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Bom dia,

Sou dos Açores, da Ilha de São miguel, Portugal, país com uma história magnífica e fantástica no seu passado.

Amo ler os seus livros, faz-me bem, gosto muito de história, da " vida" de um país..

Desejo as melhores felicidades e saúde e muito sucesso e muita fé, por favor continua a escrever....

Um forte grande abraço

Marco Avelar


(Good Morning, I am from the Azores, from the Island of São Miguel, Portugal, a country with a magnificent and fantastic history in its past. I love reading your books, it makes me well, I really like history, the "life" of a country .. I wish the best wishes and health and much success and a lot of faith, please continue to write .... A big big hug.)




I was fortunate enough to sail to the Azores once and it was beautiful!


Mr. Cornwell,

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your works. I’ve literally read all your books multiple times now. Your works are the ultimate narrative delight for me and I’ve quite literally visited historical sites on holiday around the world due to your books (Bamburg castle is next).

Can’t wait for some more, and here’s to hoping for a film adaptation of Thomas of Hookton or Arthur’s stories :)




Hi Bernard and All!

Just returned from a short stay at a caravan site in Hunstanton, Norfolk. Being late March, we were out of season and therefore limited to our sightseeing. We did, however, manage to visit a few places of interest: The Nelson Walk in his home village of Burnham Thorpe is well worth the (in our case, much-needed!) exercise, a haunting experience at the majestic ruins of Creake Abbey, and an in-depth walk around Castle Rising - a fine example of early-medieval architecture complete with the shell of a rare Norman church nearby - seat of the Howard family. We did notice several 'Howard' memorials in the church at Burnham Thorpe, including a brigadier, so obviously they must have had considerable influence in Norfolk over the centuries. In the village of Castle Rising is a fantastic tea room with friendly service and great food! If I don't mention it by name, hopefully I'll get away with limited advertising... But I am also grateful to the staff for accepting my barefooter lifestyle. Anyway, these places are well worth the visit. I'll be going with my sister again on a day-trip to Sandringham - one of Her Majesty's residences - and hopefully this time fit in a Sea Safari embarkation from Hunstanton.

Robert Douglas


Just to say how very much I like your books especially The Last Kingdom novels. I now live in Malaysia, but my home town is Weston-super-Mare in Somerset, England. I always remember a pub just outside of Weston, called Hobb's Boat. The Pub sign depicted a Viking Long Boat and the head of a Viking ( with horned helmet ) I found that Hobb's actually was meant to be Ubba's Boat. Cannington not being far away and with local tales that the River Axe, not far from said pub, was at one time navigable as far as Cheddar, and longships made that journey. Please keep writing especially about Uhtred.

William Caddick


Just finished "War of the Wolf."  Great reading as always!  As I like to say "Any character worth writing one good story about is worth writing a dozen."  In the case of novels I have read, Uhtred is now tied with Edgar Rice Burroughs John Carter of Mars.  The funny thing is that I have read almost everything he ever wrote, but never a Tarzan novel.  And almost every thing you have written, but never a Sharpes novel (although I did see the TV miniseries).  Looking forward to the next novel.

Harry Dudrow


I want to thank you for enjoyment your books have given me.  I am about to turn 92 and have been a competitive shooter for most of my adult life. I used to compete in 32 black powder matches a year in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Charles Lewis


Seus livros são muito bons!!!!

Helena Maria Barbosa


Hi Bernard,

Hope things are going well for you and the next Uhtred book progressing steadily. In response to Cody's 'question' regarding sexual diversity (not sure if I'm keen on the word 'deviant' as this was coined by those who often misunderstood or didn't tolerate LGBT rights), I'd also mention the Ancient Greeks for completely understanding sexual orientation; bisexuality was far more widespread and tolerated than today's society. And the Greeks verged on the genius when it came to military, philosophical, and architectural matters. Even the Romans - after defeating their phalanx tactics - gave a grudging nod to their civilization's legacy. On to gender identity, I'm also wondering if Cody was referring to how some women are more masculine and favoured the Amazonian warrior's life as opposed to the gentile ladies in waiting. Is that gender identity or simply preferences of a different kind? A kind of tom-boy approach. And then you have some men who enjoy wearing ladies clothing, often because of a fascination or comfort factor, including famous people such as Eddie Izzard or the director Ed Wood. Men applying make up appeared during the 80's New Romance pop scene, but while Boy George is gay, and David Bowie was bisexual, many others who adopted this style were (at least to a large extent) heterosexual. The Sexual and Gender Diversity range is truly a confusing one to those who choose to remain in ignorance. It's also a fluid one where gay, lesbian, bisexual or heterosexual people find themselves questioning where they stand in their orientation. I often say it's not what you are, it's who you are. Many people - whatever their orientation - dislike labelling themselves. While some nobly go out on a crusade to raise LGBT awareness, others are quietly content with their sexual and gender preferences. As Alfie once said: 'if you haven't go peace of mind, you've got nothing'. Sound advice for those coming to terms with their sexual orientation and/or gender identity, either young or old.

Robert Douglas


I’m sure this is a little bit sad but Uhtred has been with me every day since November! I started to read whilst on holiday in Tenerife and I’ve just finished book 11. I’m missing his company. Please write a very long story next time!

I enjoy the female roles. I’m trying to think which one I’d have liked best. Brida sounded fun but turned bitter. Ethelflaed became pious. Stiorra died too soon. I think Hilde is my favourite although Mus needs more story.

Isn’t it strange how these fictional and long gone (if they were real) people can be so influential and interesting.



Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I'm reading 1356... finally picked it off the bookshelf. My husband read, and enjoyed your books years ago. I never have...yet... And this is the first time, in a long time, that I've read something and wished I could be there. In the story. I love the history, the characters, and especially the Humour!!! I have visited Carcassonne... so immediately I was there, too, smelling the dust and cassoulet! :) Just want to express my appreciation as I get ready for my favourite part of the day—diving in to your book! I see you live part time on Cape Cod... perhaps we can enjoy a Guinness (or tea) there one of these days. Toasting you, your health and happiness...

Anna Zumwalt