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I am writing only to express my eternal appreciation for you books.  I have read 99% of your books and will surely reach 100%.  I love the characters, and the history.  You books have become a part of me and the characters I will know my life.  Thanks!  This is just a note to express my appreciation...

Christopher Hebert


One of the finest characters ever. I have also ready your Waterloo history just before visiting the battlefield itself.

I am a huge fan of you, Wilbur Smith, Daniel Silva and Nelson Demille. Whenever any of you publish I rush to the book store.

I was fortunate enough to interview you two times when you visited Toronto in the mid 80's after launching your Sharpe series. I too can't wait for you to go back to the Civil War but must have another Uhtred before then.

Cheers.  oh, and thank you.

Doug Farraway


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I write from Italy and only recently I started reading his books; I was looking for the texts concerning the history of King Arthur that has fascinated me since I was little (now I'm 50 years old!) and I am happy to have discovered the great Bernard Cornwell !!!!

I wanted to write to compliment him, in the meantime continuing to read .....

... I hope I have written well in English, forgive me but I'm using Google translator!




Good morning, sir!

I know you're sick to the back teeth of this particular subject being constantly regurgitated, but if and when you decide on bringing Nathaniel back, please, please, please let me be the first to know...

We all live in hope that his imminent return will be sooner rather than later!!

All the very best,

Michael Craig from sunny Scotland.


I just wanted to drop a quick note and thank you for all of your work. I drive about an hour to and from work every day and listening to your books through audio has made it so that I look forward to the drive every day! Currently I am listening to Heretic and am enjoying every minute!


I started the Grail series while I waited for the next novel in the Saxon Stories and am now just as hooked!


Thank you for these wonderful novels! I have greatly enjoyed every single one!




Ryan Clevidence


Mr. Cornwell,

I have just finished "The Flame Bearer". I believe I have read every book now and just want you to know how much I appreciate and admire each tale in every setting from Europe to India and on to North America. These books have brought many hours of complete delight to me. I live in Chilmark on the Vineyard and a good book on a quiet winter night is invaluable. My best and deep gratitude!

Dave Damroth


Just a message of thanks. That's it. I have just retired as an School Principal in Ontario, Canada and believe it or not I used many of the themes of leadership that you gave to Sharpe.

Nelson Keane


Dear Bernard,


My wife and I very much enjoyed the TV series, so we purchased the first three books. We have both read the first book. Thank you for such a good read and I hope you had lots of input into the TV series and the forthcoming second series. You are a very good writer and the book is so very interesting and intriguing.


Many thanks

Dave Hills


I'm glad to know you are enjoying the books.  I do not have input into the tv series (http://www.bernardcornwell.net/stand-back-and-let-them-do-what-they-do-best/) but I am looking forward to season 2.  Hopefully we'll learn when it will air soon!


Thanks for all interesting hours I have had following Sharp and Lord  Uhtred.  I have read most of your other books as well.


I found it interesting that you invite  your  readers to write.  I will be going to the library tomorrow and will browse your shelves in case I have missed something.




Mr Cornwell,


I just want to thank you for years of entertainment and education. I picked up a used copy of "Sharpe's Eagle" in 1993 to kill time on a flight from North Carolina to Boston, and by the time we landed in Massachusetts, you had a fan for life. Sharpe will always be a particular favorite of mine, but your writing sparked an interest in the Napoleonic period within me. It lead me to read work David Chandler, Richard Holmes, John Keegan, and Gordan Corrigan, to name a few Thank you for sparking an interest that has lasted for 25 years (and thanks by the way for your work on Waterloo. It made my day when I saw that book for sale when catching a connecting flight through Heathrow in 2015. You'll forever be associated with airports in my mind)..


Very Respectfully,


Ben Powers

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