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Dear Sir.


Please write faster.


With regards,

avid fan.


P.S, Jonathan Keeble is the only narrator who can properly bring out the essence and brilliance in your writing.


I have long awaited to purchase all the books listed with this series and finally have a chance to enjoy a great group of novels that give so much depth of history.  I have since also watched The Last Kingdom on Netflix, being that the 2nd season has just been released, I am patiently waiting for more.  What a great show and I believe that your audience will further grow largely because of this.  thank you for allowing me to read such great novels and watch an absolutely amazing show!  to silver and gold and hopefully a 3rd 4th and 5th season of The Last Kingdom!  Team Uhtred!

Keziah Munoz


I am a lover of history and fall back through time when reading your books. I grieve  hard when I have to return. But thank you anyway.



Dear Bernard,

First, let me say how much I have enjoyed reading all of your series.  I have loved the Last Kingdom tv series and the Sharpe series was amazing.  Over The Hills and Far Away by John Tams is a fantastic song and suited the show so well.  I'm not sure how much you consider the music for your tv adaptations, but I heard a fantastic song on the radio the other day and instantly thought it would be perfect for your Rebel series.  It's Horse Soldier, Horse Soldier by Corb Lund.  He has another song called I Wanna Be In the Cavalry which is pretty good too.  Have a listen, I think you'll like it.  Please keep on writing!


Take care,



I listened, I like!  Thank you!!!!


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I read Enemy of God as part of a book club. I wanted you to know it was one of my favorite historical fiction novels I've ever read. I wrote a review of it on my blog and gave it a five-star rating. Here's the link if you want to check it out.




David Anderson


Thank you so much for writing the 'Last Kingdom' series. I have just finished 'The Flame Bearer' and want to let you know that I have really enjoyed each and every book.

Reading the last paragraph of the epilogue I am tempted to believe that there are more to come even if Uhtred has now become lord of Bebbanburg. Fingers crossed.

Thanks again for the pleasure that your books give.





Really enjoyed the series of books so far, know Bamburgh well also live just North of Durham so pondered for years how to attack both castles.  Really come to love Uhtred, thank you for hours of total enjoyment, though pinning for another book.

Simon Mallinson


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

As a fan of several of your series, especially the Saxon Tales and The Grail series, I was very surprised to learn that you live only a few miles away. I am currently in the middle of rereading all of the Saxon Tales books to refresh my memory before plunging into The Flame Bearer.  Your books have inspired me to dig deeper into the history behind them and I have learned much as a result. I just wanted to wish you a hearty "welcome to Charleston!" (even though it seems you have already lived here for several years) and I hope to run into you around town some day.


Adam Taylor

Proud James Islander


Thank you.


Dear Mr Cornwell,

On behalf on so many out there especially, my father and late grandfather, I wanted to thank for your inspirational life and work. To my great surprise even today my Argentinian grandmother commented (via Whatsapp) about the brilliance of your novels. So I decided it was high time somebody in my family thanked you. Furthermore, having been brought up on bed time stories of Napoleonc wars and Saxon England, I was delighted to discover the author behind these great works also attended the same school as me where I am currently in Sixthform.

My deepest thanks,

Henry Pope.



Thanks for taking the time to write!


Just wrapped up the Warlord Chronicles, my first experience with your writing. It was a delight and I was thoroughly intoxicated throughout but I have to say with all the outstanding character development going on, what an absolute injustice to King Meurig's wife! At any rate, cheers!

Stephen Velasco

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