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As an old "Thundersley boy" I am writing to say how much I enjoyed reading your War Lord Chronicles even though they destroyed my long held romantic view of the Arthurian legend!!

I don't know if you've been back to Thundersley but it still looks virtually the same with the White Hart still dominent ( and serving excellent ale and food when permitted). Joe's old house and the building school opposite have been turned into retirement homes and an estate replaces Cyril old home although Guide Acres is still there and thriving, The Wiggin's church in Elmsleigh drive is now a nursery.

I attended the sixth Southend Boys Brigade held in the Congregational church at the top of Kenneth Road some sixty years ago and lived with my parents in Warren Chase.

Meeting up with old  BB pals we often talk of the those dim and distant days and still hold a grudge against Cyrils clearing of Thundersley Glen and turning it into open park land. Where could we now play hunt the flag or capture the castle when there was no braken or brambles to hide our approach. For all their extreme Christing views they are still held in high regard by those who remember their philanthropic ways.

Legend still persists that thunder storms skirt Thudersley because an effigy of Thor was buried under what is now St, Peters church!!!

Incedenttaly another coincidence is that my uncle Harold Wildsh, a missionary to the Amazon tribes, also sent his sons to Monkton Coombe school!!

Enough waffle - keep up the good work and stay safe in these strange times.

Kind regards

Barry Wadley-Smith


Thank you for the update!


I've just finished reading War Lord, the 13th and final book in The Last Kingdom series and what a read it was. They say some books are "un put downable". Well that phrase was invented for this series. At the age of 55 I was made redundant on 1/4/16 after 39 years at Ferrybridge 'C' Power Station and some would say that was a sad time. Well not me because that's when I bought a Kindle and one of the free books I downloaded was The Last Kingdom. After an initial struggle with some of the names I got into the meat of the book and was hooked. I bought the next 5 books straight after finishing and have subsequently bought all the rest. The word thank you does not do justice to your writing talents Bernard as your words are like a masters paintings and I'm not eloquent enough to wax lyrical about them. Suffice to say you've awoken a yearning in me to learn about the history of England and the wider world. THANK YOU.


Neil Scoltock


West Yorkshire


Mr. Cornwell,

I just wanted to say Thank You!  Happy Birthday to me!!!!  I awoke this morning and saw on your social media page that you will be releasing Sharpe's Assassin in the autumn.  What an excellent and exciting way to awaken on my birthday!  I've read most of your series, and love Uhtred and The Last Kingdom Series, but Sharpe holds a special place for me and is my favorite.  I've watched the comments and questions come on this website for years about further Sharpe's novels and if Sharpe and Harper would show themselves again.  Again, I am so glad that Sharpe pushed forward in your mind and will be making another showing!  Thanks again!!!!


Seattle WA USA


Happy birthday!


As I finish the Warrior Chronicles (Saxon Stories) I would like to thank you for the pleasure you have given me over the last 17 years as I have followed the adventures and life of Uhtred son of Uhtred through 3 kings and countless battles.  It has inspired me to deepen my understanding of that period through diploma level study into both the Vikings and the English Monarchy.  Thank you very much for the series and thank you for a fitting ending that such a great personality (Uhtred) deserved.

Kindest regards




Hello Mr. Cornwell,

I do not have a question, but wanted to voice my appreciation of your work. I started watching The Last Kingdom on Netflix and when I finished all seasons currently released I couldn’t find anything else to watch. I started doing some research on the show only to discover they’re based on books! I immediately purchased and finished the first four books within five weeks. I am now about to finish the sixth book. This series is my escape from reality. The historical aspects of this story are wonderfully described and documented throughout. It truly makes it difficult to set it down.

I have two kids and work full time, but find myself still reading into the early morning hours because I enjoy this series so much. Also, I really haven’t read much in the last few years, ten to be honest, but this series has reminded me of how much I love to read. So thank you.

Have a wonderful day!

Alexandra Kind


Love your work but lets not beat about the bush you need to get yer finger out and finish the Starbuck chronicles.

The 13 books of your ancestor have been amazing along with the Netflix show but enough is enough its time.


take care and stay safe





My name is David Newell and I am currently an Officer Cadet at RMAS. I have just this instant finished 'Bloody Ground' from the Starbuck chronicles and I have to say the entire series is awesome! I started rebel just before I got to Sandhurst when I by chance (seeing you were the author) picked it up in a charity shop. I continued reading the series throughout my time here at Sandhurst ( in the small amount of time I had off in the early weeks) and they really helped me enjoy some rarely seen down time! I understand that you didn't carry on Starbuck to focus on Sharpe, or so I've read, and I can't blame you for that either. I watched the TV series with my dad when I was younger, and I intend now on reading the books, especially as I believe Sharpe was a reason I went to study history at Queen's in Belfast. However, if you have ever had the slightest inclination to go back to Starbuck I am desperate to see how it ends!


Many thanks for the enjoyment your writing has brought me and so many others here.


David Newell


P.s I also hugely enjoyed The Fort.


I posted this on social media, and thought you would like to know: I suffer from mental health problems. I came up with a strategy to cope with my 'voices'. They would intrude and cause me to think 'wrong' thoughts Being a fan of Bernard Cornwell and The Last Kingdom I remembered how the Anglo Saxons faced their enemies 'The Shield wall' it enabled them to face their demons and push back  I created a shield wall in my mind and fought back. It works for me so I'm sharing in the hope it helps someone else

John Anthony Hopkins


Thank you for sharing this!


I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful stories in the Last Kingdom/Saxon series.  I have truly loved these books and Uhtred.  I have also very much enjoyed the Sharpe series but the Last Kingdom was just legendary.  It has made so much of the history come alive and although I know they are fiction in areas the picture of what was helps to appreciate the relative peace of today.  My 10 year old loves historical fiction and one day when he is a little older I can't wait to introduce him to your books.

All the best!

Sara Godecke



Your correspondent Russ Fowler states that he "was very thankful that Uhtred and Finan were left to sit in Bebbenburg Castle for eternity". Well said, sir. I strongly second your sentiments!

Robert Jacobson