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As a history buff I love your books and the research involved in writing them,not just Viking series but all the others as well.  Thank you for so many hours of enjoyable reading.  I'll forward to the next Utred book



Dear Mr Cornwell,

I have just finished reading The Fort, and felt I just had to say what an excellent read it was.

In fact nearing the last few chapters, I wouldn't pick it up for fear of it ending, and so spoil my great pleasure in enjoying it.,but relented in the end.

I learnt so much exciting history, discovered heroes, and courageous men.

You are a great author, and story teller, and I am now looking forward to discovering your other books.

Best Wishes,




In 2017 I purchased a copy of Sea Lord while I was in the Philippines with my wife Myrna. I really enjoyed it.  Yesterday I finished reading Sharpe's Gold. I have read the Sharpe series in order from Sharpe's Fortress. Like reading historical fiction. If you haven't read Dewey Lambs in series about Alan Lewrie. I find him easier to read then Patrick O'Brien. I' m looking forward to reading more about Richard Sharpe.

John Nance


Thanks for the amusing reply regarding my previous mascot question. It seems to me that a 'mascot' often chooses the theatre, rather than the other way round. Perhaps fate plays a hand in such matters? Whatever the case, I hope Rachel is doing well and guarding the theatre against....well, whatever is the natural enemy of skunks! One other superstition - as you'd pointed out in 'Fools and Mortals' - is keeping evil spirits at bay which all actors/actresses fear. In this sense I reckon the mascot acts as would a church gargoyle or a protective mirror (demons can't stand their own reflection). Speaking of Shakespeare, there is also what is referred to as 'The Scottish Play'. It's real name is....no, don't worry, I won't do what Edmund Blackadder did!

Robert Douglas


I have meant to write to you for sometime, to say thank you for the pleasure you have given me over many years, reading the various books you have written. I thoroughly enjoy reading all of your books, and always look forward to the next issue. Quite a few years ago now l always wanted to write, and thank another author, called Nigel Tranter, for exactly the same reason. Unfortunately, l left it to late to write him and have always regretted that l never told him how much pleasure his books had given me. I hope never to make that error again. Many thanks once again,

my very best wishes,




Thank you.


Hello Mr. Cornwell,

I would just like to tell you how much I appreciate your novels. As a 'history geek' I have found your work to be compelling. I love the authenticity you put into your novels.

I actually enjoy your work, so much that I have included in my own work. I am a former teacher, but now I help develop literacy assessments for schools. One of the texts that I have written is a book review of your Last Kingdom Series. I gave it 5/5 stars and described the historical fiction genre, your dedication to general accuracy and your ability to create compelling characters. My hope is that it will inspire children to take up your work and enjoy it as much as I do.

I look forward to your future work,



Thank you!


Dear Bernard,

I am so enjoying The Last Kingdom.  Such clever plotting and battles.  The best part is to try to figure out what will happen and how the battles are set.  (Excellent brainwork for someone my age 77yrs old.)  What would we do without your brilliant authorship. Uhtred is a real man and our history of England so interesting.  It is the best way to become interested and learn our origins.  Thank you so much.




Hi Bernard,

Allow me to treat you like this since we met for so many years. Through your books only, but they really creates a bound between the author and the reader.

Concerning the Last Kingdom and the next volume, I’ve only two things to say: THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

I hope this series continuous until the end of days.

I’m from Portugal, I’m 47 now, and since my 16 I read you in English version because for me, even though the translations can be made by unquestionable skilled professionals, the impact of what the author wants to transmit, it gets lost. It’s the same from Portuguese to English.

Here, your Portuguese fans, we still waiting for a book based on the Aljubarrota battle with the Spanish.


Best Regards and keep on




Hello, Mr Cornwell.

My name is Marta Tracana, I'm from Portugal and I'm just sending this messege to thank you for your books.

I'm reading now Thomas and his adventure as a archer, reading in english and then in portuguese... just to be sure! :) So, because your books are so good and exciting, and give me many hours of great reading, I'm thanking you for that!

Marta Tracana



I just want to say how incredibly pleased I am to have read the Last Kingdom series, which only came about because I received the first book as a free kindle copy. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all the books and I’m actually sad it’s over. Your ability to bring the moments of battle alive and transport your readers to that place thousand years ago is amazing. I’m grateful to have learnt more about those exciting and brutal times and would love to be able to continue my odyssey back in time. I have never ever written to an author before so please take this as a true testament of appreciation of your writing and this series in particular. Thank you.

Kind regards,


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