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Hi Bernard,


this is Duschan from Germany and I love your books :-)


I am afraid I am more than 10 years late for the party - however, as a big fan of your Sharpe novels I wondered if there would be any opportunity of a new novel any time?


I was thinking about the past 1821 time line (Sharpe being in France if I remember well). There could be a potential for Sharpe to take part of the Greek War of Independence. That would give him another 11 years of conflicts around the Greeks breaking free from the Ottoman Empire. From an international perspective France got engaged. And as a French resident in his 40ies this may qualify Sharpe to take part.

I must admit that this “opportunity” is me wishful thinking….

Anyway - thanks a lot for countless hours of joy reading your novels. You are one of my favorite authors.

kind regards



Imagine a civil war, the very worst kind of war. Friends fighting friends, brothers on opposite sides and even fathers estranged from sons! The people of "poor America" have been poised at the precipice of ultimate loss or ultimate victory for twenty odd years! It must be knackering, I know it is for me.

Mr Cornwell I am a great fan, I first came to your novels when I was a teenager in too Dungeons and Dragons and fantasy (it was all the rage back then) I tried your King Arthur trilogy having become interested in the story by reading David Gemmell's Ghost King and Last Sword of Power. I loved your take, it was realistic and in period. You avoided the trap of mysticism and of course the shining armour of a period several hundred years off and presented a true vision of Dark Age Britannia. Most of all I loved your realistic battle scenes they were gritty and bloody, something very "new" back then. From there I moved to Sharpe and on to the Fort and others. Your novels seem to have been with me all my life. I recently had a heart attack and a quadruple bypass and since I seem to be reading the same novels I once read again. I expect you know what is coming..... Nathaniel Starbuck, I just finished the audio versions (well read and just as good as I remember) and the series is screaming out to be finished. The format of one or two major battles per novel leads us to anticipate Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville and of course Gettysburg, the Wilderness the siege of Petersburg. No doubt Starbuck would have found a reason for an excursion to the West, perhaps for the fall of Vicksburg or Atlanta. I don't know I just know that I miss Nate and I feel he like me deserves to know his fate before he dies. Something of a blatant manipulation I know but I have been waiting twenty years. Seriously though, I love everything you write and will continue to wait with bated breath for any novel you release just I hope it will soon be the next in the Starbuck chroncles, a series I believe could be as popular as the mighty Sharpe series or the stories of Uhtred of Bebbanburg if it were just completed.


Yours sincerely



Dear Mr Cornwell,

It is giving me great pleasure to write this thank you note. I have read a great many of your novels. They all inspire and instruct my thirst for history.

Many years ago I flew to Madrid, hired a car, and began exploring Spain and Portugal using the sites of the Peninsular war as the basis of the itinerary. Amongst other fascinating places were Badajoz, Salamanca, Almeida and, of course Bussaco - staying at that amazing hotel that I suspect you got to know quite well!

I just wanted to thank you for putting all this colour into these extraordinary events.

I'm currently really enjoying The Last Kingdom on tv.

That was it really, just thanks!

Please keep writing...!

Very best wishes,



Dear Mr Cornwell.

My sons and I are real fans of your books. As a serving British soldier I have taken your books on tours of Afghanistan and Kosovo and they have provided me with a way to relax and escape. We have all read the Sharpe series, Starbuck Chronicles, Winter king series, Last Kingdom series and the Grail Quest.  I've also read Gallows Thief, Fort, and other one offs.  I just want to say thanks for your books.  We often talk about what your next series should be but can see why you don't want ideas.  I look forward to your next book and wish you luck with your next endeavour.

David Garner


Thank you!  For your service - and your kind message!


