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Hi - I discovered your Saxon Chronicles this summer (no - I've not seen the TV series) and just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed them. I've just finished The Empty Throne. I've always ignored this period of history as dark, boring and secret and you've brought it to life. I like the believable characters (& your little reminders of who is who) and the locations, sharing my time as I do, in real life, between East London and Yorkshire. And as a proud (?) Cytringanian, thank you for mentioning my home town of Kettering in a novel! Thank you again.

Andy Liggins


I have voraciously read every one of 'The Last Kingdom' novels. I am dying to read more.  I can only fancy myself a character as simple, yet, as complicated, as Uhtred.  Oh, how I would have enjoyed or cringed at the clash of the shieldwall.  Patiently waiting for more of Uhtred.

Allan Ricketts


Hi Bernard,

Alistair here from down in New Zealand. Just wanted to say how much I appreciated your great advice. Just finished my first novel, a sort of youthful adventure romance thing that I experienced similar emotions to as you describe when starting (still am actually) Your words came at a good time to give me one of those boosts that are quite few and far between. Writing is a bit lonely at times isn't it?

To tell the truth I was perusing your website for ideas because I'm self publishing with Kindle... too many rejections got me down. I haven't read any of your works but certainly will now. Decisions, decisions!

Thanks again,



Dear Mr Cornwell,


I thought I should write to say thank you!


Since the 1990's, when I first picked up a copy of Sharpes Tiger, I have galloped through all of your book (bar the Starbuck chronicles - not sure why) and back again. So inspired was I that I have become an avid student of the Napoleonic wars.  This, I now combine with my day job as an art dealer here in the Cotswolds and specialise in selling original works of art from the period (and portrayals of the wars out of period).  So, it is down to you that I now happily earn a crust and I have detailed this in the "about" page on my website www.1793.co.uk.  Please do take a look.  I am adding new works all the time, but am particularly proud of Turners, "Hougoumont" from 1818.


If you get even a modicum of pleasure from the pictures for sale on my site, then I feel that goes someway to saying thank you for all the pleasure your books have given me over the years.


Kind regards,




Thank you – I really liked your website. I’d happily buy most of your pictures, but I suspect my wife would not entirely approve . . . I do try and keep the house free of Cornwell memorabilia or pictures of the Napoleonic wars (or any other war, for that matter), though she does endure a picture of an English frigate pursuing a French frigate by C J Sartorious and, over another fireplace, a heavy cavalry sword which is terrifically useful for clearing underbrush.  When we’re next in the Cotswolds we might look you up!


Hi....Just for the record:



I recently saw the beginning of Sharpe Season 1. They were in Spain. I’m puzzled by the hats the Spaniards were wearing. They Appeared to have some sort of loosely fitting cover made out of a grey fabric over a rather tall hat.  Were those in fact covers or were they the actual hat. If so, they’re odd hats.

Thank you,

Valerie Brown,

Submitted October 27, 2017


It was in Portugal and the guys with the hats were French cavalry.....but I agree, the hats were really strange :-)




Hi Mr Cornwell,


It seems myself and my father were never destined to be alike or particularly fond of each other when growing up.However, I got older, as did he, and I/we discovered I am more akin to him than I/He would have liked (and certainly more-so than my brother and my sister) yet now I am 29 and he is 64 and I believe, partially thanks to your telling of the establishing of England, and the telling of the fictitious Uhtred's story, we are potentially closer than I could have ever imagined. Recently my dad traced back our ancestry to the Danes/Vikings and we live in the North East of England so this really struck home. I genuinely think I owe the relationship we have together today to the story of Uhtred. Now more than ever do we both realise we are alike in so many ways, and it wasn't until we both searched each other's bookcases we realised we must have read at least 75% of the same stories.


Uhtred is still a great talking point between us... unfortunately my other half will not, YET, allow us to call our next first born son to be called either UHTRED or RAGNAR... I guess that name will have to be reserved for my dog :(


Anyways I would just like to say I can't wait for the next book and for those that say the series has ran its course... they're wrong!! Especially for a Northumbria lad, and a lad that has fond memories of Babbanburgh and skinny dipping in the North Sea :)


I was too young to read the Sharpe series, although I watched Sean Bean on the telly ;)


Keep up the amazing work and story telling and you will always have a fan in myself and my father.





Mr. Cornwell


I am yet another fan, having just finished The Flame Bearer. I am excited for Uhtred's next play in your Historical Fiction formation of England. However, this is not the main reason as to why I am sending you this message. After skimming through the questions your readers have up on your site, I came to see that you have answered all, if not almost all, of their questions. A lot of them being the same question, which I bet gets annoying after a while. This speaks greatly of your commitment to us and to your work. I want to thank you for this. It means a lot. Just something as small as answering a readers question goes a long ways. God bless.



Quinn Malone


Dear Mr. Cornwell,


First: a big compliment for your work. I won the first book of the Uhtred saga during a radio contest. It was in Dutch, as I am Dutch. It was a nice book to read, so the second one I bought. This one too was in Dutch. But it did not satisfy me. Not because of the story, but because of the terrible translation.

So, I bought all of the books in English, as my English is quite good.

Those 9 books (book No. 10 wasn't for sale yet) kept me busy for about..... one week. I lived Uhtred, I breathed Uhtred, I was Uhtred. And yes, I hated Alfred and I admired him at the same time.

I really enjoyed the books. Book 10 I pre-ordered at Amazon, and when it finally arrived (I did not know 10 days could feel like 2 years...) it lasted about two days...


Right now I have no question for you, as I already saw the answer I wanted to see.



Will there be any more books in the Last Kingdom series?


Submitted November 21, 2017


I'm writing the next book of The Last Kingdom series now."


This was all I wanted to know at this point. I will buy it when it is for sale.


Patrick Brasz


Thank you for writing your novels. I have completed the Sharpe series, Saxon Tales, Grail Quest, Warlord Chronicles and others. My favorite is Uhtred and I hope there is a follow up to "The Flame Bearer". Unanswered questions at the end of each novel makes for an anticipated follow up. Again, thank you and keep writing, and I'll keep reading.

Michael Strobl


There is - and I'm writing it now.


Thank you so very much for this novel, which I received last week as a 78th birthday present. I’m a retired English teacher, from the days when we actually taught English Literature and I always found Shakespeare, Milton, Donne and Eliot the most rewarding because the most demanding, both of me and my students.  The greatest compliment I can give you is that I very much wish Fools and Mortals had been available as background reading for A and S level in my day.  It would have inspired everyone with a powerful sense of the excitement, the dangers and the sheer joy of working in such a new medium.  Thank you very much. I hope this is the first of a new series.

Diana Thombs

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