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Reading Sharpe's Trafalgar I note that as Sharpe leaves India, you describe the sun setting over the city.  Bombay, virtually all of it, faces west & the harbor is west of the city... as the ship Sharpe was on would b sailing west he would be looking east, back at the city lit by the setting sun.

I've read most of your books.  This is the only inaccuracy I have found, but I'm sure you get notes on all sorts of details.  Actually I used the Bombay detail to provide you with some feedback:

Your work is superb.  I have kept what sanity I have as the Trump disaster unfolds & our democracy unravels listening to & reading the Shape books.  Tonight however I will enjoy 1365.  Maybe Red Coat next, then Starbuck... or ...?

You are really the lord of battle.  I love O'Brian & have read most of his work as well, but your description of Trafalgar, especially the slow pace of the approach - is absolutely spot on.  I'd be interested to know who influenced whom more, you or O'Brian.

As bad as our immigration policy is & may become, I am very thankful for the green card situation that prompted you to begin to write. Respectfully



Hello Sir,

My wife and I discovered your Sharpe series back in the early 90s. I've been consuming your books when I can ever since. I've enjoyed your writing across many of your series. I just finished THE LAST KINGDOM.  It was wonderful and look forward to the next book in the series.


You transport your readers to the place and time so well. I just wanted to say thanks.


All my best,



20 years ago I was working a night shift in an Icu in Kaufman tx I opened a drawer up and there was sharpes rifles.. It was around 2am, a few pages into it I was riveted.. Read em since then.. I am now 49 yo I cannot believe it has been that long..



WOW! I just finished your nonpareil "Waterloo" and am sitting here slack-jawed. What a riveting, compelling, illuminating, and well-balanced account. Just when you think nothing new can be added to a much-written-about historical account, you surprise everyone by breathing new life into a rather ailing subject.

I realize that a compliment coming from just ordinary person with no credentials, doesn't carry any weight, I still wanted to let you know how much I appreciated and enjoyed your book.

Garrett Meadows


Thank you!


Hello Bernard,

All I have to say is, "what a fantastically gifted writer you are and what pleasure you have brought to my reading. I'm looking forward to reading the 10th book in Last Kingdom series which I suspect will be the last - I hope not!"


Frank Moore


Thank you.  And....it's not!


I absolutely LOVE your Saxon series.  It is honestly the first book series I have ever finished and jumped right back into again.  I was extremely encouraged when I saw they made a TV show based on the series.  Then I saw a bit of it.  The way the butchered the story is a complaint for sure but more so, the casting is atrocious.  Uhtred in the books was a large, fair-haired warrior who was constantly mistaken for a Dane while in the show, the small-ish, dark-haired, Orlando Bloom-looking pretty boy is the worst casting decision I've ever seen.  They also missed the mark with Brida on both appearance and attitude I thought.  Aethelwold too was at least somewhat likeable in the books and the show destroys him.  I could go on and I know concessions must be made, but your book series had the potential to spark a series to equal or surpass GoT and it seems like whomever did the screenwriting barely read the books or understood the characters.  Just one huge fan's opinion.  Keep up the AMAZING work!!!



Thank you for bringing history to life. I really enjoy reading period pieces, especially written by authors who have done their homework. I found the Outlander series very absorbing because of the way she brought the times to life. In the Last Kingdom series, you are making me feel as if I am living it along with Uhtred, although on a feminine level. Thank you again Mr. Cornwell for allowing me to spend my time with these people.




I believe I had read all Patrick O'Brian's books before I got to yours, perhaps with the exception of The Fort (which I read while actually cruising Penobscot Bay).  I loved them!  And now that I have read and totally enjoyed your full range of books and series...... I am spoiled.  It is hard to be patient reading many others' books after having spent so many wonderful hours with yours.  My wife, an "English major", simply says "Yep!"

John Fitz Randolph Morris


Dear Sir,


I would like to say that your books have been my source of entertainment for many years now. Being a history student myself, I cannot even begin to fathom the amount of research you must have put into your work! It must take an incredible amount of dedication and research for you to produce such brilliant books! I thank you for your undying dedication to your craft so that people like me can enjoy good historical fiction.  In fact, I consider you to be the best at what you are doing! My favourite is the Saxon Series. (^_^) I always recall with fondness the times where I would curl up in bed and enjoy reading about Uthred's adventures on my Kindle, even if he isn't the most morally upright person. I appreciate the work you have done to elevate historical fiction as a genre.


Yours truly,

Terence Chong, your huge fan


Dear Mr Cornwell


I wanted to let you know that I am a huge fan of your work and have enjoyed The Sharpe Series, the Fort, The Starbuck Chronicles and Gallows Thief. I plan to start on the Grail Quest series once I've finished the last few Sharpe books.


I'm writing to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Gallows Thief and to urge you to consider writing further books with Sandman as the hero. Its a particularly interesting time in British history and I found your exploration of language and class relations fascinating. Besides my personal love of cricket, I thought that the period and the cast of characters you assembled could make for very entertaining sequels and I hope you find time to develop the series further.


In any event, I wanted to thank you for crafting stories that combine entertainment and education in such an accessible manner. You have brought much amusement to my life and I will continue to read your stories with great pleasure.


Thanks and best wishes,


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