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Dear Mr Cornwell

I was interested to read you sail a Cornish Crabber Mark 2 with the wonderful name Royalist. My husband and I have a Mark 1 with the rather bizarre name Ruaile Buaile which is Irish for having a good time, but she does live up to her name as they are a wonderful little boat to sail. We sail the Carrickroads in Cornwall,  although our boat has weathered the Irish Sea for much of her 40 years. We bought her as a project and she is glowing again due to my very clever husband and my skill with a paintbrush. You of course have the luxury of fibreglass hull and deck whereas we have the original Roger Dongray design. Fibre glass hull with marine ply decks sheathed with fibreglass. Nevertheless the Marks 1 and 2 are still considered the prettiest of all the crabber designs. How fabulous they have reached the Americas and can draw admiring looks even when in the company of so many flashy neighbours.

Enjoy your sailing

Sue Haslam


The Crabber is a gorgeous boat!  And Royalist is still afloat in our harbor, but now under a different name as I sold her and bought a Beneteau Oceanis 35 instead. She’s called Seraph which is, of course, an anagram of Sharpe and lovely as she is she’s not as beautiful as a Crabber. I call her my ‘old man’s boat’ because she has in-mast furling powered by a winch which is much less stressful that hauling up a gaff, and she doesn’t have running backstays.  I do miss the Crabber, but enjoy Seraph enormously. As far as I know there are 13 Crabbers in the USA and once, long ago, sailing just south of Nantucket I met one of the others – I saw the sail plan far to the west and he must have seen me as he turned at the same time and we met and happily exchanged compliments.  It was a day of light wind and I had the topsail up which made him very jealous.  I envy you the Ruaile Buaile and wish you fair winds!



Dear Bernard

Napoleon once said that if he had 2 Suchets he not only would've conquered Spain but kept it too. I wondered what your own opinion on Suchet was ?

Have you ever been tempted to send Sharpe up against him ?

Adam who was a big name at Waterloo Commanded the Light Brigade on the Eastern front and apparently there were Redcoated Light Infantry Units that carried Rifles in that force too



P.S if you've not read it I can recommend Wellington's Eastern Front by Nick Liscomb on the British East Coast Operations against Suchet


Napoleon certainly rated Suchet as one of his best commanders and was probably extremely regretful that he did not take him on the Waterloo campaign (instead Suchet was left to guard against an Austrian incursion into the east of France).  It was his misfortune to be doubted by Napoleon, which probably delayed his promotions, but he proved the best commander in Spain – especially with his pacification of Aragon, which led to Napoleon’s compliment. I’ve not been tempted to send Sharpe to Suchet’s province, preferring to keep him in western Spain where the war would be won.


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

Many thanks for writing wonderful books. I love my British history, fact or fiction. The Last Kingdom TV series was great, all the cast performed with with such conviction of their characters. Well done everyone and that includes the film crew. "Destiny is All".

Yours Faithfully

Ralph Marrison

Dromana, Victoria, Australia



I wanted to drop you a message to say thank you so much for your enthralling tales of Arthur & Derfel. I've just finished Excalibur & enjoyed all three books so much; I can't wait to start reading your other stories.

I have never read historical fiction before & am so grateful to have found a wonderful author like yourself.

Thank you again,



Greetings, Bernard!

I just want you to know that there is a very special place in my heart for your little stories Sharpe's Christmas and Sharpe's Ransom (The Sharpe Appreciation Society).  I love to read these stories once a year around Christmas time.  They have a certain nostalgic air about them.  Thank you so much for all the good reading.

Robin Goodhand



Hi Mr. Cornwell,

I’ve never written to anyone like this before, but I just wanted to give you my sincerest thanks for both “The Warlord Chronicles” and “The Last Kingdom” tv series.

I chanced upon both of these several months ago during an especially difficult time in my life, and both were things that brought me a great deal of joy and focus during that time (suffice to say things are much, much better now). I’ve never enjoyed a book series as much as “The Warlord Chronicles.” The religious and political maneuvering, the vividly described battle scenes, the striking dark humor; just unbelievable. And then, being able to follow Uhtred, Alfred, Brida, and everyone else for five seasons was an unequivocal delight. While I know the tv series obviously had to condense your novels, there’s no way it could’ve been the series it was without such an expertly woven world from which to work. And now I’ll have to get started on “The Last Kingdom” novels! As much as anything else, I really appreciate that friendship is such a pronounced and imbued theme in both of these series.

No doubt you are inundated by messages of this nature, but again, just wanted to  thank you again from one more appreciative fan. And thank you for sparking such a great interest in the history of the British Isles!

Happy spring to you and yours,

Zach Widner


Good day to you, Bernard!

No waffle from me - just a plain and simple, 'Thank you very much!'

I really appreciate your writings!

Thank You.

Best wishes,

John Pointing - Australia


Mr. Cornwell,

I just came here to thank you for your books!  I’ve just read the first two books of the Warlord Chronicles and I really appreciate the depth and perspective you bring to the myths. It such a pleasure to learn while being so engrossed in a story.

I had no idea about the rest of your catalogue - my “to read” list has just grown dramatically!

All the best,

Mark Beaudet


I won't ask you to read or sign anything with this correspondence; I simply ask that Alexander Dreymon narrate the book series as Uhtred. Then sell it to me on Audible!  I love to read, but don't have much time to sit with a physical book, so I use Audible and I'd love to hear the on-screen Uhtred share his whole story, unabridged. :) Just an idea from a girl in Texas!

Thanks for entertaining the idea.

Truly yours,

Katherine Combs



Mr. Cornwell.

just needed to send you a note.

thank you thank you!

hands down my favorite author. the Richard Sharpe books are a wonderful read, inspirational, interesting and very entertaining!!

watching the last season of the last kingdom now and just cannot get enough.



Mike Winter...