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I assume you're here at this website because you like my books. Good. And that also means you might like the books I enjoy reading, and that all of us might enjoy the books that you read, so this is simply a place where we can exchange news of books - any books - not just historical novels. Tell us if you've read something wonderful and entertaining, and we'll post your recommendations and reviews here. And, please, let us know what you think of these recommendations!

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Keeping Dixie

Written by: Michael Hammersley

Published by: Create Space

Submitted By: Jo Gough

There are many novels about America’s Civil War but few that tell the story from the British perspective. This is a fast-paced historical adventure with well-drawn characters, believable dialogue and a plot that will leave you asking how much of…


One Soldier: A Canadian Soldier’s Fight Against the Islamic State

Written by: Russell Hillier and Dillon Hillier

Published by: HarperCollins

Submitted By: Russell Hillier

(This review posted by the book’s author) The real story of a Canadian soldier who bought a one-way ticket to Northern Iraq and fought against the Islamic State. Dillon Hillier arrived in Kurdish held territory in November 2014 and within…


Trouble With Swords

Written by: Richard Hardie

Published by: Authors Reach

Submitted By: Richard Hardie

(This review posted by the book’s author) When Arthur’s sword Excalibur is stolen the Temporal Detective Agency is called in to protect not only Arthur and Merlin, but to stop a very clever and cruel person from destroying Camelot itself….


Leap of Faith

Written by: Richard Hardie

Published by: Authors Reach

Submitted By: Richard Hardie

(This review posted by the book’s author) Merlin is a good looking woman and madly in love with Arthur, but that’s only the start of the story. Tertia, Unita and Marlene know what they want to be… detectives with a…



Written by: Robert Harris

Published by: Knopf

Submitted By: Peter Marsh

The eagerly awaited third of Harris’ Cicero trilogy was published 2015, & as I had read the first two soon after their publication, I decided to restart the series to refresh my memory. I would thoroughly recommend doing this, as…


The Paladin

Written by: George Shipway

Published by: CNPosner Books

Submitted By: Pedro Pereira

This is the first part of a two-part series about William Tirel, the supposed killer of William Rufus (the second part is “The Wolf Time”). It is mostly set in Normandy, during the final years of the reign of William…


Free Country

Written by: George Mahood

Published by: CreateSpace

Submitted By: Peter Brown

This is a true and funny story about two friends who decide to walk or cycle from Lands End to John O’Groats, the catch is that they start the journey wearing just boxer shorts and have to complete the journey…



Written by: Harry Farthing

Published by: Blackstone Publishing

Submitted By: Lauren Maturo

Two men, seventy years apart, push for the top of Mount Everest, driven by forces beyond their control and something inside that says climb. After eight successful summits, Mount Everest guide Neil Quinn is confident he can handle anything the…


Part an Irishman

Written by: T.S.Flynn

Published by: Snakecrest

Submitted By: T.S.Flynn

(This review posted by the book’s author) You think you’ve had a bad day? 4 October 1843 Van Diemen’s Land; a British Prison Colony: Irish “Javelin Man” and convicted felon, Sir John Turner Flinn used to be a navy intelligence…


Winter’s Fire

Written by: Giles Kristian

Published by: Bantam Press

Submitted By: Robin Carter

A contender for book of the year for me for 2016.

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