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When I recently retired I took on the happy project of re-reading the Last Kingdom series in sequence. I’m up to The Flame Bearer. I had a basic understanding of the period, which made me feel very much immersed. What knocked me over, as a Woman, was the character Aethelflaed. I was vaguely aware of the name, but based on Mr. Cornwell’s presentation She sent me off on a research binge. What I found was absolutely astounding. {Queen} The Lady of Mercia was in fact one of the most formidable rulers of Her time – a warrior and administrator the equal if not the superior to anyone of Her time. Had She had the “fortune” to be a Man She would have been celebrated in the halls of history itself. That Her historic achievements receive scant notice has to do without a doubt to the patriarchal coverage of history, wherein Men celebrate Men, even those who may not have been as accomplished as a contemporary Woman such as Aethelfaed. She is scantily mentioned in ancient writings. In their Patriarchy, Males present a distorted view of history. Until I examined the life of Aethelfaed I had been given by the historians to regard Women of Her time as wives, whores, and nuns – not necessarily in that order. Thank you, Mr. Cornwell, to leading me to where we should all have been at the primary school level. Cowards and incompetents with testosterone are celebrated; a Woman for the ages is not.

Francine Kent


You are so right!! And I hope you’ll be pleased to know that a new statue of Aethelflaed was recently erected in Tamworth, Staffordshire, (she fortified the town), and there’s a much older statue of her in Tamworth Castle. Maybe she should occupy the empty plinth in Trafalgar Square? It would be appropriate!



I am very fond of the series.  No worries, there is no way to sign an ebook.  I was not so fond of the TV series, but have been binge watching it this week-one to go.  I have recently learned my fathers family apparently left Somerset for the colonies at about the time of one of the last major rebellions.  This may make me a son of Wessex. Makes me enjoy the books even more

Steven Gibbs


Hi Mr Cornwell,

I love your books. I have lived in Australia now for 45 years but was in the UK before that. In school I hated history as a subject. Especially at a school called saint Aloysius in Hinckley Leicestershire. It is not called that anymore. The point is, I can't get enough of it now! It is so interesting, especially if you read a great story and learn something at the same time, that is what your books do. I am interested in the pyramids too, I cant get enough of that. Especially Khufu, it is so different to the others.

It makes me sad the way history was taught when I was at school. It took me half a lifetime  to get interested again. My wife and I go back to the UK now every couple of years since we have retired and we go on history tours and are enthralled by them. Thank you. I am trying to write a book about my experiences on Koolan Island (Kimberley, Australia) in the mid 70's,  but I started it 30 years ago so I cant say progress has been rapid! I may finish it one day. If you feel inclined you may wish to look up Kimberleys on the internet, it is a beautiful part of the world but very isolated and underestimated. Not cheap to get to though. If you ever get to Perth and want an escort I can show you and Mrs round a bit. I am not a whiz but I know a few places.

Peter Barker



Thank you.  Best of luck with your book!


Respected Mr. Cornwell

Greetings from India! I chanced to look upon your work :Gallows Thief. The book was something else. I loved the narrative, the romance, the thrill, the unexpected suspects, the actual culprit... The book was so absorbing that I forgot about everything else and had a very tough time dealing with my mom's temper. I absolutely loved the idea of a soldier from the Waterloo battle as the hero. The narrative of an imperial England was so good that I could visualise it. On a whole, the book was excellent, sir!

Yours Truly,



Hello, I just thought you might like to know that 'Badajoz day' was marked in Nottingham, to commemorate the exploits of the 45th foot. Representatives of the Mercian regiment (successors to the 45th foot) with their mascot Private Derby took part in a parade in the Old Market Square, and a redcoat was raised on the Council House flagpole. I only happened to see the parade as I was out shopping - It's good to think that the bravery of the soldiers at Badajoz (as depicted in Sharpe's Company) and in the Peninsular War is still remembered today.

I am reading the Sharpe books again, I hope there is a new book soon!

Kind regards




Hi Mr Cornwell,

I just finished War of the Wolf and I just wanted to say that I love your books!

I started reading them with my dad when I was young and since then I have read dozens. Now I am looking forward to my son being old enough to read them. His name is actually Archer Thomas which I think he'll get a kick out of when he gets to start reading those books.

Lately I have been listening to them on Audiobook as I am a physician and work at few hospitals in the city. The commutes give me a chance to enjoy them in a unique way and Matt Bates who reads the Saxon Chronicles does an excellent job!

Thank you again for your books, they are not only incredibly exciting but reveal fascinating aspects of history and are beautifully written. I already looking forward to book 12 of the Saxon Chronicles!

Elliott Sprague


Hi Bernard,

I just wanted to say that I absolutely adore you! My Grampa H was obsessed with your work and asked me to read the Arthurian Trilogy when I was about 13. Since then I have been hooked and have read them at least 6 times since (I am now 31!) My Grampa H believed in the old gods and has since passed away, so I like to reunite with Derfel occasionally as I then feel closer to him. I am hopeful that a TV series is produced from the books but done really well as I feel quite precious about them! God knows how you must feel when adaptations are made. Anyway, I will stop rambling now. I can't thank you enough. Blessings,


Lea, Stoke-on-Trent x


I adore you too!


Just thought I would say thank-you for all the books that you have written and that I have enjoyed so very much - all of them.


Mike Fernee, UK



Dear mr Cornwell,

your "Warlord Chronicles" left me breathless, i've never felt so many emotions reading a book.

The story of Derfel recalls me back my own story, like him i was born with a woman that wasn't my father wife, like him it's a miracle if i survived my childhood and like him i' m a fighter too.

All the issues of the book touched my mind and my hearth so much.

I'll be always gratefull to you for this books, if you will ever need a man in your wall of shields you just have to call me and i'll be with you.

Sorry for my english, if you ever want to come and visit Italy i will give you my best hospitality.

May Beli Mawyr be with you.

See you soon.

Luca Brogliato.