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Just  wanted to contact you, and give you praise on the Last Kingdom series.  I recently watched this program on Netflix and immediately needed more.  I am more than halfway through the series now and can't stop.   No need for any response.  Just know I am glad to have stumbled upon your work and love and appreciate it.  Well done

Brett W.

Ferron, UT


Mr. Cornwell,

Thanks so much from a Canadian and former Scots. I have re-read all of the Sharp books a few times and this of course makes me crazy, according to my wife.

I am a newly retired school Principal (Headmaster?) and just finished my first novel. It's not historical fiction but the many readings of your books gave me insight about character development and conflict. Thanks for the inspiration!


Thanks again,

N. Keane


I can't wait to learn how Uhtred ends up with a dour Christian wife in his final years. Foreshadowing of what finally kills him I suspect.

Art Arnold


I recently had the flu and started rereading the Sharpe books. I wish you would be able to continue him into old age. They're just as good as when I first started reading them. I've read most of your other series, but Sharpe is my favorite character. I read close to 100 books a year and you are one of a few authors that I  buy the books to keep and reread.

Richard McNeal


I've been having fun with Ancestry.com, and decided a while back to take their DNA test. My maternal grandmother is full Danish, and my paternal grandfather is full British, so I was expecting the DNA test would come back 25% each.


Surprise! My DNA is 41% Scandinavian. How could that be, I asked? Well, I knew the answer was ancient migration, and some of my British ancestors came from the northeast. So I did a little Googling, and lo and behold, those Danes were the invaders!


But of course, you know all of that. My online research led me to your Last Kingdom Series, which I have enjoyed thoroughly for the past year or so. And now, I'm reading the Flame Bearer, Uhtred is old (but very wise) and I'm trying to read very slowly, but as usual, can't put it down.


So thank you. Thank you for a good story. Thank you for educating me about my ancestry in a very enjoyable way. Uhtred, Finan and the rest will live in my memory for many years to come, and I'm sure I will re-read the series in a few years.

Diane Scholfield


I want to thank you for the series The Last Kingdom.  I'm of Danish heritage and have enjoyed the stories immensely.    I'm on book 5 in the series and discovered them on Audible.  I have a soul sucking commute - across the San Francisco Bay bridge.  Some days I'm in my car 3+ hours (back and forth).  It can be extremely frustrating and resistance is futile.  I now put on your stories and it's completely changed my attitude.  Some days I sit in the driveway to finish a chapter.    My husband thanks you too as I don't complain so much now:).

Debra Jensen


Mr. Cornwell,


Thank you for all the time and work you have put into your novels. My Grandmother, whose family came to Canada from Britain, was always fascinated by Aurthurian legend. I bought her The Winter King for Christmas one year. When she passed away not long afterward, she left me the book with a request to read it. I was instantly hooked, and as an avid reader I consumed every series and book you have been kind enough to write.

As someone raised on Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Donaldson, Asimov, etc.; discovering historical fiction opened a whole new world for me. It was a pleasure reading all of your books and it is almost time for me to go back and re-visit the adventures of Richard Sharpe for the second time.



Edmonton, Canada


Dear Mr Cornwell


This is just a short message to show my appreciation by saying how much I've enjoyed your books, all of which I have now read if Wikipedias bibliography is accurate haha. I started off reading the Arthur series when I was about 12 and have just finished The Bloody Ground at the age of 29. I can thank my dad for introducing me to your work, he's also a huge fan and has read the majority of your works.

I'm hugely enjoying the Last Kingdom series and look forward to Uhtred finally taking back Bebbanburg, whenever you see fit of course. Having immersed myself in Nate Starbuck and the American civil war over the last couple of months, I do have a small request that you finish that series as Billy Blythe needs to reap his comeuppance!

Again thanks for all the great stories and history over the years, keep up the great work!




I just finished "Waterloo", and it was amazing.  It reads like a novel, and I appreciate your research and great detail.  I learned a lot about this important subject that I had never knew.  Thank you, Sir!

Jeff Bowman


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I am a 68 year old retired school teacher and counselor who recently found your books. I enjoy Trollope (read all his books), other authors from that period and also historical fiction. I wanted to read the Last Kingdom Series but my library did not have the first book so I started with the first of the Arthur books. Very nice! I have read several versions over the years, probably favoring Mary Stewart's, but I really enjoyed the reality you brought to the legend. Then The Last Kingdom became available and I started to read that series. Oh my! By the second book I was a little in love with Uhtred and found reading any other books felt just second rate. I am thrilled that you are so prolific because I see months of fine reading ahead. While I wait for book four of the Last Kingdom series to show up at my library I am going to read Stonehenge. Thank you so much for enriching my life! I plan to buy your books as gifts for a dear friend who is also an avid reader. Enjoy your vacation! Destiny is inexorable!

April Pflug


Thank you - but, I'm not on a vacation!  Enjoy your retirement!

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