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War of the Wolf. Excellent! October 9 is marked on my calendar as I am chomping at the bit to read what's up with Uhtred! Thanks for the update.

Jason Marcus


i and 67 and have read all your books, every one, some multiple times like the Sharpe series. This last one about Shakespeare started show and I almost put it down but continued. It ended up being very good. I hope you write a sequel, Keep up the good work. you give my fat old ass something to look forward to.




My two favourite characters - Derfel Cadarn and Nicholas Hook - appreciate Derfel cannot return - but Hook simply has to - too good to leave with just one book.

Gregg Lindsay


Hi Bernard,


I'm sure that from your time in and around the UK that you know the BBC programme 'Antiques Roadshow'.

In tonights's episode a lady with family links to General Baird brought along a very fine diamond brooch 'liberated' at Seringpatam in 1799.We both know of a former British soldier who was there in the early days of his military career. Mr.Sharpe and yourself might be interested to know that it was valued at £30,000.

You spoil us readers something rotten by being so prolific with a new book every 12 months or so.They are always well worth waiting for and your quality and standards never slip.To keep up such a volume what' your routine for writing your books.Also, what do you do to wind down.I'm aware of your interests in Amateur Dramatics and sailing but who or what do you read for pleasure.


Thanks again for all the reading pleasure you've given me and best wishes to you and yours




Mister Sharpe would plead complete ignorance of any looting at Seringpatam!  But thank you –despite Sharpe’s ‘innocence’ he would admit that the looting of that city was extraordinary and reprehensible.


Dear Mr Cornwell,

It's well overdue and on behalf of many readers in my family I thank you for the wealth of entertainment you have given us in all your books. The Sharpe series resonates most as it shows the brutishness of battle amidst the characters' tensions and their humour.  Your work inspired me to write The Sandstone Trilogy set in  19c Sydney.   One again thank you and I look forward to more of your work.


Michael Beashel


I've read so many of your books more than once, and just recently found and purchased both series of the Last Kingdom.

Patrick O'Brien is the greatest legendary author ever and I have read his books many times over & over so I just wanted to say I consider you his equal, no praise could be higher.


Thank's for your great stories.

Kind regard's

Mick Wilson.


I have read the majority of your books (all the Richard Sharpe series, Nathaniel Starbuck and The Saxon Tales), now working on The Grail Quest.

I enjoy reading your novels immensely and now have taken the time to finally write and tell you of my admiration for your work.

Sincerely yours,



Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I just wanted to say thank you as I thoroughly enjoyed "Fools and Mortals." I've read most of the books you have written over the years and I always look forward to your usual yearly announcement of a new title every year or so.

So naturally when I saw that your website hasn't been updated with a new title in the works I got a little worried. I understand that I can read them faster than you can write them and that cannot, unfortunately,  be helped.   I just want to say that for the past decade I have traveled on the subway to work and back and when I am reading your books instead of being transported slowly to Brooklyn and back, I get transported all too quickly to Stonehenge, the middle ages, the birth of England, and the Napoleonic wars and all the other places you have written about. It has made for an absorbing ride and I cannot tell you how much I look forward to riding the subway when I am reading one of your books.

Thanks very much!



Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I understand it would be really challenging, I imagine, to write the conclusion to the Starbuck series.

But if there ever was a perfect time to bring it to a conclusion, now would be that time.

Our country is getting more and more divided.  (I think the division is still based on race and class.)

I was hoping your skills could be used to help Nathan Starbuck and Patrick Lassan find a way forward.

Cheers and Love,

Stefan Schrichte (30 yr. fan)


So finished Waterloo and now on Rebel.

Man alive if Nate Starbuck is not a "self insert" - theology degree! Overpowering, fierce, Calvinist Father.

I think I probably as a bible preaching, Calvinist (Charismatic) Pastor get all your biblical illustrations and quotations more than most readers. Which may be why I read a book of yours approx every 10 days!

Anyhow : "Jesus love you" if you ever want to chat about that I am at Open Door Church Sunbury!

Brilliant books! Love them, am going to be lost when I run out of ones to read!

But thankfully brother I was lost but now am found!!

And you got a theology degree!

You must have gone through some really horrible crap - I ashamed that Jesus followers could do that- it has not been my experience of the church of my faith - rubbish.

Andy Phillips

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