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Again, you capture me and hold me throughout your tale. Loved your new Fools and Mortals book. Have read every book you have written.

Reg Smith


Good day Mr Cornwall. I am a very late arrival to the Warlord Chronicles but would like to thank you for giving me a most enjoyable read. I have absolutely loved reading them and they have rekindled my childhood interest in the Arthurian legend. More power to your pen or keyboard.

Garry Steel


If I had an older brother i would want him to be you. Thank you for your generosity in providing writing tips. found birth father and siblings, last kingdom rings deeply true.


Rachel Kesting


Just a simple message to say thank you for your wonderful books that you write. Being an ex rifleman (3rd Royal Green Jackets) and now a SSgt in the MPGS my all time favourite series is ‘Sharpe’ of course and second the ‘Starbuck Chronicles’ (I named my son Nathaniel lol). I have read and have all your books and in the process of building the collection with 1st editions. I personally think that no other author rivals you in your endevour to fill your books with as much historical facts as is possible, even down to the little details which makes all the difference. Thank you.

Anthony Jennings



Hello Bernard Cornwell

I just finished reading Agincourt and have fallen in love with this book. This really is the first book I have ever been able to read and truly get into. I intend on reading more of your books when I get the money together to buy them. I just wanted to write you and express that I truly loved this book.

Stanley Huckabey



I am a great fan of the Sharpe books, though Uhtred doesn't have the same attraction, but Fools and Mortals is simply MAGIC!!

I have read it cover to cover and simply return and am re-reading it again and again and again and....(you get the picture!!) Inspired writing HUGELY enjoyable, so My thanks!

Roderick Wright


Good morning, or good night, or all at the same time. My name is Igor, I write from Brazil. I just read the "Warlord Chronicles" and I'm truly delighted. "The Lord of the Rings" made me fall in love with reading and fantasy, but "Warlord Chronicles" showed me that when reality goes along with fantasy something new and extraordinary is born. Even if the characters in the story are fictitious, all that surrounds them is real and this has made me faint. I am passionate about history and I love writing in my spare time, and I know, Mr Cornwell, that after reading your books I took courage and I will start studying to write my first novel about African slavery, which was and is one shame for my country. Violence, truth, passions and a pinch of fantasy, thank you for presenting me with so many elements. Your books are inexorable.

Igor Gregório



I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for writing some terrific books.

I wasn't much of a reader before I randomly picked up The Pagan Lord at an airport on my way to England funnily enough. It was great to be reading an amazing story  that took place in the country I was moving to.

I have since gone back to the start of the series and have just finished Warriors of the Storm (which is my favourite so far if I had to pick).

Now living in West Sussex I can visit places that took part in the books and has given me an deep enthusiasm for history of this period.

Thanks again.

Big fan.

Adam Norbury


Dear Mr Cornwell,


My name is Tim Benfield and I'm a member and publicity officer for one of the UK's premier early medieval re-enactment societies; Regia Anglorum. A lot of us are big fans of your work, including Sharpe and the Arthur trilogy. We also have a special interest in the Uhtred books as it is set in the period that we most commonly represent (our dateline goes from roughly 800ad to 1066 with some excursions to the 13thC) Our society has a permanent site with an Anglo saxon longhall, fortified burgh, forge, longboats etc with more structures currently being built. All this has been nearly 20 years in the making, you can see some images and a progress diary here: https://regia.org/wychurst/ and I can provide more recent images if requested.


I'm writing to you to extend an invitation that if you're ever in England please do let me know and I could arrange a tour of the site for you if you are interested in our unique faithful recreation of a full sized manorial burgh


Best Regards,


Tim Benfield


Oh my paws and whiskers!  That looks splendid!  I’d really love to visit and I will. I fear I can’t make it this year, the calendar is horribly crowded, but I’ll do my best in 2019. Thank you!!!!


Good afternoon Mr. Cornwell,


Firstly, I'm a huge fan of the Uhtred series, very excited for War of the Wolf.

Actually, everything I've read of yours I've loved. Unfortunately, I once opened my Kindle to finish Agincourt on the Eurostar to Paris... my french neighbour did not look too impressed!

I've got a slightly strange email so I'll dive straight in.


I've often found the best books I read come from recommendations from people I know, rather than bestseller lists or online algorithmic recommendations. So I've just launched a new app called Whatbook, with the plan to promote the concept of social readia. This is my small hope to get people reading more and especially get kids reading more. I've always believed you shouldn't fight technology but use it as the tool it is, so my plan is to get kids off their phones by giving them an app that encourages them to find books to then read. Sort of a means to an end. Some friends of mine who are teachers are hopeful that by creating an app, kids will be more likely to use it to find the books they enjoy reading.


We've just launched and so far it is proving very popular. We are a startup so we cannot really afford huge marketing campaigns so I'm emailing my favourite authors to ask if they would consider joining at this early stage and if we could perhaps even create special 'author' pages, where you could list your works, upcoming releases, and users can then follow you and subscribe to be alerted when a new book is being released.


I also think it would be incredible to see what books you read and recommend yourself, especially given the research you must have done for the Uhtred series.

I thought it would be really cool to start seeing the books that authors like the read and recommend to their fans. This is, of course, all opt-in, only what you wish to share is visible.


Does this sound interesting?

If you would like to learn more I'd love to send over more information, or alternatively, you could always check out the app in the Apple App store; Whatbook is also a great iPad app.


Can't wait to get my copy of War of the Wolf!


Best regards,




I think Whatbook is a brilliant idea – and I’ll download it as soon as I’ve finished writing this answer!  I need it!  And I wish you and the app every success . . . and thank you for your diplomatic behavior on the Eurostar!

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