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Dear Mr Cornwell

2019 is to be my year of the thank you.  I am contacting all sorts of people from authors to politicians, chefs to singers and everyone in between, whom I am unlikely to ever meet but who have in some way brought challenge,  knowledge, expanded horizons and pleasure to my life.

I have not read even half of your books. I don't own any at present nor do I hanker for first editions and signatures.  But what I have read I have enjoyed enormously. I am delighted to think there are lots more out there for my future enjoyment, and to open windows into worlds of which I know only a little.

Thank you so much .

With every best wish

Leonie Parker


Thank you!


I am a 32 year old teacher and I want to thank you for helping me find a love for books. Some of my earliest happy memories are watching Sharpe on tv with my dad.  I was allowed to stay up and watch as long as I was with him. I can remember playing with flint lock pistols my uncle had collected and being Sharpe. These are some of the most fondest memories I have of my time with my dad as he died when I was 11. I fell out of love with reading and books as I struggled to read (being dyslexic) it wasn’t until I was on holiday with my wife, bored, and I found a copy of Sharpe's fury in 2007 and decided to reminisce. From then I searched eBay and charity shops for my holidays to read Sharpe in chronological order. I then found the last kingdom series and fell in love reading every book  ( now on kindle as I read 2-3 books in a week) I only read your books  on my holidays once a year for a week ( so I don’t run out) and it’s something I look forward to I have never found your writing hard to read I find I get excited at every battle and have learnt a lot about history. I have used this story and your writing in assemblies to promote reading. And even dressed as Uhtred in world book days. So thank you I hope that if I send a book it could be signed but above all. I want you to know you have made someone who finds reading difficult fall in love with it. As well as a Unique connection with my dad.




Dear Mr Cornwell,

I'd like to thank you for the wonderful TLK book series. After watching the TV series I took an interest in the books and have all 11 now. Love reading them. I'm on what I call my TLK trail now which means my husband and I are travelling England with the places in the books leading our path. It's really opened my eyes, we get to go to the most interesting places we might never have visited otherwise! It's also made me realise how much effort you're putting into your research. My respect has only deepened! I'm sort of vlogging my travels and all that I'm learning on the TLK fan fb page and everyone seems to be enjoying it a lot. So big thank you to you! Hope to meet you one day so I can have all my books signed. I was lucky enough to find hard copy 1st edition 1st print used as new books in a little bookshop in the UK. Picked them up and they're traveling with us now until we go home.

Friendly regards,



Mr. Cornwell,

I just wanted to thank you for many, many hours of very wonderful reading.  I have, I believe, read everything you have written and have just finished rereading The Saxon Tales in order to read The War of the Wolf, which was also most enjoyable.   I looked at your web site because I thought, since you ended the Historical Note a bit differently, that you might be done writing the series.   Happy I am to find that you are not.

I don't have any real questions other than a general amazement at your ability to be so prolific.   Thank you, and I wish you all the best always.

David Werner


Greetings from Christchurch, New Zealand Mr.Cornwell.

When I first read Sharpe's Eagle in 1981 I knew that it would be a hit and would be the forerunner of more adventures. Don't ask me how I knew but I did!  I have just reread this book after 38 years and  it was as fresh today as it was all those years ago. Naturally I have read,and enjoyed, all your other books but Sharpe is still my favourite..All power to you to provide more enjoyment to we readers in the future.


Peter Harris.


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I just finished War of the Wolf and truly enjoyed it. Once again, I am amazed at your unique talent for immersing the reader in the period and the story.

Thank you again for giving me my start in the writing biz way back when.  As I'm sure you can relate, as a busy writer I'm very selective about the books I choose to read in my spare time. Yours are always at the top of my list, and they never disappoint. Wishing you all the best.

Very Respectfully,



I have watched Sharpe a good four times and for some reason he has come dear to me.

he was a defender to the poor and mistreated. but there was a sadness about him. that I think because his mother. history.and the dishonest people that he dealt with.

because of his mother leading a life that back then women endure.

Martha N Younger


Hi Mr Cornwell

just wanted to say I have started reading the uthred stories and love them, I am looking forward to more of them, was introduced to them by a friend and find them infectious, thank you for writing them they have got me back into reading again





I have just read The Fort, thank you for another fantastic read. The way you write means I can't put the book down! I loved The Starbuck series, the way you cover people is so personal it's as if I know them, my favourite in The Fort was McClean. If ever made into a film Bill Pattetson would be McClean to a tee. Waiting now for your next great book on the USA, I'm English and a proud Yorkshireman.

Martin Briggs


Hi Mr C,

I am a very big fan of Sharpe & his journey from India to Waterloo & beyond.

I really look forward to a new Sharpe novel, before reading your Sharpe novels I watched the tv series & Sean Bean filled the part of Richard Sharpe brilliantly. When I started to read the Sharpe novels , I could only see Sean bean in my thoughts. A new series on tv would not be the same.

Richard Sharpe is Sean Bean, a little older but still Sharpe.