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What fun Fools and Mortals was. Enjoyed immensely and hope a sequel is in the works. Never wrote to an author before but warranted as want to read more about the Shakespeare brothers!

Cathy Shiner


Thank you!  I’m not sure I’ll go back to them, but who knows? Maybe!  Really – thank you!


Dear Bernard

I am a great fan of your books. Having read the previous 11 books, I have just begun reading your latest Last Kingdom Series book ‘Sword of Kings’. I have also read your Sharpe series.

First and foremost I would like to thank you for the entertainment & historical insights that you have provided me.

I feel a little foolish in that what actually prompted me to write you is an error I found in Sword of Kings. The version I am reading is an ebook purchased from Amazon.

By way of explanation, even after 11 books, I get confused with the similar character names and interrelationships. I make notes to help me keep track of who is who and I regularly refer back to them. As a result I happened to notice the following:

P.41 - ‘Æthelwulf!’ Eadith exclaimed and went towards him with open arms.

It should be ‘Ælswyth, not ‘Eadith’.

I apologise for perhaps appearing to be petty. I thought it a good excuse to write and thank you.

Best Regards

Paul Kaufman (Australia)


I wish you hadn’t found the excuse!  But thank you – it’s a stupid mistake, and an annoying one. I must have read it 20 times and still missed it. Oh well – thanks anyway!



Here is the thing. You have written other books not part of the Sharpe series so why put off the Nate Starbuck series. You have time for the archers tale 2002, Heretic 2004 and vagabond in 2002-2003 and others. So Mr. Cornwell I love your works. You are one of my favorites and I think a true classic of my generation. Starbuck series is every bit as good as Sharpe and should be continued for the fans at the very least. Seriously I have been waiting since 1996. Even Robert Jordan finished his epic and he died before it was finished. Your slacking. Please for the love of god continue Nathaniel's tale, it is rich and full of everything I look for in a anti-hero which is how I see and relate to him. He is good guy but he isn't afraid to get his hands dirty. I knew a couple mustang officers like that when I served in the marines. This story cannot stop on a 4th book it must continue.

Jacob T. Lehnen


Hello Mr. Cornwell,

Just a quick note to thank-you for all of the hours of entertainment your books have brought me.  Just finished the last of the Arthur books.  Wow, just wow!!  I was not only entertained but completely drawn into the era, the history and of course the characters.  Truly some of my favorite books.  Thank-you so much!!




I just wanted to tell you that after I picked up one of your books in high school for a book report, you had me. Sharpe’s Company, was the first book I read.  I am now 32 years old and have read all of the Sharpe novels, all of the Arthur Novels and most of the Last Kingdom novels, before the series, which I do very much enjoy.  You inspired me to read at a young age, and I just want to thank you for that.  It was at a time when it was least likely and I’ve almost always read your books through good and bad times.  You are my all time favorite.  Thank you so much!

-Vito Dettmers



Dear Bernard

I very much enjoyed your chat with Tracy Chevalier, recently posted on Facebook. In particular I was pleased that you both were interested in each others work, asked good questions and shared openly. I too am a history buff, as well as an amateur genealogist and have used that study to pen a few novels of my own, based upon my ancestors. I have read many of your books and enjoyed them very much.


Wade Johnson


Not a book reader myself! But my husband enjoys a good read and has many of your books!  so I'm looking to start a collection for hubby. As I said he has a few of yours but he has just said darling? Could you please start getting the full collection of Bernard Cornwell's  for me! Of course I said! So here I am looking at your collection..  But I came across one of your books from his collection 'fools and mortals' , omg from the first page it felt like I was on stage and acting out the story So far I absolutely love reading this and can't wait to sink my teeth into it.

Brilliant and fantastic

Joanne Thomas


Dear Bernard,


Just wanted to drop you an email to thank you for all countless hours of enjoyment I have had from your writing over the years. I have read and re-read of your books since I was a teenager.


I can escape from any situation instantly whilst reading your work. The way I am transported into other times and places whilst reading is a such a truly special gift that you give to millions.

I'm sure you know, and get told this by many, but its always worth telling someone when they have a positive impact on your life. I hope that my little message has a positive impact on yours. You don't just create excellent heroes. You are one.


Just a massive thank you from me.

Hope you are well.


Thank you



I just wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed your books over the years. I won't ask you to read it, but I've published a novel, and you're mentioned in it. Please don't sue me. I spoke very favorable of you. One of the main characters is listening to one of your audio books while driving a truck. Generally, I tell people that I read great books by dead men. You're one of the few authors I read who is still sucking air. I do think you owe me at least one new signed novel, however, for all the advertising I've done for you over the years. Every time I meet a reader, I ask if they enjoy historical fiction. If they do, I immediately recommend the Sharpe's series, and speak in glowing terms. There are few great writers still alive. I believe I've read all of you published work, at least once, some of them three and four times. I was only kidding about the signed copy. God bless, and I wish you the best. Keep them coming.

Just another fan



I’ll do my best to keep them coming! And thank you! I’m hugely relieved that I’m still sucking air!


Dear Sir

Bread and cheese actually refers to the young fresh spring leaves and blossom of the Hawthorn Tree or Mayflower, and quite tasty too!

Vincent Alecks


Well, that’s another explanation – but whatever the etymology it’s a great name!