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Dear Mr Cornwell,

I am bereft. After all these years if having Uhtred, there is no more. I wanted to write and thank you so much for the utter joy I've had reading about Uhtred over the last 14 years or so. What's been particularly lovely is that I've been able to enjoy the series along with my (grown up) children as well-boys and girls.

Thank you also for introducing The Lady Aethelflaed to me for whom I must confess I have "the hots" for. What a woman!!

It seems incredulous that we are not taught about The Battle of Brunanburh at school as it is such a defining moment in our nation. Again, thank you for opening my eyes to that.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

What next?

Warmest wishes and stay safe



Next is Sharpe!


I am gutted.  I have now read all your books and I’m gutted!  What do I do now?  No one matches up to you....

Simon Lock


Just wondering, did you sell only the characters names of The Last Kingdom books? It seems the tv series is making up completely different story lines! Lol. My wife still loves it. Can’t wait until War Lord comes out in the US. Thanks for all the great books!

Bill Cranshaw


I have just finished War Lord and feel bereft that it's the end of such an amazing series.  Absolutely loved it.

Thank you.

Jane Brownlee


I just wanted to say mr Cornwell I love your books. As a child I used to read constantly and unfortunately as I got older I lost my love for books and reading all together, until I discovered your work. My first book I read from you was the last kingdom and that re ignited a spark In me that I had lost. Since then I've read the entire last kingdom series with the exception of your newest one due to me being in the US, and I've also read the grail quest series. I have 5 tattoos, and out of the 5 of them 3 are based on your books. You have a magical skill for writing and I just wanted to let you know I appreciate the artwork that is your books.

Jake Petty


Dear Bernard,

I have just finished your last book in Uhtred's story.  Wow, I could not put it down.  I have been following the story since the beginning  of it all.   I think you should be very proud of having finished this story in such a convincing way, and with so many historical details that support the main lines of the story.  I also was very glad that you did not kill off Finan.  I remember how sad I was while reading Sharpe's Waterloo, at how many of his old companions died during the battle there, and I was afraid the same fate would meet Finan and Sihtric.  Still, sorry to say goodbye to so many other of his long-time companions.  Thank you for the many hours of great reading.  When you get into a battle scene, my heart pumps and my eyes fly over the pages so quickly I have to go back and re-read it, I get so carried away!  I have read every book you have published.   Thank you.

Robin Goodhand


Hello Mr. Cornwell,


I have been reading your books for only about a year now and I have finished the Last Kingdom series and have now started your Sharpe series. Holy cow, it is an understatement to say that I am completely hooked!  You are so talented and inspiring.  Your stories are the best and motivated me to get back into my own writings.  Mostly, I wanted to say that I appreciate your work and want to thank you for sharing your art with the world, I hope you can understand just  how much it lifts people up.



Matthew Cavalli


I had, over many years, read all of the books of the Last Kingdom series, but in random sequence. I took advantage of my enforced layoff to correct that, reading the books in chronological order. I’m a careful reader, always armed with pen and paper and search engine. Sometimes I spend more time on research than reading. You present a greatly satisfactory blend of tale and truth but you show me, more than ever, that western history is a lie.

In America they administer oaths using the term “the whole truth and nothing but the truth”, thereby recognizing that any truth which is not whole in its entirety is a lie. Omissions, deliberate or dismissive, render the tale as told to be without merit.

Nowhere is this any clearer than the deliberate, patriarchal dismissal of the role of women from our past – indeed, our present. In the world of Bishop Asser and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles women are to be kept silent, well-stocked for whelping and whoring and sequentially replaceable after death in the birthing bed – having, hopefully, left a son behind.

Take, for example, Aethelflaed – a towering hero, a warrior/queen for the ages, her deeds barely recorded in her own time.  How wondrously would Olivier have played Shakespeare’s Aethelflaed – if she were a man? What immortal portrayals would Shearer or Blanchett have given us as “Queen of Mercia” – the untold epic? Or, Crawford as Aelswith, the spine behind the throne?

What/when/who/why?  Who knows? Between the obsessive, patriarchal prejudices and deliberate lies of Bishop Asser, the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles and their like in currying regal favour while dismissing half the world, I hold the understood history of these times to have the credence of a Mickey Spillane novel.

I urge you to read Wolves at the Door, the story of a one-legged American woman who was arguably the most important single combatant the US had in WW2. She is the only American woman ever to win the Distinguished Service Cross. They gave it to her in a cloak room.

Robert Kent


Thank you for that, and I agree completely that women have received short shrift in history, and Aethelflaed is a good example. And thank you, too, for shout out for Wolves at the Door – I’ll read it!



Hello Mr. Bernard Cornwell,

I'm Dutch. On holiday in Germany I've bought 'Fools and Mortals' (in the language English). I read in the bookshop that the subject is Shakespeare and history. I''ve have enjoyed it VERY much. Thank you!

With kindest regards,




Dear Mr. Cornwell,

finished War Lord minutes ago. Thanks a lot for your writing, I truly enjoy your novels. Besides, being a Catholic, I appreciate that in the last book you were relatively kinder to priests!! I am an enthusiast of medieval history and your books help me to imagine the times. To picture what otherwise would be names and dates and facts. Many many thanks again.

Jorge S.