Hello Mr. Cornwell,

I just wanted to drop you a line or two to let you know how much I enjoyed both your Saxon Tales and the Arthur Books. To be honest, I had not heard of you or your work, I suppose because I generally read older stuff, that is, a lot of pulp fiction, as well as some historical fiction. But, on reading an excerpt from the first Saxon book, I was hooked! I read the ten books of the series and loved them all. Then, I read the Arthur books---I've always loved stories about "King" Arthur, the more historically accurate the better, and about those times in general. Your books fulfilled my every hope and expectation for a definitive look at Arthur and his fellow Britons, Saxons and Gaels of the 5th and 6th centuries. And, you sure had me fooled about Derfel's hand! What a terrific trilogy! I look forward to reading more and more of your work. Thank you!

Yours Truly,

Clayton Hinkle,


Just finished the Flame Bearer.  I can't say it is the best book you have ever written because I have read every one of your books and I feel that way every time I finish one.

As always, I was pleasantly suprised to read in your Historical notes that another book will be forthcoming.  Please keep writing, I read all the time and I pleasantly tell my friends about your writing skill.

If you only sold one book in your lifetime, I would have been the buyer.


Regards to you and your family

Bob Benkoski


I am a 52 year old special education teacher and I have four children and six grandchildren.  Not your target audience!!  I had to write you to tell you how much I truly enjoy reading your books.  I love historical fiction which is how I came to read the first book of the Saxon series.  I was hooked after that.  I then read most of your books (except the Sharpe series) and loved them all.  I have continued to read all the Saxon tales and I am getting ready to start book 10.  I watched the Last Kingdom show and thought it was spectacular!  I saw an advertisement for Father's Day last year and your books were recommended as a good gift.  I had to laugh.  I'll keep reading as long as you keep writing.  Thank you so much for the hours of enjoyment I have spent!!

Christine Simmering


Dear Bernard,


I just wanted to say how much of a massive fan of your books my dad and I are. We especially love your Arthurian series, and your Saxon stories. Derfel and Uhtred are some of the best characters ever written in my opinion.


My dad, I'm very proud to say, John Gwynne, is also an author, although that seems very strange still, and even stranger to him. He writes in the fantasy genre but also draws upon ancient history, but with giant wolves and a made up celtic/norse/roman-esque Europe.


SFX (the worlds leading Sci-fi and fantasy magazine) have asked my dad to review any book of his choice that has been an influence to him, and he has chosen The Winter King. Although it's not strictly fantasy, Arthur is a character of myth and legend and that is good enough for him. I thought you might be interested in reading his review, and perhaps be interested in his series 'The Faithful and the Fallen'. I may be biased but I really love them and I'm sure if you had the time you'd definitely enjoy them! The series is now finished and he is writing the second series. His first book Malice won the the David Gemmell Morningstar book award. Sorry I get a little excited as I'm so very proud of him as we all are. My brother and I have been known, on many occasions, to dress up and re-enact some scenes.


We are massively enjoying the Last Kingdom series on BBC 2, we hope you're enjoying it as well!


If you ever do read this as I'm sure you have so many emails, it would be just fabulous and in advance I'd like to thank you for your time.


Kindest regards


Edward Gwynne


Please thank your father for me!


Dear Sir,

I have just read the article in the Daily Express where you describe your six best books  - http://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/books/783007/Bernard-Cornwell-Sharpe-novels-author-books.  . The last on, " The Dark Of The Moon " by John Sandford surprised me, as not many people in the UK know who John Sandford is. I have been a fan of his for many years and I can fully recommend his other series known as " The Prey Series ". The main character is a police officer known as Lucas Davenport. His first book of this series is called " The Rules Of Prey ". I hope you will enjoy, and if so follow Lucas throughout his career. John Sandford is a brilliant writer.

John Price


I have enjoyed the Prey series!


I just finished Gallows Thief, and to be honest, I sincerely wish you would do a series about Captain Sandman. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as I'm somewhat familiar with the time in which your set the book. The research was impeccable, which led to several nights worth of reading to 2 a.m. Please consider doing some additional books along this line.

Bruce Sims

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