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Dear Mr Cornwell

Like yourself I'm well into my seventh decade and one of the tasks I've undertaken is to say 'Thank You' to those people who have provided me with the hours  of enjoyment I have had from reading, and you are at the top of that list. Over the years I think I've read all of your books, many several times. During the dreaded 'lockdown' I re-read' the last kingdom series with great relish and whilst the TV series was great, nothing can make up for the mind's eye.

Being born in the Northeast  a holiday treat was a few days at Bamburgh and Seahouses and over the years I have spent many enjoyable days in Northumbria and the Scottish Borders, so the Last Kingdom  is so easy to picture - especially the weather being not as wanted!

Again, many thanks for the enjoyment you have provided.

Stay well


Ian Warren


I am intrigued, as to who really wants to assassinate RS.....Hakeswill and Ducot? both unlikely..them being dead...Morris?....he was a bit of a dope and probably would like to keep a few thousand miles from RS....Pumps.....naa, he is scared witless of Sharpe....so who is left.....the evil Spanish Admiral and Priest duet...or perhaps Simmerson, 'Vandal' or Bony himself....I discounted Sweet William.....and tried to work out who Sharpe irritated/devastated the most......and came up with....a certain Lord called Simon....time will tell :-)




thanks for the great reads and taking my mind off my tinnitus

Paul Brown


Dear Bernard

I'm someone that has always felt a bit out of place/between worlds maybe, as  I first understood it half Irish and half English (simple as that!)

My father always had a deep love of both history and mythology and always seemed to make the two not seem so much enemies but two sides of the same coin

I grew up with the histories and 'mythologies' of many different cultures as my bed time stories and so through my father I inherited a love for both historical fact and the ideologies and beliefs behind these different cultures and how they intertwine

my dad first read the Sharpe series but he really fell in love with your writing with the Warlord Chronicles and (as a proud Irishman) specifically enjoyed a telling of that tale from a Celtic perspective (the black shields an obvious favourite of his)

He encouraged me to read those books when I was about 11ish? going on 33 now so...bloody hell, yeah

but for some reason no matter what my dad would talk to me about it would always be the stories the Saxons and the Vikings and the making of England that I wanted to hear about the most, it just rang a bell, not just historically but the similar beliefs they held, a shared culture separated by what just under 300 years and the same stretch of sea? I was always drawn to it as if by (I won't say it)

When the first of the Saxon books came out I was in Rhodes and about 15 and me and my dad were basically fighting over this book in the middle of paradise, and we've loved reading about Uhtred from then until the last book

moreover those books from Derfel to Uhtred helped het me through alot, a hell of a lot (you don't need to know my whole life story) and there were a myriad of reasons  why I'm still alive your books are definitely one of them so just wanted to say thanks

Also my mom just got her ancestry DNA results back and she's 5%Welsh 5%scottish 70%Mercian and 20%Norwegian ) sometimes things makes sense of themselves

Even if you never read this, just wanted to say cheers mate

Mikey Moloney


Mr. Cornwell

I completed reading War Lord today, and I liked the ending.  After discovering The Last Kingdom DVDs (I, II, III, IV) at my local library and enjoyed watching them,  I understand why you dedicated War Lord to Alexander Dreymon. You are certainly a gifted writer and I look forward to reading more of your books. I am, however, disappointed that the TV series will end with the Season V.

Fate is (indeed) inexorable.

Peggy Reichle


Dear Bernard

In regards what you said about Maida and the French not being a match you're right but in fairness they still won some fights. Daddy Hill was beaten at the Battle of Lizaso/Beunza and this was after Maya which was the only time Wellingtons Army lost Artillery https://www.commandsandcolors.net/napoleonics/maps/peninsular-war-1808-1814/188-pm04-lizaso-beunza-30-july-1813.html

Suchet won Ordal Cross and even Wellington lost to Ney at Redhina. He had 25000 men to Ney 7000, so it wasn't all 1 way traffic. While Hudson Lowe lost the battle of Capri to Murat



Simply to say I have just read all of the Last Kingdom books straight, and thoroughly enjoyed them. I have lived in Thundersley for the last 20+ years, and was delighted that the area was part of that history.

Thank you,



I hadn't realized that you actually are descended from Uhtred the Bold - so am I!  My maiden name was Dunbar, and Uhtred the Bold's daughter Ealdgyth married Maldred, the brother or half-brother of Duncan I, and they became the ancestors of the Earls of Dunbar, some of whom feature in my family tree too.  I am such a fan of yours that this connection (which I realize is shared about with110 million others) was a thrilling discovery for me - and as I just turned 79, thrills aren't all that common any more.  So I send you greetings from your Canadian "cousin".

Jeanie Dubberley


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I’m an over the road trucker here in the U.S.

I wanted to thank you for the countless miles of entertainment, and keeping me awake during some long nights on the road.

I was introduced to Uhtred, by a friend, this past January.  As of that day, I have listened to all of Uhtred’s and Richard Sharpe’s adventures. Just finishing up with Sharpe’s Devil today.  It’s taken approximately 50,000 miles to get through them.  I have already downloaded the first book of the Grail series, and will start listening to that tonight.

Thanks again Mr. Cornwell.


Mark K.


Hi Bernard

thought this article on The Battle of Maida 1806 might interest you. In this Battle the French fought in Line albeit 3 ranks opposed to the British 2 ranks https://www.waterlooassociation.org.uk/2018/06/27/maida-the-lucky-battle/



Maida is a famous battle – it might not have decided much, but it foreshadowed the success of the British infantry line against almost everything the French could throw against it.