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Hello. You have a brilliant mind. Please bring back the Last Kingdom show. Thanks.

Amber Greene


What a departure from your other novels!  I've enjoyed most of them, but it was refreshing to read a story where no one dies and the only wall in the book is the one separating Pyramus and Thisbe.  Of course on completing the book I reread 'Midsummer Night's Dream' and fortunately in an annotated edition so i could understand many of the obscure references.

Your novel was well researched and a delight.  I'll 'brush up on my Shakespeare' until your next  novel is published.  How do you do it all?

Alan Brout


Bernard Cornwell,

You have given me many hours of happiness. How? Your books (my wife says I have to many of yours- I tell her the stories) are a pleasure to read. I hope that I may return some of that happiness to you. I am the composer of Genesis Opera (literal interpretation of 1st 10 chapters of Genesis - no worry about idea as the Bible has been around for a couple years) and we shot (rented cameras,etc... one day - Actors/singers are my friends) the 2nd part of the Adam and Eve story. Enjoy!

Thank   you,





Thank you – you have talented friends!



Hello again,
Mr. Cornwell may already be aware of this, but I thought I'd mention it just in case.
I watched the 1st episode of The Frankenstein Chronicles last night, starring Sean Bean, and got a big kick out of two scenes referencing his roles as Richard Sharpe.
In one scene two men stroll past whistling "Over the Hills and Far Away", and in another scene Sean says he has a military background with the 95th Rifles.
Love the cross-referencing. I wonder if, in an upcoming episode Sean will say he's descended from a family from Bebenburg.
D'Arcy Draper


I fear I haven’t seen The Frankenstein Chronicles, but I’m delighted! I’ll look for the series – thank you!


My favourite gift at Christmas over many has been my hard back copy of your latest book,I have loved all your books. But this year l have done something that I nerve thought I would, having got half way into Fools and Mortals I gave it up as I did not enjoy reading it at all.



Well after reading the Saxon Chronicles, Sea Lord, The Fort, 1352 and then all the  Sharpe series in chronological order I had brought the Warlord series in hardback. Just finished the Winter King; I have really enjoyed it - it lacks the humour - if you know what I mean of Sharpe at times and I miss that - Harper's quips and it is a darker book but none the less very readable and enjoyable. Once again - many thanks - I have literally spent 100's of hours in your books and they have brought me much pleasure - such a gift! A heartfelt thank you.

Andy Phillips


Some little time ago I wrote a blistering email giving my unneeded opinion of the TV show. I may have referred to Uhtred as a wienie or worse, because, in my not-so-important opinion, book Uhtred and TV Uhtred were too far apart. I would like to sincerely apologize for being such an idiot. After I wrote, I binge-watched both seasons, and it's brilliant.  No, it's not the books, but it's brilliant. Hopefully you've long forgotten my email (if you ever read it), but I am so absolutely ashamed of myself I had to write again.

Kathy White


Oh, no need to apologise! I’m just delighted you finally enjoyed the series – and the third is on the way! Not sure when it will be transmitted, but I suspect the autumn.



Hi Mr Cornwell.

How are you?

I really like the Last kingdom serie. It's like a movie serie, I can't stop to read it. As a history  amateur studious, my mind flies  inside the  landscapes, food and others  descriptions from the medieval time pictured in the books.

I lived in Manchester for a while, the strong north, as described in the book. Its really amazing.

Thank you very much for yours books. Its part of my life.

Kind regards,

Marcos Costa


I confess mild dismay when picking up your new book to find it was not the latest in the Saxon Tales series. Boy, was I ever wrong! F&M was fascinating history and great story telling. Thanks again for a most enjoyable experience.

Ellsworth Viking Bahrman



The exhibition for St. Cuthbert`s landing at Fishlake,Doncaster, S. Yorkshire is taking place 18- 24th March 2018 at the church.Open daily. There are a number of evening lectures also. Details of exhibition and timetable available on Church website.

Kind regards ,

Mrs Laws BA.Lib

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