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Hello Mr. Cornwell!

Just a quick message to add my pleas to those you have already received to please add to the Starbuck Chronicles!!!

Absolutely love your work!!!!

Brian Cappello


G'Day I am in Australia.

I have lived through all of Uhtred's trials.

I have just finished Sword of Kings, yes it was great.

I write to say that I do not wish to be there when Uhtred dies.

Uhtred is tired and needs his rest.

Uthred has done enough.

If Uhtred rides again, I shall follow.

But I say again, Uthred has done enough.


Thanks for all the adventured, not just through this series, I have read every book you  written and look forward to more.





Dear Mr. Cornwell:

I am an accounting professor and am so appreciative of you sharing your amazing gift for storytelling and wordsmith.

I fell in love with the outstanding research that you do for your books- I am excellent at locating historical research and have no clue where to find material from the fourth and fifth century.

I am thrilled to see you have a residence in the south.

Southerners truly love and support great authors and you are truly outstanding.

Again, thank you for sharing. Each of your books is a meticulous labor of love and your readers understand the time and effort you spend to craft your stories.

You are enormously gifted and we, your readers, are blessed beyond measure to have your stories as old friends.

Cynthia Sneed


Dear Mr Cornwell

Several years ago I sat down in my university library in Castine, Maine to find your novel, The Fort, greeting me from the coffee table. Several days later, I returned this wonderful book to the library – elated to have traveled back in time to the early histories of my birth-village.

Recently, I started following Uhtred of Bebbanburg's adventures. Many late nights passed with my nose deep in this series pages. At the moment, I am nearly finished with The Death of Kings – a truly breathtaking tale.

This afternoon, while researching Cornish Crabbers (being from Maine, I developed a passion for the sea), I discovered your interview on the company's website. My grandfather owned a crabber in the Chesapeake bay during the 1970s – and I hope to follow in his footsteps. Albeit, discovering your love for these brilliant classic boats increased my admiration for your talents and tales.

I would just like to say how much I enjoy and appreciate your writing. Your books are a joy to read!

Thank you and kind regards

Samuel Reed


Mr. Cornwell,

I am 84. Having been an avid reader for most of those years, I have recorded the titles, authors & plots of most of them. I have a 20 page list. Top author, now & forever, Dorothy Dunnett. Second, Bernard Cornwell. Maybe Diana Gabaldon 3rd. Please don't stop writing! I devour your books, esp Uhtred.'s story. I have read and have all of your books. Eager for next! Thank you!

Ruth Conley



I just wanted to say thank you very much for writing so many books!

I have read almost all of what you have written and have enjoyed them all enormously.

Thank you again, waiting for the latest Kingdom Series book to come out in November.

Kind Regards.

Kevin Fleagle


For the attention of Gen. Oughtred B. Cornwellis

>From Faulconer County,

Virginia, September 1862.




I have walked these misty hills now for what feels like twenty years or more. There truly is no way of  my knowing.  Sometimes I think this must be God’s punishment for my premature dismissal from the war campaign.

Starbuck, sir, is evil – as well you know.

How then am I to get our beloved Confederacy free of his blight?

You are the one man I pray may remedy this situation, for without your help I fear we are truly lost. I once had an idea of future campaigns, but my mind now seems as faded as the mist encompassing us here around Richmond.

Is my voice just a memory? Can my ardent plea for help be answered?

You are my only hope, O. B.


Truly your humble servant,

Gen. Washington Faulconer, Patriot of the CSA.



To my friend Oughtred Cornwellis

You remember me sir? Sally Truslow?

Well, my French is improving, SLOWLY, but business is just well, dull. Seems like just the same folks coming  every day, and me holding ‘seances’ for their loved ones (only they ain’t real séances o’course, but only a few of us know that).

I ain’t heard from my friend Nate nor my daddy since they went north to scare that ole fuddy General McLollygag or whatever his name is?

Seems like twenty years sometimes. Just keeps a-goin’ round and round.

Sir, you and me been through some times together.

Can’t you just send me some word of what’s happening? Please? It’s been too long and I fret so now.

Think Im getting soft. All these comforts I guess.

Your loving Sally T.




My face still pains me from that shotgun wound, but it’s healing thanks.  Feels like I ain’t slept in twenty or more years though.

We still have not rebuilt our army for our continuing campaign against the bluecoats. One yankee in particular who killed friends of mine. Bastard killed Lucy to, but I guess you know that.

Billy Blythe. ‘Cheerful Billy’. Cold-hearted murderer.

Where is he? Can you show me the way sir?

Dammit but I need your help.

Don’t let all of us fade away, unwashed and uncared for.

Oh, and  you remember an observer named Lassan? French. I’d sure like to see him again.


Shane O'Neill


Well, that made me smile! And feel a bit guilty. Maybe it’s time to walk the misty hills again? So, as Sally would say, ‘Merci!’



Hi Bernard

I’m proud to say that I’ve read every single Sharpe book back to back... twice and in a few years I plan to do it again! Love that guy!

I’ve also just finished the Starbucks Chronicles and wanted to add my name to the list of people begging you to continue.

Thanks for the books.



Dear Mr Cornwell,

Only recently read Waterloo and found it fascinating and meticulously researched. For a factual account it read like a Sharpe novel ( have read them all) - a close call as battles go. Fools and Mortals was also an excellent read - a good film there somewhere? I see you don't want ideas for novels, but f you can manage Waterloo and Azincourt, then Gettysburg has got to be worth a shout! Keep up the good work and may we have another Uhtred  - I usually get him in hardback for Christmas.


Dr Howard Gould


Mr. Cornwell.

Hope you remain safe from hurricane Dorian as I understand you live in Charleston. I just wished to send a brief note thanking you for writing the Starbuck novels. I recently read them and enjoy listening to the audio version on my commutes (Grover Gardner narration). The series has rekindled a long interest in the Civil War, particularly as I lived many years in Richmond and my wife’s family had ancestors in the confederacy. I currently live in Stanly county, NC and found your character Col Hudson very authentic. You would certainly have a buyer in me if you were to continue the series, very curious as to the fates of Starbuck, Faulconer, the Truslows, Julia Gordon, and Blythe and the other characters. Thank you again for writing them.

Best regards.