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Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I don’t know if you play chess, but you might be interested in Daniel Starbuck, a leading United States chess player in the second half of the 19th century. I like to think of him as Nathaniel’s cousin.




Richard Reich


Thank you for that – I’d never heard of Daniel Starbuck, but will happily think of him as Nate’s cousin! It reminds me that one reviewer berated the first Starbuck book because, he claimed, ‘Starbuck is not an American name’. He had obviously never bothered to read Moby Dick.


Dear Mr. Cornwell,

I'm Irsan from Jakarta, Indonesia, and have been a Sharpe fan since 2003. I've also just gotten into The Last Kingdom TV series and hope to continue with the books soon. Back to Sharpe, I'm thrilled to have found out you're bringing him back for another adventure in Sharpe's Assassin. Looking forward to it.




Hi Mr. Cornwell (Bernard? B.C.? No I think I'll stick with "Mr. Cornwell")

This is going to be a little bit stunted as I just kind of decided out of nowhere to pop this across upon finally finishing War Lord and realising to my horror that it was the last in the series. First, it was a wonderful end to the series, and in hindsight where it had to end up (although a part of me always wanted to see more from old-man Uthred that we used to be bookended with).

But second, and more importantly for me: It's been a journey, and I just wanted to thank you because the reading and discussion of all of your books, but the Saxon Stories in particular, had been an emotional touchstone between me and my grandfather for the last sixteen years. It's no exaggeration to say that your writing brought us closer together.

While for me personally I've always had a special kind of love for the Grail Quest series, the impact that the Saxon Stories have had on mine and my grandfather's lives cannot be understated, so again:

Thank you.

>From Adam (30) and Lionel (79)



I love that!  Best wishes to you both.


I'm just contacting you to say i love your books they are fantastic i really liked the pale horseman it was a wonderful read and i will enjoy reading the whole saxon series yours truly

Robert Taylor



Dear Sir,

I enjoy reading your Last Kingdom books,I understand that you use real names as well as ficticious names etc.Our Village Rainworth in Nottinghamshire was in 617 AD,the scene of a real battle, between the Romans and Ethelfrith the King of Mercia,where the Kings Son was killed by the Romans. Hence the start of our Village,first called Reaheres Wath, and now Rainworth.You can find this story on Wikipedia,by typing Rainworth,Notts.Thank you for your cracking books.

Best Wishes,

Tony Fox.




I have just finished The Empty Throne and I am loving the Last Kingdom series.  Thanks for this wonderful story.

Glenn Stanis


Sharpe is back!!


.....   about time...excellent!!





I just followed the link on your website and read your advice to aspiring, first-time authors.  Brilliant, helpful, encouraging, and self effacing as only someone with your background could be.  A best-selling author and you are still as humble as pie.

Had I read your piece several years sooner, not only would my confidence have been goosed, but the obvious shortcomings contained within my initial foray into being a writer might have been avoided.  (As your agent said, thus I still worry, that “It must be a f***ing awful book.”

Actually, I don’t think it is completely awful, even though I still have the thin skin of a novice.  But it would benefit from a thorough and shameless editing.  At this point, however, I think I have moved on.  Live and learn.

All this to say that I appreciated your essay.




I fell in love with Mr. Sharpe after discovering the TV series and always promised myself that I would read the books, but getting them in chronological rather than published order was my first task.

This proved easier than I had imagined and I received the first five for my birthday in March. I understand that authors must receive gushing, sycophantic letters all the time so all I will say is thank you for providing such enjoyment, I literally...can't put them down. It's probably true to say that the TV programme has taken huge liberties with your story lines [ when have film or tv makers not done this ] so to go right back to Sharpe's origins has been a revelation, especially now that I see 'Hakeswell' was in right at the beginning and after 3 attempts to get rid of him I relish discovering how he eventually meets his end, a really gory one I do hope...! Just as I read 'James Bond' books and 'hear' Sean Connery I am eternally grateful to Mr .Bean [ no, not that one...]  because exactly the same happens, Richard Sharpe is Sean Bean and I cannot wait to immerse myself in the next 5, the generosity of my son and daughter-in-law not withstanding ! Many, many thanks Mr. Cornwell!

Trevor R Riley


Thank you! With losing Uhtred in the past year (and it is like a loss in the family when the final book is written of a beloved character), gaining a new Richard Sharpe book is a wonderful and pleasant surprise.  You are possibly the best writer of your time, and I have enjoyed every book.

Colin Hammond