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Won't bore you with a long.winded explanation of appreciation of your Sharpe books, just to say thank you from this 84 year old lady who has decided her hero is no longer Jamie Fraser but Richard Sharpe; I'm on book 14!   Enjoying so much and please keep writing!!!!  Abrazos!

Nancy Hamer


Dear Mr Cornwell

I've been a huge fan of your books since childhood.

To date, I've read all that you've published and have loved each story. It's also worth mentioning that I once wrote you a letter (in the early 2000s when I was a child). You kindly took the time to write back to me and this letter (and the book you sent with it 'Sharpe's Trafalgar') is still a treasured possession.

I'm writing to you today for an important reason. Today marks the realisation of a dream. My favourite series you've ever written is the Sharpe series. I've read these books so many times that many of the characters now feel like old friends. As a child I made myself a promise, one day I wanted to own the whole Sharpe series in UK 1st edition hardbacks. Well, it's taken me 20 years but today the dream was finally realised! I was able to acquire the last 1st edition book I was missing (Sharpe's Sword) in an auction. I've just placed it on my shelf alongside all the others and I can't even begin to describe how satisfying it was to finally see them all together as a complete 1st edition collection! To celebrate I think I'll start re-reading the whole series (in chronological order) tonight!

Thank you so much for all the joy your books have given me over the years. You and the characters you've created have had a huge impact on my life!

I hope in the future (if you're hosting a book signing event in the UK) I'll have the opportunity to meet you in person once again and maybe get some of my 1st edition books signed. With this in mind, I'll keep an eye out for forthcoming events!

Very best wishes and have a great day,

Samuel Moore


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I would like to congratulate you with your Birthday and seize this opportunity to extend my deep appreciation to you. Your "Warlord Chronicles" are enormously important to me and I still remember many scenes by heart. By the will of fate, I was lucky enough to get acquainted with this unsurpassed trilogy when I was eleven years old. I remember reading chapter by chapter avidly, as if in a fever, and my obsession with this series of books passed all conceivable boundaries. Together with the protagonists I lived, loved and died, cut the throats of enemies and buried comrades, kept the oath of allegiance to friends to the last drop of blood and mercilessly destroyed traitors, believed in the old gods and recovered the Thirteen Treasures of Britain, participated in the mysteries of Mithras and converted to Christianity, secretly continuing to observe customs of ancestors, mourned old pagan Britain to my very marrow with unbearable pain, lighting a monstrous funeral pyre, and rushed into the last battle, knowing that we were all doomed to death. In a word, I took the "Warlord Chronicles" extremely to heart. Derfel Cadarn, Ceinwyn, Arthur, Guinevere, Nimue, Merlin, Morgan, Galahad, Issa, Tristan, Iseult, Cuneglas, Helledd, Culhwch, Sagramor, Aelle, Cerdic, Bedwin, even Sansum - I loved them all so much, as if I knew them in person. I can open the books anywhere and smile or cry with the deepest nostalgia.

Dear Mr. Cornwell, you gave me the greatest Treasure, which has no equal. Now I am a Master of Historical Sciences, and your books arouse my admiration in the same way as they did 13 years ago. I can say with complete confidence that you are the best author of historical novels of our time. I would like to wish you long life, great inspiration and further brilliant creative path! Thank you for the whole world of “Warlord Chronicles”!

I apologize for any mistakes in my English and thank you very much for reading this letter.

Most respectfully from Moscow, Russia,



Dear Mr Cornwell,

I have enjoyed your “Sharpe” books immensely and have read every one.

What I am missing, is the other side of the picture. What was it like for the East India Company to conquer India piece by piece, through stealth, bribery, war, etc. with the same “grittiness” that you do so well.

I short, from a wider viewpoint than that of an ambitious soldier, such as Sharpe. Where Wellington was not the boss but just a senior employee to be replaced if he stopped performing.

Should be an interesting series… .

