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dear sir

over the years I have enjoyed the tv Sharp series,i am an avid fan of history in all forms.and only recently started reading your books,I started with Waterloo then Azincourt,at the moment I have another fifteen to read,which should not take me long as once I open them I cant put them down.I have just finished The Fort ,which I really enjoyed,while reading your books I go onto Google Earth which helps me to visualize the places involved,i googled Castine where not only could I see where the battle was but the terrain in which it was fought.I thank you for many happy hours spent reading your books,and many more to come,


mr alan harris.


Dear Mr. Cornwell,


with great joy I'm reading your Sharpe books over the past few years as they are republished in German. Gives me the advantage of reading the books in their "historical" order.


I'm currently at "Sharpe's Regiment" and just wanted to tell you how much I like the idea of putting the veteran soldiers Sharpe and Harper back in the ranks as simple recruits. Really a great idea of telling this part of the soldiers life without the need of introducing new characters.


I am really enjoying your work and in my experience usually people write when they dislike something so I just wanted to drop some positive feedback.


Best regards from Cologne, Germany.


Ronny Vedrilla


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I would like to sincerely thank you for creating such engaging and entertaining stories.  My father and I have bonded over your books in a way that was unlikely to occur through any other means.   I have been an avid reader of science fiction / fantasy and my father would occasionally read Tom Clancy or Patterson novels.  Years ago I looked for something we could read together (in hopes of turning our conversations from constant fatherly criticism to something more enjoyable – well for me, I’m pretty sure he enjoys criticizing).

I started with the Saxon series and then the Sharpe books.  The result was a fantastic success.  I even suspect the law from my childhood: “Padak’s don’t read during the day” (because there is work to do, of course) has been revised.   Note: I’m 42 now and still feel guilty when I read in day light.

A key to our enjoyment is the historical context.  The effort you put into staying close to history is much appreciated.  I can’t tell you the number of great conversations we have had about politics, technology, war and religion relating to one part of a story.

Now we argue about the order of stories and whether or not my dad has read a book.  (UGH in spite of his list he still gets it wrong!)  Now that I think about it, Dad has a lot in common with Uhtred.

A grateful reader,

Ross Padak


I have just finished reading ' The Flame Bearer', just to say I did so enjoy it and I am so pleased that eventually Uhtred  recovered that which was his. It's also good to know that he will not be retiring and taking up golf.


David Marney


Hello Bernard,

Having been interviewed by fellow author Sharon Kay Penman, I thought you might be interested in her latest blog - about you: http://sharonkaypenman.com/blog/ She makes the case "that Bernard Cornwell is the best historical novelist of our time", which your fans would agree with. She's no mean author herself.


Chris Peters


How very flattering, thank you!  And yes, she’s a terrific writer! I recently read A King’s Ransom and loved it. Thank you!


Hi Bernard

I have read many of your books and have enjoyed them all , including The Last Kingdom series I think TV series does not do your books justice and the casting of the characters a lot of them look nothing like your discription of them or what I imagined them to look like it is a great shame , but I will not let them spoil your future books for me

Thank you

Dave Buck


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I’ve just finished reading the whole Uhtred series and just wanted to thank you so much for writing it!!! It was one of the best (if not the best) series I’ve ever read. I cannot wait for the next part and hope there will be many more!

I cannot wait for the next season of The Last Kingdom on BCC too but must say that books are much better than the TV series.

The scene when Uhtred talked to Æthelflæd for the last time was truly moving. It is so sad that he could not live his life with her and his children but I guess this is the way life was back then.

I was so happy for him at the end of the last book that he fulfilled his dream and managed to get Bebbanburg back.

The whole series also made me think and reflect on how fast the life goes and how sometimes we have to just ‘go with the flow’ and do things that take us away from fulfilling our dreams but at the end it is important to have a goal in life and try hard to make it happen.

Again – thank you for the great read and please release the next part soon! :)


Best Regards



Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I have been an avid reader of your work for years.  I just finished Flame Bearer, and was quite pleased to see Uhtred finally win back his home. I had the wonderful chance to actually stop and explore Bamburg Castle this past August with my 17 y.o. son.  I appreciate you explaining in the end, that the sea gate entrance is now silted closed, as I could not see where that was, 1,100 years changes things up, Again, great stuff, and thank you for many hours of escapism.


Brian Orr



Dear Mr Cornwell,


I would like to tell you that your "Waterloo" is the best book on the subject I've read, mainly because of the quality of the mapping and your careful chronology, in my opinion, your best book. (and I've read them all)


Just finished "The Flamebearer" - it's about time you allowed Uhtred back to Bebbanburgh after teasing us with the last few books, but no doubt Son of Uhtred will continue the story, I hope so.


The last words in the Starbuck Chronicles were "Starbuck will march again" - what happened with that? I was also very fond of Derfel.


I am now of a certain age where I don't actually need to buy new books, I find that after three years I can re-read a series with the same pleasure It gave me the first time, so I write the "last read" date on the flyleaf. I do, obviously, always buy your latest creations, but before a new book is due to be published, I need to re-read the previous one, just to catch up.


Thanks for the pleasure your books have given me.


Chris Taylor




I am well into reading Waterloo:  The History of Four Days, Three Armies and Three Battles.  I've read many accounts of Waterloo, both fact and fiction.  Your book is simply brilliant!!  Not only is it well balanced, telling the story from all sides with a fairness that is unusual (e.g. Bylandt's brigade didn't run away, which is the usual story), but the reasoning behind decisions such as the importance of the various roads such as at Quatre Bras.  I am thoroughly enjoying the book and hope you have more factual publications in you!


Best wishes

Jenny Sheldon

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