Your Questions


Dear Mr Cornwell,

Thank you for all the good years of reading.

Im such a huge fan of Uthred and the series and was surprised to learn he did exist in real life.

With regards to the TV show I couldn't help but feel disappointed as I thought it skipped over massive chunks of much needed detail. It is a good production with equally good cast but as a reader I believe I have been cheated out of the proper full version. Each season should have been one book surely?

Additionally as with every books ending I wanted more haha (warlord chronicles). would you consider doing some pre-quels i.e. the story of High King Vortigen and Uther with connection with Hengist and Horsa, maybe from the viewpoint of a young child Arthur being told a story by a younger Merlin of how Uther became high king? Just a thought :)

Jarvis Davison


Almost certainly not – though who knows? But thank you for the thought!



Will there be more books in this series, or is The Flame Bearer the last? I'm just finishing the Arthur trilogy and want to start on The Last Kingdom. I'm just curious about plans for more books, as I get impatient waiting for next books in series....

Joni Naylor



I was curious if The Flame Bearer is going to be the final book of the Saxon Stories or if not, how many more books the series is going to contain?



The Flame Bearer is not the last book of the series...but I don't know how many more there will be until I write the next one!


Hi Bernard

I was just thinking about the series the Last Kingdom. Is there going to a second and how long do I have to wait for it? I have enjoyed the books very much and I am also looking forward to the next one in Oct.


Helen Powell


I do know a second season of the tv series The Last Kingdom is currently being filmed, but I haven't yet heard when it will air.  We'll be sure to post the details to this website once we learn them!


I love your books, and will read anything by you (I swear), but would you ever think about writing a book focused on the Life of a Gladiator, perhaps having to do with Spartacus and the Third Servile War? I am just watching the Spartacus TV show, and it has me wondering.

Samuel W. Gaul


No plans for it.


gday Bernard

Been enjoying your books for thirty years now and will continue while you keep writing for us . I do like your AWI stories and was wondering if you have ever been tempted to do an French and Indian war story ?

Paul Taylor


I have considered it...but it's not high on the list.


Dear Bernard.


I have been rereading Death of Kings and The Pagan Lord and came across the seven kings quote.


Seven Kings: Athelstan, Edmund I, Eadred, Eadwig, Edgar the Peaceful, Edward the Martyr, Athelred the Unready?


The Woman you Love: Athelflaed?


Alfred's son will not rule: Technically Edward did not rule England, merely and enlarged Wessex?


Wessex will die: It died at Battle in 1066 if not earlier with its merging into the crown of England.


The Saxon will kill what he loves: Athelred the Unready more or less destroyed his own kingship with his massacre of the Danes in 1002.


The Danes will gain everything: Sveyn Forkbeard and or Cnut the Great.


Is that somewhere close?


Regards and can't wait for the next book.


Dr Nicholas Saunders


Not wholly close. The seven kings are the seven (very minor, mostly) who the chroniclers report were killed at the battle of Brunanburh. The rest follows from that . . . .




Did you ever consider starting a Bernard Cornwell short story/novella/novel awards for new writers Something similar to the "Ian St James" short story awards. The rationale being, it would encourage writers on historical fiction and generate publicity for you etc.

Regards and thanks,



No, because then I would have to judge, or at least take responsibility for the judging, and I don’t feel competent to do that, or comfortable making such judgments.  We do have a charitable foundation that gives, I think generously, to causes that we care about – orphans of AIDS victims, damaged veterans, and other causes – but much as I admire the Ian St James scheme I have no urge to imitate it.




I've just finished reading Azincourt for, I think, about the 3rd time.  Great story, as were the Thomas of Hookton books.  Do you have any plans to write any sequels "starring" Nick Hook and Melisande?

Best regards

Brian Gibson


Sorry, not in my plans!


Hi Mr. Cornwell.

I recently finished the novel "Courage, Marshal Ney" by James Mace and enjoyed it quite a bit.  It deals with the theory that after Waterloo, Wellington faked Ney's execution and allowed him to escape to America, where under the name of Peter Stuart Ney he became a schoolmaster in South Carolina.  I am aware that you are skeptical of this story, but I couldn't help but think that this is just the type of mission that Wellington would call on Sharpe to aid in, accompanying Ney across France, keeping him from harm and seeing him safely aboard ship.  I think it would be a great adventure.  Could you be the least bit tempted to tell this story someday, or is your skepticism so strong that you could not bring yourself to do so, even as a wholly ficticious Sharpe adventure?

Alan Kempner


Like you I think it’s a terrific story! Unfortunately I can’t believe in it. The evidence that Ney was shot on that fatal morning is overwhelming, and the rest is romantic sentimentality. If I believed it, if I could discover a shred of supporting evidence, I’d write the book in an eyeblink!



Dear sir

I have had many years pleasurable reading concerning the sharpe adventures but I think that you have possibly missed a chapter of Richard sharpe  and would like to know why ? . we read from part one his involvement in the army but I would of loved to of read the stage of his life before being enlisted I'm sure a man of your many talents  that has conjured up 15 ? is it sharpe novels to do the most important  one the prequel I would love to know why you didn't consider this

yours sincerely

an avid fan



I have considered it! And, you may have noticed, I haven’t written it. Perhaps I will? Though it’s not on the ‘short list’. I have left other gaps in Sharpe’s career, most of them deliberate for when I at last write another Sharpe book! Which, I hope, I will do. I’m not saying I’ll never write about his childhood – only that it’s not imminent!