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Dear Mr Cornwell

I wanted to thank you for The Last Kingdom series. I’ve been working my way through a bout of depression and anxiety and reading the series has got me through some dark times. A few chapters at night, accompanied by a glass of mead has given me something to look forward to.

I’m a little lost now that I’ve completed the series so far, but am intending to start the Grail Quest this evening.

Looking forward to the next instalment of Uhtred’s tale.


Wæs Hæl!



I am re-reading The Last Kingdom series and - yet again - am in floods of tears when Gisela dies. What a wonderful character Uhtred is...although he would probably frighten me to death in the flesh.  A seemingly simple character but fiendishly complex too.  Thank you for creating him.  Loved Sword of Kings!

Trudi Arnold


Thank you yet again for a superb, exciting and absolutely absorbing novel.  I really thought dear old Uhtred was going to Valhalla this time.  I can't image a world without him bashing his way up and down the country.  This time I really had to stop reading at some points (well I am 73!) and catch my breath.  Thank goodness he lives to fight and love and live another day.  Can't wait to see what happens next.  Thank you again.

Ginny Goodall


Thank you Mr Cornwell for getting me back into reading! I love reading the stories of Sharpe and Uhtred, and I'm looking forward to reading more. It's been years since I've read for pleasure, but because of you and your books I'm reading for hours every day.

Blake Barnett


Hi there,

just wanted to say thank you very much for the books you have produced. I've been listening to your Uhtred series on audible and have just finished Sword Of Kings. Great stuff! It's been great listening to them while sanding, spray painting or machining in my joinery workshop. I'm on my own most of the time, in the middle of no where in Horseford, Norfolk. It's been a real pleasure listening to them and making my day a lot more interesting. Subsequently, I have realised that the Saxon Stories have been adapted into a TV series as of late! I just finished season 3 the other day and think they have done a wonderful job so far. Hope they stick close to the source material, should continue be great, with 4th series coming soon!


Anyway, thank you again and wish you continued success with your books going forward. I'm just about to start your Sharpe series of books next!


Kind Regards,



I am called Calle, and I live in Gothenburg in Sweden. I am 65 years old, and I have been reading 2-3 books a week since I was a child... You have been my favorite writer the last 20 years. Respect.


I know everything must come to an end. I have thoroughly enjoyed the adventures of Uhtred, Finan and the rest. I will miss him when the final book is written. I am beginning the Sharpe series. Thank you for making my life a little more enjoyable.

Warmest regards,

Teddy Yeary


Good afternoon Mr Cornwell,

I am a huge fan of your books. I read the 12 volumes of The Last Kingdom in English in 2.5 months though I am French educated.

I just love them. Of course I loved the story but I also loved learning a lot of fascinating historical facts that I was absolutely ignorant of, and that is marvelous.

I am very impatient to know when your 13th volume will be edited :-)

Best regards,

Lamia AMAD



Just a quick note to offer my sincere thank you for your many wonderful books. Through them, you have greatly enriched my life.

Keith Thompson


Bernard Cornwell,

I have read all of your books and enjoyed The Last Kingdom Series most of all. I look forward to reading the tale of the birth of England and Uhtred's final experiences. The Arthur Books were wonderful, too.

I am 80 and a retired English teacher. Thank you for your work. It is marvelous.

Janice Cady Forler