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Hello Bernard.

I came about your book series after watching The Last Kingdom on Netflix. I started reading the books shortly after and fell in love. The depth of the characters and plots is always so well done. I haven't read a series I have enjoyed more. I always get mocked for  being a girl in her 20s obsessed with history and historical fiction, but your books have made me realize there is a bigger community who shares the love and passion for history and historical fiction. Thank you for writing such inspiring novels. I am currently reading The Pagan Lord right now and am enjoying it. I look forward to reading on.



I'm honoured to know you are enjoying my books!  Thanks for writing!


Mr. Cornwell,

In recent years I discovered my Darwin “ Deorwine “ ancestors and subsequently expanded my reading to your Last Kingdom series. Devouring them daily. Came across this today.



Ed Paris


Thank you for that! What’s fascinating is that some of the corpses betrayed such wide travel – and oddly I was wondering where Bebbanburg buried its dead – I guess you supplied me with the answer! Thank you!


Mr. Cornwell,

I just wanted to say thank you Sir for all of your efforts in making the Saxon Series the best novel series ever written in history.  I been nonstop and just finished the Pagan Lord yesterday eve.  You have done such an outstanding job with Uhtred, he manner and speech is everything that will get a red blooded warrior going with pure joy.  Finan is my favorite character, I am looking forward to reading about his adventures and hope he gets some more lime light.

Thank you again Sir for everything you have done for us. Not sure how Uhtred is going to recover from his death bed, but since I have 5 more books to enjoy, I am certain he does.  Well, the The Empty Throne awaits, and I can't wait!

Forever Fan

Jay Brake


Hello Mr. Cornwell


Greetings from Summerville in the   L


W     Country!

I believe you would enjoying Charleston and its environs as we do. The area is full of the past what with British, French and Caribbean influences always showing itself.

Just wanted to note that your ‘Waterloo’ goes as a pride of place addition to my bookshelf of Waterloo books. The book was so well-written making the battle so interesting that I couldn’t put it down. Thank you.

And thank you for all your work using your historical imagination.

Your historical literary works comes after my reading of Rosemary Sutcliff’s great book, ‘The Eagle of the Ninth’ when I was a child. I believe that that book drove me to my love of anything in history and particularly ancient history. And my bookshelves prove it. That book just opened the floodgates to developing realities within historical imagination. Incredible stuff.

And as far as ‘imagination’ frankly you just might be Horatio here in Hamlet acting like the storyteller you sure are:

‘So shall you hear

Of carnal, bloody and unnatural acts,

Of accidental judgments, casual slaughters, Of deaths put on by cunning and forced cause, And, in this upshot, purposes mistook Fallen on inventors heads. All this can I

Truly deliver’.     Hamlet , V, ii, 381

And deliver you have. Thank you again for all your hard work so readers can ‘get completely lost’  into another time. I’d think that’s the name of the game, isn’t it???


Rich....who always manages to ‘see’  the 18th century dastardly pirates and privateers strung up at White Point Gardens .. I can’t help it.



Just a note to say thanks for the hours and hours of enjoyment you've given me and a billion others.  Unlike reading scholastically, for retention, I read fast, for enjoyment, and often glide over parts that only become apparent on reading again, or yet again ( 3 or 4 times @  for Richard, Uhtred, Thomas H., and the Starbucks.   And the stand alones ( I kept looking for Redcoat's sequel!)  .

Also, your kind and generous donation to Douglas Reeman's wife in her sadness a few years ago is still remembered -

You must  have an infectious laugh, as merely the picture of you standing on a winter seashore provokes a smile ...

All the best, sir,

Alex Fitch


Dear Bernard

I just wanted to thank you for writing a book just for me ! I am working my way through reading the last kingdom all in one go and imagine my delight when I got to  Warriors of the Storm which is set on the hill I live on .My husband grew up on the old Pale and spent his childhood playing on that hill. There used to be a carved out tunnel they could get into and they had a hidden den underground . His mother can remember the archaeological excavations of the 1930s. But the book has brought the  history to life for me.We now live half a mile from the top of the hill on Yeld Lane and I can just imagine Uhtred making way across the landscape around us.

kind regards



Hi Bernard,

I first grew up watching the Sharpe's series before getting some of the books and I must say they are awesome!

I've just re read the last kingdom and I'm working my way through the series and very excited to see what lays ahead for Uhtred!

Thank you for all of your hard work




I notice there have been some postings which query Uhtred's age or more specifically how old he would be by the time Brunanburh is fought. I am surprised at the confusion and in particular one comment that said Uhtred was born in 866.

The answer is simple. In The Last Kingdom on page 4 it says he was 9 years old in 866. That means he will be 80 in 937. I pride myself in working out, right from the start, that a series plotting the birth of England would culminate in Brunanburh and that Uhtred's longevity would be unusual but not impossible during the 10th Century. Of course, if you want an energetic warrior in the fray there is always the son of the same name to take up the mantel.

In fact, the existence of Uhtred (junior) was such a clever narrative ploy since it means I have never assumed Uhtred was invincible - the story and action could continue even if Uhtred becomes a passive observer or even (the Gods forbid!) without him. Consequently I never took it for granted he would always survive  (unlike the immortal nature of the heroes of other popular historical novelists.) Thanks Bernard - its has added so much to my enjoyment never to know what happens next!

Paul Stein


Hello Mr. Cornwell.

I just wanted to say how much I’ve enjoyed the Saxon stories. It’s probably the greatest inspiration for myself taking up writing. I’ve had a difficult road battling mental illness and your books have helped bring some enjoyment into my life. I thank you, and I hope one day you shall read my writing.



I hope so too - let me know when you get published!  Good luck!


Mr. Cornwell,

I first was introduced to your books from my public library in the Sharpe's War series, of which I read every one.  Then I discovered my library also had VHS tapes of each episode in the TV series, which I then watched.  When my father came to visit me in Arizona, he watched two of the Sharpe's episodes and he was hooked!  But my favorite are the Uhtred of Bebbanburg.  I bought the hardcover of The Flame Bearer and when it was first released, it was touted as the last book of the series on Uhtred, so it sat on my bookshelf for 2 years before I read it as I didn't want his story to end.  When I read to the end of the book and found out his story wasn't over with that book, I rejoiced with a hallelujah!  I have been a history buff since grammar school and am an avid reader (one of my grandmothers was a librarian).  Thank you for the years of enjoyment from your books.

Continued success to you.

Catherine Curtis