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Dear Mr Cornwell

I felt that I must write to you to say thank you; I have recently finished reading The Last Kingdom series.  Thank you for giving me my history.  I of course knew of Alfred the Great but really it was just a name that was glanced over in my history lessons at school and similarly in my children's education.


Reading your wonderful books has left me feeling very angry; not at you, you understand, but at the singular lack of any teaching regarding the man who was responsible for the vision and drive that made us a nation.  How can the English have any pride in their country, when so much of their history is never taught.

So, thank you so much for The Last Kingdom; I cared about Uhtred and the outcome of his story as much as I was enthralled by Alfred's and England's tale.

Yours gratefully




LW asked where Sharpe got his name....Sharpe's Tiger Chapter 1


"The child had been named for the wealthy patron of the foundling home that had raised him, but the naming had not brought Richard Shatpe any patronage"






Saxon Tales -

Superb writing of this history, hope to visit Britain again, all the best!

Raul A. Garcia


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I can't wait for the next book of the Last Kingdom Series. Please!

Best wishes,



Mr. Cornwell,

I have never written to an author before, but I wanted to thank you for The Saxon Tales.  I just loved all the books in the series. I have read several of your other books (they were excellent, of course), but my favorite series is the Saxon Tales.  I enjoy the character of Uhtred tremendously. He always makes me laugh and I confess that I think it is very refreshing to have a staunch Pagan as the hero of the story.  I hope Uhtred never changes! I can´t wait for the 11th book of the series.  Thank you for giving us such an interesting and enjoyable story!

Myra Hardwick


Hi Bernard

I was browsing through your question and answer section and noticed that your response to the question about confederate statues in Virginia was word for word the same as the conclusion I reached when discussing the issue with my daughter Katy.

The germ of an idea crossed my mind that perhaps I have enjoyed your books so much  and find the way you express yourself so satisfying,  partly because of a sense of like-mindedness.

I have always perceived you as a down to earth soul, who would be good company in the local pub and there is a comfort and familiarity about your views, particularly in relation to (some?) clergymen and lawyers.

When such characters feature in one of your books the reader knows what is coming and can settle down, pull the pages around themselves, like a comfortable blanket and enjoy the fun.

As I have done for many years.


All the best



Just finished The Flame Bearer. Loved every book in the series! Also loved The Last Kingdom on TV. Next, major feature film?

Richard Tilbe


I'm not contacting you to ask for anything, other than to ask you to keep doing what you do! I'm a massive fan of Uhtred (and co) and I really enjoyed 1356 as well. I am just about to order Flame Bearer now. Unfortunately I don't get (make?) much time to read, so at the moment you are writing them faster than I am reading them! I don't think I can hold that against you though, can I?

Thanks again and best wishes,



I want to tell you that you are a fine writer. Every book of yours that I've read has excellent grammar, style, and plot development. I have read many books by British authors, many of them written about WWII, and I feel that the teaching of grammar, composition, and literature in English schools must be very good. Maybe it was better pre-1070s? I  have read mostly works about WWII experiences (The Burma Road), etc. I hope you live long and write more books. Thank you!

Marie Waterman

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