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I confess mild dismay when picking up your new book to find it was not the latest in the Saxon Tales series. Boy, was I ever wrong! F&M was fascinating history and great story telling. Thanks again for a most enjoyable experience.

Ellsworth Viking Bahrman



The exhibition for St. Cuthbert`s landing at Fishlake,Doncaster, S. Yorkshire is taking place 18- 24th March 2018 at the church.Open daily. There are a number of evening lectures also. Details of exhibition and timetable available on Church website.

Kind regards ,

Mrs Laws BA.Lib


Thank you so much for giving me something new to read & for the knowledge I've learned of some history. I couldn't put the books down & have loved the series. Hoping for season 3. You are an amazing writer. I'm so glad to have found you. You have enlightened me greatly.

Stacey Giramonti


I just finished Waterloo and your discussion of how you developed the series.  I note that you liked the CS Forester Hornblower  books.  So did I. We are of the same age and I am a former US Navy officer.  Loved your Saxon series as well.  I think you and I could have a beer together and enjoy it.  I am starting my first book, fifty years late but worth doing.  Thanks for your inspiration on how to write about history.

John Harlan


I have read most of your books and being a Devonian and working in Exeter, growing up a mile or so from Dawlish Warren have a special affinity with your books. I actually work at Danes Castle Fire Station in Exeter, I’m sure it’s name is not lost on you.

I’m really excited about Uhtred’s next adventure.

Fate is inexorable.

Kind Regards,



Dear Mr. Cornwell,


After years of reading your stories, it occurred to me that I have never thanked you for your hard work and perserverance.


So, thank you from my readers heart and mind.  You give me courage and distraction at once.



Ken Bullis


Dear Mr Cornwell,


I would just like to let you know how much I have enjoyed your sailing thrillers.  Over the years I have read and re-read them all, many times!  Wild track and Sea Lord are two of my favourite books of all time.


I appreciate that you are not planning to write any more (at least not until you retire!) however if you did, I (and I suspect many others) would be ‘thrilled’, delighted and very grateful!


With thanks, congratulations and best wishes for all your future projects,


Yours in anticipation,


Justin Oldham


I binge watched the first season of The Last Kingdom when it first came out on Netflix and recently binge watched the second and just loved it! As a book lover I was even more delighted to see that the series was based off of a book series!! I am currently hunting down a box set as I type this and after reading all the comments and fan questions I am even more excited to rejoin Uhtred in his journeys! I’m a fan and I haven’t even read one yet. Sorry for the lack of punctuation I’m trying to type this as quickly as I can without little fingers trying to type too haha I hope it wasn’t too hard to follow thank you in advance for the good read!

Ashley Cashmore


Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your stories about Uhtred. THANK You.



Firstly I'd like to thank you for many hours spent reading our anti hero's escapades and battles.  Your books prompted me to research more in depth the VIKING invasions and subsequent troubled years.  I was surprised to find how historically accurate your books are and yes of course artistic license allows for the story to be written around the facts, dates, battles, players.  I was fortunate enough to be in Northumberland last year and a trip to the castle was uppermost in my agenda, alas the weather was horrid on the day planned but we will return to Bebbenburgh just as Uhtred will attempt too..  Many many thanks for stories you can smell and taste and for characters I feel I know personally..

Andrew Bennett

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