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Hey Bernard,

I've never written to an author and I've never had any tendencies whatsoever toward acting like a "fan."  But here I am.  I've recently retired and, after a way-too-consuming business career, one of my resolutions was to read.  Reading the classic historians led me to historical fiction, and then to you... first to Uhtred and now to Thomas of Hookton where a reference to Vegetius has led me to him.  Sharpe is next.  I can't tell you much I am enjoying the ride.  I hope you've enjoyed the process of creating such excellent work.  Thank you.  I wish you and yours the best.

Tony Bartolotta



I have read all but the last of the series "The Last Kingdom"' and absolutely loved it. I enjoy historical novel and like that you keep them as accurate as possible. I have read a few that were good, but were completely inaccurate, spoiled the whole book for me.

Gwendolyn Graves


Dear Mr Cornwell,


I have just finished Sharpe’s Assassin, and what a pleasure it was to have another Sharpe. I just wished to send a note in appreciation for the many, many hours of enjoyment you (and Sean Bean, Darragh O’Malley and Hugh Fraser) have provided me.over the years. And that is not to mention to professional enrichment of coming to grips with infantry minor tactics in the days of Napoleon. Maybe yet we will learn something of the Grand Old Duke of York, Sir Ralph Abercrombie, and the Flanders campaign that led to Boxtel.


All the very warmest wishes,




I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed The Pale Horseman. Of the 47 books I read in 2021, The Pale Horseman was one of my favorites. In recent years I also thoroughly enjoyed reading The Last Kingdom and Sword Song. I look forward to reading The Lords of the North later this year.

Thank you! -

Jon Maloney



I only want to tell you that I am reading all of the books about Sharpe. Actually I am reading the book number eight Sharpe’s eagle.

All of them are extremely good and I am enjoying a lot. I am going to read all of them until the last one (number 20) Thank you very much.



Mr. Cornwell,


My name is Chris and I am writing you from McMinnville Oregon (just outside of the Portland area) I just wanted to take a moment and wish you well during this holiday season. I hope life is treating you well during these unusual times!


Thank you for all that you do. I cant express to you how much your books (Last Kingdom/Sharpe books) have helped me over the past few years. The heroes in your stories have helped me face some of the darkest moments of my life with a stiff upper lip and even the occasional grin. Also the taste of history you deliver along with a compelling adventure actually gives one some perspective and inspires bravery to face the problems of the here and now.


Thank you!! I look forward to reading/listening to all of your books in the days to come.


Merry Christmas!!




Christopher W Patton


Thank-you so much for Sharpe's Assassin!  I had emailed you a while ago to ask if there were any more Richard Sharpe adventures on the horizon, and, lo and behold, you gave your devoted fans a new one!  I loved the book and am only sorry that, being a fast reader, I devoured it!

I wish you a healthy new year and a prolific year of more fascinating tales,

Florence Redolfi



Hello Bernard,


I just finished Sharpe’s Assassin and it was a pleasure to read.  I have been a fan for over 30 years!  I own most of your books in hardback, and they are the prize possession of my home library.  After so many years it was a fun couple of days to  go to war with Sharpe and Harper once again.  I would like to thank you from taking me along for the journey.  I started reading your books when I was just a teenager and continued through becoming a parent.  The books have given many pleasurable reading experiences.  Taking your books on vacations to just reading on raining LA days.  I even drove a couple of hours once to meet you (with a bunch of online sellers!!) and stood in line with your most recent book for a signature.  It was the only time I ever went to a signing!   You are my favorite author and I sincerely thank you for so many good reads!


Manish Patel

Cypress, CA


Bernard -

I am now 57 years old and for 47 of those years you have given me countless hours of happiness.  I first found Sharpe’s rifles when I was 10 years old at primary school.  I remember thinking it looked interesting and from the first page you immersed me in such an adventure. During those 47 years I lived every moment with Richard Sharpe, been alongside Uhtred, lived the battles of Agincourt and Crecy and experienced every moment of the copperhead novels.  You take me on such grand adventures and having just finished Sharpe’s assassin I felt compelled to simply say thank you for the adventures you have taken me on from being a young boy to a Father of my own children who also love your books!

Simon King


Mr. Cornwell

I like your books -  now reading The Last Kingdom .I wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Mario Azzopardi