Your Questions


Hi Bernard,

I hope you and your wife are both well and enjoying life.

I have enjoyed reading ‘ The Last Kingdom ‘  books and the TV series was excellent ( I recently visited Wareham as a result ), but my interest in your work started with your King Arthur stories ; I wanted to ask you if there is , or was previously , a possibility of them being made into a TV series ?

Thank you for all the enjoyment over the years.



There is a TV series - to be called The Winter King - in production now!  Once we hear the release date we will be sure to post it to the homepage of this website.


Huge fan... I have read a good bit of your work and was wondering if we will ever hear from Thomas of Hookton again. Now that you are done with the Saxon tale?

Marcus Clay


I am not planning more for Thomas right now...but you never know.....


Dear Bernard

I don't know if you have any interest in the Seven Years War but this video on the Battle of Kunersdorf 1759 you and others on here might find of interest



P.S Have you ever been tempted by the Battle of Minden a rather famous British Victory back then but now sadly unknown  ?


I've given Minden some thought, but it's not high on the list.


The Sharpe books kept my sanity together at university and have been my go to read to escape life’s challenges and stresses ever since. Thank you sincerely. I’ve always thought it would be wonderful to explore Sharpe’s time before the army in the slums of London. Perhaps as as a teenager attempting to survive and leading a merry band of likeminded rap scallions….food for thought maybe?

Simon Rowland


Not on my list, but who knows? .....maybe as a short story?


Hi Mr. Cornwell

I was wondering whether there will be any more books written for the last kingdom series.?

kind regards

Graham Paget


I have no plans to add to the series.


Mr. Cornwell...

Sad to hear about the delay for "Command," but as we all know, "Life happens," so no worries.

When it is released, where does it fall chronologically in the series? After and before which other books?


Gator Gaynor


Between Sharpe's Company and Sharpe's Sword.


Hello there.

I was recently tipped off by a relative about an indirect ancestor of mine who wrote his memoir about Waterloo. Chap by the name of Thomas Jeremiah. Welshman from Goytre, Monmouthshire near to my own birth place. He was one of 4 cousins who fought at the battle as a young man of around 18.  The memoir, I have now found out, is digitised on the National Library of Wales website. Reading it through, I wonder if during your own research you ever encountered Thomas' story and may have found some inspiration from it?

Many thanks for your time,

Susan Winch


I wish I had read it, but your message is my first intimation of the memoir – I’ll look at it!  Thank you!!!


Dear Mr Cornwell

I have just finished The Starbuck Chronicles which I read after finishing the Sharpe books and I was just wondering whether there has ever been any temptation to write a book or short story about Sharpe's son Patrick and his exploits, such as how he lost his eye or received his scars? Many thanks for providing me and many others with joy and entertainment with your novels,


James Ryan



It's not in my plans at the moment....


Dear Bernard,

will there be any more books in the Last Kingdom series?

Paul McCandless


I think that series is done.


Hello, Mr. Cornwell.

I just finished reading all your "Saxon Stories". I noticed that you have concentrated back on Sharpe. Do you plan writing another "Medieval series"? I am more fan of the "grittiest" "sword-and-arms" style of novels. Even now I've begun reading "Brothers of the Sands" by Robert Low, because I love the Antiquity and Middle Ages. Back to the topic: do you plan writing another "Medieval series" or at least another single novel as " Azincourt"?




I don't know what will come after Sharpe's Command.