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I know you're exceptionally busy, but I wanted to take a few minutes of your time to say thank you. In 99/00 I read this series and loved it.


In general, I'm not a rereader, but I've often thought about these books, so I bought the set (real books not digital which is a compliment in itself because I rarely buy physical copies of fiction).


I want you to know that, even the second time around when I know what's going to happen, these books are still entertaining and enthralling. I'm losing sleep because I refuse to put the books down until late into the night!


You are an exceptional writer, Mr. Cornwell, and I thank you for sharing your talent with the world!

Georgie Lowery



Mr. Cornwell, some months ago I've received a recommendation from some friends, saying that  I needed to read the books from the greatest novelist of our time, and I got to admit that your books really filled up my days from that day to now. Thanks for your amazing job sir, and I expect to read much more of your books in the future, big hug from a big fan.

Diego Souza



Enjoyed the wild ride.  I know you said there will be a book 11.  Simply have one question.   In every book Uhtred gets more powerful in men and ability to get the impossible done. I hope he didn't take a step back in book 11.  If he was to loose Bebbanburg I would feel cheated. I know it's all loosely based in history.  I for one certainly don't mind more fiction in the mix.  My greatest joy when reading last kingdom is when Uhtred flex is his keen intelligence on battle and unleashes his super trained warriors.

Thanks for wild ride.




Although almost retired I have been an avid reader of books from a young age. As I got older my tastes matured and last year came across your Sharp novels and I was hooked, historical fiction is my favourite, especially if the author has researched his subject, which you obviously do. After all Sharp novels I then read through Starbuck, then Last Kingdom and have just completed the Arthur novels..Have a few more of yours to read but just wanted to thank you for such excellent reads...

Brian West


I lament the inevitable unoriginality of this message. However, I console myself in the knowledge that an author as renowned as you must be presented with dozens of such photofit messages every day and it would take a fan of unusual eloquence to stand out from the crowd.


The first of your books I read were the Sharpe novels. Then, I think, the Starbuck chronicles (having married a girl from Tennessee and honeymooned in Charlestown they seemed particularly insightful). Azincourt was another, and at one point I found a readers digest condensed version of Redcoat in my parent's attic - I've subsequently read the unabridged version which I enjoyed thoroughly.


The reason I now feel compelled to write to you however is that I've just read the lines, "and so my Lord was gone, and no one has seen him since".


Not since I read of Jack Aubrey setting a course for Cape Pilar and for home have I had so profound a sense of satisfaction at finishing a series of novels, and I wanted to congratulate you on crafting so absorbing and so believable a story as you have with your Arthur trilogy.


I hope that this fawning message of thanks adds, in some small way, to the satisfaction that you derive from your work and I remain, most respectfully yours,


Gary Gillies



A nice treat for me to see my favorite author take on the role of Dr. Finache on 7/20.  Very Entertaining.  By a stroke of luck, I was also able to purchase front row seats too which made the experience even better.

Looking forward to your next book.


Ben Benjamin


Can hardly wait for book 11!  Saw the Last Kingdom, too, after reading the books.   The TV version is good, but the books are absolutely riveting.  More, please.

Ruth McLatchie


Thanks for the possibility of more Sharpe.  So , finished Starbuck now Bloody Ground was was pretty darn good although it made my teeth hurt :-) hope to see Nate at Gettysburg and perhaps even  Little Big Horn down the line and he definitely still has a couple of scores to settle. Just started the Fort, so far so interesting.




My daughter turned me on the The Last Kingdom series on Netflix.  It didn't take but one episode to get me hooked.  I've now watched both seasons twice and pray that it will continue for many years.  Perhaps you will have a say in that.


I've gone through the first three books in The Last Kingdom series and am going out to get the fourth installment today.  As soon as I finish that, I will continue to read each successive novel until you run out of Uhtred stories.


I will read each one voraciously.  You are truly gifted (I wish I was.)  Thanks for your great works.

Carl Spatazza


Just a short note to tell you how much I enjoyed Sharpe's Tiger, I couldn't put it down. I don't read a lot lately but I'm on vacation in Vermont and found your book on the shelf of the house I am staying at. From the first page I was hooked, Looking forward to reading more of Mr Richard Sharpe. Thank you for a great yarn.

All the best.


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