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Hello Mr Cornwell.

I like for you to know how much I enjoy your writing.

A little backstory being I have a family of 5. My wife and my 3 children all under 10 are massive book lovers. They breeze through novels in no time at all and take such enjoyment from them. Me personally I have always struggled to stick to a book and even though I am enjoying one , it's still hard for me to make time and commit to finishing them.

Until I discovered Sharpe! Although my habit of reading hasn't changed, it most certainly does not apply to your books. I breeze through all of your writings as often as I can.  I now happily own every book you have written and proudly display them as a personal accomplishment.

To end my email before it turns into my own novel. From a struggling reader, I'd like to say thank you. You have given me such enjoyment with your work and I continue to look forward to awaiting any new material whilst rereading my proud collection of your works.

Keep up the good work!

Ashton Hennessy


Thank you!


Mr. Cornwell -

you may already know, but there is an error on the back cover of "War of the Wolf." At the end of the third paragraph, it states "...falling to the Viking hoards." "Hoards" should, of course, be "hordes."

Brian Mlazgar


So it should!  Thank you!


I am currently reading and enjoying "Gallows Thief", and I am very glad that I had previously read your marvelous book about Waterloo. the book jacket for this book should state, in my opinion, that reading Waterloo first will make for a richer experience reading gallows thief.


I also enjoyed the Hookton books a good deal.


That’s kind of you. But really Gallow’s Thief was intended to stand alone and referencing another book might have put some readers off?? Maybe not. I still want to write another story with Rider Sandman . . . I liked him!


My reincarnation story -

Hello, I was watching your interview for University of Kent and I decided to write you. To tell you my reincarnation story connected to the vikings in France. So, I was a peasant girl from Cherbourg when the vikings came. Than I was rapped by one, not by many. I don`t think there were gang rapes than. And than I was killed in a ritual that I will try to explain. So the vikings were killing people by throwing them in a big hole filled with water or in a swamp. And the people or the objects they were throwing had to be broken. That is why I was rapped before that. Then I was thrown in that pit where I drowned for amusement, because every one was watching and laughing. That was their way of amusement. To make this pit and to throw "broken" things and people in.

Also, now we live the incarnation connected to the vikings era. That is why people are so interested in the vikings. I think you are also their victim, because you have blue eyes like them. We - who are their victims have now their features. The people with dark eyes are the former vikings.

Anyway, I don`t know how to end this letter so I will say Greetings from Bulgaria and bye bye from the peasant girl. Ha ha ha

Theodora Atanasova


Wow, and you remember it? I hope your later reincarnations were MUCH happier! And it’s so nice to hear from Bulgaria!  Здравейте!!


Dear Mr Cornwell,

as you can guess from my address, I'm an Italian reader who has read all your books (in the Italian translation, alas!). The latest was "Fools and Mortals" and I found it absolutely outstanding. I'm an amateur actor and probably for this reason I've enjoyed the book so much. But all your books are always so well written,well-documented that I "drink" them every time with a great pleasure. Thank you Mr Cornwell for giving me such a thrill!

Aldo Zappacosta



I would just like to say you have drawn me into a new world of reading.  I have only just started reading your books in my mid 70's.   I always thought too much blood and gore for me.  However after reading Azincourt I was hooked.  I was actually tramping through the blood and mud with Thomas.  Your descriptive writing is magical.  I have just finished the Grail series and now embarking on the Last Kingdom series (when I get them all in order).   Thank you once again for being the writer you are.    Regards Val Mason.


Hi Bernard,

I just wanted to comment on Clay's Shaffeurs message to you, reference Dian's Death in the warlord trilogy... I wanted to echo his sentiments at how heartbreaking that was... it was a breathtaking piece of writing and one that utterly floored me... (especially when Derfel spoke into the stone while with Aella and his description of her hearing her fathers voice... heart breaking) made more resonant because your description of Dian matches exactly the character and appearance of my youngest and I don't mind telling you it haunted me... (in a good way) appreciating that you wrote that a long time ago can you recall how it made you feel writing that, it was so so heart wrenching ... it couldn't of just flown from the quill without leaving behind something in the soul of its author... (unless of course he is the worst kind of tyrannical megalomaniac who enjoys the god like power of deciding the fate of all whom he births via his omnipotent quill!)

James Shoebridge


Dear Mr Cornwell,

Last year I first had contact with your work, and after a long while when I was not able to read anything, I fell in love with Uhtred, Gisela, Steapa, Ragnar (both of them), and so on. I've just finished reading War of the Wolf, and am looking forward to Sword of Kings, but in the meantime I've started reading The Winter King.

So I'd like to thank you for writing what brought me back the joy of reading.



Hello Bernard

Just a quick one from me, and no question! Then i'll leave you in peace for a bit!

i've just, as in 5 minutes ago, finished Sharpe's Prey! i read that when it first came out, and always wanted to go back to it. Disturbingly, hen i first read it my Niece had just been born, but now she's an ADULT! How Time flies...

i love that Prey, like Devil, is an aberration, and doesn't really "fit" with the main set of Sharpe's adventures. i like that Sharpe is in familiar territory in this one, Green jacket, no money and sour. And its nice to see Pat and Cooper and the Rifles pop up!

i love the Murder of Jem Hocking and think, along with Obediah, no-one has ever deserved being killed by Sharpe quite as much as he does!


The bit where our Hero escapes via the chimney, i think is the scariest thing Sharpe ever does! i'm sure he would rather storm Badajoz TWICE before doing that again! i was scared just reading it!

i love the way you describe Denmark, and think that it would have been a lovely place to live in...at least before the Brits arrive!

I was pretty ashamed of the British though. I can see that bombarding Copenhagen did have to be done, but that doesn't make it right. It was shameful.  Kudos to you though for showing the British not being the "Good guys".

Finally, i think Astrid is my favourite  of all Sharpe's ladies. She's lovely!

And then you go and...well, i wont spoil it for anyone who hasn't read it!

Bad form, Bernard!

Anyway, i loved Prey this second time! Might read Rifles next, as it follows on...

Looking forward to War of Kings

Kind Regards as ever

Matt Not in Wiltshire Anymore !


The Last Kingdom TV series

This show changed my world! I am so glad to have been able to watch this amazing story with this amazing cast! Thank you so much for telling the Story of Alfred and the birth of England! You are amazing!! I love Uhtred! He is a great character! Just found out about your heritage!! So cool. I hope to meet you someday and maybe get a picture with you! I’m getting my books soon and hope to have them read and signed by the greatest Historical Fiction author of our time!

Yours Truly,

Daniel Lee McMillian