels that You have published for all these years.  After I discovered “The Last Kingdom”, I can truly say that this book revealed to me a new favorite writer in this genre – sir Bernard Cornwell. Unfortunately, book publishers in Serbia translated only first five parts of The Saxon Stories, but I hope that soon will translate the rest of the saga. Nevertheless, I will read them in English, to find out what happened to Uthred and the rest of his crew. I also bought all books from The Warlord Chronicles and also The Grail Quest novels, so the first part of this year is literature-fulfilled for me. I’ve tried to watch TV show THE LAST KINGDOM, but I was very disappointed realizing that the director just cut off almost 2/3 of the book and all good things that Uthred lived through with Ragnar and his children, so don’t know if I will continue to watch the another season of the show. Thank You very much for your time to read this letter. I wish You all the best, and looking forward for another book.

Yours sincerely

DVM Marko Vasić, Belgrade, Serbia


Dear M. Cornwell,

I have finished the series this morning, and I would like to thank you for writing them, as they were an absolute pleasure to read. I picked up "The Winter King" absentmindedly a few weeks ago, and never looked back, having a slight waiting period as the final novel took a while to arrive, trusty amazon.

Needless to say, I will be looking to read the rest of your available series, notably the Warrior Chronicles ! Furthermore, thanks to these books, I will be trying my hand at writing, needless to say I don't expect to be publishable in the near future, but I am truly inspired !

Once again, thank you for writing, and for allowing your readers to discover incredible worlds as well as exploring ones own imagination.


Alex Christie


Your writing is riveting , exciting , thought inspiring , bringing a soldier's life into the comfort of the living room .I don't get muddy, lose a limb or crap my pants with fear but I see it , hear it & can almost smell the gunpowder exploding . I did get a ring around my arse once , taking a Sharpe book to read on the throne , I think it was the battle of  Badajoz , was in there for 3 hrs running thru the build up , start of the battle and the final bloody assault Brilliant God I needed a cuppa after all that exertion .

Thank you for making my many hospital stays bearable, for bringing out that young boy in this 62 year old man . Waited 2yrs before I finally got the complete Set of Sharpe some new some charity shop . Just a note of observation  your books hardly ever come into charity shops & fly off the shelves when they do . In my hospital stays I read them on the Kindle ,Have read them at least 3 times each & now watching the New BBC serise "The Last Kingdom " even tho I have read part of this series & its inspired me to pick them up again so have put 3 more onto the Kindle . So a big thank you



Dear Mr. Bernard Cornwell, OBE

Thank you.  Thank you for bringing your brilliance and artistry into my life.  I look forward to many years of enjoying and re-discovering the world for the first time through your stories.

My accidental journey to our introduction happened at a used bookstore in my hometown.  I found a copy of The Last Kingdom, sat down with a few other titles and flipped through the pages.  Don’t ask me what the other books were, because I was lost in yours from page one.

Since that day I have devoured the following five novels with the next one ready to read.  Being a father of a 13-year-old boy, this adventure as awaken a revived passion in our world history, which I have been sharing with him.  As my son matures, I try to teach him to respect and appreciate the past along with the many crossroads we have taken.  I also pull lessons to relate about honor, loyalty and the courage to stand up for your beliefs.

Thank you for being apart of my life and my tapestry.


Gary Suskind


Hello Mr. Cornwell,

This email is only to tell you how much i am enjoying The Saxon Stories.  I have never read anything like it before.  Part of that is because I have never read historical fiction, but it's mostly your writing that makes it so enjoyable.

I am American, but like many of us here, I trace my ancestry to England and Ireland.  Interestingly, my paternal grandmother is named Gun, and there are connections with that genetic line to Scandinavia.  Probably another reason I find these stories so fascinating.

I have just finished The Last Kingdom, and went right into The Pale Horseman.  This email is really just a fan letter to say thank you.

I wish you all the best,

Brett Rosselle


Dear Sir,

Thank you very much, I am enjoying reading your books tremendously. There are only a few left for me to read which I am looking forward to, I have just finished the Starbuck ones and cannot wait for book 5. We are also reading from a Kindle since we work and live on a sailing yacht and therefor space is at a premium. Thank you.

Your sailing yacht stories are very real and accurate, it helps because I have sailed most of those areas in winter and summer.

Wish you and your family a healthy and safe 2016.

Kind regards,

Boogie van den Boogaard


Hello Mr. Cornwell,

My name is Jacob Breadman. I am currently a second year student studying history at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

Simply, I would like to thank you for the countless hours of enjoyment you have given me with your Uhtred stories. Your books are one of the main reasons I am so deeply interested in the medieval period, especially the Anglo-Saxon period of British history. In the future, I plan on pursuing future academic endeavours in that area of study. Your Grail Quest series is next on my reading list!

Thank you for taking the time to read my email. I wish you a merry Christmas holidays and a productive, yet relaxing, 2016!

Your loyal oath-man,

Jacob Breadman