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I began reading this series when I was in high school. As you've previously mentioned the formation of England is largely ignored in mainstream history and, being Canadian, I had no idea. I've always been ignorant of the Saxon history so during many of the books I've been om the edge of my seat, wondering what will happen. As the series got more popular ( and became a tv show which I love) and as its gone on, listening to interviews with you and everything. I don't fear for Uhtred. I know he'll be at Brunanburh, i know he'll die an old man with his hand clutched firmly around his hilt. But every time I pick up a new Saxon Chronicle book I fear deeply for Finan's life. Thank you for keeping him alive, thank you for your stories, and please, let Finan die of old age in the bed of a woman he enjoys.




G'day. Listening to your interview wherein you commented that you wished to write another Sharp book..

I believe my forefather was Richards father.

A Scot. A; MacDonald. And a Supply Sergeant Major throughout the Napoleonic War.

Victorious and no further need for him and his regiment, they were sent to Australia to guard to convicts and were involved in the Rum Rebellion.

I hope you do write another, and I shall read it.

Brian Borjeson


Hi Mr Cornwell

I can't believe that I'm clear up into my 70's and had never heard of you or your books.  ESPECIALLY the Sharpe series.  I stumbled onto Sharpe among a bunch of used books and noticed it was about the Napoleonic wars.  I've read probably 150 books about that, so I bought one only out of curiosity.  When I realized what the series was, I bought them all.  I have read thirteen so far and I just can't tell you how much pleasure I have gotten from them, and of course I still have the other eight to look forward to.

I have never read historical fiction.  After stumbling onto your work, I realize it was only out of abject ignorance that I had not.  I love your stories.  All the intrigue.  The history.  The way you develop your characters.  I have thought many times of writing you to compliment you on your writing and I'm just very lazy about that sort of thing.  But I just read Sharpe's Sword and I must, lazy sod that I am, finally say my thanks for this absolute treasure.  What really caught me was the part where Harper builds the sword for Sharpe.  It is just brilliant.  All the mechanics and the doing and the shaping.  I could smell the steel.  And the most striking thing was how you conveyed the esteem and affection that Harper bore for Sharpe and hardly addressed it directly.  Just so casually with the words "care and affection".  The action of making the sword just spoke so loudly and clearly about what was so obviously a profoundly heartfelt endeavor.  That's just spectacular writing!

I must also says that I enjoy your humor.  Maj Gen Nairn telling Sharpe, about Sharpe not being Scottish, "Not your fault, Sharpe, not your fault.  Can't help our damned parents which is why we have to thrash our damned children."  Too much funny is not funny.  But you manage the timing so that your occasional humorous exchanges can just make me howl.

Anyway, good for you for your fine writing.  And good for me to be lucky enough to have found it.

Thanks again.

Rob Parsons


Glad to know you are enjoying Sharpe!



I have watched the film series of Sharpe with my dad and we've both loved it and i recently have bought the books and reading them and once i start reading i just can't stop,i just wanted to say what amazing books they are and how you have encouraged me to learn all about the Napoleonic wars and even my A level history coursework is on Waterloo!

thank you so much for writing the books




I appreciate your writing and your stories. The only books I haven’t read are the Starbuck books. Otherwise I have enjoyed them all. Thank you.

Jesse Turner


Hi Bernard

just a quick thank you for your wonderful writing, weaving fiction with fact . I’ve been told I’m too much of a fussy reader in choosing books to read but I have no problem in picking your books every time. Your latest book was a great read please keep them coming.

Carlton Lovett



Dear Bernard,

All I can say,is thank you,waited all year to find out what would become of Uhtred and Finan,now I know.

Hope you are keeping well, and happy to keep on writing.

From one of your number one fans.




Dear Bernard

Just wanted to thank you for giving me a series where I can re-read 11 books and then finish the marathon with a brand new release.    All of this prompted by a recent visit to Bamburgh to see the modern version of Uhtred's home.    You have created one of the most compelling historical fiction - especially for a "Northumbrian" from Yorkshire

Many thanks

Peter Goodhand


Just an FYI....Your new book refers to Andover being in Wiltshire.....Andover is in Hampshire.


Nick Sjogren


You’re quite right and I’m quite wrong. Apologies to Andover!