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Thank you for the Sharpe series and the Starbuck series, they have kept me sane during the lock down. My husband has had these around for years and I wasn't interested in war books, but ran out of reading material. So started with Sharpe. and loved every book, will be starting on the Last Kingdom next.

Thank you again for being an excellent writer and sharing with all of us your talents.

Janis Moore


Dear Mr Cornwell

I am just contacting you to say thank you for writing the last kingdom series of books I am now reading book 6 and I am engrossed, I did watch the TV series first but that for me has given me faces and voices to your most detailed writing thank you

yours sincerely

David Goodbun


Just re-read Gallows Thief.  I would love to know what came next for Rider Sandman and Sergeant Berrigan

Thomas Nixon


Hi from a fellow Beamfleot boy,

Just wanted to say thank you for getting me through the lock-down in the UK.

I’ve been reading your Saxon Chronicles/Last Kingdom series and they are fantastic. You are as they say; a master storyteller.

I’ve always struggled to read regularly in the past, due to work pressures. When I did get time to read, I’d be too tired and fall asleep. No chance of that with your writing! I got so absorbed my wife felt Uhtred was a third person in our relationship!

It was the TV series which steered me toward your books. But I must say, the TV adaptation is black and white against the virtual reality technicolour of your writing. I began reading the series from Death of Kings as that was where I guessed the 3rd TV series had finished, but I am now going back to start again with The Last Kingdom, to get the full picture.

Like you, I am a history nut. I’ve no degrees or anything, but I love it! Especially Saxon times, Edward III and London history. Wyrd bio ful araed, as they say! I was born in east London, lived most of my life near Hadleigh country park with its Saxon roundhouse and the ruins of one of Edward III’s favourite castles and when I did leave to live in France for 8 years, it was to a hamlet with a 12th century priory and 45 minutes from Poiteirs! (I worked just round the corner from the battle site!) Small world.

So, enough of my prattling: Thank you for sharing your amazing gift. I am very much looking forward to reading the full story of Uhtred’s early years and once I have finished them, it will be straight on to Harlequin and the Grail Quest. Edward III’s reign is so fascinating. He’s the SAS of English monarchs. I don’t understand why there is so much coverage of kings like Henry VIII and little on some of the truly legendary monarchs England has had.

Sorry, babbling again.

Keep well and keep writing.



Hi Bernard

I really enjoyed the Last Kingdom series of books. I am thrilled that you have another lined up for October. I like the tv series but not as much as the books, though I really liked the death story-lines  they choose for Thyra, Beocca, Skade and Ragnar.

I would like to see what happens with Uthreds eldest son the priest. Does he go the Bebbanburg?


Hope October comes soon and thank you for sharing your storytelling with us.



I just wanted you to know how much enjoyment l’ve had reading your books. I’ve started reading ‘ The Last Kingdom ‘ series again, this must be the third time and l’m still thoroughly absorbed. I imagine when I’ve finished reading the them l’ll start on the Sharpe series which are also very enjoyable.

Thank you very much for the enjoyment you’ve given me.

Bill Biggerstaff


Just wanted to say thank you for your ideas and vision of which the Last Kingdom sprung from. I thoroughly enjoyed the series and am now planning to read all of your novels.

again thank you!

Michael Holden


Hi Mr. Cornwell,

Your books have been my coming of age saga. I began with Thomas of Hookton in 6th grade until I found Derfel in the Arthur series. That Warlord series is beyond dude! As are all your books. You rock.  But, seriously the Warlord Chronicles I could read again and again.



I just discovered the series The Last Kingdom in. Arch of this year. Having been in England last year I was looking to connect to some of the history I experienced. Love the series and was delighted to find your books were the source of the material.i have read the first 11 books. I understand all the adventures of Uhtred could not be in the series. You make a reader feel present in the books. Cannot wait for book 13. Keep writing!

Fran Burkett


Just to say I have enjoyed your books for years. Love the history. Involved and can’t wait to read your historical notes at the end.

No need to answer. As I am sure u are overwhelmed with emails. Just know I am waiting for your next book