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I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your books. I started with the Arthur series and have continued on with the Saxon chronicles.   I listen via audiobook, since I drive a truck for a living and have limited time to read. They get me through my day, and your knowledge of the history of the time mixed with the fiction you create is so darned impressive.      I don't need a response, just know you have made my days better with your writing.




Having spent years of periodontal surgery, you have my entire sympathy.  My advice is have the lot out as dentures don t hurt

Best wishes.



Best wishes for 2023 and great health. We will read the new Sharpe with glee whenever it appears. Cheers, and thanks!

William John Shepherd


Dear Bernard:

Over the years I believe I have read all your published works.  I have never written “fan mail” but I do feel the need to express my appreciation and gratitude to you for my countless hours of enjoyable immersion in your version of history and the rich lives of your characters.  As your writing style matured, so have some of the principals - Uhtred and Sharpe for sure.  I am convinced you are the best of this genre.

I have always had a deep interest in the early days of England and the conflicts that shaped the emerging cultures.  In recent years I learned of my biological family (I was adopted); my father an Irishman who lived in Liverpool and my mother from Southern Sweden.  This connected me even more to your writing.

I have recently “semi-retired” myself and for you that means one book a year.  My best wishes to you for good health and maybe some more of your wonderful writing.

Kind regards,



I don't think this violates Rule #2. I hope you consider it research of how soldiers talk among themselves.

When Uhtred and Athelflaed rode out to parley with the Northmen, their leader farted.  I immediately thought of something I had heard said among soldiers while I was in Vietnam.  I pictured Athelflaed saying "your voice has changed but your breath smells the same" and pictured Uhtred nearly falling off of his horse.

It is not something I thought of, it is something I heard soldiers jab each other about.

Edward J Marty


Hi, Just finished reading all the Sharpe books. I had read a lot a long time ago In paperback probably from a library when I was younger. But had a re-read plus a few more. 22 books In 33 days. Pretty good going and a testament to how good they are.

I’ll be re-reading some of your other books and hopefully finding some i hadn’t read as well.

I live in Dublin now after moving here because of my wife and while reading the books I re-visited the magnificent Wellington Monument in Pheonix park and the history in the books gave me such a great understanding of the words on that monument.

So I guess thanks for mixing history with great characters and stories and keeping me occupied over the last 33 days!!

Kind regards



I love your books, I have read almost all.  Just finished Sharpe's Assassin and wanted to comment on the cover artwork.  I have a sword that is purported to be a Union Officers sword from the American civil war where the brass and the hilt appears to be a match for the cover.  I am sure that sword makers followed what worked well, so perhaps a copy from the European designs.  I live in Summerville outside of Charleston and am pleased that you like our town.  Keep writing great books!

Michael H. Richmond


Hello Mr Cornwell.

I’m very much looking forward the the new Sharpe book, however, I can’t stop dreaming of a Sharpe, Harper and William Frederickson reunion. Post Waterloo and more importantly post Sharpe swiping Lucille from under  poor old sweet Williams nose. I know William Frederickson is over the pond and it’d be great to see Sharpe and the south Essex posted overseas. Or even just Sharpe and Harper take a trip over there. I’m sure there is some mess they can find themselves tangled up in over there. And maybe sweet William can find himself a nice native girl!

Many thanks for all you’ve done,

Thomas Brush


I have just finished reading 'Enemy of God' and was interested to see mentioned Siluria.. My 38th great grandfather was the King of Siluria and was born in 648. Lots of people have told me this tribe didn't exist, I can now tell them they were wrong. !

Keep writing

Best wishes



The Silurians certainly did exist, though their heyday was much earlier than the period of Enemy of God.  So you’re right!!



Good Morning Bernard.

Just finished War Lord. Wow!!! It only took me 13 weeks to read the entire Saxon Series. Thank you for some very enjoyable reading. As an English Major in College, I am going to look for my old copy of Beowulf. Thank you again for some awesome reading.

John Michael Parks