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Dear Mr Cornwell,

I have just read the warlords trilogy, I have heard about you and your works for a long time but it is the first one I have read, and I simply fall in love, I love the way you describe religion, leaving a tone of magic but still with your feet on the ground, in a way that you can't hit either side, and even more so the way you create characters and human relationships, I just wanted to thank you for this incredible experience that I had, which made me feel alive while reading, and I also wanted to say that you inspire many Brazilian authors, one of whom I follow Eduardo Spohr made a work of historical fiction portraying the life of São Jorge, and I believe that like you he describes the religion with this duality of mysticism and reality in the same way, I will soon venture into one of your other sagas, as I loved your writing, be well and thank you, sorry for any mistakes in English as I am Brazilian.

Guilherme Braga



I have just finished reading the last novel of the Last Kingdom series, and I have absolutely loved reading the story of Uhtred.  It is so amazing when I have read each book that I can visualise the the places and the characters and I feel as if I am there with them.  You are an amazing author, I am sad that Uhtreds story is over but I am now looking forward to reading other stories that you have written.

Thank you

Karen Flood - New Zealand


Good Morning Mr Cornwell,

My name is Stuart Glenn Collins, I would like to say firstly I have seen all The Sharpe dvd's loads of times, And I have lost count I have seen The Last Kingdom, I have been doing my Family Tree and I have just added Uchtred The Bold he is my 31st Great - grandfather on my Mother's side, I have just read that Uchtred is also in your Family Tree, I have found Kings and Queens of England and Scotland, But finding Uchtred is the best find My partner Karen and I went to Northumberland last year and I found Bamburgh Castle like I have been there before, Thank you very much for your books,

Kind regards



Good day Sir,

I am an Allied Forces military vet and my last position was in Geo Int and have read everything you’ve written and I want to thank you so much for it all. I could go on to say we had similar parental conflicts growing up.

I have a difficult time reading military battles or fights - but yours has a unique realism that I wonder how you get.

I was in Gaza right after Sept 11 doing VIP security and was in one very intense live fire.

I’ll tell you the fear can freeze your body and at the same instant everything slows down so so much.

Thank you so much for Sharpe and Starbuck. Having semi retired I have started writing myself and that has always been a life-long dream of mine and your text and your audiobooks have kept that dream alive in me.

I initially came on here to find what story the large hearted Harper and bird lover gets the monkey - and I found it is in Assassin.

Rifles/Waterloo and Assassin really captures their relationship - and that too seems real to me, as I have the size of Sharpe and my closest pal has that warm heart towards animals and is a true Harper. And we did fo at it at once - all the men cleared out - and we both gave better than most but he would have won - and we stopped ourselves before it was going to cost us our friendship.

Thank you again for the all the work. I have an idea in this last year how much it actually is. It’s a deep trench Sir and you are the best.




Thank you for your message and thank you for your service!


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I first entered a world of your making as a graduate student in Illinois, watching PBS's broadcasts of the Sharpe' Rifles series. Then, again, I streamed the BBC production of The Last Kingdom, continuing to follow it on Netflix. I so enjoyed both dramatizations! But only quite recently did I begin reading the Saxon Tales series of books on which the latter are based. I have so enjoyed your portrayals of the Saxon, Dane and Norse cultures of the period and the permeation of medieval Christian faith into them. I appreciated the earthy warrior humour, including about the religious conflicts! Further, I felt I was educated about the warfare of that period and its brutality. As one who has spent most of my working life in party politics, I was struck by how little has changed as to the extent to which political leaders are expected to be "gold givers" to their voters, supporters and colleagues in "the shield walls" of party politics! As with Saxon Tales, some are motivated by service to God or humankind, or are driven by a vision of what could be. But by and large, humankind are driven by gold, land, sex and family. When I was midway through reading Saxon Tales, I discovered I may descend from one of the Uhtreds. One of my dad's maternal aunts served as a missionary with her husband in north India and in Kenya, from the late 1940s through the late 1970s. In one or the other of India or Kenya, my great aunt befriended a British ex-pat who was a Burke's Peerage researcher who traced a connection of my dad's maternal line of the Dunbars to the medieval Scottish royals and through them to one of the Uhtreds. It might even be true! Perhaps the highest compliment I can offer is to point to  your powers of observation of human nature at its best and worst, enlightened and benighted, virtuous and crass, and heroic and cowardly. I look forward to starting your Arthurian series! With appreciation,



