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I assume you're here at this website because you like my books. Good. And that also means you might like the books I enjoy reading, and that all of us might enjoy the books that you read, so this is simply a place where we can exchange news of books - any books - not just historical novels. Tell us if you've read something wonderful and entertaining, and we'll post your recommendations and reviews here. And, please, let us know what you think of these recommendations!

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Death or Victory

Written by: Dan Snow

Published by: Harper Press

Submitted By: Robert Douglas

Historians – both professional and hobbyist – certainly know about the Capture of Quebec by daring General James Wolfe in 1759. However, in truth this was only part of a hard and brutal campaign of attrition – and British victory…


Great White Fear

Written by: Belinda Mottershead

Published by: Independently published

Submitted By: Jon Mottershead

An exciting adventure book. Spot the subtle “Sharpe” tribute.


The Retreat to Avalon

Written by: Sean Poage

Published by: MadeGlobal Publishing

Submitted By: Sean Poage

This review submitted by the book’s author. The Retreat to Avalon is a historical fiction novel based on the research of British historian, Geoffrey Ashe MBE MFRSL, linking the oldest Arthurian legends with the historical person called “Riothamus” by the…


Voice of the Stars

Written by: Rowena Whaling

Published by: Spiral Gate Books

Submitted By: Ted Agens

This is a book about Arthur. However, one may not think it so on engaging it. It is told from an entirely different perspective, from the perspective of the women in the Arthur legend. It is heavily involved in the…


Veiled Memory

Written by: S. P. Brown

Published by: Black Opal Books

Submitted By: S. P. Brown

This review submitted by the book’s author   When Celtic historian, Dr. Madeline Alleyn, abandoned her husband, it was to protect him and her unborn triplet daughters. Now, nearly eighteen years later, her 17 year-old girls are smart, normal, but…


The Rose and the Crane

Written by: Clint Dohmen

Published by: CreateSpace

Submitted By: Clint Dohmen

This review submitted by the book’s author An IndieReader “Best Reviewed Books of May.”  From IndieReader review: Verdict: THE ROSE AND THE CRANE reads like a medieval Pirates of the Carribbean, featuring non-stop action-adventure with almost never a dull moment….


In a Dark Wood Wandering

Written by: Hella Haasse

Published by: Academy Chicago Publishers

Submitted By: Caroline Cartier

By renown Dutch author Hella Haasse this 1949 novel reflects the 100 Years War from the French perspective through the eyes of one of France’s best-loved medieval poets, Charles d’Orleans, who at 21 was captured at Agincourt and his ransom…


Legionary: The Blood Road

Written by: Gordon Doherty

Published by: CreateSpace

Submitted By: Gordon Doherty

This review submitted by the book’s author 381 AD: The Gothic War draws to a brutal climax, and the victor’s name will be written in blood… The great struggle between the Eastern Roman Empire and the Gothic Horde rumbles into…


Blood of Eagles: A Story of Ancient Rome

Written by: Charles Scott Curtis

Published by: CreateSpace

Submitted By: Charles Scott Curtis

This review submitted by the book’s author. An Undefeated Empire… A Disunited Land… A Clash of Civilizations… 9 B.C.-The Roman Empire circles the Mediterranean and stretches north to the forests of central Europe. Beyond the Rhine River live a disparate…


The Circle of Ceridwen

Written by: Octavia Randolph

Published by: Pyewacket Press

Submitted By: Judith Boxer

This book is the first in what is known as the Saga of Ceridwen series and spans the same timeline as much of the Last Kingdom books. I was first reader for the latest publication Sidroc the Dane which came…