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I have very much enjoyed your books.  You bring history alive.  Having served as a Marine infantry officer in Vietnam I respect how accurately you portray the ugliness and heroism of combat, although I much prefer jungles and foxholes to shield walls.  I’m reading “Sword of Kings and enjoying it.  I wish our elected officials would read your books and learn what duty and honor really means.  Sadly we have a president who doesn’t and has no honor. So sorry for a political statement.  Please keep writing.

With admiration and respect.




When I started these, I thought that there were only 12 of them. I can hardly wait for the next one! Stop reading this message and get back to writing! ;) I've enjoyed every one of your books that I've read, and will certainly read more, but Uhtred is something special. I think I'm in love! Thanks!



Thank you for your latest book.  I find myself putting down other books and series to read your most recent release.  And you may or may not find this funny, I hold myself to 50 pages each evening so I don't finish Uhtred's latest adventures too quickly.   As always thank you for your efforts and I look forward to your next offering.  Take care and have a wonderful holiday month.

Kelly Finn


I'm a 72 year old retired Army Colonel. I have been an avid reader all my life and a History major. About 14 years ago I was recuperating from surgery when a friend dropped one of your Sharpe novels off for me to read. For the past 14 years I have been on a great flight with you as the pilot. I have had all 56 of your books and hope that you outlive me so that the last book I read is the latest one you will have written. The Saxon Tales top even Sharpe. May you write for as long as Uhtred has lived. Best wishes - a very loyal follower.

Ray OKeefe


Much enjoyed Sword of Kings but too many 'snarls' or 'snarled'! Uhtred sounds like a Victorian villain whenever he snarls.

David Roberts



I just wanted to extend a very warm and sincere thank you for the months of entertainment you have provided through your books in the Last Kingdom series.

After having a look at your website, I am now excited to watch the Netflix series based on these books. Since finishing Sword of Kings I have been disappointed with available television programming, as it is nowhere near as captivating as your storytelling. I patiently await another addition to the series...

Because of your books I have discovered that I am a lover of historical fiction, and particularly your writing style. You are truly skilled at your craft.

Again, thank you very much. Happy holidays to you and yours.




Mr. Cornwell,

I have been a reader of yours since I was in grade school. Although, that was only the early 2000s. I have followed and purchased your books avidly throughout my life. I am a young attorney now (graduated this last May). I still have dreams of being a novelist that you very much helped to inspire. I just wanted to take a small moment to say thank you. Thank you for all you do. The hard work of writing and researching is something I very much appreciate. I know that there can be times when it is difficult. Because of that, I want to tell you that I am so thankful that you have maintained and continued to hone your craft and your talent. I am thankful for every 10th Century dawn Uhtred sees and every bird flight that Thomas of Hookton describes. I recently moved into a new home and found out that a set of shelves I purchased perfectly fit my completed sets of your novels. It makes me happy to come home and see those books that inspired wonderful and thoughtful memories for me. I have memories of reading Arthur's tale and the story of London hangings in coffee shops and at home. It makes me so happy to read and write. And you have continued to be an inspiration for me. Thank you, thank you, and thank you, again.


Adam Burnett


Hi Bernard,

have read everyone of your post-Sharpe books. (And many of those.) Love, love, love Uhtred. Thank you, sir, for all the hours of entertainment.

-- Jeff


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I just closed The Empty Throne having read and savored every word, every phrase.  Your skill in bringing the nuance of the period is nothing short of stunning.  Well done sir, your are a literary treasure.

I have written several books, published one and have never realized any true success as a book writer, though I have had some success writing articles, copy and the like.  I truly have far more skill in writing than I do in informing the public that I write.  Nevertheless there is something deeply therapeutic in the writing itself.

As such, I again say bravo to your work and to your success.  Thank you for sharing your inspired work.

Yours Sincerely,

Gray G. Fredrick


Dear Mr Cornwell

I hope this finds you well and enjoying the approaching festivities.

Last night I finished reading Excalibur.  For a variety of reasons my passage through the Warlord Chronicles has taken a couple of years, yet throughout this time my loyalty to Derfel remained.  Deciding to finish the story, and thus say goodbye to Derfel took me sometime.

I have loved Derfel's story.  His relationships and his growth.  He is intelligent yet remains humble.  His love for Arthur matches his love for Ceinwyn.

I believe that in a time, long ago, magic and myths were real.  I believe that Arthur existed, that Merlin had powers and that somewhere along the way a man like our beloved Derfel lived alongside them.

I shall return to your stories for I love them above all others, but for now its time to say goodbye to Derfel and thank you for making him real.

With great thanks,