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I assume you're here at this website because you like my books. Good. And that also means you might like the books I enjoy reading, and that all of us might enjoy the books that you read, so this is simply a place where we can exchange news of books - any books - not just historical novels. Tell us if you've read something wonderful and entertaining, and we'll post your recommendations and reviews here. And, please, let us know what you think of these recommendations!

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Band of Brothers: Agincourt

Written by: Richard Foreman

Published by: CreateSpace

Submitted By: Victoria Carruthers

Excellent climax to one of the author’s best series of books. Foreman rightly credits Bernard Cornwell at end for being an influence and fans of Azincourt should also enjoy the whole Band of Brothers trilogy. Characters such as Edward Fordham…


Star Readers From Out of the East

Written by: D.A. Nygaard

Published by: Lulu Publishing

Submitted By: D.A. Nygaard

(This review submitted by the author) The BookLife Prize in Fiction In Nygaard’s novel—which is a retelling of the three wise men’s journey to Bethlehem—star readers journey to solve a mystery related to an ancient prophesy and the position of…


The Great War Won

Written by: James Emerson Loyd

Published by: James Emerson Loyd

Submitted By: James Emerson Loyd

(This review submitted by the book’s author) (A Historical Novel Society Editor’s Choice) The final years of the First World War form the backdrop for James Emerson Loyd’s epic trilogy The Great War Won.  The trilogy ranges from the corridors…


Shadow of Vimy

Written by: David McColl

Published by: CreateSpace

Submitted By: David McColl

(This review submitted by the book’s author) Shadow of Vimy is the first of the plan series of seven books focusing on the Canadian Corps in the First World War. The main character is Lieutenant Thomas Kirby, and officer with…


The Movie Buff

Written by: Daniel Cassidy

Published by: Whimsical Publications

Submitted By: Nathan Cassidy

OK – cards on the table!  The author is my dad, so yes I am obviously biased to a certain (oh alright then – a large) degree. However, I don’t think anyone who enjoys a good crime thriller will be…


The Tug of War

Written by: Julia Sutherland

Published by: daisyPress

Submitted By: Julia Sully Morgan

(This review submitted by the book’s author) This is an excellent debut novel from Julia Sutherland. Gripping and emotive, it tells the story of the challenges faced by a young man commanding a tank during the Second World War. Powerful…


Pistol Man

Written by: Daniel Cassidy

Published by: Whimsical Publications, LLC

Submitted By: Damian Hayden

The violent account – and I have to warn you it is extremely violent in parts – of one man’s rise to notoriety as an infamous gunfighter.  The book chronicles the progress of Nathan Delaney – the main character (there…


Not Tonight Josephine

Written by: George Mahood

Published by: Amazon Digital

Submitted By: Peter Brown

True story of the writers 8 month trip around America in a old banger visiting towns off the beaten track as well as famous landmarks, meeting strange and interesting people. Funny story from a crazy writer.  


Celtic Blook

Written by: James Loftus

Published by: CreateSpace

Submitted By: James Loftus

(This review posted by the book’s author) Celtic Blood is set in the year 1210. The great Scottish historical novelist Nigel Tranter inspired Celtic Blood. It traces the actual known early history of clan MacKay, known then as the MacAedhs….


The World’s Greatest Snappy Comebacks

Written by: Larry Lansburgh

Published by: CreateSpace

Submitted By: Larry Lansburgh

Stories behind the finest wisecracks and wisdom from ancient times to the present day   “The World’s Greatest Snappy Comebacks” includes: calm words spoken by a prisoner sentenced to death by hanging • biting comments from a ventriloquist’s dummy who…

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