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Hello there! I first off want to start by saying I'm a huge fan of yours and will forever be grateful for The Last Kingdom series. I listen to them in the car over and over from first to last and they are absolutely incredible. I watched the show before I read the books and was also, obsessed. After I read the books though, I couldn't help but feel like the series was done an injustice. I always tell my fiance' that if the show had a budget the same as GOT or Vikings, it would be the best show to ever air on any platform ever, I felt the same way about the movie as well. I really don't want to sound ungrateful, but I wanted to ask your opinion on the matter. Do you think the show could have been better? Do you wish anything would have been done differently? I personally wish more than anything that they would have kept Sigtryggr alive and done a whole new season based off of War of the Wolf. That was such an amazing book and probably my favorite, aside from War Lord of course. The war at then end of War Lord was so beautifully written, I can see, hear, smell, and feel everything going during the battle of brunanburh, there is nothing else like it. Sorry for rambling, but yeah, how do you feel about the series/movie? What would you have done differently? What would you have liked to see brought to life? Thank you so much for taking the time! I hope this message finds you!




Ryan Dakhil


I take the view that the TV producers know their business (and I don’t know their business) so I let them get on with it and don’t ask questions.  I worked in television long enough to know that I know nothing about producing TV drama, and any input from me is liable to be either a distraction or an obstacle. If they have questions then they can ask me and I’ll answer, but otherwise I leave well alone!


I just finished watching the entire BBC series of Sharpe, I'm a middle school teacher and my summer break is over tomorrow. I've read every book of yours I can find and loved almost all of them, especially Sharpe and the Saxon Stories. I don't know who owns the TV/Movie rights to Sharpe, but do you know of any talk about creating a new version of maybe a BBC/HBO reboot  with you having more input, especially having historical notes at the end. Sean Bean was the best, just looking for more Sharpe! Love your books, Thanks for all the great reads, and getting a little history wisdom on the side!!!



I have not heard any talk of it.


I have just finished reading the Grail Series (again) and am about to start the “Last Kingdom” (again) I really like your characters and stories.

My question is, do you have any intention of writing any Musketeer stories? It would seem be a fertile field.


Greg Rowe


I have given it some thought....


Hi Bernard,

I am just rereading the Starbuck Chronicles for the umpteenth time, as its such a wonderful series of books, just like all your others.

I know you will probably never finish the Starbuck series for numerous reasons, but would you ever consider writing a one off Patrick Lassan book/journal about his time spent in America during the Civil War?

This would allow you to give us more insight in Sharpe's son and bring to some form of conclusion the stories of Nate, Turslow and the rest of the wonderful characters in the Starbuck series.




I doubt it - sorry!


The Warlord Chronicles remain my firm favourites and are the three best books I have ever read ! I have seen the trailer for the new series and I am worried that they do not follow the books accurately. Were you happy with the outcome. It doesn’t look as good as The Last Kingdom

Dave Edgell


I have not seen it yet - but I am greatly looking forward to it!


Dear Mr Cornwell

could you tell if you have any plans to write a short story novel of uhtreds adventures? I very much likes the ones in Uhtreds Feast




I do not have plans for short stories of Uhtred - but I'm glad to know you are enjoying Uhtred's Feast!


Dear Bernard Cornwell


I just wanted to say thank you

For being such an outstanding novelist,

You have the knack of leaving the reader, ( I listen to the audiobooks ) keen to know what happens next


Like many of your readers, I had not heard of you until Sharpe hit the screen, which I enjoyed immensely I then listened to the whole series of Sharpe, then the Sea stories, then the Harlequin, and I am now halfway through The Last Kingdom I’m beginning to wonder what I’m going to listen to when I have gone through all your books


I do like the main character idea

Sharpe, Uhtred, Thomas of Hookton

Uhtred I know was real, were the others based on real people? Or just a character for that book


May your ink never run dry Sir


Kind regards

Brian Stimpson



Most of my main characters are not based on real people.


Dear sir,

I greatly enjoy reading your books. I think they are THE TITS.

I have a question for you: Is Richard Sharpe based on John Colborne? I am just now finishing your excellent nonfiction book on the battle of Waterloo, and have been looking for any connections to the Sharpe series. I suspect it’s Colborne because of his general badassery, his history, and because he obtained his position through merit?

I realize that Richard Sharpe is based on probably multiple different real life people, but I have to imagine there is some impetus for his inspiration?

I suppose I’ll know if Sharpe eventually travels to Canada!

Thank you for your attention, and please know that I am an ardent fan and will continue to read your books with attention whatever your response.


Mike Dano


He is not; he’d have been flattered at the thought though, thank you!


I was wondering if the release date of Sharpe’s Command will change again? The US edition appears to have changed to April 2, 2024. The UK edition still holds at October 10, 2023. Will that change to match the US edition or are you keeping the UK edition in October?

Jack Ashcraft


The UK publication date of Sharpe's Command will be 10 October 2023.


I have finished The Grail Quest Series, The Fort, Azincourt, Stonehenge, Waterloo and have now read of all of Uhtreds adventures. Sharpe next. I have started reading chronologically, Sharpe’s Tiger and Sharpe’s Triumph. Is this what you would recommend? Or does order of publication flow better. My interest was increased even further when I discovered that an ancestor of mine had served as an officer with Wellesley in India. He married an Indian Princess and sadly, he died while on their way back to Ireland with their many children.

Best regards,

David Cobbe


I generally recommend reading the Sharpe books in chronological order, not the order of publication.  I hope you enjoy them!