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I pre-ordered it before publication but waited a month after receiving it before I cracked the cover because I knew #13 was the last. Finally I opened it, but only to read little bits at a time and then put it down for days. I was savoring it, never really wanting to approach the end. But eventually, all too soon, I got to the hazel rods and in one fell swoop I just gobbled the rest. I'm not sorry. I'm glad. I had procrastinated for as long as I could, but no longer than I should. It was delicious reading, rich and thick. I like many of your tales but this series was something special. The humor, the authenticity, the life you breathed into these people made it so. I can't say it's your best work. That's because I haven't read the next one. It wouldn't be fair to bestow that title prematurely. I will, however, say thank you for the great pleasure you've given thus far. Take a long rest. You deserve it. Recharge. And please come back soon!

Mike Breck



Hello Mr. Cornwell:

Just completed the Last Kingdom series, and just wanted to thank you for the hundreds of hours of quality time you've provided me (and so many others) over the past years.  I first became acquainted with your work in the Arthur series, and since then have always looked with great anticipation to your new releases.  I have never been disappointed ...  although I will miss Uhtred. :-)

Once more ... thank you!



Hello Mr. Cornwell.

I just finished reading Sharpe’s fortress and daresay I am unable to put down any of your Sharpe’s books. I am about to embark with Sharpe on his journey home from India with Sharpe’s Trafalgar, and I just wanted to say thank you for bringing history to life in such wonderful books. History is my greatest passion and each page makes me feel like I’m standing rank and file with the brave men of the British Army. Your books hold a special place in my heart and have been a contributing factor in my decision to try and commission as an officer in the United States Marine Corps. Thank you again and I wish you all the best!


Austin Martin


Gidday from Australia Bernard.

Just want to say i love all of the books of yours that i`ve read and especially want to single out how you wrote of the germanics you have in the Winter King Trilogy. When you have them heathen and wild as you do in the 5th 6th centuries it paints them way better than when they have become christian late one and have to fight their barbarian natures.

All the best mate thanks for the entertainment


Wayne J Mcauliffe


Greetings, mr. Cornwell!

Just finished reading book 9 of the Saxon Tales, and in complete awe for this epic story, which i started reading after a good hint about your work from a George RR Martin's post.

Now I'm in doubt if holding on for the Portuguese edition of the final 4 books or ordering from the UK... :P can't wait to know the end to Uthred's story!

Anyway, thank you for the magic hours during this endless pandemic, and congratulations on such as awesome story.

Best regards!

Mário Faria


Hello there Bernard from NZ this evening. Just needed to write to express my huge appreciation and love of your Last Kingdom series. I have read them all and wipe happy/ sad tears at coming to the end of War Lord. Kia Kaha  (stand strong in Maori) and we speak of Maori warriors in our short history. I think those words epitomised Uhtred whom I loved and no man will ever match ha ha! Your story telling sublime, your descriptions incredible, research matchless and characters unforgettable. I sometimes look at your face and have a strong desire to sit and talk and talk because you have that glorious talent to create and bring to life our wonderful history. A million thanks for oh such a series.


Deb xs



I just finished reading your latest book War Lord. I enjoyed it. However I like to comment on the kingdom of Northumbria. I would like to note that the border between the Kingdom of Scotland and England was not settled until 1237 with the Treaty of York. In that treaty Alexander II gave up his rights to Northern England. It is interesting that Scotland lost Northumbria because of the death of two men. Prince Henry, son of David I, died leaving 3 male minor children. David designated Malcolm his successor as King of Scotland, William as Earl of Northumbria, and David as Earl of Huntington. David I died shortly after his son . Henry II of England had no objection to Malcolm, or David getting their inheritance, however he deprived William his. This denial of Williams inheritance, was going to cause problems between the two Kingdoms for years, especially after William became King of Scotland after the passing of Malcolm. William lost to Henry II, with his invasion of England, he regain the southern part of Scotland under Richard. Almost regained Northern England under Richard as well, however they could not come to agreement on who would control key castles/fortress's. Alexander II, supported the Baron's revolt against King John, His claim to Northern England recognized under Magna Carta.  He invaded England with the French under Prince Louis, and the with the English Barons support. However King John died, and the English Barons switched sides and through their support behind John's son Henry. Thus Alexander went home, and Scotland's last real remaining chance of extending her southern boundaries was lost forever.

Robert Dornan


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to you to say thank you.

I, like many people around the world, have not had the best year. Due to circumstances out of my control, I lost my job last year and had to take, for the time being a job that I am not happy with at all. The commute to work is an hour each way (which is Israel, where I live, is considered a long commute).

The reason I am telling you this is because, one of my happiest times during the day, is my drive home because it is then that I put on one of the Sharpe novels and just get totally enthralled in the story.

It is hard for me to express to you how much I enjoy the Sharpe novels, which I only discovered last year. I have already listened on audible to 15 of them! I am very sad to think that I am close to finishing them, as they have been such a friend to me these last few months.

As someone who was a platoon commander in a rifle company in the Israeli Army, I think that there is so much leadership lessons to be learned by the stories of Richard Sharpe.

Thank you again for creating such amazing books!



Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I want to thank you for the Last kingdom series. I found the first chapter while browsing in a book store in 2006.  Since then, Uhtred and I have spent a lot of time together. He has gone with me on numerous business trips and vacations. I have re read the series twice  right up to the last book, War Lord. While I find it sad that the series has ended, I believe you left Uhtred  and Finan in a fitting place at the end. Old warriors looking back with pride on their time in history.

Uhtred, was a great character  who made mistakes, held grudges but, had a sense of decency that a reader could admire.

I was especially enjoyed that he had the opportunity to reconcile with his oldest son prior to Oswalds death. It seems in life we all need to reconcile with estranged family members. Father / Son relationships can be difficult and that scene in the book was especially touching.

I also enjoyed the part where "old fool " Uhtred went back into the shield wall one last time. That is what a front line  leader would do. No matter how old we become, in a crisis, we all  want to line up with the "kids" and take on the "dragons" face to face.

Finally, I appreciate your dedication to the Uhtred actor Alexander Dreymon. He does the character justice and we all still have the upcoming season 5 to keep Uhtred alive.


I have read all you books with the exception of the Sharpe books. not sure why I never started but, today, I will rectify that situation and order Sharpe's Tiger.

I look forward to your future works.


Best wishes and good health.



About a 1/3  of the way through 1356, the 1st of your books I have read but I know it will not be the last. Covid has done both of us a favor, it might be the only good thing for me about it. I live in Ontario Canada & we are still in lockdown but in a rural area where Covid cases have been few & far between. Still being a retired ex pat I'm sure I will read more of your books. Stay safe. No response require. Thanks.

Steve Whitaker