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Thanks for the great stories you have created over the years. Now that I have retired from teaching college Philosophy I hope to catch up on your Saxon Series. By the way when I taught High School English I found that the boys who were reluctant readers would discover they loved to read your Sharpe Series. Just thought you should know this.



Thank you.  Enjoy retirement!


Dear Mr Cornwell,

I have read your books for many years, right from your earliest sailing novels. The Uhtred series has enthralled me but her is the nub. I have just read The Flame Bearer and in this book you have exasperated me. You are a sailor and therefore should know that in the North Sea the flood tide flows south and the Ebb flows north.

I'm sure I am not the first to write to you pointing this out. I think, without being pedantic, that simple inaccuracies such should be avoided if possible.

Anyway, keep up the good work and thank you for the many hours of pleasure you have given me.

Kind regards



You are much too easily exasperated, nevertheless, I regret the error.



Mr. Cornwell,

Thank you for writing the Saxon Tales. I thoroughly enjoy them, they are my favorite of your books. I am currently reading The Flame Bearer and cant wait to see what happens next. I have also been reading Stonehenge to my daughter.

Very Respectfully,

Brandon Beck


Dear Mr. Cornwell ( my predictive text just corrected you to "Cromwell" how about that?)

I'm much enjoying "The Last Kingdom" series and have just finished "The Burning Land" I was intrigued to read that you grew up in Thundersley. So did I. We lived just along the road from St.Peter's and worshipped there. I spent many hours in the churchyard. Needless to say I found the book very evocative as so much happened in familiar places, not least Canvey and Two Tree Island. I'd no idea that name went back so far. As a teenager I joined a venture scout unit in S. Benfleet which had been given the name "Beamfleotam"

As I say, all very evocative

And so to "Death of Kings"

Thank you



What a spoiler Uhtred needs a trebuche. What is he besieging? Please Bernard another two book year?

Amy (who posted here) good luck and we are praying for you.

To Bel or Odin or the nailed God whatever works!

Mike Davidson


Hi Bernard

Just spent the last 3 nights watching 10 episodes of the Last Kingdom.Brilliant once again.Arthur was one of my favourite characters,along with Finnan.So many changes from the book,but that didn't spoil the storyline,it added to it.Hope you enjoyed your cameo role in episode 7. We all watched avidly hoping you would not be in a crowd,we all cheered when you appeared.Wont say what happened,don't want to spoil it for the people who have not seen it yet.We didn't know what to do with ourselves when it was finished! Now we have to wait another year I suppose for series 4. We all hope that The Arthur Chronicles will be made as well.Can't wait to see who will play Nimune! Best wishes and keep well and safe in 2019.



I enjoyed my cameo immensely!  Looking forward to season 4.


Just to thank you for your wonderful writing



Dear Mr Cornwell,

I have just finished reading Warriors of the Storm, I thought it was the last book and was delighted to find ( after finding your fantastic website) I have two more books to catch up on!

I first came across your books after seeing the first episode of the tv series The Last Kingdom, I absolutely loved the two series that were shown on the BBC. Missed them when they didn't show a third. Delighted to see they are on Netflix!

I noticed in the credits of the first show that the series was based on your books and I have read them ever since. I love the way you mix real history with fictional events. It has made me think about our history and where these places are.

It is on my bucket list to visit Bamburgh Castle and Holy Island.

It must have been very exciting to appear in the third series ! To see your characters in the flesh must of been thrilling.

I love the character of Lord Uhtred and look forward to reading more of his adventures.

Thank you for your fantastic books.

Kind regards

Sara Titley Bennett


Hi Bernard

I'm an avid reader of your books and have had many, many hours of pleasure from them.

However, I hope you will not mind me pointing out an error in the grammar in one of the brief summaries.

I refer to 'Gallows Thief', in which the synopsis refers to ...'thousands were hung'. This is incorrect and should read ... 'thousands were hanged'.

Pictures are 'hung' or you might be 'hung over', but the exception comes where hang means to put to death by hanging. The past tense and past participle of hang in this sense – and only in this sense - is hanged.

Hope you don't mind my pointing this out as it is a common error.

Please keep writing.

Best wishes

Tim King


I don’t mind you pointing it out!  In my defence I knew that already, but I’m happy to use the wrong word because it just makes more sense to me. We have, whether we like it or not (and prescriptarians don’t) a fluid language. I’m in favour of that, but sorry if it offended you!



Hi! My name is Eduardo, I'm 23 years old, live in Brazil and i'm your fan! I discovered your books only in 2017 with The Last Kingdom and i'm love it! I'm also have The Arthur Books and Grail Quest and i'm so excited for read. Your books make me so happy and they give me a lot of knowledge about european culture, especially England. God, i love England, even my football team is english (ok, i'm Liverpool supporter). You represent too many things for me and i'm so grateful for your works. I maybe already said many words, so finaly: THANK YOU! VERY, VERY MUCH!


wyrd bið ful aræd