Just wanted to say I’m reading “Last Kingdom” series and I have never written an author but your books are truly amazing!!  I’m 77 and wished I’d have started along time ago!!!  Thanks for great reading!!

Linda Bowes


Mr. Cornwell,

I want thank you for taking the time to write your books. Not just that you wrote them, great, but the detail in them. I never liked reading. I saw your books and said ok, I'll try again. They are hard to put down. I believe Im on the Last Kingdom Series again for the fourth time. The Grail Quest I've read I believe five times. To see the the battles, smell the fear or taste the blood is crazy. The detail in the books you've written pulls me in further. I look forward to reading the different books you have written again even thought I've read them multiple times. Its like getting connected to the different characters so they are not alone going through a struggle but you're right there with them. You're standing in the shield wall or running and jumping over the wall. You're fighting for your life when you cut your opponents ankles. I get in the mood for different things at different times but I'm always in the mood to hit the gym and read your books. You truly are a gifted person and have given me a love of reading I didn't understand before. I've been reading your books for about twenty four years now and no matter how many times I read them or how many times I go over the same passage it doesn't get repetitive to me because I can block everything out and enjoy. Thank you again and I look forward to whatever you have next.



Dear Mr Cornwell,


It has been a while since I have contacted you. Firstly, thank you for Sharpe's Command, great to see him back, it was well written and slotted nicely in the series.


I have just finished Young Bloods - 1st in Simon Scarrows's Wellington/Napoleon quartet. Not sure if you read them, but I am finding them enthralling. I however am finding it a bit like a Sharpe companion (without Sharpe). It is possible (although he does not say It, that we witnessed Sharpe's mother die in the Gordon riots - at least that is all I was thinking about whilst reading It!


Just read about Boxtel  and the gruelling retreat. I knew little about this,  have you ever considered going back in time and writing about that in a 'first Sharpe book' - just a thought.


Keep up the Stirling work


Kind regards





Hi Bernard

glad to see Sharpe going strong and I hope you are too sir!

Just wanted to let you know I have a bit of an interest in ww1 pilots and their aircraft and my studies have recently discovered a Captain Sharpe AND a Lieutenant Harper both of 73 Sq RFC in late 1917/early 1918 flying Sopwith Camels.

Sharpe was made a p.o.w. after being brought down and Harper also some weeks later.

EPIC WW1 story!

Escape to Holland?Historical fliers??Historical battles???Juicy!

I thought it may be of some interest to you as Sharpe's ancestor was depicted in the four American Civil War stories you released in the past.

Sharpe and Harper descendants in ww1 and in the air!Some great material there for you to use in the way that you do.

I have the Sharpe,ACW and Warrior Chronicles book sets,my father,his cousin and I love them.All well thumbed!

Thanks for your great visions in book forms, much pleasure given to many.

Kindest regards,



I recently began re-reading the Sharpe Series and was excited to see there was a new title that I hadn't read yet.  I have always been a fan of battle-centric historical fiction, probably going back to the Military History course I took as part of my ROTC training in college in the 1970's, using the excellent "War Through the Ages" book by Lynn Monross as source material.  Thank you for all of your wonderful words, history, and characters.  I think I will re-read the Last Kingdom series next.  If you are ever in the Pacific Northwest, stop by Sequim and we'll take you sailing in Sequim Bay.

Lisa O'Keefe