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I've read them ALL, truly.  I regret that Harper and Sharpe retired, but if I can do it I can hardly deny them the pleasure.  Now that Uhtred has secured Bebbanburg I anticipate a novel in which he and Finnan work up a tennis doubles team and beat the tar out of a Wessex duo and go on to the European championships in Calais or somewhere.  Or maybe a series of vignettes about Uhtred in retirement.  One might involve some young man coming to ask Uhted's daughter to the prom and having to spend some idle time chit-chatting with her father as he sharpens Serpent's Breath and worries over incipient prostate issues.  Whatever it is, I'll look forward to it, buy it when it comes out, and read it the way you sip a really good wine.  Thank you.

Tom Donahue


Discovered your wonderful characters last summer and have read all the Saxon stories and am almost through Sharpe and have several others behind my reading belt as well. Historical fiction is my favorite genre, so thank you so much for many, many hours of enjoyable reading. It has led me to research many of the topics you write about  I really enjoyed reading your "about" section and how you started writing to stay in the US after meeting your wife. Keep on writing.

Rich Peterson



I've just completed reading The Flame Bearer and felt compelled to contact you. Having now read all 10 books over the last 9 months since I was made redundant (not asking for sympathy) I have to thank you in so many ways. Your books (I've read quite a few of your others) have re-awakened a long dormant interest in the history of this island I live on and other areas abroad. You pretty much single handedly have carried me through my early retirement and have made a middle aged man very happy. It seems Lord Uthred will appear again in a novel and I hope so. The pictures you paint with your words are in-describable and are indelibly placed in my minds eye. I'm now going to re-read them all. Once again THANK YOU

Neil Scoltock



Mr. Cornwell,

thank you so much for the excellent books you have written over the years. I have read more than I can count and enjoyed every one more than I can say. I am a faithful reader, and I write for a hobby, and you've inspired me more than I could possibly share here. Again, thank you for your work, I appreciate you so very much. God bless you, and please keep writing, we'll keep reading.

Dan Birchfield


Dear Bernard

In response to Adrian's query regarding the Patriot and real life Massacres. There was the Moravian Town Massacre where the Pennsylvania militia murdered 28 Men, 29 Women and 39 Children. 2 Indian boys lived to tell of it https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gnadenhutten_massacre



Dear Mr. Cornwell,

first, love your books, I have read a lot of them (1 minute ago finished The Flame Bearer), and I will keep reading them. Many thanks. Now, second, I understand that you dislike Christianity, and some of what you say in the books is undoubtedly true, but in my opinion you are overdoing it. The constant insults, complaints and grumbling of Uhtred verge in ranting. Probably you have readers telling you this, and others praising your anti-christian rants. I just thought I wanted to give you my opinion, as an enthusiastic reader. Please keep writing about Uhtred!!


A happy New Year to you.


Jorge Soberon,


Dear Mr Cornwell,

having spent the last half of December 2016 reading the Last Kingdom Series I wanted to send you a large heartfelt thank you. I spent two terms at school drawing anglo-saxon huts and villages, which put me off any history beyond 1870. Although my first degree was in Modern Political History !!! I am now immersed in the period now and think that your books should be text books in schools. Thank you so much. Yours sincerely,

Abigail Wills


So having finished the Starbuck books it became very clear that I needed to read the Sharpe series.  One day I'm on break at work enjoying a cup of coffee alongside the free book exchange that we have in our lobby.  An elderly gentleman came in on a walker with rather large box of books.  I asked him "What have you got there?" and he says "Do you like Bernard Cornwell?"  Why yes I do.  He then tells me that "Then today is your lucky day".  I helped him with his box of books and he went on his way.  Upon inspection I realized that I now had the entire Sharpe series, the Arthur series, Stonehenge, and Redcoat all in one fell swoop.  I haven't read them all, but look forward to enjoying them and passing them on in a similar manner.  I thought you might enjoy this little story,  Thank you for your work.



Dear Mr Cornwell

Your books have provided me with hours of enjoyment for a number of years - Thank you. Like many others I originally came across your books after watching the Sharpe TV series. More recently I discovered you were my history teacher at Halliford. I credit your teaching for introducing me to historical fiction and think it all started when you recommended CS Forester’s “The Gun” or “’Death to the French” as summer reading. Both books are still on my book shelf. Looking forward to reading “The Flame Bearer” which was under the Christmas tree this year. Hope there is more to come.

Regards and Happy New Year



Yachting Monthly recommended the book 'Stormchild' as a good Christmas read so I bought it. Despite our hectic Christmas schedule once I had started reading it was hard to put down so whenever I had a moment to relax, however brief, I continued reading Stormchild. Getting towards the end of the book I was up until midnight last night reading despite having to be up at 0400 hrs for a flight back to London. It was an excellent book and I have just purchased your other "sailing thrillers" to keep me busy over the next few months. Many thanks, a great read.

Wesley Absolom

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