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I have been devouring your kingdom books on kindle in same way I devoured Wilbur Smith.

Please do not go down his route of ghost writers.They no longer read like a lover of Africa with true soul.

My  heart races in anticipation when I download and then start reading . I have learnt so much social history of a period I never covered at school. Thankyou!

Ross McGookin



Just read the last kingdom and had great fun. Can't wait to read the next books.




Hello Mr Cornwell!


Recently someone posed the question, "Who's the best archer in fiction?"


I had to respond, "Thomas of Hookton."


This inspired me to look up your website and send you an email about how much I enjoy and appreciate your writing. You had a massive influence on me growing up. From a young age I devoured historical fiction, and yours was by far my favorite.


Now I'm trying to write my own books, and I wanted to say thank you. Without authors like you who instilled in me a love for stories and storytelling, I would not read. And if I did not read, I would never write!


So thank you, it's meant a lot to me.





Dear Bernard.

I am nearly as old as you, and was a Napoleonic buff and wargamer in the 1980s and 90's. When I went into my local bookshop and saw the paperback of Sharpe's Rifles, I bought it straightway and read it in a day or so. I normally do not read much fiction, as have so much non fiction to read and study. It was great. I am sure that I recall a square being cut down and it struck me as the best piece of historical writing ever.

I thought I had all of the books until I saw a few new ones in hard cover, Fury and Escape etc. I now have these in hardback. And most of the DVD's I most humbly thank you for bringing us Sharpe and raising the awareness of The Napoleonic Period.

Just a small point, you list on your website the order in which to watch the DVD's, I notice in number 2 that Sharpe captured two eagles! Surely! even Sean Bean could not do that.

Best regards

Digby Green

New Zealand


After watching The Last Kingdom season 1, I had to search the basis for it, your books..read them all, having to wait for 10th for quite awhile. Thank you for those books, i enjoyed them soo much.  Am currently watching the second season and hoping that the 11th book is not too too far in the distance..Be well.

Denise Marcucci


Our brief chat (not to mention the photo) following the Shakespeare and War discussion last night was a long-awaited pleasure.  I have been an enthusiastic reader of your books for many years -- all the Sharpe novels, the Archer's Tale series, and now the Saxon Stories. We took a bus tour down the Northumberland coast during our recent visit to Edinburgh; prevailed on the driver to stop by Bamburg Castle (was also impressed by the view of it from Lindisfarne -- talk about grim solitude).


Still, I think my favorite may be The Fort.  It truly brought to life my encounter with the little monument in Castine all those years ago!


I will look for other events when you are in town, or on our occasional visits to Cape Cod.  With best wishes,


Gregg Rubinstein


Andy Phillips - Pastor - Open Door Church, Sunbury again:

So I have read since 1st week of July :

9 Saxon Chronicles books




Utterly brilliant books - love them! Can hear a bit of Uthred in Thomas when he wonders is there is an omen at times. Love your knowledge of the bible  - in 1356 - Pg 423 - Isa iash 2:4 and Malachi 4:3. Beign a Evangelical reading your books really helps!


Keep going - brilliant! I cannot tell you how much joy reading these gives me!


Thanks mate!




Dear Mr Cornwell,


If you are reading this e-mail, let me first thank you for the time you are giving me right now. I realize you must be extremely busy and I highly appreciate your consideration.


Let me also thank you and mostly for the Warlord Chronicles. I have for a long time enjoyed historical fictions and wished to write in this genre, but only after reading your trilogy have I found the inner urge to start my work. I am only an amateur writer and as you can see English is not my mother tongue, but I found in your novels the elements and emotions I wish to share in my stories as well, and if one day a reader feels as I felt while reading your story, by reading mine, I will consider myself successful.


I hope you will find the time and the will to reply to my message and that we may correspond. In any case, I will keep enjoying your novels, currently the Saxon Stories, and if one day I have the chance to get my work published I hope you will enjoy reading it.


Kind regards,




I look forward to reading your published work one day - best of luck to you!


I read with intrigue the letter from Matt Copley (Submitted April 5, 2017).

I sleep listening to your audiobooks on my MP3 player. Many, many times I have found myself in the middle of one of your stories in a dream. I can tell you, reading them is great, actually being in the story is even better though I have sometimes woken suddenly about to be killed. Strange but true!

David M


Dear Bernard


From an earlier question about you being approached by other authors to write a Sharpe or Starbuck story.


I am sure you will be aware that "Sharpe" has made a number of appearances in other author's books


"A tall rifles officer, called Richard, carrying a rifle like a ranker" from the Fields of Death by Simon Scarrow


Arthur Wellesley musing on the field commission given to a sergeant Sharpe following the battle of Assaye in a Doctor Who story called Worlds End


Best wishes



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