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Just to echo Mike's comment on 6th May, a new Sharpe novel and a new Sharpe  episode to go with it would be a 'win win'! Failing that, fingers crossed one day Sharpe's Ransom will be turned in to TV film - it's one of my favourite Sharpe stories - I think it would make a great Christmas TV drama ( or anytime really)...

...I think you've mentioned in the past you have thought of writing a novel about Robin Hood - I hope you do!



(Nottingham, not far from Sherwood Forest)



Hello Bernard,

I hope you are well. I would like to thank you for filling my head with your stories over the past 20 or so years. I think the first book of yours I read was Winter King. I remember thinking at the time that this was how Arthur should be portrayed. I have read and enjoyed much of the Sharpe series (with a few still to go) and the Grail quest series, I need to read again. My favourite series so far has been the Saxon chronicles/Last Kingdom series.  Perhaps the reason was that when I first read The Last Kingdom, I had not long finished studying my Bachelor degree in History, ( I am a roof tiler by trade and is still my occupation. I studied history in my leisure time for the fun of it, I am 54 now) and the unit I enjoyed doing the most was The Vikings. The influence from Scandinavian culture all through-out Europe was, and is staggering. Right from the beginning I very much enjoyed this series and was rewarded practically every year with a new story. Thank you for bringing a character like Utred of Bebbanburg to life, and of course Sharpe and Thomas of Hookton. I realise that you would receive many thanks from thousands of readers across the globe, and I just wanted to join the chorus. Thank you.

Peter Briscoe


I have been watching the second season of The Last Kingdom. I'm really enjoying it. I would love to see more of your stories made into shows/movies. Redcoat and the Archer's Tale trilogy where a couple of my favorites.



Dear Mr Cornwell,

I don't have a question for you, but I just wanted to thank you.
As a child I was very fond of reading and spent a lot of time in libraries and book stores. Later on, my interest in reading faded away. I rd myself I didn't have time to read.
As an English teacher I've always been very interested in English history and out of curiosity started to watch The Last Kingdom. I loved it so much and decided to start reading the books. I can happily say I own all 10 books now and this year alone I have already read book 4 till 8. I'm going to start book 9 tomorrow. I hope the story will go on for a while, because I truly enjoy reading Uhtred's stories.
So once again, thank you. Thank you for giving me an escape from the real world.

Tjarda Kruiter


Hi Bernard,

Have been a fan for many years since I started reading the Sharpe books many years ago.Was late to the fair and only picked up on them after the first few were published but then bought them as they came out.I would wait a year for the next instalment and then finish it in a couple of hours.

Having recently re-read Sharpe again it strikes me the way history repeats itself.Sharpe always has more trouble with the people supposedly on his side-his alleged superiors,politicians,pen pushers etc.-than with the French.Sharpe would fit in very well with our modern armed forces.

I'm about to finally start the 'Last Kingdom' series--looking forward to them.


So thanks for all the pleasure you've brought me and the best for you and yours




P.S. We've recently had a superb documentary here in the UK on the late great Sir Terry Pratchett.The film opened with a camera shot panning around his study which has been left as it was whilst he was still with us.In a prominent position on his book shelved was a hardback copy of 'Sharpe's Escape'.Nice to know one great writer can appreciate another.


Thanks again



I wish I’d seen it!  I met Terry and liked him . . . and my shelves are crammed with his books!


Dear Mr Cornwell


This is just a note to thank you for these wonderful books. It is very rarely that I find a book that keeps me up reading until 4:00am (even though I have work in the morning) because I can't wait to find out what happens next and ALL of yours did! As I was suffering from withdrawal symptoms after I finished The Flame Bearer, I'm now reading Gallows Thief which I'm pleased to say does not disappoint in the least. Can't wait to read your other novels.


All the best.




Dear Bernard

After having just watched that terrible 'King Arthur - Legend of the Sword' by Guy Ritchie, I was appalled. I have said this many times & no doubt, you have heard the same from many others - someone in high places needs to read your Warlord Chronicles and (with your permission) devise a screen version. This would be the definitive Arthururian trilogy on the big screen. Sadly we appear doomed to watch really bad attempts by others. I have not lost all hope.


Darryl, Brisbane, Australia


Just finished The Flame Bearer and was delighted ..... (having read all the books in the series thus far). I was also heartened to read that Uhtred's tale is not finished and eagerly await the next volume! I have just started publishing books myself, although I have no great expectations. Just fun to do via Amazon. Thank you for providing such entertaining reads. I can never put your books down and often housework or gardening suffers as a result! But who cares there is always tomorrow!

Jane Speller


Dear Mr. Cornwell.

Not for the first time, and not for the last, I am reading through your much praised -- much deserved -- series on Mr. Sharpe. I write for a living as a newspaper reporter and perhaps that has hardened my heart, but last night I cried upon the death of Teresa. And I read and reread -- and reread -- and imagined the scene in which Sharpe responds to Pierre Ducos and his hand gesture.


I will never watch the series produced for TV. The images in my mind are too valuable. And fortunately, as my age advances, I will forget what happens, making the rereading that much more enjoyable.


Richard Sharpe has his place alongside James Bond and Horatio Hornblower and other books I read again and again, including "The Road" by Cormack McCarthy, "Catch 22" and "The Lord of the Rings" and anything by John Fowles, not to mention Robert Fagels' translations of Homer.

Dave Boyce


Mr Cornwell,

I just wanted to express my great thanks to you for writing the Richard Sharpe books. Undoubtedly, these are my favorite books of all time. Between the annoyance of Obadiah Hakeswill and the splendor of characters such as Colonel McCandles I often read, and reread, with a rabid enthusiasm. Candidly, I suggest for your enjoyment, "Stonewall's Gold" by, Robert Mrazek; this is a book following a young boy in the Civil War who reminds me of a more tame, adolescent Sharpe. It is a page turner, which I hope you will have the pleasure of reading. Once again thank you for your wonderful work.

Best Regards,

Kevin Fray


Thank you.

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