Your Questions


Mr. Cornwell,

I’ve read many of your books, seen a few of your speeches, and have come to respect your opinion. This might altogether be an odd correspondence but I honestly can think of no one whom I would rather share it.

If God is good and worthy of being worshiped, why do terrible atrocities and injustices occur? Why do good people suffer? Why would a God who is good and all-knowing and all-powerful allow such a thing?

I believe the Cathars have possibly the best explanation for this stating something like the Old Testament God is not a good or nice God but the New Testament God (Jesus) is and they are equally powerful. I understand you touch on the Cathars in your grail series which I haven’t been able to read yet.

You are my elder; a learned and respected man. I am sure you have asked or been asked a similar question before and I am curious of your conclusion.

Thank you,

Your friend Reece from Texas.


I hate to disappoint you, but I don’t believe there is a god, any god, any where, so your question is unanswerable! If there is one then he should be ashamed of himself (or herself). Evil, like goodness, springs from our own nature, and we can’t avoid the responsibility by inventing a god.


Hi Mr. Cornwell.

I saw that you was a Edmund Burke admirer, and you are a specialist in middle age and anglo saxon period. Do you already had curiosity to search about ancient families, in your searches to write? Do you discovery something about Burke Family? I'm your fan since ever, Love The Last Kingdom Series, Sharpes's Series and Arthurian Novel. I asked that because my surname is Burke and I know that is a ancient Surname, but I don't know nothing about that. They had Anglo-Saxon origin?

I'm anxious to next Uhtred's Book!

Thanks by attention!

More one time, I'm your fan and love your stories

Lucas Burke


Edmund Burke was Irish, but it seems (my only source is Wikipedia) that the family was descended from one of the Normans who settled in Ireland – the name being de Burgh. So no, not Anglo Saxon!



Hi Mr. Cornwell.

I'm Fan of Saxon Stories!

And I thought in a theory. In some questions you answer that Uhtred has a lot of bastards, and in other was asked if one of them would appear and you said that probably. Well, reading The Empty Throne and Warriors of Storms, I thought: There are some possibility of Berg be Uhtred's Bastard son? I know that it can look ridiculous, but I was thinking in all of these, and in Empty Throne he saying that Berg remember Uhtred (his legitimate son), and in others opportunities the own Uhtred said that wanting trick the enemies.

Well, there are some possibility about this crazy theory?

Your Fan, Lucas


Not Berg! His family connections (which have been very lightly sketched) will prove crucial in a future book. But yes, there is a strong possibilities with others!



I read  the whole Sharpe series annually but always wonder what you would have had Wellington  say to Sharpe at the after battle debrief (Waterloo).  Would he have been   praised, admonished for  leaving young frog or what. I would love to know your thoughts. Perhaps you could write a short  follow up story  apres Waterloo as it were. I would to read one.  Did Sharpe get to Paris  as a Battalion Commander?


David Newton


It’s a nice thought. Oddly, I wouldn’t know what Wellington might say unless I actually write the story. A short story, perhaps? I keep promising to write another one, or two.



Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I've read your Sharpe's series several times; I own Sharpe's Christmas but can't bring myself to read it because that finishes the series for me. Any chance you'll add to the series at some point? Please do.

I've also read The Fort, Waterloo and Agincourt, all three are outstanding.

Bottom line, thank you for providing me so many hours of enjoyment.

Best of luck to you!

Charles Mayer


There's a chance for another Sharpe book...but it's not likely to be soon.


Have you ever considered writing about the Battle of Towton and/or The War of the Roses in general?

Thomas Wooded


I've considered....but it's not in my plans at the moment.


Dear Sir,

I am reading your Saxon Warrior series for the 3rd time and have noticed a discrepancy in how England is used.  The first several books it is England but subsequent books it is Englaland.  Was there a reason for the change?

Also on page 287 of the The Last Kingdom in Uhtred's fight with Ubba, it states Ubba's "left food slid sideways."

Thank you though for all the great novels.  I have enjoyed them immensely.

Good day.



Carelessness, probably.

That typo was caught, but unfortunately not in time!


Hi Bernard,

I'm just wondering if any French veterans after Waterloo joined the British army? And, if so, which campaigns/wars would they have experienced?

Robert Douglas


Not that I know of. I can’t imagine any of them wanting to, but who knows? Not me!



Mr Cornwell

I read in one of your answers that you spend 8 to 9  hours per day writing. My question is having spent so many years doing this do you enjoy the experience? Do you view it simply as another job,something you do for a living? Or has it now become a toil?

Fintan Spode


It’s a pleasure! Much of those hours is spent gazing into space or taking the dog for a walk . . . it really depends how the story is developing. But I love it! Who wouldn’t?



Dear Bernard

As someone who didn't get to see it when it came out, I wondered if the Sharpes War Documentary, you did  on the Peninsula War ever be released on to DVD or YouTube at anytime.

Yours sincerely



Sorry, I have no idea!  I haven't heard anything about it in a long time.