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Dear Bernard Cornwell,

thank you for Richard Sharpe!

Since my youth I was reading the books of Forrester, Kent, O'Brian and others. About 20 years ago, on a Saturday,  I was zapping on TV, and suddenly there were some men in green uniforms. The story started with a duel and ended with the battle of Vittoria. I was happy to find a good series. Unfortunately the series never was repeated.

Years later the series was on DVD and I bought it. Because the stories based on the books of Bernard Cornwell, I started to read book after book.  This year the last one was republished: "Sharpes Teufel"/"Sharpe's Devil".  Yesterday I started to read it, Sharpe and Harper are now visiting Napoleon.

In the last years I was reading the books on the way to work. A work in a psychiatric clinic. A work with violence and intrigues. Nothing is better as to start such a day with Richard Sharpe! What will I read next, when this era ends? I think your novels about the American civil war with Sharpe's son Patrick.

I was born in Hesse. Genealogy is one of my hobbies and some of my ancestors were from Nassau. I knew that the Nassauers fought in Spain and at Waterloo. A long time I asked me if some of my ancestors were soldiers in the Napoleonic era.

In 2015 I  found that my great-great-great-great-grandfather Jacob Kohl from (Bad) Soden, second son of a widow, was called up to the army of Nassau in March 1809. He was 18 years old. I was frustrated because I didn't found him in the assent books, the army had forgot to list him.  Last year I had more luck. I found Jacob in the lists of the 2nd regiment of Nassau while the campaign in Spain.  Then I discovered he became a prisoner of war at Vittoria. Vittoria, the battle of the first TV part I had seen Sean Bean as Richard Sharpe, isn't it crazy? Some of the captured Nassauers were brought to prison hulks, others started a career in the british army. I don't know Jacob's fate from there till his marriage ten years later, I hope to find more in the future.

After  Nassau changed the sides to the allies in the end of 1813, a 3rd regiment was founded. Jacob's older brother Johannes became a grenadier, but after the siege of Mainz he deserted.

Jacob's younger brother Heinrich became a soldier in the 1st regiment and fought at Waterloo.  All of the three brothers came back and married in the 1820s. No luck had a cousin of Jacob's wife. After the ending of the fights of the 16th June he arrived Quatre Bras with the 1st regiment, on the 17th June he had his 20th birthday, and at Waterloo he was wounded at arm and chest. He died in August in a hospital of Brussels.

Another great-great-great-great-grandfather, Johannes Schmitt from the Gimbacher Hof, left the Army of Nassau in 1809 after the campaign against the Prussians and married. Then his younger brother Franz  was with the 1st regiment in Spain, came back and had to fought with the 2nd regiment at Quatre Bras and Waterloo. He survived and came back as a corporal. In 1819 Johannes died and a short time after that Franz married his widow.

I think, I would not reserched this part of my family history without Richard Sharpe. Thanks again!

Viele Grüße aus Schwalbach am Taunus

Michael Geisler


Thank you for the interesting family history!


Hi Bernard - a quick hello from New Zealand. Have thoroughly enjoyed reading the Uhtred series. He's an interesting character to read/walk with and am pleased you have a new book due shortly. He's going to need a walker frame soon - so may you and I - but looking forward to more enjoyable hours in his company. Also like the Sharpe series, but personal favourites definitely Uhtred and Arimnestos of Plataea. We all need heroes!!  Thanks for the many warm and engaging hours for me and the millions of other readers.

Kind regards

Mike Anderson



Have read many of your books and plan to read them all. Five stars for what I have consumed. Can't say I enjoy any other author as much as I do your works.

Dale Gash


Dear Sir

I was really surprised and happy about Fools and Mortals. I do not think I have ever read any of your books, which had not a war in it. But it was great, treating a subject I never thought you would work with. Elizabethan London was a cesspool of religious fanaticism, violence, poverty and hunger, and you really - as always:-) draw a good picture of the time and the people in it.

Your sincerely

Preben, Denmark


Warlord Chronicles - Another terrific story that I GREATLY enjoyed reading - Thank You!!

My reading of Arthurian materials was limited to only Mr Andrew Lang's Tales of King Arthur and the Round Table, and your credible (enough) version is a total immersion into these characters' lives and experiences.  Yeah, there were too many late evenings with these 3 books!

I laughed when Derfel threw Excalibur into the 'deep water'.  We can't know for sure, but this location seems not too far from where Thomas in The Grail Quest's Heretic hurled another very famous relic - Should we be organizing a search off the coast of southern England?

Also, the very graphic picture you created sending these much loved characters off into legend is spectacular - Well done!

Am looking forward to reading Uhtred's War of the Wolf adventure, and hope to one day re-visit our old friend Nathan Starbuck too.

Thank again for all that you do




Hi Bernard


Epitaph to Sharpe's father quest

I feel we all bullied you into telling us the identity :)

Anti climactic after 10+ years of searching :-)

anyway how will we fill our lives now 😄

Gonna read Uhtred from the start in prep for the up and coming novel and look forward to the next installment of Monsieur Sharpe :-)

Wikipedia updated







I first encountered your works in Nevada USA when I worked at a library with the Sharpe series and fell in love with your way with words.  I am inveterate reader with an eclectic taste for many different types of writing.  I have so enjoyed everything of yours that I have read and am looking forward to re-reading from start to finish every book and all the ones I haven't read - yet!  Just wish there were more time in my present schedule to read!

Rose Myers


I wanted to thank you for writing these amazing books. I inherited all of the Sharpe series to date as well as a few others such as Redcoat. I have yet to finish all of your books, but I see why my granddad dedicated multiple shelves to them. Thank you!

Ian Wilson


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I'm an ex-pat myself ('74) and just want to tell you how much I have enjoyed your books, starting with Sharpe (and Sean Bean's portrayal on TV ). Please keep up the fantastic work, but it's OK to rest on your laurels, too...!


Glenn Burns, FLA.


Hi Mr Cornwell

Just wanted to say how much I've loved reading your books throughout my life. I've read nearly every book and get totally engrossed in them all. My all time favourite has to be the Arthur series and living so close to caerleon helps, but I think that it was reading the adventures of Richard Sharpe that drew me to joining the army for a few years and the irony of getting trained by the green jackets in basic training made it all that more magical. Now starting to collect all your books in hardback to take into my old age and pass on down the line. Really love your work and thank you for sharing your wonderful stories.




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