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Hi Mr. Bernard,

My name is Ruann, and I'm from Brazil. I wish to thank you for your amazing books, I started with the Saxon chronicles, and i love it. I'm reading now The Bearer of the Flame. Your books have brought to me an indescribable sensation. You gave me a sword, put me on a shield Wall and make me dream. No words can express how great your work is, so thank you for all this adventures you have created.

With admiration,

Ruann Carlos Miranda Gomes



As a long standing fan of your books. Sharpe being my mythical hero. Please try to finish Starbuck book 5.

Pat Woods



I am an assiduous reader since i'm 10 and i have never cried while reading a book. This is over now, Derfel's daughter Dian is dead. You were able to tell a story where i was really attached to the characters since the very beginning and i am grateful for it.

My quarantine is way better now that i discovered, in a corner of my house, Artur's books. Thank you for writing then :)


Beatriz from Brazil


First off I want to say thank you for writing such an engaging and exciting historical series. The book series, and the show for that matter have been some of the most entertaining stories I’ve read or watched in some time(I’m 33). I usually read science fiction and fantasy, but the time period that your series was written in is one of my favorites. Also, as an American reader it’s always so interesting to see other country’s history especially in an entertaining, dramatic fashion. I’m incredibly excited, anxious, but at the same time sad to see Uhtred’s story end. I look forward to “War Lord” this fall! Thank you for all you’ve written!

Ty Collier



Was introduced to your Saxon Tales series a couple years ago and thoroughly enjoy them. Great stuff. Just finished Warriors of the Storm and starting Flame Bearer today.  Look forward to exploring your other work.

Oldest daughter lives in Charleston and went to the College.  One of favorite cities to visit in the world.  And my wife's favorite street to stroll down?  Yep, Tradd Street.  Absolutely beautiful.  Anyway, thank you for so generously sharing your literary talents!

Frank Cantrel Jr


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I am an avid reader of your books.  I didn’t start reading them until about a year ago.  I couldn’t put them down after I started to read them.  The Last Kingdom series was excellent.  I just finished reading 1356 and really enjoyed it.  Thomas Hookton and Uhtred are the best !  Being a U.S. Marine combat vet all I can say is keep writing. “ Semper Fi “

All the best.

Steve Cedrone


Thank you,Mr. Cornwell for your wonderful ability to animate characters who recreate times and places that are at best ethereal and at worst one dimensional .I realize I am a "Johnny come lately" to your Sharpe series but now I am addicted .Two down and much more to follow .In my former life I taught world history in High School and  if I had  known of your series I would have happily assigned it for a glimpse of Imperialism and "The Great Game. " It is authors such as yourself and may I add O'Brien and Jean Pierre Parrot 'Nicolas La Floch" who make reading a true joy as well as a learning experience.Thank You


Alan  Klaw

New Mexico USA



I am so enraptured with the Saxon Stories books and the Last Kingdom TV series. I can't get enough!


I have decided that Uhtred's wife as he's narrating the stories is actually his first wife, Mildrith! He plundered the Nunnery so they could finish what they started!


Ulrich of Pigeonberg!


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I read your Sharpe's series many moons ago, but picked up "Gallows Thief" the other day and cannot put it down. Thank you for writing such fine and intriguing plots, wonderful characters, and especially for describing the hearts of Veterans on paper so accurately.

Semper fi,

Lt Col Rip Rawlings (USMC)


I am really enjoying Richard Sharpe. I'm a bit more than halfway done with the series. I read somewhere that Ramage was the natural successor to Hornblower (probably on the cover of one of the books), but I think it's Sharpe. I'm not sure if it's my American disdain for the notion of monarchy and peerage or if it's Pope's treatment of marines as buffoons. (I'm a Marine (inactive), from a family of Marines, sailors and soldiers.) Sharpe is extremely relatable, right down to the impulsive poor decisions when it comes to affairs of the heart  that seem to plague our young servicemen.

Thanks for such a great series.

Mike McDermott