Alex Voyvoda


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

As I read your books I always think to myself, "I should thank Bernard Cornwell for his work." So thank you, sir. Your books are an immersive experience. I'm grateful for your talent and the gift you have shared with so many readers.

All the best from São Paulo, Brazil,

Kieran McCambridge



Dear Bernard Cornwell,

Thank you for the books. I've read them all and through the decades all your stories have enriched my sense of history and the truth that lies theirin. People, real people, with all their complexities and simple truths you lay out to your readers. Let me put it this way, even if Uhktred and Sharp and those Civil War dudes are fictional, to me their truth of experience is far more revealing and understandable than the sanctioned "histories" told by victorious entities. (like the Bayeux Tapestry. Love those stick figure drawings.) Two things or themes stand out to me in your work. One, your take on Christianity in historical context mirrors my attitude on that subject 100%. That is your greatest gift to me, illuminating the truth of "the nailed god." I laughed so hard at you describing a Druid priest predicting in one of your earlier works the coming of some pagan deity " Bol? " decending from the heavens to destroy the envoys of Christianity. Tattered priests, monks, raving about this and that, that's the truth I long to learn about. The second reality you presented was "a lot of war." Yeah, I know everything about history in the broad sense and I've been to Europe several times. I've saluted Winston Churchill at his grave, swam in the fridged waters of Loch Ness and Omaha Beach, marveled at the packed crowd at Waterloo Station. I like early middle ages/late Roman empire so I elected to visit Ravenna instead of Venice. I actually genuflected at the bathtub tomb of Theodosius the Visagoth. I'm disturbed like that. Strolled across th Milvian Bridge in Rome knowing that particular place was where Christianity really earned its stripes. So your gift to me is bringing the flesh and blood and real life humanity of the people involved in all this alive! War is ugly, you make that clear, to your credit. But you sanction the nobility of these people, the soldiers, who to me are killers yes, but not murderers. Mostly. So thank you thank you thank you Mr. Cornwell, from a fan who uncannily shares your beliefs on history, religion and war...P.S. I noticed in every book you write you include the phrase "just kill them" at some point. Lol. What would Will Shakespeare make of that? I think he'd love your work.

Brian J Mallen


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I was working on my Ancestry Family Tree and I was surprised that I am related to a "Sir" Richard Sharpe.  Yes with the "E" at the end;  whose  information I have listed below.


Sir Richard "Jackson" Sharpe

Born:1560 Leverton, Boston, Lincolnshire, England

Died:1627 -- or -- Jun 1628 Leverton, Boston, Lincolnshire, England -- or -- Killingholme, Lincolnshire, England


I know your Richard Sharpe is fictional, however, one can dream.



Donald Earl Sawyer III USA RET


Dude, my twin sons (31 at 2024)

Have steadfastly refused to read their whole lives but belt out " Destiny is All! " when I phone them, so glad that you released Uhtred to other media.

I'm not even mostly Anglo Saxon still my hair stands on end as I read.

In my language there is no comparison to wyrd bið ful aræd,  we have lots of sayings that come close but all turn from accepting responsibility.

I hope you are still above ground.

Arbury and Maturin are ever so slightly ahead of Finn and Uhtred but within range, forgive me.

Lance e McLaren


I first found Uhtred -- I adore him, and a few centuries later I found Richard Sharpe... I also adore him.   I'ts amazing that people survived and thrived -- what strength, what valor, what love of battle.  I'm old, and I feel strong and FIERCE with all your books.

thank you!

dru hofmann



Hi, I just had to let you know how very, very much I enjoyed this 13 book series, Just finished the last book in tears, The last few pages really hit me. I am so pleased that Uhtred did not die! I am a proud English woman, originally from Yorkshire but have lived in Australia since 1966. You can take the girl out of Yorkshire, but you'll never take Yorkshire out of the girl. I also greatly enjoyed your Arthur books. So, many thanks for providing me with many hours of reading pleasure.