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Through your books and Netflix episodes, you have established in Uhtred, a beloved character. Over the years, he has often been fine company to me; consistently tough, honorable, and smart with a wonderfully sardonic sense of humor. So last week, I watched the final episode of Netflix Season Four, The Final Kingdom. And I REJECT it. Uhtred does not break his word, does not betray promises to his loyal men, and does not play cutesy games with technicalities. This is a shameful situation.

Bradford Keene


Hello dear Bernard Cornwell!

My name is Ivan Stakh, I am 26 years old and I live in Moscow, I am fond of history, Celts and Vikings and leather business. I read the Saxon Chronicles and am now reading a book from the Saga series about King Arthur. I am delighted!

It's like listening to a person who is sitting next to you, straight from the Arthurian era, a real hero from the past and tells me how it was. And what kind of battles, I went to dozens of battles with him, I smelled death, honey fumes, the smell of blood and raw mud, I felt raindrops pounding on my helmet. I was with him at the moment when the mighty Derfel Kadarn smashed the Saxon leader with a heavy spear, I saw the beauty of Guinevere and her ardent mind, I saw Arthur's triumph when he led the army into the bloody fratricidal meat grinder in Lug Beil with King Powis Gorfiddid and defeated him too inferior in number and saw its fall, when Arthur betrayed Guenever, I saw Beltain celebrated, how the Britons celebrate their holidays, I saw the Druids and Merlin himself and almost saw the gods. I heard brave songs and threats, crying and glee. I plunged into the real world, as if I leaned out of the window and saw everything with my own eyes. when I have children, I will give them your books, definitely, because you are just an incredible writer, I never cried exulting with delight - this is unique. Someday I will write my book and I hope that she will find in someone the same response as you made me respond!

I wish you good health and thank you for the inspiration and invaluable moments that I spent holding your books in my hands!


If the War Lord extract is as good as it reads, this sounds like this new book will be one of your best in The Last Kingdom series, it seems to have found the energy and the excitement of the mid-series books, like Sword Song, sorry, but I have read all your books for many years, you have a way of building the tension and excitement at the right time within your books, from Wildtrack then past Sharpe to the present time, it is great to read this War Lord extract and to hope that what is about to come is one of your great Lord of Bebbanburg stories, so I will wait the next few months for what I think will be a great read.

Clive Jenkins


As a retired broadcast journalist and minor author (2 books, 3rd in progress), I cannot express how much I admire your ability to produce quality literature packed with such detail and in such quantity...  I believe you must have a staff of elves in a backroom typing on 16-hour shifts...in fact, I may alert the authorities..


Leigh Wilson


Dear Mr. Cornwell:

I am writing to thank you for the many, many hours of enjoyment you have provided me over the last 10 years. Over a winter break from university, 10 years ago, my father offered to loan me a book he thought I would enjoy. It was "1356." I devoured it in two days and immediately scoured my local library for more of your work. Since then, I have exhausted the collections of your work in two local libraries and have purchased at least 22 of your novels for my personal bookshelves.

I particularly like The Last Kingdom Series and the Arthur Books. I have read your Arthur trilogy at least 3 times, and I consider it to be a masterwork.

Strangely, I have only read one Sharpe novel: "Sharpe's Tiger." I really enjoyed it, but have not yet gotten around to reading more of the series. I am a big fan of two other series set during a similar time period (Horatio Hornblower and Aubrey-Maturin), and I am certain that I will enjoy the Sharpe series as much, or more, when I, inevitably, read it. My father has read most of the Sharpe series and urges me to do so.

Thank you again for your wonderful books and the pleasure that they have brought, and will continue to bring, to my life. I eagerly look forward to reading more of your work.

Warm regards,

Leo Isleib


Hi Bernard,

I believe you are on Facebook? However, I decided to come on your actual website with a suggestion for a wonderful forum called: The Napoleonic Wars Forum. Fans contribute pictures of battle art, model figures, and much more, alongside fascinating stories and anecdotes. You already know so much about the Napoleonic Period, but perhaps there still might be some snippet of information here and there you might find new and interesting? I'm also raising awareness for other history fans out there! Hope that's okay? :) Take care for now!

Robert Douglas


Very interesting!


Mr Cornwell,

I just wanted to say how much of an inspiration your writing has been for me over the years. I started reading your books with Heretic when that came out, and have subsequently devoured all your work and always look forward with great relish when you have something new coming out. My mother and I have a tradition of getting one another your latest book for Christmas.

After almost ten years, I've recently decided to stop working on film and television sets to pursue writing as my career. Amongst this Covid business, I've just written the first draft of my first script, and am now developing something for a producer pal. Your advice on writing page was the final push I've needed. (I've managed around 2-3 pages a day.) I guess I'm just saying thanks for the great stories, and the unknowing encouragement.

Can't wait for more Uhtred in War Lord, and whatever you do next.




Best of luck!


Hello! Just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed your Saxon stories! Love learning about uhtred! The show was pretty good on Netflix, but I always prefer reading. I noticed here on yr website you have been to Darryl's House? I live in Hopewell Junction NY, right around the corner from Pawling! So thank you for giving me a great story to read! Best wishes to you and stay well! Thank you!

Christine Massi


Hi Bernard,

I recently retired and with the extra time I've started reading fiction again (after spending my working life reading history in bits and snatches as time allowed).  One of my joys has been discovering your books.  The historical detail is amazing, but your writing truly dazzles.  I first read 1356, loved it and I'm now well into the Grail Quest.  I plan to go onto our deck and start Heretic in a few minutes, but first wanted to simply say thank you.

My best to you,

Jim Cicconi




I would like to start off by saying I’ve read every book you’ve written and you are by FAR my favorite author.

I just finished the warrior chronicles after eating the last kingdom series alive.

By the way, Merlins death still haunts me...

I feel like this series shouldn’t be over.

I would love to see maybe a prequel,  merlins childhood would be amazing.

Briton before Christianity with Merlins childhood as the focus.

I’d buy the books plus the audio.

Thank you again , for all the books you’ve written and all the escapes you’ve given me.

Matt Johnson