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Hi Mr Bernard.

I feel a bit silly, a bit like a fangirl writing this as I've never tried to talk to any author I like before. But I was curious, looking if you had social media, when I found your website.


You probably get this a lot but reading The Warlord Chronicles rekindled my love for medieval fantasy. For me, the familiarity of a lost passion means the world. When I was 16 or 17 I started writing a fantasy novel and till now that was probably something I worked the hardest on. 420 pages. Unfortunately my laptop gave its last breath and I was unable to recover it, nor did I have the funds to give it the fix it needed. But now, being 21 and having the means to pay for the repair, I'm going to do it. Your writing inspired me, made me curious, and gave me the joy I missed from reading. Because of you, I'm going to give it one more shot to repair my laptop and start writing it again.


I've just now finished The Last Kingdom (for now I'm more fond of Derfel than Uhtred but he's got a long time to change my mind) and waiting for The Pale Horseman to be mailed to me. You don't know how happy I am to know that The Saxon Tales has 14 primary works. I'll be entertained for a long time.


That's all I really had to say. I hope you're having a great time in life.


With love,


Your fan from Myanmar



Best of luck with it!


Greetings descendent of Oughtred! Just a thank you for writing the best historical fiction series I've read and one of my favorite book series ever! I enjoyed the Netflix series, but I think I loved the books even more because your books are so engaging and well written.

Best Regards,




I am an avid reader and picked up "Agincourt" at a book sale. Having read other of your accurate and stunning novels, then learning your other contributions I find you brilliant. Thank you for Uther.

Rebecca J Nelson



Dear Mr. Cornwell,

My name is Finn-Ove Dusoer, I am 25 years old and I read your books since i am 12 years old.

You made me fall in love with historical romans, it all started when my father handed me the first book of the Uthred series. At the moment, I am reading the Starbuck series  and as i saw that you wrote the series in 1993, I feel like it will not be continued.

I just finished the 2nd book and do not know how the 3rd and 4th book will end, but I really hope that you someday continue the series in some way or write another book in this era. In my opinion there is not enough books about this time (atleast in Germany i can't find many) and due to the exciting way you write about the battles, I want to motivate you to continue the Starbuck series (in case it is not a closed end, which i don't know yet) and I also want to thank you for all the work you have done. You are the best author i know and you gifted me thousands of fun and exciting hours.

Thank you for all of this and best regards,

Finn-Ove Dusör


Dear Mr. Cornwell:

I am writing to you from Jerez de la Frontera, Spain, where I work as a high school teacher specializing in History. Just a couple of months ago I finished reading the last volume of "The Starbuck Chronicles." I wanted to thank you for the effort it must have taken you to write this saga, because I imagine that the documentation work was not easy, especially considering that when you wrote those books, the Internet was in its infancy. At least in my country.

I will not ask you about the continuity of this work, because it has been more than twenty-five years since you finished the last book, and if you had wanted to continue the adventures of Nate Starbuck and company, you would have done so long ago. The fact is that the subject of the American Civil War has interested me since I was very young, perhaps because of television and movies. Your contribution with this series of novels seems really interesting to me, not only in the psychological aspect of the characters, but also in the detailed description of the context, especially from the point of view of the South.

I don't want to keep you any longer, Mr. Cornwell. I thank you again for your work, and I wish you the best. Greetings from Spain.

Marco Antonio Rodríguez




I love your Books and especially the Sharpe Books, I’ve been thinking recently that a new avenue could be available and that is Sharpe and Teresa’s Daughter Antonia being an avenging assassin/ mercenary. I think a vacuum in post Napoleonic Europe creates a ground where borders are blurred and scores are settled.


I think you could do something very good here, much regards from a budding author in South Wales




Mark Vrettos


Hello Mr Cornwell

My name is Christoffer Heijerdahl, I am 29 years old and live on the island of Smögen on Gothenburg's west coast, Sweden. I have for a long time been a great admirer of your projects related to writing, creating and learning. Over the years, I have followed your work and felt a great response to what you did and said. You have really succeeded in imparting and inspiring not only me, but a host of other writing-enthusiasts with learning and reflection.

I have been interested in filmmaking since I was 12 years old and have an education in directing and production at Stockholm Film School. Hope to be able to develop this even more in the future and one day make a difference.

Wishing you all the best in the future and a really lovely summer



Hello Mr Cornwell, Sir,

Over the years I have read almost all of your shorter series books, including Uhtred, and enjoyed them all, but for no particular reason I had never read the Sharpe series.

Sadly I'm now going through a difficult time with marriage break up, stress, blah blah and I've finally turned to Mister Sharpe, and he's proving to be a true hero in helping me through.

Reading chronologically I'm now at Sharpe's Eagle, where it all began, so plenty more to go yet.

However, I just wanted to say thank you, you've made this tough time a whole lot more bearable and maybe even saved a life.

You have my thanks and my respect.




I thought I had just competed the final books in your series. Extremely pleased to find another one on your site ( Sharpes Command). I was wondering what I was going to read now so at least there is one more adventure.  I just wanted to say I have really enjoyed your books and its been useful to look up some of the battles on google and look at the pictures of the battles and where they were held, Fascinating! Thank you for transporting me back 200 + years. You are an amazing author.

David Vickers


Dear Bernard,

you do not know me, but we are neighbours on the shelves in German bookshops, and my Amazon Ads statistics tell me that people who read your books also seem to like mine. So thank you for writing such wonderful books, and I hope that mine will soon join yours on the shelves in English bookshops, too.

Kind regards,

Birgit Constant