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Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I spent 17 years researching and writing about two categories of Iowans who dissented against authority.  The first group was residents of Grinnell, Iowa, who helped fugitive slaves on the Underground Railroad.  The second category was Iowa residents who left that state and served the Confederacy.  My research culminated in my book, Iowa Confederates in the Civil War.

As you can imagine, I was very interested in the Nathaniel Starbuck series.  But I was enthralled by your Saxon Tales.

I am considering writing historical fiction.  Thank you very much for your specific suggestions for beginning novelists.

On a more personal note, I was raised in a Christian home and attended two very conservative churches when I was growing up.  I understand from your writing (and interviews) that you had very hurtful, or even traumatic, experiences related to church and those you lived with as a child.  I experienced a great deal of hurt and shame in my devout churchgoing family.  It's remarkable that, in spite of your experiences, you wrote -- in Crackdown -- the most beautiful description of a Christian's hope of heaven that I have ever read.

I salute you for your mastery of storytelling and for sharing such pleasurable stories.

Best wishes,

Dave Connon, Earlham, Iowa



Thank you!


M. Cornwell

I have read all your books except the Sharpe’s série. I don’t know why. I started last month and am now at Gold.


Thank you very much for all the wonderful hours I spent inside your imagination.

Jean-Claude Basque (75 yrs)



Have just been watching Sharpe on TV and am considering getting the books. One of my heroes has always been Harry Smith (starting with The Spanish Bride as a teenager). I have noticed a few similarities between Sharpe and Smith and of course they are both riflemen.  I have actually been to Waterloo and enjoyed the Memorial to the Prince of Orange.  I have also visited a few places from the Peninsular Campaign and am looking forward to getting to know Sharpe over the next few weeks.

Louise Hoare


Mr. Cornwell;

I am a fan of your writing and research! My favorite parts of your books are often the historical notes at the end. I don't have anything particular to say other than please live a long time so you can keep publishing new material! However, please do not, in your declining years, suddenly take on "co-authors" and surrogates like Clive Cussler did! It just never works!

Charles Scott


My daughter and I always had a ritual of her falling asleep each night with me reading to her.  A few years ago, during a summer in Ireland, we ran out of stuff to read, and I tried the Arthur Warlord books on her.  She loved them, and I had never read them, so we proceeded through all three books over the next year and a half.  She was 12 when we started, and it gave us a million things to talk about.  My wife listened to most of it, and Derfel, Ceinwyn, Arthur, and the gang became members of the family for a couple of years.

My daughter still has theories about where Mount Badon was, and I actually try to read a little Old English every day, just fot the fun of it.

Anyway, my daughter is 15 now, and falls asleep reading her own books.  I just wanted to tell you that your books led to many discussions about truth, beauty, courage, and what is important between a father and his daughter.

Camille and I always wished you had switched the viewpoint back to Derfel for the last paragraph of the book.  We know that he probably died with his old sword in his hand, defending his fellow monks and too old to fight, but we always wondered...  Maybe he lived somehow and spent his final years as a tutor to Igraine's children or something, hopefully with a warm place to sleep.

Anyway we wished there was another paragraph that gave us a hint.

Thank you for your books.  They have been a joy beyond price for me and my family

Stephen C Fuqua


Good morning!!! Greetings from Brazil!

First of all I want to apologize for my bad English but I couldn’t hold myself, I needed to send you an email.

I think it must be hard for you to be such a genius!!! I keep thinking with myself if you will ever write a bad book. Is it possible???? That someone can write a serie of 13 books and ALL OF THEM BE THIS GOOD??? I have a theorie that you are not from this world. Actually I do like aliens so that's ok.

Thank you very much for making me love a book so hard that I wont be able to love any other book as much as I love the saga of Uhtred. I am reading the last book now and I am reading it so slowly because I really don't know what I'm going to do with my life after I end it. I finished the 12 book and kept waiting for the last one to be translated in portuguese but now I concluded that I was not ready.

Anyway, all joking aside thank you very much for your work. I was presented to The Last Kingdom Series in the beginning of this year and now I'm a huge fan! I'm looking forward to read all of your books and keep seeking your work!

Wish you the best!



Hi Bernard,

I've probably read the Sharpe series 8 or 9 times - just love it. I really wish you would do a prequel where we get to meet the young Sharpe as he escapes the orphanage, learns thieving, goes to Yorkshire (murder), meets Hakeswill and joins the army. The plots already half written. You'd rattle it off in a couple of months!

Yours in avid expectation...

Adrian Deans


Dear Mr .Cornwell

your historical trilogies are fascinating reads. What amazes me in particular is the crafty way you told the story of Clovis of Frankia in WARLORD TRILOGY without overshadowing Cerdic(the Saxon) and Aelle(the Angle). I don't know any novelist who has written about Clovis and his expansion from Germany into France, northern Italy and Austria. To me, WARLORD TRILOGY is an accurate historical data about ancient Ireland and Roman Gaul. You're at par with Stephen Lawhead and Tom Holt. Archers Tale Trilogy is simply a historical series in her own genre. What a realistic and cinematic depiction of the Hundred Years War in France and Britain.

Ugochukwu anaekwe